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Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
Adobe Systems.
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San Jose, Calif. : Adobe, [2002]

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ix, 581 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm + 1 C-D ROM (4 3/4 in.).
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Includes index.
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When it comes to digital imaging software, Adobe Photoshop has long set the standard. Thus, when a new version of the popular program appears, designers tend to stand up and take notice--hen get down to the serious business of learning about it! And for that, there's no better place to turn than the book from the people behind the product: Adobe Press'Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book.Using the same style of self-paced instruction employed in the best-selling previous edition, this comprehensive set of Photoshop lessons provides everything you need to dive into the world of print, Web, and graphic design with Photoshop 7. Completely revised to cover all of Photoshop 7's new features (including the new Healing Brush, color correction commands, and file management tools), the book starts with an introductory tour of the software and then progresses on through 16 lessons, covering everything from Photoshop's interface to more complex topics like color management, Web graphics, and photo retouching. You'll find step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects (from beginning to advanced) and review questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce what you've learned. Easy-to-use project files on the accompanying CD-ROM complete the package.

Author Notes

The Adobe Creative Team is made up of designers, writers, and editors who have extensive, real-world knowledge of and expertise in using Adobe products. They work closely with the Adobe product development teams and Adobe's Instructional Communications team to come up with creative, challenging, and visually appealing step-by-step projects to help both new and more experienced users get up to speed quickly on Adobe software products.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
About Classroom in a Bookp. 1
Prerequisitesp. 2
Installing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReadyp. 2
Starting Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReadyp. 2
Installing the Classroom in a Book fontsp. 3
Copying the Classroom in a Book filesp. 4
Restoring default preferencesp. 5
Additional resourcesp. 7
Adobe Certificationp. 7
Lesson 1 Getting to Know the Work Area
Starting Adobe Photoshop and opening filesp. 13
Using the toolsp. 15
Entering valuesp. 22
Viewing imagesp. 23
Working with palettesp. 28
Using context menusp. 31
Using online Helpp. 31
Using Adobe online servicesp. 35
Jumping to ImageReadyp. 36
Review questionsp. 37
Review answersp. 37
Lesson 2 Using the File Browser
Getting Startedp. 58
Exploring the File Browserp. 59
Review questionsp. 73
Review answersp. 73
Lesson 3 Basic Photo Corrections
Strategy for retouchingp. 78
Resolution and image sizep. 81
Getting startedp. 83
Straightening and cropping an imagep. 84
Adjusting the tonal rangep. 86
Removing a color castp. 88
Replacing colors in an imagep. 89
Adjusting lightness with the dodge toolp. 92
Adjusting saturation with the sponge toolp. 93
Applying the Unsharp Mask filterp. 94
Saving the image for four-color printingp. 96
Review questionsp. 98
Review answersp. 98
Lesson 4 Working with Selections
Getting startedp. 103
Practicing making selectionsp. 104
Moving selection contentsp. 108
Selecting with the magic wand toolp. 115
Selecting with the lasso toolp. 117
Transforming a selectionp. 118
Selecting with the magnetic lassop. 119
Combining selection toolsp. 121
Cropping an image and erasing within a selectionp. 123
Review questionsp. 125
Review answersp. 125
Lesson 5 Layer Basics
Getting startedp. 131
About layersp. 131
Rearranging layersp. 137
Editing textp. 149
Flattening and saving filesp. 150
Creating a layer set and adding a layerp. 152
Review questionsp. 157
Review answersp. 157
Lesson 6 Masks and Channels
Working with masks and channelsp. 162
Getting startedp. 163
Creating a quick maskp. 163
Editing a quick maskp. 165
Saving a selection as a maskp. 171
Editing a maskp. 173
Loading a mask as a selection and applying an adjustmentp. 175
Extracting an imagep. 177
Applying a filter effect to a masked selectionp. 185
Creating a gradient maskp. 186
Applying effects using a gradient maskp. 187
Review questionsp. 189
Review answersp. 189
Lesson 7 Retouching and Repairing
Getting startedp. 194
Repairing areas with the clone stamp toolp. 196
Using the pattern stamp toolp. 198
Using the healing brush and patch toolsp. 201
Retouching on a separate layerp. 208
Review questionsp. 212
Review answersp. 212
Lesson 8 Painting and Editing
Getting startedp. 218
Defining a custom workspacep. 219
Blending an image with the backgroundp. 220
Changing images with the history toolsp. 226
Getting the most from the brush toolp. 229
Using the Pattern Maker to create a picture framep. 245
Review questionsp. 251
Review answersp. 251
Lesson 9 Basic Pen Tool Techniques
Getting startedp. 256
About paths and the pen toolp. 257
Drawing straight pathsp. 259
Drawing curved pathsp. 267
Combining curved and straight path segmentsp. 273
Editing anchor pointsp. 276
Using paths with artworkp. 280
Adding layers to complete the effectp. 286
Review questionsp. 289
Review answersp. 289
Lesson 10 Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes
About bitmap images and vector graphicsp. 295
Getting startedp. 296
Creating the poster backgroundp. 297
Working with typep. 308
Working with defined custom shapesp. 321
Review questionsp. 327
Review answersp. 327
Lesson 11 Advanced Layer Techniques
Getting startedp. 333
Creating paths to clip a layerp. 334
Creating layer setsp. 337
Creating an adjustment layerp. 339
Creating a knockout gradient layerp. 340
Importing a layer from another filep. 342
Applying layer stylesp. 344
Duplicating and clipping a layerp. 345
Liquifying a layerp. 346
Creating a border layerp. 350
Flattening a layered imagep. 351
Review questionsp. 352
Review answersp. 352
Lesson 12 Creating Special Effects
Getting startedp. 356
Automating a multi-step taskp. 357
Setting up a four-image montagep. 364
Hand-coloring selections on a layerp. 368
Changing the color balancep. 374
Applying filtersp. 376
Review questionsp. 385
Review answersp. 385
Lesson 13 Preparing Images for Two-Color Printing
Printing in colorp. 390
Using channels and the Channels palettep. 391
Getting startedp. 391
Using channels to change color to grayscalep. 392
Assigning values to the black and white pointsp. 397
Sharpening the imagep. 399
Setting up for spot colorp. 400
Adding spot colorp. 402
For the Web: Creating two-color Web graphicsp. 407
Review questionsp. 410
Review answersp. 410
Lesson 14 Optimizing Web Images and Image Maps
Optimizing images using Photoshop or ImageReadyp. 414
Getting startedp. 415
Optimizing a JPEG imagep. 417
Optimizing a GIF imagep. 421
Controlling ditherp. 430
Specifying background transparencyp. 433
Creating a dithered transparencyp. 439
Working with image maps (ImageReady)p. 442
Batch-processing file optimizationp. 449
Review questionsp. 451
Review answersp. 451
Lesson 15 Adding Interactive Slices and Rollovers
Getting startedp. 457
About slicesp. 458
Slicing an image in Photoshopp. 458
Slicing the image in ImageReadyp. 467
Optimizing slices in ImageReadyp. 475
Creating rolloversp. 477
Working with more rollover statesp. 484
Previewing the completed pages in a browserp. 489
Saving the sliced images in ImageReadyp. 490
Review questionsp. 492
Review answersp. 492
Lesson 16 Creating Animated Images for the Web
Creating animations in Adobe ImageReadyp. 498
Getting startedp. 499
Animating by hiding and showing layersp. 500
Animating with layer opacity and positionp. 510
Using advanced layer features to create animationsp. 518
On your own: Creating the remaining animationsp. 523
Review questionsp. 525
Review answersp. 525
Lesson 17 Setting Up Your Monitor for Color Management
Getting startedp. 530
Color management: An overviewp. 531
Calibrating and characterizing your monitorp. 534
Monitor adjustment for Mac OSp. 535
Monitor adjustment on Windowsp. 535
Saving the monitor profilep. 544
Review questionsp. 545
Review answersp. 545
Lesson 18 Producing and Printing Consistent Color
Reproducing colorsp. 551
Getting startedp. 553
Specifying color management settingsp. 553
Proofing an imagep. 555
Identifying out-of-gamut colorsp. 557
Adjusting an image and printing a proofp. 559
Saving the image as a separationp. 561
Selecting print optionsp. 562
Printingp. 564
Review questionsp. 568
Review answersp. 568
Indexp. 569