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The complete idiot's guide to Latino history and culture
Figueredo, D. H., 1951-
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Indianapolis, IN : Alpha, [2002]

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xxi, 314 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Offers an overview of Latin American history, politics, education, work, and entertainment, including Latin American dance styles, recipes, and well-known personalities.

Author Notes

Danilo H. Figueredo is the director of the Library and Media Center at Bloomfield College, in New Jersey and has served as executive director of the New Jersey Library Association as well as Latin American bibliographer in the New York Public Library's Reference Libraries. He has a Master of Arts degree in Latin American Literature as well as a Masters in Library Science. He has taught Latino literature courses at Bloomfield College and Montclair State University. He is the author (under the name D. H. Figueredo) of Cuba: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, which will be published by Greenwood in 2002. His work has been published in anthologies and journals and he has lectured at universities and conferences in the New York metropolitan area on Latin American culture and literature. Figueredo is a consultant on Latin American literature to the Boston Public Library, Collier's Encyclopedia, and a number of universities and publishers.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Speak in Spanish, You're in Americap. 1
1 The Latino Lessonp. 3
Bienvenido a Americap. 4
Do You Hear What I Hear?p. 4
Do the Mathp. 5
City-Loversp. 6
Away from the Bright Lightsp. 9
Next Stop: Suburbiap. 10
More to Comep. 12
How Latinos Spend Their Moneyp. 12
The New Flavor of Lifep. 13
Tall, Dark, and Handsome?p. 14
2 Two Paths, One Destination: Immigrating to Americap. 17
The Roads to El Nortep. 18
Walking Through the Front Door: Legal Entryp. 18
Sneaking Through the Back Door: Illegal Entryp. 20
No Need for Stinking Papersp. 23
Make Up Your Mind, Uncle Sam!p. 23
Money or Politics?p. 25
Home of the Free: Political Immigrationp. 25
Sticking Aroundp. 26
3 The Reconquest of Americap. 29
History of Latinos in the United Statesp. 29
La Primera Palabrap. 30
Seven Cities of Goldp. 31
The Pass to the Northp. 32
California, Here I Comep. 32
Kino Can Dop. 33
Go West, Young Manp. 33
Comings and Goingsp. 34
Back on the East Coastp. 34
The Spanish John Smith and Pocahontasp. 35
Nueva Yorkp. 36
From the Caribbean, with Lovep. 38
4 You Say Hispanic, I Say Latino: Latin American Identityp. 41
You Say Potato, I Say Patatap. 42
South of the Borderp. 42
Get Hip to the Languagep. 43
Are You Talking to Me?p. 44
Hablas Spanglish?p. 48
Round and Round It Goesp. 49
Part 2 We're the World: The Latino Universep. 51
5 What Pueblo Are You From?p. 53
We're Manyp. 54
Across the Ocean Bluep. 55
Discriminationp. 60
Happy Couplingp. 61
6 The Lay of the Land: Mapping Latin Americap. 63
An Awful Lot of Landp. 64
Making It to Mexicop. 64
South to Central Americap. 66
The Deep South of South Americap. 67
Cruising the Sunny Caribbeanp. 72
Latin American Islesp. 74
7 Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas: America's Pre-European Civilizationsp. 75
Oh, MAI: The Mayas-Aztecs-Incasp. 76
The Eagle and the Serpentp. 78
Inca, Inc.p. 81
Other Civilizationsp. 84
Gifts from the Pastp. 84
8 The Spanish Are Coming, the Spanish Are Coming: Colonization and Conquestp. 87
A Mighty Queen and a Daring Explorerp. 88
An Offer You Can't Refusep. 89
Calling Off Columbusp. 90
Oh, Lucky Manp. 91
P for Pizarro and Perup. 93
Lesser Luminariesp. 93
After the Conquestp. 94
Pretty Words, A Pretty Womanp. 96
9 Birth of Nations: Independence for Allp. 99
All or Nothingp. 100
My Mother, the Tyrantp. 101
Padre Knows Bestp. 102
Two of a Kindp. 103
The Most Faithful Islandp. 103
One America, One Problemp. 105
A Mexican Herop. 107
10 Cronies and Caudillos: The Twentieth Centuryp. 109
The Century of the Americas?p. 110
Americas, Americasp. 110
Can You Dig It?p. 110
The Teacher and the Tyrantp. 112
Don't Cry for Me, Argentinap. 113
Evergreen: Castrop. 114
The Night of the Generalp. 116
The Dirty Warp. 117
The End of the Roadp. 118
Narco Warsp. 118
11 So Far from God and So Near to the United Statesp. 121
So Near to the United Statesp. 122
War Against Mexicop. 122
A Splendid Little Warp. 124
The Revolution Without Bloodshedp. 125
Tell It to the Marinesp. 126
Central Castingp. 127
Santo Domingo: Not Such a Holy Sundayp. 128
Return Engagementsp. 129
A Walk to the Pastp. 130
Fruit of the Laborp. 130
12 A Few Good Men and Women: Latino Iconsp. 133
Simon Bolivar: 1783-1830p. 134
Eugenio Maria de Hostos: 1839-1903p. 135
Benito Juarez: 1806-1872p. 136
Jose Marti: 1853-1895p. 138
Rigoberta Menchu: 1959-p. 139
For My Peoplep. 140
The Mirabal Sistersp. 140
Emiliano Zapata: 1879-1919p. 141
A Twist, As Alwaysp. 142
Part 3 Body and Soul, Latin Stylep. 145
13 Mi Familia: Home and Family Lifep. 147
Family Affairp. 148
Family Valuesp. 152
Macho Manp. 154
The Mother and the Mistressp. 155
The Troubled Familiap. 158
A Better Tomorrow?p. 158
14 Tradicion: Religious Traditionsp. 161
News from Other Worldsp. 162
The Cross and the Swordp. 162
The Protestant Wayp. 166
Pentecostal Pathsp. 168
Jewish Traditionsp. 168
The Way of the Saintsp. 169
Personal Contact with the Other Worldp. 172
15 Where One Eats, Two Share a Mealp. 173
Food from South of the Borderp. 174
Toma Chocolatep. 175
The Exchangep. 176
Central Americap. 176
Try Thisp. 177
Cuban Tastep. 177
Argentinap. 180
Steak and Potatoesp. 180
Latin American Spiritsp. 181
Part 4 From Mambo to Tango, Songs to Sonnets, Soccer to Baseballp. 183
16 The Rhythm Is Gonna Get Youp. 185
All the Sounds of the Earthp. 186
Dance, Ballerina, Dancep. 186
From Africa, with Musicp. 188
City Soundsp. 189
It Takes Two to Tangop. 190
Cuba Does Mambop. 190
Dancing with a Broken Legp. 191
Salon Mexicop. 192
Lovely Lamentp. 193
The Musical Northp. 193
Back to the Classicsp. 195
For Your Listening Pleasurep. 195
17 Writing with a Spanish Accentp. 197
Latino Literaturep. 197
In the Beginningp. 198
Nineteenth Century Nueva Yorkp. 199
Of Poets and Painp. 200
Latino Literature Learns a New Languagep. 201
Chicanos, Nuyoricans, and Cubanosp. 202
Don't Forget About the Dominicans!p. 203
All the World Is a Stagep. 204
Why Oscar Hijuelos Isn't Like Ernest Hemingwayp. 205
Books for All Seasonp. 206
18 Lights, Camera, Accionp. 209
Made in Hollywoodp. 210
Latin Loversp. 212
Music Loversp. 212
Mysterious Waysp. 213
Spitfirep. 214
The Dark Ladyp. 214
Greener Pasturesp. 215
Positive Portrayalsp. 216
We All Love Lucyp. 217
Down Mexican Waysp. 219
The Beauty and the Comicop. 220
Argentine Waysp. 221
Made in Cubap. 222
Legendary Latinosp. 223
19 Let's Play Ballp. 225
A Lot of BSp. 226
A Passionate Gamep. 227
Let's Play Beisbolp. 229
Puerto Rican Peloterosp. 231
The Latino KOp. 234
Part 5 Living on the Hyphenp. 237
20 Mr. Menendez Goes to Washingtonp. 239
The First Politiciansp. 240
Chicano Voicep. 240
Three Caballerosp. 241
New York Lordsp. 242
Dos Caballeros Plus a Ladyp. 243
Cubanosp. 244
Caucusingp. 245
All Politics Is Localp. 246
The Latino Voterp. 247
Who Votes How?p. 247
What Do Latinos Want?p. 248
21 Your Negocio Is My Businessp. 251
Beginning a Businessp. 252
Negocios Latinosp. 252
Painting a Picture of Goyap. 255
Soda Pop's Hombrep. 257
Rich Latinosp. 258
Purchasing Powerp. 258
Corporate Worldp. 258
Good Newsp. 259
22 Going to Collegep. 261
La Educacionp. 261
Preschoolp. 262
Elementary Schoolp. 263
High Schoolp. 264
College Lifep. 266
Colleges for Latinosp. 269
23 Manana, Mananap. 271
The Reconquest of the United Statesp. 271
The More The Merrierp. 272
South of the Borderp. 273
Immigration Woesp. 274
The Least Likely Placep. 275
The Great Education Dilemmap. 275
Looking at a Latino Hollywoodp. 278
Tomorrow's Businessesp. 278
El Senor Presidentep. 279
Manana Is Only a Day Awayp. 279
Viva Optimism!p. 279
A Latino Holidaysp. 281
B Las Palabras: A Glossaryp. 287
C Libros: For Further Readingp. 295
Indexp. 303