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The Illustrator 10 Wow! book
Steuer, Sharon.
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Berkeley, Calif. : Peachpit, [2002]

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xxiii, 407 pages : illustrations\. (some color) ; 23 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
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The accompanying CD-ROM includes a demo of Illustrator 10 (English), custom brushes, Wow! Actions, and more than 60 art files from the book.

Includes index.
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Clear instructions and numerous sidebars guide the reader through Illustrator 10's highlights, from the most basic of graphics to sophisticated professional techniques. Step-by-step examples and full-page gallery samples are included to assist the reader, incorporating live distorion tools and size-saving symbols for repeating graphics.

Author Notes

Sharon Steuer has taught computer imaging in art schools and training centers throughout the country. Her paintings and computer illustrations have appeared in numerous books and magazines and have been exhibited nationally

Table of Contents

Sandee Cohen
Important: Read me first!p. xvi
How to use this bookp. xvii
Illustrator and OS Xp. xx
1 Illustrator Basics
Introductionp. 2
Computer & System Requirementsp. 2
Setting Up Your Pagep. 2
Making Your Moves Easierp. 4
Working with Objectsp. 5
Watch Your Cursor!p. 7
Bezier-Editing Toolsp. 8
Geometric Objectsp. 10
Selecting & Grouping Objectsp. 11
Joining & Averagingp. 12
Working with Palettesp. 13
Graphing & Chartingp. 15
Transformationsp. 17
Working Smartp. 21
Changing Your Viewsp. 22
Zooming In & Outp. 23
Show/Hide Choicesp. 24
Actionsp. 26
Color in Illustratorp. 27
Image Formatsp. 30
PostScript Printing & Exportingp. 31
2 The Zen of Illustrator
Introductionp. 36
Building Houses: Sequential Object Construction Exercisesp. 38
A Classic Icon: Five Ways to Re-create Simple Shapesp. 44
Zen Scalingp. 46
Zen Rotationp. 48
Creating a Simple Object Using the Basic Toolsp. 49
A Finger Dance: Turbo-charge with Illustrator's Power-keysp. 50
3 Drawing & Coloring
Introductionp. 60
Basic Drawing & Coloringp. 60
Expanding Your Drawing & Coloring Toolsetp. 64
Pathfinder Palettep. 66
Gallery: Gary Fersterp. 73
Simple Realism: Realism from Geometry and Observationp. 74
Gallery: Mark Foxp. 77
Cutting & Joining: Basic Path Construction with Pathfindersp. 78
Add & Expand: More Pathfinder Palette Basicsp. 82
Divide & Color: Applying Pathfinder Divide & Subtractp. 84
Cubist Constructs: Creative Experimentation with Pathfindersp. 86
Isometric Systems: Cursor Keys, Constrain-angles & Formulasp. 88
Gallery: Rick Henkel, Kurt Hess, Jared Schneidmanp. 90
Objective Colors: Custom Labels for Making Quick Changesp. 92
Organizing Colors: Arranging an Artist's Palette of Colorsp. 94
Gallery: Clarke Tate, Christopher Burke, Dorothy Remingtonp. 97
Distort Dynamics: Adding Character Dynamics with Transformp. 100
Distort Filter Flora: Applying Distort Filters to Create Flowersp. 102
Gallery: Laurie Gracep. 105
Vector Photos: Pen and Eyedropper Techniquep. 106
Gallery: Brad Hamannp. 109
Advanced Technique: Intricate Patterns: Designing Complex Repeating Patternsp. 110
4 Brushes, Symbols & Hatches
Introductionp. 114
Brushesp. 114
Symbolsp. 117
Symbols vs. Scatter Brushesp. 118
Pen & Ink: Hatch Effectsp. 118
Pen & Ink: Photo Crosshatchp. 120
Gallery: Adam Z Leinp. 121
Ink Brush Strokes: Making Naturalistic Pen and Ink Drawingsp. 122
Gallery: Sharon Steuer, Lisa Jackmore, Jen Alspach, Ellen Papciak-Rosep. 124
Preparing Art: Adding Brushes to Existing Artworkp. 128
Pattern Brushes: Creating Details with the Pattern Brushp. 130
Gallery: Bert Monroy, Shayne Davidson, Steve Spindler, Jacqueline Mahannahp. 132
Building Brushes: Building Brushes for Letteringp. 136
Advanced Technique: Map Techniques: Simplifying the Creation of Complex Imagesp. 138
Gallery: Joe Lertolap. 141
Symbol Basics: Creating and Working with Symbolsp. 142
Gallery: Sandee Cohen, Diane Hinze Kanzler & Sandee Cohen, Kevin Barrack, Victor von Salzap. 145
Advanced Technique: Organic Creation: Painting with Brushes, Hatches, and Meshp. 148
Special Brushes Supplementp. 150
5 Layers
Introductionp. 156
Controlling the Stacking Order of Objectsp. 160
Making Selections Using the Layers Palettep. 162
Gallery: David Nelsonp. 163
Digitizing a Logo: Controlling Your Illustrator Templatep. 164
Tracing Details: Tracing Intricate Details with the Pencilp. 166
Colors with Layers: Coloring Black-and-White Images with Layersp. 168
Organizing Layers: Managing Custom Layers and Sublayersp. 170
Gallery: Nancy Stahlp. 173
Nested Layers: Organizing with Layers and Sublayersp. 174
Advanced Technique: Varied Perspective: Analyzing Different Views of Perspectivep. 176
6 Type
Introductionp. 180
More Type Functions (Type & Window Menus)p. 182
Converting Type to Outlinesp. 184
Custom Text Paths: Trickling Type with Variations of Type Stylep. 186
Gallery: Laurie Szujewska, Ari M. Weinstein, John Burns, Hornall Anderson Design Worksp. 188
Masking Letters: Masking Images with Letter Formsp. 192
Gallery: Gary Newmanp. 193
Bookcover Design: Illustrator as a Stand-alone Layout Toolp. 194
Gallery: Javier Romero Design Group, Caryl Gorskap. 196
Brushed Type: Applying Brushes to Letterformsp. 198
Gallery: Joachim Muller-Lance, Tim Girvin, Jennifer Bartlett, Bjorn Akselsen, Pattie Belle Hastings, Karen Roehr, Louis Fishauf, Ellen Papciak-Rosep. 200
Crunching Type: Transforming Type Using Warps & Envelopesp. 206
7 Blends, Gradients & Mesh
Introductionp. 210
Blendsp. 210
Gradientsp. 212
Gradient Meshp. 213
Examining Blends: Learning When to Use Gradients or Blendsp. 214
Shades of Blends: Creating Architectural Linear Shadingp. 216
Gallery: Janet Good, Gary Ferster, Linda Eckstein, Peter Cassell, Steven Stankiewiczp. 217
Unlocking Realism: Creating Metallic Reflections with Blendsp. 222
Blending Realism: Keeping Blends Clean and Accessiblep. 224
Gallery: Jared Schneidman, Andrea Kelleyp. 226
Unified Gradients: Redirecting Fills with the Gradient Toolp. 228
Gallery: Filip Yip, Hugh Whyte, Caryl Gorska, Tim Webb, Rick Barry, Ellen Papciak-Rosep. 229
Rolling Mesh: Converting Gradients to Mesh, then Editingp. 236
Advanced Technique: Mastering Mesh: Painting with Areas of Color Using Meshp. 238
Gallery: Ivan Torresp. 241
Gallery: Yukio Miyamotop. 242
8 Transparency & Appearances
Introductionp. 246
Basic Transparencyp. 246
Appearancesp. 251
The Finer Points of Appearancesp. 252
Transparency 101: Assigning Opacity to Default Brushesp. 254
Advanced Technique: Transparent Color: Customizing Transparent Brushes & Layersp. 256
Basic Transparency: Blending Modes, Opacity & Isolate Blendingp. 260
Gallery: Gary Ferster, Adam Z Leinp. 262
Basic Highlights: Making Highlights with Transparent Blendsp. 264
Gallery: Nancy Stahlp. 265
Basic Appearances: Making and Applying Appearancesp. 266
Advanced Technique: Tinting a Scan: Using Transparency Effects & Simplify Pathp. 268
Advanced Technique: It's a Knockout!: See-through Objects with a Knockout Groupp. 270
Advanced Technique: Opacity Masks 101: Applying Glows and Using Opacity Masksp. 272
Gallery: Tom Patterson, Sandra Alves, Peter Cassellp. 274
9 Live Effects & Styles
Introductionp. 280
Effects vs. Filtersp. 280
Effect Pathfindersp. 280
Styles in Illustratorp. 282
Warps and Envelopingp. 282
Gallery: Ted Alspachp. 285
Scratchboard Art: Using Multiple Strokes, Effects, and Stylesp. 286
Embossing Effects: Building 3D Appearancesp. 288
Gallery: Steven Gordon, Ted Alspachp. 290
Warps & Envelopes: Using Warping and Enveloping Effectsp. 292
Advanced Technique: Enveloping Magic: Using Envelopes to Shape Meshesp. 296
Blurring the Lines: Photorealism with Blends and Effectsp. 298
10 Advanced Techniques
Introductionp. 302
Clipping Masksp. 302
Mask Problem-Solving Strategiesp. 305
Advanced Technique: Colorful Masking: Fitting Blends into Custom Shapesp. 306
Advanced Technique: Contouring Masks: Using Masks to Control Realistic Tonalityp. 308
Advanced Technique: Reflective Masks: Super-Realistic Reflectionp. 310
Gallery: Gary Ferster, Greg Maxsonp. 312
Advanced Technique: Glowing Starshine: Blending Custom Colors to Form a Glowp. 314
Gallery: Kenneth Batelman, Alan James Weimerp. 315
Advanced Technique: Masking Opacity: Making Transparency Irregularp. 318
Advanced Technique: Wrapping Textures: Creating Meshes for a True 3D Lookp. 320
Advanced Technique: Modeling Mesh: Shaping and Forming Mesh Objectsp. 322
Gallery: Javier Romerop. 325
11 Web & Animation
Introductionp. 328
Working in RGB in Illustratorp. 328
A Few Thoughts on RGB and CMYK Colorp. 328
Assigning URLs and Slicingp. 330
Release to Layersp. 331
Export File Formatsp. 332
SVGp. 334
Data-Driven Graphicsp. 335
Gallery: Ivan Torresp. 337
Off in a Flash: Making Artwork for a Flash Animationp. 338
Gallery: Kevan Atteberryp. 341
Symbol Flashes: Creating a Shockwave Flash Animationp. 342
Advanced Technique: (Illustrator with Photoshop): Making Waves: Transforming and Blending for Animationp. 344
Gallery: d'JAXN, Daniel Giordanp. 346
Webward Ho!: Designing a Web Page in Illustratorp. 348
Gallery: Steven Gordonp. 351
12 Illustrator & Other Programs
Introductionp. 354
Placing Artwork in Illustratorp. 354
Illustrator & Other Programsp. 355
Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop 7p. 356
Illustrator & Adolbe InDesign 2p. 357
Illustrator, PDF & Adobe Acrobat 5p. 357
Illustrator & Adobe Streamline 4p. 357
Illustrator & Adobe Dimensions 3p. 358
Illustrator & Other 3D Programsp. 358
Gallery: Bert Monroyp. 359
Illustrator with Photoshop: Software Relay: An Illustrator-Photoshop Workflowp. 360
Gallery: Rob Magierap. 363
Advanced Technique: Illustrator with Photoshop: Shape Shifting: Exporting Paths to Shapes in Photoshopp. 364
Gallery: Ron Chan, Louis Fishauf, Lance Hidy, Timothy Donaldson, Lance Jackson, Filip Yip, Christopher Spollen, Wendy Grossman, Rick Johnson, Bryan Christie, Joe Jones, Eliot Bergman, Steven Gordon, Tom Willcocksonp. 366
Artist Appendixp. 380
Resources Appendixp. 384
General Indexp. 385