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Pedigree points : dogs
Gardner, Janice (Janice Sparhawk)
First edition.
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Hauppauge, NY : Barron's, [2002]

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160 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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"A handbook of what judges look for in over 100 of the most popular breeds."

Includes index.
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Purebred dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and when entered in competition, each breed is judged by its own set of standards. Just as important both to owners and judges is their awareness of differing personalities among different canine breeds. Personality traits arose over many generations as each breed was developed to serve a specific role, whether as working dog, guard dog, or hunter. This profusely illustrated book tells dog fanciers exactly which physical and personality traits judges look for when officiating at dog shows. A helpful directory presents each breed separately and includes a brief pedigree history, a representative color photo of the dog, and a point-by-point description of ideal standards for judging the dog's physical features, general appearance, temperament, and gait. Dog fanciers are advised on faults to look for when selecting a pup or preparing a dog for showing. This uncommonly handsome book can serve as an ideal reference for all dog enthusiasts, from casual admirers to professional judges. More than 200 photos and illustrations.

Author Notes

Janice Gardner is a longtime dog exhibitor and writer who was first approved to judge at American Kennel Club (AKC) shows in 1980 and has judged throughout the United States and Canada ever since. She has written on show judging, breeding, development, and dog care, and on legislative and legal issues pertaining to dog ownership since 1970. Her book, The Legislative Action Manual, written for the AKC, received the Dog Writers Association of America's Best Book Award in 1990. She has served as her club's delegate to the AKC for over twenty years. She lives in Dover, New Hampshire
Brian Leonard is a dog breeder and exhibitor who has owned or lived with dogs almost all his life. He started showing dogs in the 1970s in Singapore before joining Britain's Kennel Club, the world's oldest authoritative body dealing with dog breeds and dog breed standards. During his twenty years there he was employed in every aspect of the Kennel Club's work, his final role being that of External Affairs Executive. He was also closely involved with a series of international meetings set up at the behest of the Kennel Club to examine dog breeds and variations in standards across the world. He has shown dogs at Crufts and other important championship shows in Britain. He lives in London

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 6
How to Use this Bookp. 15
1 Sporting Group
Brittanyp. 16
Pointerp. 17
German Shorthaired Pointerp. 18
German Wirehaired Pointerp. 19
Chesapeake Bay Retrieverp. 20
Flat-coated Retrieverp. 21
Golden Retrieverp. 22
Labrador Retrieverp. 24
English Setterp. 26
Gordon Setterp. 27
Irish Setterp. 28
Cocker Spanielp. 29
English Cocker Spanielp. 30
English Springer Spanielp. 32
Vizslap. 34
Weimaranerp. 35
2 Hound Group
Afghan Houndp. 36
Basenjip. 38
Basset Houndp. 39
Beaglep. 40
Bloodhoundp. 42
Borzoip. 43
Dachshundp. 44
Greyhoundp. 46
Irish Wolfhoundp. 48
Norwegian Elkhoundp. 49
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeenp. 50
Rhodesian Ridgebackp. 52
Salukip. 54
Scottish Deerhoundp. 55
Whippetp. 56
3 Working Group
Akitap. 58
Alaskan Malamutep. 60
Bernese Mountain Dogp. 61
Boxerp. 62
Bullmastiffp. 63
Doberman Pinscherp. 64
Giant Schnauzerp. 66
Great Danep. 67
Great Pyreneesp. 68
Mastiffp. 69
Newfoundlandp. 70
Portuguese Water Dogp. 71
Rottweilerp. 72
Saint Bernardp. 74
Samoyedp. 75
Siberian Huskyp. 76
Standard Schnauzerp. 77
4 Terrier Group
Airedale Terrierp. 78
American Staffordshire Terrierp. 80
Border Terrierp. 82
Bull Terrierp. 83
Cairn Terrierp. 84
Fox Terrier--Smoothp. 86
Fox Terrier--Wirep. 87
Irish Terrierp. 88
Jack Russell Terrierp. 89
Kerry Blue Terrierp. 90
Miniature Schnauzerp. 91
Scottish Terrierp. 92
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrierp. 94
Staffordshire Bull Terrierp. 95
Welsh Terrierp. 96
West Highland White Terrierp. 97
5 Toy Group
Brussels Griffonp. 98
Cavalier King Charles Spanielp. 99
Chihuahuap. 100
Chinese Crestedp. 102
English Toy Spanielp. 103
Italian Greyhoundp. 104
Maltesep. 106
Miniature Pinscherp. 107
Papillonp. 108
Pekingesep. 110
Pomeranianp. 112
Pugp. 114
Shih Tzup. 116
Yorkshire Terrierp. 118
6 Non Sporting Group
Bichon Frisep. 120
Boston Terrierp. 122
Bulldogp. 123
Chinese Shar-Peip. 124
Chow Chowp. 125
Dalmatianp. 126
French Bulldogp. 128
Keeshondp. 129
Lhasa Apsop. 130
Poodlep. 132
Schipperkep. 134
Shiba Inup. 135
Tibetan Spanielp. 136
Tibetan Terrierp. 137
7 Herding Group
Australian Cattle Dogp. 138
Australian Shepherdp. 139
Bearded Colliep. 140
Belgian Sheepdogp. 142
Belgian Tervurenp. 143
Border Colliep. 144
Bouvier des Flandresp. 146
Colliep. 147
German Shepherd Dogp. 148
Old English Sheepdogp. 150
Shetland Sheepdogp. 152
Welsh Corgi--Cardiganp. 154
Welsh Corgi--Pembrokep. 155
Glossaryp. 156
Indexp. 159
Creditsp. 160