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Looking queer : body image and identity in lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender communities
Atkins, Dawn.
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New York : Haworth Press, [1998]

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li, 467 pages ; 22 cm
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Looking Queer: Body Image in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Communities contains research, firsthand accounts, poetry, theory, and journalistic essays that address and outline the special needs of sexual minorities when dealing with eating disorders and appearance obsession. Looking Queer will give members of these communities hope, insight, and information into body image issues, helping you to accept and to love your body. In addition, scholars, health care professionals, and body image activists will not only learn about queer experiences and identity and how they affect individuals, but will also understand how some of the issues involved affect society as a whole.

Dismantling the myth that body image issues affect only heterosexual women, Looking Queer explores body issues based on gender, race, class, age, and disability. Furthermore, this groundbreaking book attests to the struggles, pain, and triumph of queer people in an open and comprehensive manner. More than 60 contributors provide their knowledge and personal experiences in dealing with body image issues exclusive to the gay and transgender communities, including: exploring and breaking down the categories of gender and sexuality that are found in many body image issues finding ways to heal yourself and your community discovering what it means to "look like a dyke" or to "look gay" fearing fat as a sign of femininity determining what race has to do with the gay ideal discussing the stereotyped "double negative"--being a fat lesbian learning strategies of resistance to societal ideals critiquing "the culture of desire" within gay men's communities that emphasizes looks above everything else

Revealing new and complex dimensions to body image issues, Looking Queer not only discusses the struggles and hardships of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons, but looks at the processes that can lead to acceptance of oneself. Written by both men and women, the topics and research in Looking Queer offer insight into the lives of people you can relate to, enabling you to learn from their experiences so you, too, can find joy and happiness in accepting your body.

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Table of Contents

Dawn AtkinsAmy EdgingtonNancy BarronAnna Myers and Jennifer Taub and Jessica F. Morris and Esther D. RothblumSara Auerbach and Rebekah BradleyNaomi TuckerDiane Griffin CrowderWendy ChapkisGreta ChristinaChristine CressAnna MyersKate WoolfeAndrea AskowitzMichele Spring-MooreAmy EdgingtonMargo SolodAmy GilleyAlexa LeighClancy McKennaCatherine LundoffNina SilverDrama RoseSusanna TrnkaClaire HueholtSusie BullingtonDarcy WakefieldSilva TenenbeinAnna SnouteJo SchneidermanMichelle BancroftAmy EdgingtonJulie WatersMarcelle Cook-Daniels and Loree Cook-DanielsMichael HernandezCheryl ChaseMorgan HolmesRaven KalderaSherrie A. InnessLaura ColeSandra Lee GolvinBoyeLayli PhillipsConrad R. PeguesSandip RoyPaul EeNam Park HaglandDonna Tsuyuko TanigawaMark O'BrienJulia Dolphin TrahanKenny FriesKenny FriesKenny FriesDean KileyWilliam J. MannPatrick GilesJay BlotcherGanapati S. DurgadasGene-Michael HigneyJim ProvenzanoFrank Martinez LesterJohn StoltenbergOzzie Diaz-DuqueAndrew J. FeraiosDarrell g.h. SchrammJill Nagle
About the Editorp. xiii
Contributorsp. xv
Acknowledgmentsp. xxvii
Introduction: Looking Queerp. xxix
Section A Women, Wimmin, Womyn
Part 1 Constructing Ourselvesp. 3
Beauty Is a Beastp. 3
Living into My Bodyp. 5
Beauty Mandates and the Appearance Obsession: Are Lesbians Any Better Off?p. 17
Resistance and Reinscription: Sexual Identity and Body Image Among Lesbian and Bisexual Womenp. 27
Contradictions of the Spirit: Theories and Realities of Lesbian Body Imagep. 37
Lesbians and the (Re/De)Construction of the Female Bodyp. 47
Part 2 Looking Dykep. 69
The Ugly Dykep. 69
Woman Eats Brownies, Gets Laidp. 73
Professionally Q: A Day in the Life of a Career Counselorp. 79
The Beauty Norm: A Femme Strikes Backp. 83
It's Not What You Wear: Fashioning a Queer Identityp. 87
Hair Piecep. 93
Out-of-Body Experiencesp. 99
Movementp. 107
Part 3 Searching a Way Outp. 109
Vanishing Pointp. 109
Autobiographical Slices: Life in the Queer Kitchenp. 111
That Other Girl Who Is Not Mep. 115
Moving Like a Dykep. 119
Tattoo Mep. 125
Part 4 A Woman's Love Healsp. 129
Mirrorp. 129
Big Grrlp. 131
Ode to My Vibratorp. 137
Dressing Room Bluesp. 141
My Ideal Becoming Realp. 145
Part 5 Coming Out, Leaving Behindp. 153
Coming Outp. 153
Power, Beauty, and Dykesp. 155
My Big Fat Bodyp. 161
My Mother's Journalsp. 163
Be, Being, Becomingp. 165
Boogeywomanp. 177
Section B One, Both, Neither
Part 6 Crossing the Dividep. 181
The Razor's Edge: Walking the Fine Line of the Selfp. 181
My Life As an Erroneous Sonogramp. 189
Holding My Breath Underwaterp. 199
Part 7 Square Pegsp. 205
Affronting Reasonp. 205
In(to) Visibility: Intersexuality in the Field of Queerp. 221
Agdistis' Children: Living Bi-Gendered in a Single-Gendered Worldp. 227
Part 8 Boyz, Grrls, Queersp. 233
Flunking Basic Gender Training: Butches and Butch Style Todayp. 233
Frankly Feminine: Rejecting and Embracing Standards for Beautyp. 239
Faggot Rantp. 241
Beautiful Boy: A Girl's Own Storyp. 245
Section C Beyond the Pale
Part 9 Color Visionp. 251
"I" is for Intersection: At the Crux of Black and White and Gay and Straightp. 251
Piece of Man: Redefining the Myths Around the Black Male Phallusp. 259
Mapping My Desire: Hunting Down the Male Erotic in India and Americap. 271
"Undressing the Oriental Boy": The Gay Asian in the Social Imaginary of the Gay White Malep. 277
I Like My Chi-i-sa-i Body Nowp. 295
Part 10 Access to the Lookp. 299
When Pigs Have Wingsp. 299
Inside/Outsidep. 307
Body Languagep. 313
The Imperfections of Beauty: On Being Gay and Disabledp. 315
Love Poemp. 323
Section D Men, Boys, and Trolls
Part 11 The Uniform Doesn't Fitp. 327
Queer Crash Test Dummies: Theory, Aging, and Embodied Problematicsp. 327
Laws of Desire: Has Our Imagery Become Overidealized?p. 345
A Matter of Sizep. 355
Justify My Love Handles: How the Queer Community Trims the Fatp. 359
Fatness and the Feminized Manp. 367
Part 12 Feeling the Burnp. 373
But to Hear THEM Tell It ... Or: Looksism, Beauty's Evil Stepsisterp. 373
Repsp. 383
Your Dreamworld Is Just About to Endp. 389
Learning the F Wordsp. 393
Part 13 Reenvisioning MENp. 413
Why I Hate The Beatles and The Supremesp. 413
If Only I Were Cute: Looksism and Internalized Homophobia in the Gay Male Communityp. 415
More Than a Sum of Parts: Rescuing the Male Body from Fundamentalismp. 431
Skinny, "White" Chicks and Hung, Buff Boys: Queer Sex Spaces and Their Discontentsp. 439
Indexp. 455