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Everyday consciousness and Buddha-awakening
Thrangu, Rinpoche, 1933-
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Ithaca, N.Y. : Snow Lion Publications, [2002]

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124 pages ; 22 cm
1. The six collections of consciousness, the five sense consciousnesses, the mind consciousness -- 2. The stable consciousnesses, the klesha-mind, the all-base consciousness -- 3. The mental events -- 4. Meditation involving the consciousnesses -- 5. The five kinds of primordial awareness, the primordial awareness of the Dharmadhatu, the mirrorlike primordial awareness, the primordial awareness of equality, the discriminating primordial awareness, the primordial awareness that accomplishes all actions, the abode of the primordial awarenesses, the primordial awarenesses and the four bodies of a Buddha -- 6. Meditation to develop primordial awareness -- 7. The five buddha-families, the buddhas and the four kinds of enlightened activity, the meaning of the hand-held symbols, the appearances of the buddhas in the intermediate phase of the Bardo, the transformation of the five elements into the female buddhas -- 8. Meditation to balance the elements in the body.
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