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Is media violence a problem?
Torr, James D., 1974-
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San Diego : Greenhaven Press, [2002]

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95 pages ; 24 cm.
Media violence harms children / American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry -- Research on the effects of media violence on children is inconclusive / Maggie Cutler -- Violence on television is a serious problem / James T. Hamilton -- Violence on television news programs is a serious problem / Rita Colorito -- The problem of television violence is exaggerated / Jib Fowles -- Violence in the movies is a serious problem / Robert W. Butler -- Violence in video games is a serious problem / Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. -- The problem of video game violence is exaggerated / Greg Costikyan -- The glamorization of guns in rap music is a serious problem / Jay Nordlinger -- The problem of violent themes in popular music is exaggerated / Hillary B. Rosen -- Media violence makes people more violent / Gregg Easterbrook -- The entertainment industry markets violent media to children / Charlie Condon -- The problem of media violence is not serious enough to justify censorship / Wendy Kaminer.
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