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Improving your memory for dummies
Arden, John Boghosian.
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New York, NY Wiley Pub., 2002.
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xxii, 312 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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Practical tips and techniques make remembering a snap

Jog your memory with exercises to help you at home, at work, anywhere!

Whether you are cramming for an exam, have trouble remembering names, or you just want to give your overall memory power a boost, this plain-English guide offers clever tricks to help you remember what you want to remember. You'll discover how your memory works and how to enhance it in all types of situations.

The Dummies Way
* Explanations in plain English
* "Get in, get out" information
* Icons and other navigational aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* Top ten lists
* A dash of humor and fun

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Author Notes

John Arden is a psychologist who oversees twenty training programs in as many medical centers. He has worked in the mental health and education systems for twenty-eight years and is the author of four other books

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Who Needs This Bookp. 1
How to Use This Bookp. 2
How This Book Is Organizedp. 2
Icons Used in This Bookp. 5
Part I Understanding Memoryp. 7
Chapter 1 Cultivating Your Memory Skillsp. 9
Wondering about Skips in Your Memoryp. 9
Being present rather than absentmindedp. 10
On the tip of your tonguep. 11
Unblocking the blockp. 12
Clearing the Air of Random Noise and Ridiculous Ideasp. 13
Sorting fact from fictionp. 14
The good-news/bad-news realityp. 15
Improving Your Memoryp. 16
Discovering what your memory skills arep. 16
Feeding your brain properlyp. 18
Avoiding food, drink, and drugs that depress memoryp. 18
Growing older and wiserp. 19
Working your memory systemsp. 20
Putting your memory skills to the testp. 21
Keeping your mind sharpp. 22
Chapter 2 Tossing Out Those Memory Mythsp. 25
Myth: Thinking that You're Losing Your Memoryp. 26
Myth: Memory Is Like a Filing Cabinet--F for Food, T for Travelp. 27
Myth: Memories Are Snapshots, and Cameras Don't Liep. 29
Myth: You Can Learn in Your Sleep and Other Nonsensep. 33
Myth: You're Too Old, Too Young, or Too Dumb to Improve Your Memoryp. 35
Chapter 3 Discovering How Your Brain Remembersp. 37
Navigating Through Your Hemispheres and Lobesp. 37
Introducing your right hemisphere, the emotional sidep. 39
Meeting your left hemisphere, the orderly sidep. 39
T is for temporal: Remembering what you hearp. 40
F is for frontal, as in "frontal assault"p. 42
P is for parietal--sensory stuffp. 44
O is for occipital--visual stuffp. 45
Brain Cells: Zooming in for a Closer Lookp. 45
Understanding your chemical messengersp. 45
Coating your axonsp. 47
Branching out for new thoughts and memoriesp. 48
Staging Your Memories: Long Term, Short Termp. 49
Sorting and Recovering Your Memories Down Pathwaysp. 51
Feeling memoriesp. 51
Hearing memoriesp. 53
Seeing memoriesp. 55
Verbal memoriesp. 56
Part II Establishing Memory Powerp. 59
Chapter 4 Eating To Rememberp. 61
Breaking a Fast--Breakfastp. 62
Vegging Upp. 63
Carbo Loading: Go Complex Instead of Simplep. 64
Getting Your Fats Rightp. 66
Pushing away those saturated fatsp. 67
Reaching for (certain) unsaturated fatsp. 67
Boosting Your Neurotransmittersp. 68
Vitamins: Eating Foods that Put the Bs in Your Brainp. 69
Avoiding Foods that Aren'tp. 73
Salting a slippery slopep. 73
Hey, Sugah--you put me in a slumpp. 74
Brewing a cup of anxietyp. 75
Making Sure You're Hydratedp. 78
Chapter 5 Supplementing Your Memoryp. 81
Vitalizing Your Memory with Vitaminsp. 81
Powering up the watery areas of your brain with vitaminsp. 82
Vitalizing the fatty areas of your brainp. 87
Taking Advantage of the Chinese Gsp. 89
Circulating with ginkgo bilobap. 89
Buzzing with ginsengp. 90
Using Your Herbal Cornucopiap. 90
Charging by Hormonesp. 91
DHEAp. 91
Pregnenolonep. 92
Estrogenp. 92
Falling asleep with hormone helpp. 92
Bathing in Mineralsp. 93
Making Less Morep. 94
Chapter 6 Avoiding the Memory Suppressorsp. 95
Minimizing Subtle Brain Rotp. 95
Dealing with free radicalsp. 96
Keeping your detox system A-OKp. 96
Bringing inflammation under controlp. 97
Keeping Clear of Neurotoxinsp. 98
Saying No to Certain Food Additivesp. 99
Aspartamep. 99
Monosodium glutamatep. 100
Saying "No, Thanks" to Alcohol and Marijuanap. 100
Sobering up to remember morep. 100
Clearing the cloudy memories: Marijuanap. 102
Getting Clear on the Side Effects of Rxp. 104
Steroidsp. 105
Acetylcholine blockersp. 105
Stamping Out the Buttp. 107
Slowing the Dementiasp. 108
Stalling Alzheimer's diseasep. 108
Staying clear of strokesp. 109
Keeping Your Thyroid and Pancreas from Causing Memory-Driftp. 111
Thyroidp. 111
Pancreasp. 111
Chapter 7 Balancing Your Mind for Memoriesp. 113
Defusing Stressp. 113
Shifting to the Relaxation Responsep. 114
Relaxing to Charge Up Your Memoryp. 116
Breathingp. 117
Sighing with reliefp. 118
Relaxing from the bottom upp. 118
Imaging memoriesp. 119
You're hypnotizing yourself: 10, 9, 8, 7 ...p. 120
Meditating and prayingp. 121
Pulling Out of the Dumpsp. 122
Getting a Move Onp. 124
Getting Some Sleep So You Can Rememberp. 126
Sedating your insomniap. 127
Chilling outp. 128
Eating to sleepp. 129
Hush-h-h-h-hp. 130
Part III Preserving your Memoryp. 131
Chapter 8 Tricking Yourself into Rememberingp. 133
Introducing Mnemonics, Your Memory Sidekickp. 133
Hanging Memories on Pegsp. 134
Putting Memories into Familiar Placesp. 136
Telling Yourself a Story to Link Memoriesp. 138
Remembering a list without paper and pencilp. 139
Weaving a story to recall a listp. 139
Choosing the Right Mnemonic at the Right Timep. 140
Choose a mnemonic that works for youp. 141
Choose a mnemonic that fits the situationp. 141
Taking shortcuts: They're okayp. 142
Chapter 9 Troubleshooting Your Forgetfulnessp. 145
Cutting through Memory Fogp. 145
Repressing your memory of your dentist appointmentp. 146
Listening selectivelyp. 146
Recognizing memory-jamsp. 147
Getting It Down Cold by Overlearningp. 149
Getting Organizedp. 152
Serializingp. 153
Taggingp. 154
Chunkingp. 154
Rhyming Memoryp. 156
Getting the Meaning of the Memoryp. 157
Feeding Back to Rememberp. 157
Chapter 10 Keeping Your Memory Sharp as You Grow Olderp. 159
Making Full Use of a Vintage Brainp. 159
Reducing stress, keeping the blood flowingp. 160
Compensating for your graying sensesp. 162
Mental Gymnastics: Inflating a Shrinking Brainp. 163
Keeping your neurons from shrinkingp. 165
Keeping pleasure in your lifep. 165
Becoming an Old Dog Who Remembers New Tricksp. 167
Branching out of routinep. 167
Educating your memory skillsp. 169
Getting artsyp. 170
Part IV Exercising Your Memory Every Dayp. 173
Chapter 11 Schooling Memoryp. 175
Organizing Your Recallp. 175
Stretching out your learningp. 177
Sectioning learningp. 178
Learning deeplyp. 179
Relearningp. 180
Putting relearning and direct recall togetherp. 180
Striving for Meaning Instead of Rotep. 182
Taking Notes and Remembering What You Heard at Lecturesp. 184
Remembering What You Readp. 186
Survey the bookp. 187
Develop questionsp. 188
Read the bookp. 188
Recite the materialp. 188
Review main points and notesp. 189
Remembering How to Spellp. 189
Chapter 12 Taking a Powerhouse Memory to Workp. 191
Interviewing for the Jobp. 192
Remembering How to Pass Political Probationp. 194
Dealing with Passwords and Proceduresp. 195
Remembering New Technologyp. 195
Satisfying Customersp. 197
Dealing with Deadlinesp. 198
Remembering Your Co-workersp. 199
Stressing Your Memory at Workp. 200
Dealing with a personal attackp. 203
Managing the flood of incoming messagesp. 204
Speaking from Memoryp. 206
Chapter 13 Acing Examsp. 211
Replacing Your D- Habits with A+ Habitsp. 211
Uncrammingp. 212
Ditching distractionsp. 214
Getting the big picture--linking new stuff to old stuffp. 215
Timing your memoryp. 215
Scouting the examp. 217
Underlining with a Rembrandt Touchp. 218
Using Your Memory Techniquesp. 219
Taking different slants on the topicp. 220
Making associationsp. 220
Using symbolsp. 220
Employing mnemonicsp. 221
Visualizingp. 221
Chunkingp. 222
Going to the Bathroom and Other Good Ideasp. 222
Chapter 14 Remembering Peoplep. 225
Facing a Face to Rememberp. 225
Patsyp. 226
Barryp. 226
Fredp. 227
Lisap. 227
Frankp. 228
Putting a Name on a Familiar Facep. 229
Attentionp. 230
Meaningp. 230
Appearancep. 231
Associationp. 231
Review your associationsp. 233
Using Conversation to Unzip the Person Withinp. 233
Fishing for the story that goes with a familiar facep. 234
Grasping the importance of the personp. 236
Sharing Memories: How People See Things Differentlyp. 237
Putting People in Pigeonholesp. 238
Car Talk--Wheeling in the Personp. 239
Remembering the Pecking Orderp. 240
Making Connections at Meetingsp. 241
Remembering All Kinds of Peoplep. 242
Chapter 15 Taking Stock of Important Dates and Strings of Numbersp. 245
Getting Briefed on the Techniquep. 245
Celebrating Those All-Important Daysp. 246
Birthdaysp. 246
Anniversariesp. 249
Creating Rhymes for Historical Datesp. 252
Tying a String around Appointmentsp. 253
Make a new plan, Stan!p. 254
Picture this ...p. 255
Connect the cuesp. 255
Use numeric codingp. 256
Jingle your memoryp. 256
Consider positive reinforcementp. 257
Getting a Handle on Recurring Eventsp. 257
Working with Rotating Schedulesp. 258
Clue into external cuesp. 259
Seek out a sequencep. 259
Nail it with mnemonicsp. 259
Getting to Your Appointment on Timep. 260
Remembering Strings of Numbersp. 260
Chunk itp. 261
Peg itp. 262
Rhyme itp. 263
Chapter 16 Keeping Your Memory Intact in a High-Speed Worldp. 265
Staying Organized at the Center of the Cyclonep. 265
Setting prioritiesp. 266
Organizing your memory of prioritiesp. 267
Dodging the Hazards of Multitaskingp. 268
Breaking Away from a Media-Crazed Worldp. 270
Remembering yourselfp. 271
Focusing on the here and nowp. 272
Flowing with memoryp. 274
Aiding Your Memory with External Cuesp. 275
Part V The Part of Tensp. 277
Chapter 17 Ten Best Ways to Improve Your Memoryp. 279
Consume a Balanced Dietp. 279
Relax Your Brainp. 280
Exercise Your Memoryp. 280
Take Supplementsp. 281
Stimulate Your Mindp. 281
Focus on Memoryp. 282
Stay Organizedp. 282
Associate, Pair, and Connectp. 283
Use Memory Aidsp. 283
Keep the Right Attitudep. 284
Chapter 18 Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Memoryp. 285
As I Grow Old, Are My Memory Skills Going to Wither Away?p. 285
Can I Do One Thing to Improve My Memory?p. 286
Does My Brain Store Memories in Just One Place?p. 286
I Think I'm Losing My Memory. Can I Find It Again?p. 286
Can I Remember without Paying Attention?p. 287
Do I Have Memories I Don't Know About?p. 287
Are My Memories Accurate Reflections of My Experiences?p. 288
Should I Use Supplements?p. 288
Why Can't I Remember My Infancy?p. 288
Should I Relax My Mind, So I Can Remember?p. 289
Chapter 19 Ten Memory Web Sitesp. 291 291 291 292
pseudonumerology.comp. 292 292 292 293 293
www.learnmem.orgp. 293 293
Indexp. 295