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World War II resources on the Internet
Worth, Roland H., 1943-
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Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, [2002]

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xi, 311 pages ; 23 cm
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This book is a guide to the enormous number of World War II resources available on the Internet. Section One contains addresses of websites dealing with pre-war international diplomacy and crises in Europe and Asia, and United States and Allied wartime diplomacy in Europe and Asia. Section Two lists websites covering the world at war, both overviews and specific elements of the fighting in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Islands, and mainland Asia. Sites listed in Section Three contain information about selected major civilian and military leaders of the war years, including de Gaulle, Hitler, Chiang Kai-Shek, MacArthur, Mussolini, Patton, Roosevelt, Stalin, Tojo, and Truman, to name a few. For each site listed, a brief description and summary of its information is provided.

Author Notes

Roland H. Worth, Jr., is also the author of Biblical Studies on the Internet (2002), Secret Allies in the Pacific (2001), Church, Monarch and Bible in Sixteenth Century England (2000), No Choice but War (1995), and Bible Translations (1992). He lives in Richmond, Virginia

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Booklist Review

Lists nearly 3,000 Web sites organized into three sections, one on prewar crises and diplomatic efforts both before and during the war, one on the war itself, and one on civilian and military leaders. Within various subcategories, sites are arranged by author--an unusual approach in a Web site guide, because in many cases the author is listed as "Unidentified." Some sites have brief descriptions ("book review," "photographs"), but there are no annotations. The subject index is quite detailed. RBB.

Choice Review

The sheer number of online resources available about WW II makes sifting them difficult, so printed directories like this one are needed. It has 2,906 numbered citations to Internet sites and Web pages. The citations include an author (if there is one), title, a sentence describing the contents if the title is not descriptive (most citations do not include this), and URL. Entries cite government agencies, educational institutions, online publications, periodical articles, organization home pages, and personal Web sites, and are organized into such sections as POWs, wartime conferences, large battles, the home front, and important personages. Links connect to government documents, maps, photographs, periodical articles, online publications, and other materials. To keep the book manageable in length, the time period is limited to 1939-45, although a section on prewar international diplomacy and crises is provided. The Holocaust is also omitted because it is such a huge topic and had little to do with military operations. US resources predominate. An author and subject index ends the book, but the detailed table of contents is the place to begin. The only rival source is J. Douglas Smith and Richard Jensen's World War II on the Web: A Guide to the Very Best Sites (2002). Recommended for all reference collections. D. K. Blewett College of DuPage

Table of Contents

Prefacep. 1
Section 1 Diplomacy
1. Prewar International Diplomacy and Crises
Overviewp. 9
Prewar Nazi Regimep. 10
Munich and the Czech Crisisp. 12
Tripartite Pactp. 13
Nazi-Soviet Pactp. 13
American Responses Prior to December 7, 1941p. 14
Japanese Intervention in Manchuria and Chinap. 15
Japan and Russiap. 16
Nanking (Nanjing) Massacre, 1937-1938p. 17
Western Assistance for Chinap. 17
U.S.-Japanese Negotiationsp. 19
2. U.S. and Allied Wartime Diplomacy
Overviewp. 21
Casablanca Conferencep. 22
Quebec Converencep. 22
Moscow Conferencep. 22
Teheran Conferencep. 22
Yalta Conferencep. 23
Potsdam Conferencep. 23
Declarations of War and Surrender: Europep. 24
Cairo Conferencep. 2
Diplomatic and Legal Materials Impacting Both European and Pacific/Asian Theaters of Warp. 2
Declarations of War and Surrender: Pacificp. 2
Section 2 The World Aflame
3. Overview of the War
European and Mediterranean War
Airborne Forcesp. 31
Air Forcesp. 31
Infantry and Other Land Forcesp. 36
Naval Forcesp. 40
Tank and Armored Forcesp. 42
Canadian Forcesp. 43
Maps and Photographsp. 43
Other Materialsp. 44
Pacific and Asian War
Air Forcesp. 47
Infantry and Other Land Forcesp. 49
Naval Forcesp. 51
Tank and Armored Forcesp. 55
Maps and Photographsp. 55
Other Materialsp. 56
Overlapping Theaters of War
Airborne Forcesp. 58
Air Forcesp. 58
Infantry and Other Land Forcesp. 62
Naval Forcesp. 65
Tank and Armored Forcesp. 71
Canadian Forcesp. 72
Maps and Photographsp. 72
Other Materialsp. 74
Prisoners of War and Evadeesp. 83
Racial or National Minorities
Black Americansp. 91
German Americansp. 94
Latin Americansp. 95
Native Americans (Indians)p. 95
Japanese Americansp. 96
Women as a War Resourcep. 97
Decryption and Code-Breakingp. 101
Homefront: U.S.A. and Canada
Canadap. 103
United Statesp. 104
Homefront: European Nations
Austriap. 109
Francep. 109
Germanyp. 110
Great Britainp. 111
Holland (Netherlands)p. 114
Italyp. 115
Luxembourgp. 115
4. The European War: 1939-1945
The Anschlussp. 116
German Military and Navyp. 116
Polandp. 122
The Phony Warp. 125
The German Victory in the West
Denmarkp. 125
Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourgp. 126
Battle of Francep. 127
Dunkirkp. 128
German Alliances and Triumphs in the East
Bulgariap. 129
Hungaryp. 129
Romaniap. 130
Slovakiap. 130
Northwestern Europe
Norwayp. 131
Finlandp. 131
Southeastern Europe
Albaniap. 133
Cretep. 133
Greecep. 134
Yugoslaviap. 134
Vichy Francep. 135
Eire (Iceland)p. 138
Irelandp. 138
Portugualp. 139
Spainp. 139
Swedenp. 140
Switzerlandp. 140
Battle of Britain and Operation Sea Lion
Battle of Britainp. 140
Operation Sea Lionp. 143
Land Defensesp. 143
Battle of the Atlantic and Atlantic Submarine Warfarep. 144
Allied Bombing Campaigns Against Occupied Europep. 147
The Soviet Union
The War Overallp. 150
Baltic Countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuaniap. 155
Ukrainep. 155
Russian Citiesp. 155
Normandy Invasion
Land and Air Operationsp. 156
Naval Operationsp. 162
The Dieppe Raidp. 164
Slapton Sands (Exercise Tiger)p. 164
Southern France Invasion and Campaignp. 165
Land Conflict in 1944 and 1945
Breakout from Normandyp. 165
Liberation of Parisp. 166
Battle for Northern Francep. 167
Market Garden and the Liberation of Coastal Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark)p. 168
Battle of the Bulgep. 169
Hurtgen Forestp. 171
Battle for Germanyp. 172
Battle for Berlinp. 174
Austriap. 174
Propagandap. 174
Resistance and Espionage Networksp. 175
5. The Mediterranean War: Italy, Near East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Islands, 1939-1945
North Africa
Regional Studiesp. 178
Egypt and Libyap. 180
Algeria and French Moroccop. 180
Tunisiap. 181
War in Other Parts of Africa
Overview and Regional Treatmentsp. 182
Ethiopiap. 182
Near East
Regional Studiesp. 183
Turkeyp. 183
Syriap. 183
Lebanonp. 183
Palestinep. 184
Transjordanp. 184
Sicilyp. 184
Italyp. 185
Cyprusp. 190
Maltap. 190
6. The Pacific Islands War: 1941-1945
Japan's Military and Navyp. 191
Pearl Harborp. 194
Other Early Battles
Aleutians and Alaskap. 200
Wake Islandp. 201
East Indiesp. 201
Hong Kongp. 202
Singapore and Malayap. 203
Sinking of HMS Repulse and Prince of Walesp. 203
Doolittle Raidp. 204
Philippines: Conquest and Occupationp. 205
Midwayp. 207
Guadalcanal and Associated Sea Battles (Eastern Solomons, Cape Esperance, Savo, and Tassaffaronga)p. 212
Other Island Battles
Overviewp. 217
Bismarck Archipelagop. 217
Bougainvillep. 217
Guamp. 217
Iwo Jimap. 218
Mariana Islandsp. 219
Marshall Islandsp. 219
New Guineap. 220
Northern Solomonsp. 220
Okinawa and the Ryukusp. 220
Papuap. 222
Peleliup. 222
Roi-Namurp. 223
Saipan and Tinianp. 223
Tarawap. 224
Philippines: Liberation and Associated Sea Battles (Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf)p. 225
Other Sea Battles of the Pacific
Java Seap. 227
Coral Seap. 228
Submarine Warfare in the Pacificp. 229
Japan During the War: Homefront and Targetp. 231
Japanese Efforts in and Against the Americasp. 232
Australia and New Zealandp. 233
The Atomic Bomb and the End of the Warp. 236
7. The Mainland Asian War: 1941-1945
Chinap. 241
Overlapping Studies: China-Burma-India as a Joint Theaterp. 244
Overlapping Studies: India-Burmap. 245
Indiap. 245
Burmap. 245
Other Southeast Asian Countriesp. 247
Section 3 Wartime Leaders
8. Major Civilian and Military Leaders of the War Years
Overviewp. 251
Arnold, Henry H. ("Hap")p. 251
Auchinleck, Claudep. 252
Bradley, Omar N.p. 252
Chennault, Clairep. 252
Chiang Kai-shekp. 253
Churchill, Winston S.p. 253
Clark, Markp. 254
de Gaulle, Charlesp. 254
Eisenhower, Dwight D.p. 255
Fletcher, Frank Jackp. 255
Goebbels, Josephp. 256
Goring, Hermanp. 256
Halsey, William Frederick, Jr.p. 256
Hess, Rudolphp. 257
Heydrich, Reinhardp. 257
Himmler, Heinrichp. 258
Hirohitop. 259
Hitler, Adolfp. 259
King, Ernest J.p. 261
Kinkaid, Thomas Cassinp. 261
Kondo, Nobutakep. 261
Kurita, Takeop. 262
Leahy, William D.p. 262
MacArthur, Douglasp. 262
Marshall, George C.p. 263
Montgomery, Bernard L.p. 264
Mussolini, Benitop. 264
Nagumo, Chuichip. 264
Nimitz, Chester Williamp. 265
O'Gowan, Dormanp. 265
Patton, Jr., George S.p. 265
Pyle, Erniep. 266
Rommel, Erwinp. 266
Roosevelt, Franklin D.p. 267
Speer, Albertp. 268
Spruance, Raymond Amesp. 269
Stalin, Josephp. 269
Stillwell, Josephp. 270
Tito, Josip Brozp. 270
Tojo Hidekip. 271
Truman, Harry Sp. 271
Turner, Richard Kellyp. 272
Wingate, Ordep. 272
Yamamoto Isorokup. 272
Zhukov, Georgip. 273
Author Indexp. 275
Subject Indexp. 285