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The meditative path : a gentle way to awareness, concentration, and serenity
Cianciosi, John.
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First Quest edition.
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Wheaton, IL : Theosophical Publishing House, 2001.
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xix, 267 pages ; 20 cm
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"Quest books"
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Once, the Mula Nasruden was searching the ground under a street lamp. "Can I help?" asked a friend. "I lost my key in the house," said Nasruden. "But then why look out here?" "Because the light is better in the street," came the reply. Nasruden is a great fool in Middle Eastern folklore. Only by turning on the light inside his house -- his inner psyche --will he find the key.
John Cianciosi shows us how to do just that. Directly from the heart, this practical, nonreligious book guides the reader of any faith to reduce stress, increase health, and achieve inner peace. It clearly explains the meditative process and offers very simple exercises to balance theory and practice. Each chapter includes Q&A sections based on the average reader's experience and crafted from the author's twenty-four years of teaching, first as a Buddhist monk and now in lay life. Of all primers on meditation, this one excels in showing how to slow down life in the fast lane.

Table of Contents

Jack Kornfield
Forewordp. xi
Prefacep. xv
Chapter 1 Turning on the Lightp. 1
Human Beings Can Be Trainedp. 2
Getting to Know the Mindp. 3
Three Essential Qualitiesp. 5
Exercise: Relaxing the Bodyp. 10
Question Timep. 11
Chapter 2 Taming the Wild Stallionp. 15
The Analogy of the Wild Stallionp. 19
Mindfulness of Breathing Ip. 20
Knowing the In Breath and Out Breathp. 23
Counting the Breathp. 24
Right Effortp. 25
Preparing for Meditationp. 26
Exercise: Sitting Meditationp. 29
Question Timep. 32
Chapter 3 Like a Baby Learning to Walkp. 39
The Behavior of the Mind During Meditationp. 40
Helpful Attitudes in Meditationp. 44
Mindfulness of Breathing IIp. 47
Deepening Your Experience in Meditationp. 49
A Word of Caution Regarding Progressp. 50
Question Timep. 52
Chapter 4 Life in the Fast Lane and Other Hindrancesp. 59
Life in the Fast Lanep. 59
The Five Hindrancesp. 62
Learning from Experiencep. 76
The Analogy of a Pool of Waterp. 78
Exercise: Dealing with the Hindrancesp. 79
Question Timep. 80
Chapter 5 Awareness Leads the Wayp. 85
Sharpening Your Awarenessp. 86
Mindfulness of Breathing IIIp. 88
Joy in Meditationp. 89
"Bumps" on the Path to Deep Concentrationp. 90
Mindfulness of Breathing IVp. 93
Coming Back to Earthp. 98
Tasting the Honeyp. 99
Question Timep. 100
Chapter 6 The Walking Pathp. 107
Benefits of Walking Meditationp. 108
The Walking Pathp. 111
General Instructions for Walking Meditationp. 112
Walking at Different Speedsp. 114
A Final Wordp. 116
Exercise: Walking Meditationp. 117
Question Timep. 119
Chapter 7 Meditation in Actionp. 123
A Meditative State Suitable for Daily Lifep. 125
The Difference Between Light and Darkp. 127
The Miracle of Being Awakep. 129
Cultivating Awareness in Daily Lifep. 130
Some Suggestions for Practicing Meditation in Actionp. 132
The Relationship Between Formal and Informal Meditationp. 142
Question Timep. 144
Chapter 8 Exploring the Fields of Consciousnessp. 147
You Are the Center of Your Universep. 148
How We Experience the Worldp. 151
Being a Good Studentp. 153
Exercise: Exploring the Six Fields of Consciousnessp. 155
Question Timep. 160
Chapter 9 Working with Painp. 163
The Body Is like an Open Doorp. 164
The Negative Reaction to Pain Causes Miseryp. 165
Positive Ways of Responding to Painp. 168
Understanding Our Optionsp. 178
Exercise: Standing like a Mountainp. 179
Question Timep. 182
Chapter 10 Changing Anger into Loving Kindnessp. 185
What Is Anger?p. 186
How Does Anger Arise?p. 187
Anger: Friend or Foe?p. 190
Freeing the Mind from the Affliction of Angerp. 193
Loving Kindness Meditationp. 202
Exercise: Loving Kindness Meditationp. 210
Question Timep. 213
Chapter 11 Self-Awarenessp. 217
Knowing Yourselfp. 219
Basic Requirements for Self-Knowledgep. 221
Cultivating Self-Knowledgep. 228
Unresolved Emotionsp. 236
The Process of Self-Discoveryp. 237
Exercise: Who Am I?p. 239
Question Timep. 242
Chapter 12 Following the Path of Least Resistancep. 249
What Is Truly Important in Life?p. 250
A Turtle with a Mustachep. 253
Flow like a Riverp. 254
A Final Wordp. 257
Exercise: A Day for Meditationp. 259
Question Timep. 263
Works Citedp. 267