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Energy alternatives : opposing viewpoints
Cothran, Helen.
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San Diego, CA : Greenhaven Press, [2002]

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220 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
A transition to renewable energy sources is necessary / Christopher Flavin -- Renewable alternatives to fossil fuels are unnecessary / Thomas Sowell -- Accessible oil reserves are running out / C.J. Campbell -- Oil reserves are not running out / Sarah A. Emerson -- The fossil fuels industry is destroying the environment / David Cromwell -- Environmentalists have exaggerated the dangers of burning fossil fuels / Jonathan H. Adler -- Conservation can help solve energy and environmental problems / Bob Herbert -- Conservation cannot solve energy problems / Herbert Inhaber -- Nuclear power is not the energy of the future / Christopher Flavin and Nicholas Lenssen -- Nuclear power is the energy of the future / Patrice Hill -- Nuclear power is safe / John Ritch -- Nuclear power is dangerous / Chris Busby -- Nuclear energy is affordable / Mary L. Walker -- Nuclear energy is costly / Laura Maggi -- Why I hate wind farms and think there should be more of them / Peter Harper -- Solar power is becoming commercially viable / Barbara Wolcott -- Fuel cells are a promising energy source / William McCall -- Methane hydrates may provide energy in the future / Richard Monastersky -- Geothermal energy is abundant and clean / Marilyn L. Nemzer, Anna K. Carter, and Kenneth P. Nemzer -- The power of the oceans can provide clean energy / France Bequette -- Alternative vehicles should replace gasoline-powered cars / Danylo Hawaleshka -- Alternative vehicles do not solve environmental problems / Jane Holtz Kay -- Electric cars can reduce air pollution / Tom Barry -- Electric cars do not reduce air pollution / Thomas Sowell -- Fuel cell cars are clean and efficient / Donald W. Nauss -- Natural gas vehicles can reduce greenhouse gases / Steve Spaulding -- Ethanol is a clean and renewable fuel / David Stipp -- The new alchemy : turning garbage into fuel / John J. Fialka.
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