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Reading the women of the Bible
Frymer-Kensky, Tikva Simone.
First edition.
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New York : Schocken Books, [2002]

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xxvii, 446 pages ; 25 cm
The hand that rocks the cradle: the Rivka stories -- Saviors of the Exodus -- The guardian at the door: Rahab -- Warriors by weapon and word: Deborah and Yael -- A wise woman of power -- The Shunammite -- Villains: Potiphars' wife, Delilah, and Athaliah -- The disposable wife -- Daddy's daughters -- Father-right awry: Jephthah and his daughter -- The bad old days: concubine and chaos -- Kings to the rescue? -- "Off with his head": David, Uriah, and Bathsheba -- Trauma and tragedy: the betrayals of Tamar -- Power and person: a problem of political life -- The Dinah affair -- To the barricades: views against the other -- Queen Jezebel or Deuteronomy's worst nightmare -- Cozbi -- Hagar, my other, my self -- Royal origins: Ruth on the royal way -- Royal origins: the Moabite -- Royal origins: Tamar -- The royal way -- Outsider women: exile and Ezra -- Oracles of the conquest of Canaan: Rahab and Deborah -- Oracles of Saul: Hannah and the witch of Endor -- The Necromancer at Endor -- Abigail -- Huldah -- Woman as voice -- Women of metaphor, metaphors of women -- The later adventure of biblical women -- Mirrors and voices: reading these stories today
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