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Drug abuse
Espejo, Roman, 1977-
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San Diego, CA : Greenhaven Press, [2002]

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174 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Drug addiction is a disease / Drug addiction is not a disease / Marijuana is a gateway drug / Marijuana use does not lead to harder drugs / Media may encourage drug abuse / Media's role in encouraging drug abuse is exaggerated / Adolescents and illicit drug use / Club drugs are harming more youths / Heroin use has increased / Hallucinogens are harmful / Playing with painkillers / Drug abuse among youths has not increased / There is no adolescent heroin crisis / There is no prescription drug abuse crisis / Drug addiction treatment is effective / Methadone treatment is an effective treatment for heroin addiction / Antidrug media campaigns reduce drug abuse / Needle-exchange programs reduce the harms of intravenous drug use / Effectiveness of drug treatment has not been proven / DARE program has not been effective / Antidrug media campaigns should be reevaluated / Needle-exchange programs do not reduce the harms of intravenous drug use / Drug use should be legalized / Marijuana should be legalized / Drug use should be an individual choice / Legalizing drugs would not cause an increase in drug use / Harm reduction reduces the risks of drug use / Drug use should not be legalized / Marijuana should not be legalized / Harm reduction does not reduce the risks of drug use / War on Drugs must be continued
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