Cover image for Kosovo and the challenge of humanitarian intervention : selective indignation, collective action, and international citizenship
Kosovo and the challenge of humanitarian intervention : selective indignation, collective action, and international citizenship
Schnabel, Albrecht.
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Tokyo ; New York : United Nations University Press, [2000]

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xii, 536 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Kosovo in the twentieth century : a historical account / Marie-Janine Calic -- The Kosovo conflict : a perspective from inside / Agon Demjaha -- The closing of the Kosovo cycle : victimization versus responsibility / Duska Anastasijevic -- The Kosovo Conflict : the Balkans and the Southern Caucasus / George Khutsishvili and Albrecht Schnabel -- The costs of victory : American power and the use of force in the contemporary order / G. John Ikenberry -- Russia : reassessing national interests / Vladimir Baranovsky -- China : whither the world order after Kosovo? / Zhang Yunling -- The major European allies : France, Germany, and the United Kingdom / Simon Duke, Hans-Georg Ehrhart, and Matthias Karadi -- The Nordic countries : whither the West's conscience? / Björn Möller -- The southern flank : Italy, Greece, Turkey / Georgios Kostakos -- Kosovo and the case of the (not so) free riders : Portugal, Belgium, Canada, and Spain / David G. Haglund and Allen Sens -- The new entrants : Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic / Peter Télas and Laszlo Valki -- The Muslim world : uneasy ambivalence / Ibrahim A. Karawan -- Latin America : the dilemmas of intervention / Monica Serrano -- South Africa : the demand for legitimate multilateralism / Philip Nel -- India : an uneasy precedent / Satish Nambiar -- NATO : from collective defence to peace enforcement / Nicola Butler -- The United Nations system and the Kosovo crisis / A. J. R. Groom and Paul Taylor -- The concept of humanitarian intervention revisited / James Mayall -- The concept of sovereignty revisited / Alan M. James -- Analogies at war : the United States, the conflict in Kosovo, and the uses of history / George C. Herring -- Media coverage of the war : an empirical assessment / Steven Livingston -- Effective indignation? : building global awareness, NGOS, and the enforcement of norms / Felice Gaer -- The inevitability of selective response? : principles to guide urgent international action / Lori Fisler Damrosch -- The split-screen war : Kosovo and changing concepts of the use of force / Lawrence Freedman -- Military history overturned : did air power win the war? / Ray Funnell -- Force, diplomacy, and norms / Coral Bell -- Solidarity versus geostrategy : Kosovo and the dilemmas of international democratic culture / Jean-Marc Coicaud -- The good international citizen and the crisis in Kosovo / Andrew Linklater -- Unbridled humanitarianism : between justice, power, and authority / Ramesh Thakur and Albrecht Schnabel.
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