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The power of attraction : the astrological guide to personal success, prosperity, and happy relationships
Crawford, Saffi.
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First edition.
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New York : Ballantine Books, 2002.
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A guide to the stars designed especially for you--with detailed information about your unique powers of attraction, your deepest desires, and the cosmic forces that shape your destiny. When professional astrologers prepare your horoscope, they are guided not only by your zodiac Sun sign but also by the position of all the planets, which including the special forces of Venus and Mars, on the exact day and year of your birth. By simplifying complicated astrological tables,The Power of Attractiontakes you step by step through the same process that professional astrologers use in creating a highly revealing horoscope--one that reflects the subtle and powerful effects of the planets on your personality, your romantic involvements, your friendships, prosperity, work, and path through life. This brilliantly organized guide to self-empowerment through the stars features AN INTRODUCTION TO ASTROLOGY:A complete description of the basic qualities (both attractive and less attractive) of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the outer planets. BIRTHDAY PROFILES:A fascinating portrait of the unique qualities native to each of the 366 birthdays of the year--including personal magnetism, character strengths, and areas that may require some improvement. YOUR SUN/VENUS AND SUN/MARS LINKS:Separate sections for men and women that emphasize attraction and romance. YOUR PERSONALIZED TIMETABLE:This unique, easy-to-use timetable is based not only on your Sun sign and day of birth but also includes your year of birth--pinpointing important dates and planetary connections. EMPOWERMENT AND THE OUTER PLANETS:What Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are saying about you and your relationships, your plans for the future, prioritizing goals, potential setbacks and difficulties, and finding the path to success and happiness. Solidly based on the authors' many years of experience as astrologers, this treasure trove of knowledge is perfect for all who want to navigate the heavens to better understand themselves and their lovers, friends, family, and colleagues. The answers are in the stars.

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Professional numerologist and astrologer Crawford and professional astrologer and lecturer Sullivan, both based in London, here follow up The Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers, which "create[d] a personality profile for each of the 366 days of the year." This book further specializes by allowing readers to construct profiles based on the year of birth as well as the day, and by including date-by-date "information relating to your unique powers of attraction." (on sale Jan. 29) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

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The authors of The Power of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers bring us another book that profiles the 366 birthdays of the year. Each birthday entry in the new book consists of two pages. The first focuses on the personality of those born on that day, their attractive and negative qualities in relationships, and a description of how Venus and Mars play into their love relationships. The second page provides a timetable in which readers can gain insight into the unique relationships between their sun sign and the "outer planets" of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They can also look up the birth dates of friends and lovers and read about what they can likely bring to a relationship. While this is packed with information for a very personalized relationship assessment, the character descriptions are often of the general variety for which astrologers are criticized. Qualities such as idealistic, determined, and imaginative or restless, unfocused, and insecure can describe just about anybody. While this type of birthday-based astrology book is fun and popular, libraries that already have a birthday book can safely pass this by. Marija Sanderling, Nesmith Lib., Windham, NH (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.



Introduction to Astrology Astrology is a method of exploring the relationship between humankind and the Universe. The tenets of astrology maintain that cosmic forces, rhythms, and cycles of nature exert an influence on every living organism, and proponents of astrology believe that life can be better understood through the knowledge of the signs of the zodiac and the interaction of the planets. Accurate astrological practices are based on a single moment in space and time, making each astrology chart symbolically unique. Although astrologers require the exact time, place, and complete date of birth in order to construct a horoscope wheel, popular astrology usually only refers to the division of the year into twelve monthly categories called signs of the zodiac. This division, along with the planets, can be viewed as the basis of astrological studies. In this book we have synthesized many years of astrological experience and research to provide you with an easy-to-read comprehensive day, month, and year reference tool. We hope this book will help you to increase your powers of attraction and success as well as deepen your understanding of yourself and others. The Sun's Yearly Cycle The Sun is the center of our solar system, and the planets, including Earth, travel and orbit around it. In addition to its counterclockwise path around the Sun, the Earth also rotates on an axis; this is what brings about the cycles of day and night. From a geocentric view--that is, from Earth's point of view--the Sun appears to cross the sky from the eastern horizon to the western horizon. The Sun's apparent journey against the backdrop of the stars in the twelve constellations marks a path around the Earth called the ecliptic. The Earth's axis is not only rotating but tilting, with the North Pole facing the Sun and away from the Sun at different times of the year to produce the four climate variations we know as the four seasons--winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each of the seasons is marked by a point in the Sun's travels. They are commonly called the spring and autumnal equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices. In astrology, these four divisions of the year are called the four cardinal points of the 360-degree zodiacal wheel. The astrological year begins in the spring at 0 degrees Aries; the summer solstice is marked as 0 degrees Cancer; the autumn is at 0 degrees Libra; and the winter solstice is at 0 degrees Capricorn. Since the zodiacal wheel is divided into twelve equal parts of 30 degrees arc each, these four cardinal, or dynamic, signs of the zodiacal wheel are followed by the four fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The four mutable, or changeable, signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces complete the twelve signs of the zodiac wheel. As the Sun returns to approximately the same degree every year, astrologers refer to a person's birthday as a Solar Return. While the zodiac is divided into twelve distinct signs, in advanced astrological practice those signs are divided further into thirds called decanates. Each of these decanates is associated with an additional sign and planet and is listed on your personal page. The Sun The Sun, the energy center of our solar system, radiates the power of light and vitality and is thought of in many cultures as a life-giving force. In astrology, the Sun represents the energy source of all living things and gives a forceful assertion of individuality. It signifies the center of our being, our sense of identity and ego. The Sun's glyph, or symbol, is a circle with a point in the center, indicating the heart of our physical universe. In esoteric symbolism, this circle represents the totality of infinity or eternity and the dot in the middle signifies a particular point in time and space within that totality. Willpower, energy, strength, and self-expression are just some of the Sun's attributes. It also stands for ambition and pride, consciousness, self-confidence, and is a metaphor for the father or the masculine archetype. In mythology, kings and heroes are frequently associated with Helios, the Sun, which rules the zodiac sign of Leo. Attractive qualities: vitality, magnetism, creativity, vigor, willpower, inspiration, self-confidence, charisma Less attractive qualities: egotistical, self-centered, proud, arrogant, overbearing, dominating The Twelve Astrological Signs Aries 1st Sign Cardinal/Fire Ruling planet: Mars Body part: head Symbol: ram Keywords: energy, activity, leadership Since Arians are the pioneers and leaders of the zodiac, even the quieter among you secretly want to be "number one" or first at something. The men of this sign love to play knight-errant and the women may appear forceful and assertive. The attractive qualities of the sign of Aries indicate that you are bold and confident by nature, highly spirited, and enthusiastic. You probably hold a genuine belief that the world is yours to explore and conquer. As the first fire sign of the zodiac, you are able to forge ahead with endless projects and activities. Being energetic, you love to initiate new enterprises, and with your competitive spirit are also keen on winning. Ruled by the planet Mars, you are a doer and very rarely sit around twiddling your thumbs. Combining a daring character and enterprising spirit, you usually seek to be in the forefront of any activity. Frequently courageous and passionate, you can also be idealistic, chivalrous, and fiercely loyal to the people you love. You like to talk about your latest achievements and new projects, but are equally supportive of your partners if you truly believe in them. The less attractive attributes of the Sun in Aries suggest that patience is not your strongest point. Although you are quick to anger and eager to express your opinions, you are just as likely to quickly forgive and forget. Although you are often recognized by your direct approach or decisive actions, you can lack subtlety. The drive of your ruling planet, Mars, indicates that lack of composure can also make you intolerant or impulsive. This may lead you to do something rash on a moment's notice. As an Arian, however, you respond well to crisis, have the ability to meet challenges head on, and can face difficult situations courageously. Fired with enthusiasm but often impatient with detail, you work better at initiating or launching new projects. Refusing to be put down, dynamic and generous, your Aries spirit lives to fight another day. Despite opposing public opinion, you will usually refuse to compromise your ideals, even if it gets you into trouble or into a confrontation. Eventually, as you mature, you learn the value of diplomacy and compromise. Although it is generally known that as a fire sign you are compatible with Leo and Sagittarius, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Aries attractive qualities: independent, daring, courageous, intelligent, pioneering, bold, action-oriented Aries less attractive qualities: aggressive, self-centered, headstrong, impulsive, competitive, bossy Taurus 2nd Sign Fixed/Earth Ruling planet: Venus Body part: throat and neck Symbol: bull Keywords: endurance, persistence, sensuality As a sensible Taurean you are a quietly determined individual who very rarely gives up. With patience and resolution you continue on even when all others have fallen by the wayside. Your warm, seemingly calm and easygoing manner reflects your enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life. As a Taurean you do not like to rush into things: you make decisions carefully and deliberately with security and financial issues very much to the fore. With Venus as your ruling planet you are often magnetic, sensual, and can be extremely attractive to the opposite sex. The Venus influence also bestows an enhanced love of beauty, interest in the arts, and a highly refined sense of touch. Being a practical Earth sign, the basic securities of life are especially important to you. With a need for comfort and luxury, good food is part of your well-being, but guard against a tendency to overindulge. You often become an expert at culinary skills, a connoisseur of wine, and love entertaining. More commonly, your Sun sign is associated with the established world of finance. As a Taurean you like to know exactly were your money went, and make careful lists of all your financial dealings. When charged with being materialistic, you will defend yourself by replying that you are merely being sensible and looking for "value for money." You can therefore become an expert at evaluating everything, from money matters and property to people. As a Taurean, through your desires to build a solid foundation in life, you can attract and achieve success. Although you are often generous with your loved ones, you may have to avoid being overpossessive. Among some of your attractive qualities are your reliability, loyalty, and devotion. In fact, you can suffer in silence in order to keep the peace, but if pushed too far you are notorious for being obstinate. This stubbornness is one of your less attractive qualities. Since you need to feel grounded and stable, you are often drawn to individuals who are dependable and traditional, preferring to keep things the way they are. In times of change and instability you may have difficulty in adapting to new situations. Happily, you can always find comfort through a love of art and creativity, the joys of nature or music. As a Taurean you usually have an attractive speaking or singing voice. If stressed, however, illness may affect your throat. Nevertheless, Taurus, ruled by the bull, is renowned for being the sign of strength. Although it is generally known that as an earth sign you are compatible with Virgo and Capricorn, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Taurus attractive qualities: loyal, artistic, determined, persevering, stable, sensual, enduring, practical, musical Taurus less attractive qualities: stubborn, materialistic, possessive, indulgent Gemini 3rd Sign Mutable/Air Ruling planet: Mercury Body parts: lungs, arms, hands Symbol: twins Keywords: versatility, talkative, ingenuity Your attractive qualities are your flexibility, versatility, and adaptable nature. Like the twins, Geminis are renowned for being able to do more than one thing at a time. Having more than one interest, however, suggests that you must guard against scattering your energies in too many directions. You are often seen as the child of the zodiac, always in a state of wonder. As a natural communicator with a never-ending thirst for knowledge, your Gemini character is that of the eternal student or one of youthfulness. Being the first of the air signs suggests that you are astute and often on the move, ever satisfying your curiosity. Being extremely quick at picking out the salient points of any subject, you usually acquire a great deal of information, which you also like to share with others. It is often through mental discipline and learning that you develop a greater depth of thought and realize your true mental powers. As a Gemini you can also be friendly, bright, and multitalented. Linked to the planet Mercury, you often have an androgynous quality, with a slim and youthful body. As you enjoy entertaining others with your wealth of ideas or stories, you frequently let your mercurial spirit soar. This also suggests that you usually have bright facial expressions and enjoy using your hands when conveying your ideas A love of talking indicates that you can chat on for hours; unfortunately, this can also turn into one of your less attractive qualities. To master the art of conversation, however, you may need to develop your listening skills. Although your airy, sophisticated Gemini nature does not like to be pinned down, you usually make sure you are never bored or boring. Not known for consistency, you can nevertheless adapt and move with the times. As a Gemini you are generally intellectual and more interested in a stimulating mental challenge than earthly passion. Yet with a sensitive nervous system, your Gemini nature needs to guard against a tendency to worry. Light and sociable, you often have an easy rapport with others and are more than willing to share the veritable mine of information you have at your disposal. With your youthful charm and natural quick wit, is it any wonder that you can be the most delightful friend and companion. Although it is generally known that as an air sign you are compatible with Libra and Aquarius, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Gemini attractive qualities: curious, informed, clever, good conversationalist, friendly, and sociable Gemini less attractive qualities: inconsistent, superficial, too talkative, nervous Cancer 4th Sign Cardinal/Water Ruling planet: Moon Body parts: breasts and stomach Symbol: crab Keywords: sensitivity, sympathetic, affectionate Emotional and sensitive, as a Cancerian you are ruled by your feelings. Like your guiding planet the Moon, you are able to run through the whole gamut of emotions that come with the changing tides. You possess the power of the deepest ocean and the vulnerability of a solitary crab on an empty beach. Like that crab, you have a protective shell of shyness to hide your great sensitivity and caution. This should not be interpreted as a weakness, however, as you often withdraw to gather strength. Your most attractive qualities are your sympathetic and kind nature. You have a strong need to nurture, so you often take the role of mother, caretaker, or therapist. Having a protective streak implies that you will defend your loved ones against all odds. It is hardly surprising that home and family play an important role in establishing your security. Being generally domesticated you also show a natural flair for good food and cooking. Despite your many changing moods, you are naturally affectionate and caring. With all your protective love and devotion, however, you may need to guard against one of your less attractive qualities--that of becoming too emotionally involved. You may benefit from learning about tough love since at times others can take advantage of your caring nature. As a Water sign, you are often shy, have sentimental tendencies, and are inclined to hang on to the past. This can be the reason why you care about family heirlooms such as photos and letters or become a collector of antiquities. Security conscious, you also have a talent for hanging on to money, which you like to store in savings accounts for a rainy day. As a Cancerian you are more likely to have a complex personality and be a master in the art of passive resistance. On the one hand you may appear to be a tower of strength, yet on the other hand you seem to have the vulnerability of a child. With the Moon coloring your responses, you are naturally intuitive or mediumistic, but you may also need to resist the tendency to be easily hurt. Your powerful imagination and sensitive understanding frequently find an avenue of expression through the creative and artistic worlds. Yet above all, once you trust someone enough to show them your feelings, you can be loyal and devoted. Although it is generally known that as a water sign you are compatible with Scorpio and Pisces, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Cancer attractive qualities: caring, understanding, imaginative, intuitive, good parent, sensitive Cancer less attractive qualities: moody, insecure, oversensitive, living in the past Leo 5th Sign Fixed/Fire Ruling planet: Sun Body part: heart Symbol: lion Keywords: vitality, confidence, self-expression As a Leo you are generous and warm with a loving nature. Like the Sun, your personality shines brightly. Some of your attractive attributes are your kindness and generosity. Your magnanimous gestures usually come from a love of the dramatic. Usually not bashful, you enjoy playing to the crowd and feel happiest with an appreciative audience. Luckily, to compensate for the likelihood of your grabbing center stage, you can also be attentive to others. You may shower them with compliments on their talents or make them feel appreciated. As a Leo you also possess a lovable, childlike playfulness and a strong creative need for self-expression. Since Leo is a sign associated with rulers and kings, you probably seek a leading role rather than one in the chorus. Some of the less attractive characteristics of your sign are linked to vanity and pride, while flattery can leave you open to manipulation. Belonging to the fixed group of signs, you may find it hard to admit that you are wrong. Nevertheless, you can easily compensate for any failings with your warm personality and sense of fun. With your playful and gregarious outlook on life, you can be the ideal partner for social events or the life and soul of the party. Alternatively, you can be keen on the theater, games, and entertainment. A desire to shine, combined with your ability to take charge, often brings you to positions of authority, where you can show your excellent leadership skills. Although you possess inborn executive abilities, one of your less attractive qualities is that you may become too bossy. Generally, however, you work extremely hard to fulfill your responsibilities. Known for your courage, integrity, and self-respect, you would much rather act assured than appear weak and defenseless. If you are too afraid to fulfill your high calling you may alternate between arrogance and self-doubt. Aware of the effect you have on others, your pride also suggests that it is important for you to make a good impression on people and be popular. As a Leo you love to love and be loved. Although it is generally known that as a fire sign you are compatible with Sagittarius and Aries, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Leo attractive qualities: generous, kind, warmhearted, fun-loving, creative, entertaining, courageous, leadership Leo less attractive qualities: arrogant, bossy, stubborn, vain, self-centered Virgo 6th Sign Mutable/Earth Ruling planet: Mercury Body part: intestines Symbol: virgin Keywords: discriminating, efficient, service Analytical and efficient, you have a strong work ethic. As a Virgo you need an ordered life and want things done in a methodical way. One of your attractive qualities is your ability to be of service to others. Possessing natural organizational skills, reliability, and accuracy, you are an asset to any establishment. With your penetrating mind you constantly reexamine and refine in order to improve existing systems. Unfortunately, this perfectionism may point to one of your less attractive qualities. You can become your own worst critic, or criticize your environment and the people around you. Nevertheless, your ability to admit to your own failings can make you modest and unassuming. Being ruled by the planet Mercury suggests that you are intelligent and articulate with a discriminating mind. The added element of Earth in your sign also indicates that you are practical and responsible. Although you are economical and prudent with money, your less attractive attributes manifest when you worry or keep a tight hold on your purse strings. Nevertheless, you can be more than generous with time and money should anybody need assistance. You will, however, expect the people you help to make an effort to help themselves. As a rule, you do not respond well to stupidity or vulgarity and your logical mind instinctively wants to bring order to any confusion. Since you are likely to analyze the smallest of details, you must guard against going over and over the same issues and lose sight of the big picture. With your high standards, you can be extra fastidious in certain areas. Often interested in cleanliness and nutrition, you may advocate regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, you are susceptible to stress and tension, occasionally becoming overanxious. This may frequently be due to the pressures of work and your strong sense of obligation and duty. Although it is generally known that as an earth sign you are compatible with Capricorn and Taurus, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Virgo attractive qualities: precise, efficient, helpful, dutiful, discriminating, practical, dependable Virgo less attractive qualities: worry, critical, cynical, lost in the detail, anxious Libra 7th Sign Cardinal/Air Ruling planet: Venus Body part: kidneys Symbol: scales Keywords: balance, diplomacy, relationship Your charm, captivating smile, and gracious attitude usually attract people. Affectionate and refined, with a need to be popular, you often present a friendly, warm, and intelligent personality to others. As an air sign, you often utilize your diplomatic and social skills to keep life peaceful and harmonious. Ruled by Venus and keenly aware of relationships, you are always able to see things from another person's point of view. An expert at being just and fair, you weigh everything carefully before making a decision. You can discuss the pros and cons of any situation or problem with amazing logic and discerning definition. This ability ensures your skill at the art of compromise and negotiation. In excess, however, this constant weighing of opposites may lead to the less attractive qualities of indecisiveness and an inability to arrive at a final conclusion. Maintaining a balance is essential to keep your positive powers of attraction working for you. To avoid going too far or becoming too reliant on others, you need to work on your self-awareness. By learning to stand up for yourself even when it creates conflict, you become strong and assertive. Ruled by Venus, you have a natural eye for color and need to be surrounded by tasteful, luxurious, and harmonious surroundings. You are likely to have an attractive home and be naturally good at some form of artistic expression. Your love of beauty can often be seen in your stylish appearance. Courteous and amiable, you usually enjoy playing host or hostess. With a talent for making people feel special, you can be popular and have many friends. Since you usually prefer to be in a partnership, you need someone who can share your romantic soul. Although it is generally known that as an air sign you are compatible with Aquarius and Gemini, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Libra attractive qualities: diplomatic, charming, social skills, stylish, artistic, fair Libra less attractive qualities: indecisive, self-indulgent, vain, codependent Scorpio 8th Sign Fixed/Water Ruling planet: Pluto Body part: the sex organs Symbol: scorpion Keywords: regeneration, secrecy, power As a magnetic Scorpio you belong to the most passionate sign of the zodiac. People are attracted to your power and intriguing personality. There is nothing halfhearted about you, with your strong will and "all or nothing" attitude. Belonging to a Water sign, you prefer to investigate life at a deeper emotional level. Just as your ruling planet Pluto governs the underworld and all that is hidden, you unconsciously pick up the feelings of others. Like a detective or psychologist you may ask probing questions without revealing your own thoughts. As you feel deeply and can be painfully hurt, you prefer to be in control. You have a powerful sex drive and people are often drawn to your seductive appeal. Although others can find you fascinating, one of your less attractive qualities may be that your passionate nature can lead to jealousy or misplaced desires. Transformation is a powerful force that you are not afraid to experience. Not scared to let go, there will be times when you are willing to walk away from everything and start all over again. Yet once you have decided to start a project you can be determined and uncompromising, persevering with a situation until the bitter end. You are usually competitive and do not like losing. One of your less attractive qualities is that once defeated you will remember and wait until you can get even at a later date. On the other hand you can be loyal and loving, totally giving of yourself regardless of effort or sacrifice. Although it is generally known that as a water sign you are compatible with Pisces and Cancer, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Scorpio attractive qualities: sensitive, powerful, focused, passionate, loyal, determined Scorpio less attractive qualities: revengeful, stubborn, too passionate, secretive, intense Sagittarius 9th Sign Mutable/Fire Ruling planet: Jupiter Body parts: hips and thighs Symbol: centaur Keywords: expansion, honesty, exploration, idealism You are friendly, optimistic, and easygoing and others are attracted by your free spirit. With a love of truth, honesty, and justice you have a philosophical approach to life. Being very independent, you dislike restrictions and usually look to expand your horizons and improve your lot. People are impressed by your ability to see the larger picture. With your positive outlook you are usually looking at some future scheme or project. This may lead you to expand your mind through study or travel. Placing a high value on knowledge, you usually love to come up with inspired ideas whether for yourself or for others. Although you genuinely desire to uplift people, sometimes you may upset them instead. Your less attractive qualities are your outspoken opinions or tactless comments. As you possess a sincere attitude, however, your naive quality indicates that your comments were not intended to offend. Among your many interests you may enjoy exploring subjects such as religion, philosophy, or law. Alternatively, you may be interested in travel and other cultures or be keen on sport rather than intellectual pursuits, getting your excitement from being competitive and playing games. Usually lucky, you also love to take risks in one form or another and may be drawn to gambling or speculations. Whatever you do, you like to do it in style. While you enjoy the good things in life and indulge in the best, resist carrying your extravagant streak too far. Since you love the freedom to move around, you prefer to leave your options open. Enthusiastic, warm, and generous, people are attracted to your good-humored and direct approach to life. Although it is generally known that as a fire sign you are compatible with Aries and Leo, in this book you will find that Venus, Mars, and the Outer Planets have an important influence on your relationships and powers of attraction. Sagittarius attractive qualities: optimistic, frank, enthusiastic, adventurous, open, idealistic Sagittarius less attractive qualities: tactless, arrogant, fearful of commitment, self-indulgent Capricorn 10th Sign Cardinal/Earth Ruling planet: Saturn Body parts: knees, skeletal bones Symbol: goat Keywords: ambitious, conscientious, diligent As a realistic Capricorn you know full well there is no gain without hard work. You have a strong sense of duty and are willing to wait patiently in order to accomplish your goals. People are attracted to the fact that you are diligent and determined. You need to have a sense of purpose or a definite goal. Usually preferring a strategy rather than acting on a whim, you desire order and structure to make yourself feel complete. Security is important to you, and like your ruling planet, Saturn, you take a cautious and conservative approach to life. You show a great respect for authority and admire the wisdom of age and experience. This extends to your work, for when you execute a job you are usually very conscientious. However, the less attractive side of Capricorn can be cold and calculating. It is better to use the toughness of your ruling planet, Saturn, for self-discipline rather than controlling others. The economical, practical, and thrifty characteristics of your earthly element blend well with your desire for status and prestige. Able to persevere, you can rise to positions of power. Although one of your better qualities is your realistic outlook, there is a danger that this can turn into pessimism. In order to be more attractive to others you may need to develop a more optimistic and positive perspective. When you doubt yourself and your abilities, you can give up without even trying. When given the security of a firm foundation, however, you are relentless in your drive for success. People are attracted by your willingness to help, your reliability, and your pragmatic approach. Yet beneath your slightly shy and reserved exterior is a wonderful dry sense of humor and a tenacity that comes from inner discipline. Excerpted from The Power of Attraction by Saffi Crawford, Geraldine Sullivan All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.