Cover image for CQ researcher on controversies in law and society.
CQ researcher on controversies in law and society.
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Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, [2001]

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xiii, 336 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Civil liberties. DNA databases -- Adoption controversies -- Gay rights -- Criminal justice. Prison-building boom -- Policing the police -- Drug policy -- Setting the boundaries of business. Antitrust policy -- Utility deregulation -- Public policy in the courtroom. Closing in on tobacco -- High-impact litigation -- Medicine and the law. Patients' rights -- Embryo research -- Medical mistakes -- The Internet and the law. Internet privacy -- Digital commerce -- Copyright and the Internet.
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CQ researcher.
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This volume discusses civil liberty, criminal justice, business conduct, medicine and the law, internet and the law, and public policy in the courtroom. The articles expand on such topics as adoption, telecommunication, tobacco litigation, privacy, and embryo research.

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Selections of articles from The CQ Researcher. The volume on law covers topics related to civil liberties, criminal justice, public policy, and more. The volume on medicine treats issues such as the asthma epidemic, patients' rights, and human genome research.

Table of Contents

Annotated Table of Contentsp. ix
Introductionp. xiii
Civil Liberties
1 DNA Databasesp. 1
Should the use of DNA databases be expanded?p. 2
Do DNA databases pose a danger for individual rights?p. 4
Backgroundp. 7
The Power of DNAp. 7
Fighting for Acceptancep. 8
Gaining Acceptancep. 10
Creating Databasesp. 12
Current Situationp. 13
Expanding Databasesp. 13
Working the Casesp. 14
Outlookp. 17
New Applicationsp. 17
Notesp. 18
Bibliographyp. 19
2 Adoption Controversiesp. 21
Should adoption records be opened?p. 23
Should gays and lesbians be allowed to adopt?p. 24
Should children be adopted outside their race?p. 26
Backgroundp. 30
Focus of Concern Shiftsp. 30
Sealed Recordsp. 30
Racial Policiesp. 32
Current Situationp. 34
Open-Access Initiativesp. 34
Outlookp. 36
"Wrongful Adoption"p. 36
Notesp. 36
Bibliographyp. 38
3 Gay Rightsp. 39
Should same-sex relationships be legally recognized?p. 41
Should the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy be changed?p. 42
Are additional laws needed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation?p. 43
Backgroundp. 45
Birth of a Movementp. 45
Successes and Setbacksp. 45
"A Seat at the Table"p. 46
Current Situationp. 48
Debating "Civil Unions"p. 48
"Disturbing" Harassmentp. 50
Playing Politicsp. 51
Outlookp. 52
Marching in Washingtonp. 52
Notesp. 55
Bibliographyp. 57
Criminal Justice
4 Prison-Building Boomp. 59
Should some of the resources being devoted to building prisons be redirected to educational and other social spending?p. 61
Should mandatory sentencing, three-strikes statutes and similar laws be repealed or scaled back?p. 64
Backgroundp. 66
A Rising Populationp. 66
Rehabilitationp. 68
Current Situationp. 70
Prisons for Profitp. 70
Parole Under Firep. 72
Outlookp. 74
Shift in Priorities?p. 74
Notesp. 75
Bibliographyp. 76
5 Policing the Policep. 77
Should the Miranda rule regarding police interrogation be relaxed?p. 79
Are stronger measures needed to prevent use of excessive force by police officers?p. 82
Should the use of "racial profiling" be prohibited?p. 84
Backgroundp. 86
A Checkered Pastp. 86
Miranda's Rightsp. 89
Use of Forcep. 91
"Driving While Black"p. 93
Current Situationp. 96
Debating Mirandap. 96
Judging Policep. 97
Watching for Profilingp. 98
Outlookp. 100
The Public's Trustp. 100
Notesp. 101
Bibliographyp. 102
6 Drug Policyp. 103
Should drug prohibition be relaxed?p. 105
Should mandatory-minimum sentences for drug offenses be abolished?p. 108
Should parolees be required to abstain from drug use as a condition of their release?p. 111
Backgroundp. 112
Early Drug Lawsp. 112
Nixon's Shiftp. 115
Reagan's Warp. 115
Cocaine Interdictionp. 116
Clinton's Policyp. 117
Current Situationp. 119
Aid for Colombiap. 119
McCaffrey's Approachp. 119
State Initiativesp. 121
Outlookp. 124
Low Campaign Priority?p. 124
Notesp. 125
Bibliographyp. 127
Setting the Boundaries of Business
7 Antitrust Policyp. 129
Have antitrust laws been good or bad for the economy overall?p. 130
Is the current wave of mergers good or bad for consumers?p. 132
Should the federal government and the states have filed antitrust suits against Microsoft?p. 133
Backgroundp. 136
Trust Bustingp. 136
Supreme Court Rulingsp. 136
The Politics of Antitrustp. 138
The Chicago Schoolp. 139
New Court Philosophyp. 140
Antitrust Revival?p. 140
Current Situationp. 141
"Aggressive Competitor"p. 141
The Urge to Mergep. 142
Outlookp. 145
"Hundred Years' War"p. 145
Notesp. 146
Bibliographyp. 147
8 Utility Deregulationp. 149
Will consumers benefit in a freer electricity market?p. 151
Should the FERC have the authority to regulate the newly unfettered electric market?p. 152
Backgroundp. 153
PUHCA and PURPAp. 153
Current Situationp. 156
Big Savings?p. 156
Rising Internet Usep. 156
Outlookp. 156
Action in Congress?p. 156
Notesp. 158
Bibliographyp. 159
Public Policy in the Courtroom
9 Closing In on Tobaccop. 161
Should the Food and Drug Administration regulate tobacco products?p. 163
Should the tobacco industry pay the federal government for smoking-related healthcare costs?p. 164
Will additional tobacco regulations reduce smoking by young people?p. 165
Backgroundp. 166
Tobacco Under Firep. 166
Lawsuits and Documentsp. 168
FDA Steps Inp. 169
Enter the Statesp. 170
Current Situationp. 173
Clinton vs. Tobaccop. 173
Spending the Moneyp. 174
Outlookp. 176
"Still Under Attack"p. 176
Notesp. 178
Bibliographyp. 179
10 High-Impact Litigationp. 181
Does the new wave of government-sponsored litigation against private industries serve the public interest?p. 184
Do private class-action suits serve the public interest?p. 185
Does high-impact litigation improperly inject the courts into policy-making roles?p. 186
Backgroundp. 188
"Group Litigation"p. 188
Liberalizing the Rulesp. 190
Class-Action Cyclesp. 190
Current Situationp. 191
Showdown on Gunsp. 191
Taking Cases to Courtp. 194
Outlookp. 196
Other Targets?p. 196
Notesp. 198
Bibliographyp. 199
Medicine and the Law
11 Patients' Rightsp. 201
Should managed-care health plans be required to make it easier for patients to see specialists outside the plan's network of physicians?p. 203
Should health plans be subject to medical malpractice liability?p. 205
Are stronger safeguards needed to protect the privacy of patients' medical records and information?p. 206
Backgroundp. 208
Health Insurancep. 208
Government's Rolep. 208
Rise of Managed Carep. 211
Managed-Care Backlashp. 211
Current Situationp. 212
Reform Effortsp. 212
Outlookp. 216
Weighing the Costsp. 216
Notesp. 217
Bibliographyp. 219
12 Embryo Researchp. 221
Is the use of stem cells from embryos morally or ethically wrong?p. 224
Should stem cell research be eligible for federal funding?p. 225
Are the potential benefits of stem cell research being oversold?p. 227
Backgroundp. 228
Early Breakthroughsp. 228
Unanswered Questionsp. 230
Oversight Systemp. 231
Current Situationp. 232
Startling Discoveryp. 232
Outlookp. 233
Future of Cloningp. 233
Notesp. 236
Bibliographyp. 237
13 Medical Mistakesp. 239
Should hospitals be required to report their medical errors?p. 240
Should reports of medical errors be made public?p. 244
Is the current system of disciplining doctors working?p. 247
Backgroundp. 250
Common Maladyp. 250
Current Situationp. 252
Harsh Criticismp. 252
Outlookp. 254
Doctors vs. Consumers?p. 254
Notesp. 256
Bibliographyp. 257
The Internet and the Law
14 Internet Privacyp. 259
Should the federal government set privacy standards for the Internet?p. 261
Should encryption technology be free from export and other restrictions?p. 265
Backgroundp. 267
Early Privacy Effortsp. 267
The "Cookie" Monsterp. 268
Current Situationp. 270
Medical Recordsp. 270
Protecting Childrenp. 271
Outlookp. 272
Will Government Act?p. 272
Notesp. 274
Bibliographyp. 275
15 Digital Commercep. 277
Should the government take a hands-off approach to regulating digital commerce?p. 280
Should taxes be levied on Internet transactions?p. 283
Should the government try to regulate Internet content?p. 285
Backgroundp. 286
Bell's Visionp. 286
Internet Pioneersp. 288
The Online Boomp. 288
Current Situationp. 290
Business Worriesp. 290
Fighting Fraudp. 292
Outlookp. 293
No Government Action?p. 293
Notesp. 294
Bibliographyp. 295
16 Copyright and the Internetp. 297
Are traditional copyright-law principles outmoded in the Internet age?p. 299
Are on-line music distribution networks violating copyright laws?p. 300
Should courts block the dissemination of software to "decrypt" DVD movie disks?p. 301
Backgroundp. 302
"Exclusive Rights"p. 302
Copying Rightsp. 304
"Digital Millennium"p. 305
"Celestial Jukebox"p. 306
Current Situationp. 308
Facing Off in Courtp. 308
Getting to Marketp. 310
Outlookp. 313
Whither Copyright Law?p. 313
Notesp. 314
Bibliographyp. 315
Appendix How to Write a Research Paperp. 317
Indexp. 327