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America's military adversaries : from colonial times to the present
Fredriksen, John C.
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Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, [2001]

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xii, 621 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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This work chronicles the lives and accomplishments of over 200 enemies who have fought, plotted, spied on, and in some instances defeated U.S. forces over the past three centuries.

âeuro;¢ More than 200 entries include Indian warriors, German and Japanese fighter pilots, Confederate bushwhackers, Spanish admirals, and a host of femme fatales

âeuro;¢ Each entry includes biographical information as well as analyses of battles, tactics, and outcomes

âeuro;¢ Appendixes list adversaries by conflict and by occupation

âeuro;¢ The book is generously illustrated with archival and contemporary photographs and portraits

âeuro;¢ An extensive bibliography lists more than 900 resources for further study

Author Notes

John C. Fredriksen, Ph.D., is an independent historian

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Booklist Review

America's Military Adversaries covers enemies of the U.S. government, from Native Americans defending their land and rights to Saddam Hussein (but not Osama bin Laden). Other examples include Filipino guerilla Emilio Aguinaldo, Japanese submarine captain Mochitsura Hashimoto, Adolf Hitler, Stonewall Jackson, and Pancho Villa. Among the few women represented are Margaret Arnold (wife of Benedict), Belle Boyd, and Tokyo Rose. Each of the 223 alphabetically arranged entries is a readable essay containing personal as well as historical information. Cross-references refer readers to related items. The bibliographies that follow each entry are extensive, offering a mix of primary and secondary materials. The volume concludes with appendixes that group entries by occupation and by conflict. This volume complements the author's previous book, American Military Leaders: From Colonial Times to the Present (ABC-CLIO, 1999). Aimed at secondary students, it is useful for high-school and college libraries. Public libraries might also consider it for their military reference collections.

Choice Review

With this collection of biographical essays, Fredriksen (author of Warbirds: An Illustrated Guide to U.S. Military Aircraft, 1915-2000, CH, May'00) hopes to reach the "largely uninformed, high school to undergraduate audience ... in nontechnical prose." He may succeed in this, although flaws in the editing and writing style will discourage some readers. A brief bibliography follows each essay, but without footnotes or other annotations, it is anyone's guess whom Fredriksen is relying on at any given point. Some of the "adversaries" seem anomalous, such as Baroness Frederika von Riedesel; even Fredriksen says that she was "no enemy to the United States." The articles on Native American, Mexican, European, and Asian foes are interesting, but typos frequently creep in ("between the pincer," p.274, "for a 10,000 pounds," p.25). Sometimes the facts are confused, as when Col. Andrew Lewis changes to "Andrews" in a single paragraph (p.123). Suitable for secondary schools and public libraries; not recommended for research collections. A. L. Unsworth University of Rochester

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgmentsp. ix
America's Military Adversariesp. 1
Aguinaldo, Emiliop. 1
Alexander, Edward Porterp. 3
Alligatorp. 6
American Horsep. 7
Anabuki, Satoship. 9
Anderson, Richard Heronp. 11
Anderson, Williamp. 14
Andre, Johnp. 16
Arbuthnot, Marriotp. 18
Arnim, Hans-Jurgenp. 21
Arnold, Benedictp. 24
Arnold, Margaretp. 26
Ashby, Turnerp. 28
Bacon, Nathanielp. 30
Balck, Hermannp. 33
Bar, Heinzp. 35
Barboncitop. 37
Barclay, Robert Heriotp. 39
Baum, Friedrichp. 42
Bayerlein, Fritzp. 44
Bee, Barnard Elliottp. 47
de Bienville, Jean-Baptiste Le Moynep. 48
Bisshopp, Cecilp. 51
Black Hawkp. 53
Black Kettlep. 55
Blaskowitz, Johannesp. 57
de Bougainville, Louis-Antoinep. 59
de Bourlamaque, Francois-Charlesp. 62
Boyd, Bellep. 64
Bragg, Braxtonp. 66
Brant, Josephp. 68
Breckinridge, John Cabellp. 69
Brock, Isaacp. 72
Broke, Philip Bowes Verep. 76
Brooke, Arthurp. 79
Buchanan, Franklinp. 81
Burgoyne, Johnp. 82
Butler, Johnp. 86
Butler, Walterp. 88
Campbell, Archibaldp. 90
Canonchetp. 93
Captain Jackp. 95
Carleton, Guyp. 97
Cervera, Pascualp. 100
Cixip. 102
Cleburne, Patrick Ronaynep. 105
Clinton, Henryp. 107
Cochisep. 110
Cochrane, Alexander Forester Inglisp. 111
Cockburn, Sir Georgep. 114
Collier, Georgep. 117
Cornplanterp. 119
Cornstalkp. 122
Cornwallis, Charlesp. 124
Coulon de Villiers, Louisp. 128
Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville, Josephp. 129
Crazy Horsep. 131
Crittenden, George Bibbp. 133
d'Iberville, Pierre Le Moynep. 135
Davis, Jeffersonp. 137
Dieskau, Jean-Armandp. 140
Dietrich, Josefp. 142
Donitz, Karlp. 145
Drummond, Gordonp. 148
Dull Knifep. 152
Evans, Nathan Georgep. 154
Ferguson, Patrickp. 156
Fitzgibbon, Jamesp. 158
Floyd, John Buchananp. 161
Forrest, Nathan Bedfordp. 163
Fraser, Simonp. 164
Frontenac, Comte de, Louis de Buadep. 167
Fuchida, Mitsuop. 169
Gage, Thomasp. 172
Galland, Adolfp. 175
Gallwitz, Max vonp. 178
Germain, George Sackvillep. 180
Geronimop. 182
Giap, Vo Nguyenp. 184
Girty, Simonp. 188
Gordon, John Brownp. 191
Goring, Hermannp. 193
Gorshkov, Sergei Georgievichp. 196
Grant, Jamesp. 198
Graves, Thomasp. 201
Grey, Charlesp. 203
Haldimand, Frederickp. 206
Hamilton, Henryp. 208
Harvey, Johnp. 211
Hashimoto, Mochitsurap. 213
Hausser, Paulp. 216
Heth, Henryp. 219
Hill, Daniel Harveyp. 221
Hindenburg, Paul Ludwig vonp. 223
Hindman, Thomas Carmichaelp. 226
Hitler, Adolfp. 228
Hoke, Robert Frederickp. 231
Homma, Masaharup. 233
Hood, John Bellp. 235
Howe, Richardp. 237
Howe, Williamp. 240
Huger, Benjaminp. 243
Hussein, Saddamp. 246
Imboden, John Danielp. 249
Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall"p. 251
Jodl, Alfredp. 253
Johnson, Guyp. 255
Johnson, Johnp. 257
Johnston, Joseph E.p. 259
Josephp. 261
Kamiakinp. 263
Karamanli, Yusufp. 265
Kato, Tateop. 268
Keitel, Wilhelmp. 270
Kesselring, Albertp. 273
Kim Il Sungp. 275
Kluge, Gunther Hans vonp. 278
Knyphausen, Wilhelm vonp. 281
Lee, Robert E.p. 283
Leisler, Jacobp. 286
Leslie, Alexanderp. 289
Levis, Francois-Gastonp. 291
Little Turtlep. 293
Little Wolfp. 295
Logan, Jamesp. 297
Longstreet, Jamesp. 299
Looking Glassp. 301
Loring, William Wingp. 303
Lovell, Mansfieldp. 306
Ludendorff, Erich vonp. 308
Macdonnell, Georgep. 311
Magruder, John Bankheadp. 313
Mangas Coloradasp. 315
Manteuffel, Hasso vonp. 317
Manuelitop. 320
McGillivray, Alexanderp. 322
Merritt, William Hamiltonp. 324
Micanopyp. 326
Model, Walterp. 328
Montcalm, Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, Marquis ofp. 331
Montojo, Patriciop. 334
Morrison, Joseph Wantonp. 337
Murray, Johnp. 339
Mussolini, Benitop. 342
Nagumo, Chuichip. 344
Nanap. 347
Nishizawa, Hiroyoship. 348
Norton, Johnp. 351
Oconostotap. 353
O'Hara, Charlesp. 355
Osceolap. 357
Pakenham, Edwardp. 359
Parker, Peterp. 362
Parker, Quanahp. 364
Pearson, Richardp. 367
Pecaudy de Contrecoeur, Claude-Pierrep. 369
Peiper, Jochemp. 371
Pelham, Johnp. 373
Pemberton, John Cliffordp. 375
Peng Dehuaip. 378
Pepelyaev, Yevgenijp. 382
Percy, Hughp. 384
Pettigrew, James Johnstonp. 387
Phillips, Williamp. 389
Pigot, Robertp. 392
Pillow, Gideon Johnsonp. 394
Pitcairn, Johnp. 396
Pontiacp. 399
Pouchot de Maupas, Pierrep. 401
Prevost, Augustinp. 403
Prevost, Georgep. 405
Price, Sterlingp. 408
Proctor, Henryp. 411
Quantrill, William Clarkep. 413
Rain-in-the-Facep. 415
Rall, Johann Gottliebp. 418
Rawdon-Hastings, Francisp. 420
Red Cloudp. 422
Riall, Phineasp. 425
Riedesel, Frederikap. 427
Riedesel, Friedrich Adolphus vonp. 430
Roman Nosep. 432
Rommel, Erwinp. 434
Ross, Robertp. 437
Rottenburg, Francis dep. 440
Rundstedt, Gerd vonp. 442
Sakai, Saburop. 445
de Salaberry, Charles-Michael d'Irumberryp. 448
Sandino, Augustop. 450
de Santa Anna, Antonio Lopezp. 453
Sassacusp. 456
Satantap. 458
Secord, Laura Ingersollp. 461
Senger und Etterlin, Fridolin vonp. 463
Sheaffe, Roger Halep. 466
Sherbrooke, John Coapep. 469
Sibley, Henry Hopkinsp. 471
Simcoe, John Gravesp. 473
Sitting Bullp. 476
Skorzeny, Ottop. 478
Smith, Francisp. 481
St. Leger, Barryp. 483
Stewart, Alexanderp. 486
Stuart, J.E.B. "Jeb"p. 488
Student, Kurtp. 490
Tall Bullp. 493
Tanaka, Raziop. 494
Tarleton, Banastrep. 497
Taylor, Richardp. 500
Tecumsehp. 502
Tenskwatawap. 505
Tojo, Hidekip. 507
Tokyo Rosep. 510
Tryon, Williamp. 512
Van Dorn, Earlp. 515
de Vaudreuil, Philippe de Rigaudp. 517
de Vaudreuil, Pierre de Rigaudp. 519
Victoriop. 522
Villa, Panchop. 524
Vincent, Johnp. 527
Wildcatp. 529
Yamamoto, Isorokup. 531
Yamashita, Tomoyukip. 534
Yeo, James Lucasp. 537
Appendix A Listing by Occupationp. 541
Appendix B Listing by Conflictp. 544
Bibliographyp. 546
Indexp. 597
About the Authorp. 621