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Seeker's guide to self-freedom : truths for living
Finley, Guy, 1949-
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St. Paul, Minn. : Llewellyn Publications, [2002]

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Discover Life-Altering Insights
From the author of the best-selling The Secret of Letting Go

How would you like the keys to a new kind of consciousness that never sabotages itself and always knows the right thing to do in every moment? Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom, the new work from Guy Finley, offers encouraging, helpful guidance about the inner work needed to wake up and realize your secret True Self.

Each chapter in is filled with spiritually empowering insights and special techniques to move you closer to higher happiness. With this guidebook, you will discover how to:

Take a true measure of your spiritual growth
Let the love of truth give you a fearless life
Break the cycle of suffering
Make three choices that will dismiss any dark condition
Realize the power of the present moment

Author Notes

Guy Finley was born February 22, 1949 in Los Angeles California. At a young age, he decided to pursue a music career. He became the first white soft rock artist signed to the Motown Records label. Several of his songs were recorded by popular artists including Diana Ross, the Jackson 5, and Debbie Boone in the 1970s. In spite of this growing good fortune early in his professional life, Finley has said he still felt something was missing in his personal life. Trying to fill this void, he abandoned his music career and left for India and the Far East in 1979 to study spiritual teachings and the principles of self-awareness. By the early 1980s, Finley's search for spiritual awakening had led him back to the United States where he became a devoted student of spiritual teacher Vernon Howard at the New Life Foundation in Boulder City, Nevada. In the early 1990s, with Howard's encouragement, he began a new career as an author of spiritual guidance books. His teachings draw from many different spiritual traditions and philosophies including: Christian mysticism and various Eastern philosophies. In addition to his writing, Finley teaches inner-life classes at the Life of Learning Foundation in Merlin, Oregon. He also hosts a monthly live call-in radio program, Guy Finley Live on

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In question-and-answer format, Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living, by veteran self-realization guru Guy Finley (Design Your Destiny, Freedom From the Ties That Bind, Lost Secrets of Prayer), advises the reader on how to find his or her True Self, a level of self-awareness that allows one to transcend the anxieties and insecurities of everyday life and feel closer to God. Finley is Christian, but his guidelines are non-denominational and he cites teachings of non-Christian religions as well. Each chapter ends with spiritual excercises guiding readers to change defeatist ways of thinking. ( Jan.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved



Chapter One Inviting What Is True to Set You Free We have all heard, in some way or another, the beautiful, hope-filled words "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." For millions of people the world over, this idea is connected to a particular religious sentiment that comforts them in times of plenty, but serves little use when these same people find themselves captives of some stress or sorrow produced by an unwanted moment. During these difficult times, the general perception goes something like this: "The truth is that life must surely be against me, because if this 'reality of life' weren't looming over me, lurking in the shape of this present shadow, I wouldn't be as afraid or worried as I am now." So which is it? Does the Truth serve to free us, or do we have to serve painful truths and struggle with them to escape their wrath? Let any uncertainty we have be quietly washed away in the following revelation and explanation-here is the one great truth behind all of our individual experiences, after which we will prove its timeless existence: The nature of Truth is victory. It is the eternal expression of David and Goliath. Its one great purpose is to empower, free, and fulfill whomsoever should realize it. Now let's see how this is true. We begin with the insights of the great mathematician and sage, Albert Einstein: A human being is part of the whole, called by us "Universe"; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, his feelings, as something separated from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures, and the whole of nature in its beauty. Such holistic sentiments almost always ring true to those with "ears to hear"; yet again we must recognize in the above statement a similar challenge as we do with trying to reconcile the idea that the Truth sets us free. As we all know too well, it's one thing to want to be truly free, to be wholly compassionate, and it's another level of consciousness altogether to know the Truth that lifts us above the presently small circle of our often-stressed lives. So, the first truth we must realize is that the truths we claim as being ours don't really belong to us; we must admit that something stands between us and the truth that would free us and enlarge our hearts. Freedom and compassion cannot dwell in any world dominated by fear. And, just for the record, our usual reaction to any event not of our choosing is to fear it, so that our tendency is to see these experiences as being adversarial. These unwanted moments are seen as threats to our present happiness, as well as beingthorns inour tomorrow, because with any unwanted event comes the fear of not having the right answers to address the flood of new questions arising out of life's sudden turn. But what if what we think is the truth of these moments is not the truth at all? What if it were possible to see the truth of these moments in a whole new light? Imagine if we could know in any of these given moments that life isn't handing us a bunch of do-or-die questions upon which hinge happiness or defeat-that our unwanted experiences don't deliver us into our enemy's hands, but lead us instead to living answers whose soul purpose is to help us realize the great Friend we have in Truth? Wouldn't such a reality, once realized, end those nagging fears that ride the dark tailcoat of the unexpected? And wouldn't the end of these fears be the same as being free to live fearlessly? Of course! And, as we are about to find out, this is precisely the case. When we recall the turning points in our lives, the times where we had no choice but to go through those wrenching self-changes that come with personal crisis, it shouldn't be hard to remember how sure we were that these same trials heralded our doom. But looking back, as I invite you to do now, can't we see that the real crisis we faced was one born not so much of changing external conditions as it was of our being asked to take part in the birth of a new level of our own consciousness? A brief consideration proves this crucial, truth-filled finding. Experience reveals that the actual nature of any painful moment in life has little to do with what we first blame our pain on. For example, that "She wants to leave me" isn't the real pain; the real pain is that if she does, it means there has to be something "wrong" with me. Besides, without her in my life as she has been, I won't know what to do with myself; I'll be uncertain as to the worth of who I am, or how I should view myself. And so, being in fear of having to deal with what feels akin to the end of ourselves, we resist or deny anything that threatens us with such an untimely demise. At this stage, our general response is to make unwanted compromises with ourselves, or otherwise somehow grovel to keep the passing relationship alive. However, try as we might, what will come to pass does just that. Maybe it takes years, months, or maybe only days, but we are slowly dragged through the doorway of a life lesson that is no longer avoidable. And what do we invariably find? Behind each of these seemingly impossible moments stands an unseen (at the time) purpose: to bring us to a certain realization or experience of the truth about our self. But while this medicine may be bitter, it also heals us. How? For starters, we realize (in hindsight) that what has transpired was not only a gift in disguise, but that we are much better off for having worked our way through its challenging wrapping! Now we understand, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that we couldn't begin the next level of our life journey until we had completed these lessons now behind us. In other words, it's clear to us that what we first fought so hard to avoid was really a truth come to rescue us from self-ignorance-a truth that not only explained why our lives were as they were, thus freeing us from a mistaken sense of self, but in the same moment set the stage for our further self-development. Can you see the truth of this recurring set of conditions and how it continually manifests itself through the course of our life experiences? We have reached the threshold of the Great Truth. We have realized that our experiences in life ultimately serve the purpose of revealing some unseen truth about us, to us. As this is the truth, amply evidenced by our own accounting, then can we not begin to perceive that these very experiences, regardless of their content, must be an expression of the truth for the purpose of helping us discover the truth behind these same life experiences? To help you more deeply understand this liberating insight, let's view it from a slightly different angle. Each cycle of our life, as marked by each subsequent level of personal growth, comes to a happy close only when the lessons driving that cycle are finally learned. This much should be clear to us. But what remains cloudy is that each life lesson learned that served to close out each cycle came to us in the form of a needed truth. And further, that this same truth always arrives in some distinct realization about our own nature-one that had not only been unconscious to us, but that is now recognized as having been secretly responsible for the events of that life cycle now being exited. Can you see the tremendous implications in this finding? First, it means that in the middle of any unwanted experience, waiting there all along for us to realize it, is the truth that liberates and lifts us above our former limited understanding responsible for that very experience. In other words, our experiences revolve around, and are actually created to reveal, certain life lessons yet to be learned. And if we would dare see further (which we must if we would know Truth's victory), this discovery reveals the unimaginable. There exists behind these life lessons a timeless truth, one that has not only perceived what we need before we do, but that somehow actively arranges our life experiences for the sole purpose of revealing itself to our soul. We have set before us evidence of a completely compassionate, purposeful Intelligence-a living Truth whose silent operation not only reveals the meaning of our existence but serves in this capacity as seed, nourishment, and fruition of our incredibly diverse life-experiences. To grasp, even in the smallest way, that a wisdom revealed to us as Truth (call it what you will) is the secret fabric of our lives, is to begin realizing a whole new order of self-victory. Here we come upon a success that has no opposite. Failure ceases to exist as a fear. The painful idea of loss, of falling down and losing our way, forever loses its sting, because in the light of our new understanding we see now that the universe itself not only wants us to be victorious individuals, but actually wills this special victory. Expanding Our Understanding of the Nature of Truth It seems that everywhere I go today, everyone has their own idea of what the truth is and why I should support their idea or value system. So my question is, what is truth and how do I come upon it for myself? Start simply. It may not seem so at the outset of your journey, but the Truth is always simple. For instance, here is a simple truth to ponder: Thought tends to confuse what is true; it twists it. No one has to tell us this truth. We can see it anytime we go into denial or self-justification. Here the mind races to resolve its own contradictions. For instance, when it finally yields to the truth that of itself it cannot succeed at rescuing itself, in the same moment we see two truths: First, how thought confuses the truth, and second, how evident the truth of this is on the other side of the storm . . . all of which reveals another truth: Truth is self-evident. And so we come upon the one truth that is the gateway to the Truth we seek: Know thyself. Can you see the beauty in this root truth? No one else need be depended upon for the way to the Truth that sets us free, for it resides right within us. What this means to us is that we need no other authority in our lives beyond those truths we are willing to learn about ourselves. Is the idea that the truth knows "all is well" simply a matter of faith, or are there facts to support it? There are facts supporting the Truth's statement that all is well, but it takes "eyes that can see" them. We live in a perfectly ordered universe, a system of infallible balance. To be able to see this invisible world, with all of its perfect workings, ensures for anyone who can see it that not only is all well, but that there is no essential need for fear. The more we are able to inwardly perceive this orderly universe, the greater our ability is to let go of ourselves and allow the Intelligence that created this order to do what it has been secretly doing all along, which is to invite us to take part in it. Our work is about seeing the truth of all this and allowing our discoveries to guide us to the higher destination of which they hint. I have read the words of certain saints and masters, all of whom allude to the idea that the stars line up for those who seek the Celestial. If this is true (and I hope it is!), why does truth want us to succeed in realizing its promise for us? If you can see the validity of the following idea as it operates in your everyday life, you will see the Celestial truth behind it: Haven't you ever loved someone, and out of this love wanted more for them than they even knew to imagine? So it is with Truth's wish, with the Creator's wish for us. So many ideas abound today about the nature of truth. I don't know what to believe, especially with all this business about "creating your own reality." Is truth simply subjective to each individual? In other words, is there only truth according to each person? Firstly, if we are awake, we can learn to see "the Celestial in the common" all around us, that in all things this scale of life promises a true and incorruptible beginning. What this source is called has no bearing on its reality and its ability to act as a beacon for those who are tired of walking around in the dark. Secondly, beliefs are not the issue; the issue is the nature that holds them, which is why we must come to an understanding of levels of being and of scale. Absolutely there is an Absolute Truth. But the fact of this Truth does not negate the fact that we are lost and struggling on this planet only because presently we are each, to whatever degree, living out the effects of a subjective truth and the "reality" it produces.This subjective reality is the illusion, the dream from which we are to awaken.When this dream ends, so does the dreaming self. The truth of an awakened life is the same for all so aware. How can we recognize and authenticate universal spiritual truths? How does an eagle know an eagle? Or a lion another lion? As you awaken inwardly, there will be an instantaneous and growing recognition of what is true. There will be no mistaking this understanding. Would you please explain what is meant by "karma"? There must be more to it than just the simplistic notion that we get back what we do! You're right. Better stated is that we get back from life what we are. This is the truth of our reality, and though it may not appear to be so, we live in a universe that is an absolutely perfectly balanced system. Every request we make of life produces a response. To this truth there are no exceptions. As we learn that our attention, whether seen or not, animates what it is directed upon (thoughts, etc.), we come to understand that even unconscious thoughts or actions are indeed a request. These requests are always answered. That is karma, and this is perfect justice. I strongly sense that in order to see deeper into my own inner life, I need to understand that timeless truth, "As above, so below." Yet, when I try to think this truth through in order to understand it, everything gets hazy. Would you please explain the idea of things being in "scale"? The understanding of scale begins with seeing the world we live in as a microcosm of macrocosmic life. For example, in the veins of a leaf or even in the Mississippi Delta, we can see the form and image of our own circulatory system. Or take the form and action of a simple atom. Within it we can see the shape and action of our solar system. New ideas such as these, which help us to see the world around us in new and broader ways, help develop this important form of higher understanding. But its power for healing, and ultimately freeing us from ourselves, is based not so much in "knowledge" of this scale as it is through being in touch with its truth through our own higher emotional parts. Spend time by yourself outdoors. Look at trees. Lose yourself in a starry night sky. Feel sunlight pulsing on your skin while you notice the beat of your own heart. Give yourself a chance to embrace all of what you see. In these common expressions of life that we will enter into in this way, a secret window is found through which we can see a reflection of a larger, Celestial Life. Your wish to understand this larger Life (of which you are already a part) arises from a part of you that will, in time, reveal itself to you. One truth I've struggled with is the notion that "there is nothing new under the sun." Would you please explain this highly esoteric idea that everything that ever was or ever will be already exists? Our perception of time is based upon both the natural operation of the senses, which register life as originating outside of ourselves, and through thought, whose nature it is to perceive all things through opposites. This physically centered self "knows" itself through the sensations these characteristics produce, i.e., passing time. But there is another level of development that stands inwardlyin relationship to a whole other order of self. Although this higher self registers physical movement and recognizes the existence of created time, it dwells nevertheless in a world that, like itself, is unchanging. From this vantage point, it is understood that all that exists, and ever did or will, has always been. And, incidentally, real freedom begins with this stage of self-knowledge. New Knowledge About Our True Nature I have read in a number of sources that we are not living from our own will but from a "false will." If this false will is not what we are intended to express, why is it so strong and natural-feeling, while working not to express it seems unnatural? All inner conditions, mental and emotional (even chemical), constantly strive for homeostasis, or a balance among themselves determined by themselves. We are "made," created to live from and within the parameters of these internal conditions-even the worst, most destructive ones, such as substance addictions. So, in a manner of speaking, it is "natural" for us to feel the resistance these states throw at us when we attempt to step outside of their content. This explains the importance of self-studies and the higher reason that is born through self-discovery. We must learn to do what we know is true about our condition (whatever that condition may be, or whatever it may be telling us) instead of allowing that condition to tell us what is true about ourselves. This is the only way in which we will come to find that our True Nature is unconditional. I don't really understand why so many spiritual paths teach that we are not our thoughts and feelings. If we are not these things, then what exactly are we? I know that this idea seems confusing at first. Nevertheless, it is true: You are not your thoughts and feelings any more than you are your hands (alone) holding up this book for your eyes to read and mind to grasp. Thoughts and feelings (as with your physical body) are aspects of yourself. To be asleep spiritually is to be fully identified with these thoughts and feelings that call themselves you. To awaken is to begin realizing the truth of this and to savor the new relationship within you that this realization grants. Could you clarify what is meant in the spiritual idea that we don't so much breathe as we are ourselves breathed? If all of us were to come wide awake, right now, we would realize that our hearts are beating, our lungs are taking air in and out, and all of it occurs with virtually no awareness of these functions on our part. To experience the fact that there is a Real Heart behind (and within) the drum that beats in you begins with learning to be awake to even these elementary lessons in physical awareness. Our lives are indeed given to us. At all levels Life lives through us, moment to moment. Can you help shed some light on why we are here in this life? All of our deeper personal experiences eventually come to reveal some lesson that we needed to learn. This process of events that leads us to the discovery of their cause proves both the existence of order and purpose. The outcome of each experience turns out to be for personal growth. Therefore, it is safe to say we are here on earth, in these bodies, to grow in wisdom and the love thatis an outgrowth of it. How in the world did we get here? Did we first have to progress toa certain level before we could be admitted passage to this earth? I keep trying to figure out what I must have done wrong! Questions such as this one have no bearing on our inner work to be free. All such speculative thinking belongs, in general, to our imagining parts-aspects of self that are more comfortable dealing with what isn't than going into what is. We must all learn this difference. Real spiritual work is not about what may be-but about being willing to fully engage this life of ours as it is. In these facts, and these alone, are we given all that we need to know about all possible worlds. I have often read that our True Nature is part of a timeless life and was wondering if you could tell me something about this possibility. Everything I do and feel is based upon redeeming some past blunders or grasping for a brighter future. The timeless life can never really be defined, only realized in varying degrees depending upon the individual's receptivity, but let's consider just a few characteristics of this True Nature as an awakened person might experience them. They include an abiding sense of the Eternal, which is never apart from one's own self; the direct knowledge that "you" are somehow situated in the center of the universe and, as such, that everything in life is not only created just for you, but waits for you to claim it; and certainly not last, and by no means least, a deep awareness of participating in a great purpose and plan to life, coupled with an unshakable confidence that nothing can interfere with its success. Five Truths That Make You Victorious The potential height of any truthful principle, with its commanding view of life, remains essentially groundless for us unless we agree to reach above ourselves and enter into the realm of its superior reality. In other words, and to bring us to the point of the special exercises that follow, Truth can only convey its liberating powers upon us to the degree that we are willing to explore the freedom it promises. When those familiar feelings wash over us that we have somehow failed at something, or that we are sure to face defeat should we endeavor to claim some personal higher ground, we can do much better than allow ourselves to be carried away by these dark waves. We can call upon the following five light-filled truths to realize new self-victory. Study these friendly facts until they tell you why the whole idea of failure, including the painful sense of self it creates, is a lie you need no longer live with. Truth #1 The truth is . . . nothing in life can stop you from starting your life all over, at any time, because the true fabric of life is a cosmic weave of ceaseless beginnings. That's right. Your power for starting over is backed up by Reality itself, which will place its supreme strength on the side of whoever chooses it over self-ruinous states. All that is needed to put the power of this ever-renewing truth to work in your life is for you to consciously agree to view any unwanted or unhappy moment not as some unavoidable ending, but as the temporary and passing condition that it really is. Truth #2 The truth is . . . just as our own physical eye can't see itself other than by gazing upon a reflectionof itself, we can't see our psychological self other than by gazing upon those mental images of our own creation. So, when "seeing" a failure in our mind's eye, we need only remember in that very moment this truth: It is we ourselves who put it there! Now, instead of feeling defeated by how we picture ourselves, we can see through this defeated feeling itself by daring to see all the way back to how this painful painting came into existence in the first place. Truth #3 The truth is . . . that just as it is impossible to feel ourselves a "failure" without having first condemned ourselves for some shortcoming, to do so tells of a secret self-duality that is the seed of defeat. Study the following truth closely: In order to see ourselves as being "small," we must be standing over ourselves at the same time. Now see that neither of these selves within us can exist in our mind's eye without the other, and that being self-divided like this, we must feel as though we are going to topple over and fall. But seeing the truth that we are neither of these interdependent selves unites us in a higher understanding that is fail-safe. Truth #4 The truth is . . . the painful identity that results from thinking of yourself as a failure can exist only for as long as you cling to some self-created, self-sinking label. The only reason you won't abandon this sinking ship of yourself is because in its cargo hold is stored all your cherished ideas about what it means to be a success. The discovery of this truth reveals that the only weight dragging you under is your best ideas about how to sail through life. Truth #5 The truth is . . . even the most superficial glance at the world in which we live shows us, beyond any doubts, that there is nothing living that is not a work in progress. This encouraging fact of life reveals a great secret from which we can draw true comfort in times of our trials. Even when it feels like life might just break us, these same trying moments are only part of the Truth's broader plan to make us stronger, wiser, and more willing to delve into the truth of our existence. Excerpted from Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom by Guy Finley All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Table of Contents

A Few Words from the Author About This Bookp. xi
Introductionp. xiii
1 Inviting What Is True to Set You Freep. 1
Expanding Our Understanding of the Nature of Truthp. 7
New Knowledge About Our True Naturep. 11
Exercise: Five Truths That Make You Victoriousp. 14
2 Steps to Possessing Your True Selfp. 17
Freedom from the False Selfp. 21
Start Discerning and Living from Your True Selfp. 25
Exercise: Awaken the New Perception That Is Pressure-Freep. 28
3 Realize the Promise of Yourself in the Present Momentp. 31
Wake Up and Put Yourself in the Present Momentp. 37
The Promising Power of Being Awakep. 40
Exercise: Enter Into the Untroubled Nowp. 43
4 Going Beyond the Limitations of Thoughtp. 47
Realize the Right Use of Thoughtp. 54
Watching, Waiting, and Working Toward a Quiet Mindp. 57
Exercise: Insights and Instructions Along the Timeless Path of Self-Knowingp. 60
5 Breaking Out of Self-Punishing Patternsp. 63
Deliver Yourself from the Domain of Dark Thoughtsp. 68
The Secret to Overcoming All Oppositionp. 70
Going Beyond Resistance into Life's Flowp. 73
Exercise: The Sure Cure for Conflict-Creating Questionsp. 75
6 Turn Any Dark Condition into a Healing Lightp. 83
Nullify Negative States with New Knowledgep. 90
The Power to Eliminate Dark Emotionsp. 93
Elevate Your Life Above Loss and Griefp. 96
Nurture Your Unshakable, True Naturep. 98
Wake Up and Be Free of Fear and Worriesp. 101
The Way to Defeat All Dark Forcesp. 104
Exercise: Three New Choices That Dismiss Dark Conditionsp. 105
7 Cancel the Secret Cause of Self-Captivityp. 109
Clear Away Common Problems and Frustrationsp. 113
Beyond Temptations, Bad Habits, and the Addictive Naturep. 116
Releasing Guilt, Blame, and Resentmentsp. 119
Exercise: The Wisdom to Escape the Circle of Wantsp. 121
8 Lessons Only Love Can Teachp. 125
Finding the Love You Long Forp. 130
The Many Levels of Love and the Lessons They Hold for Usp. 133
Exploring the Realms of Higher Emotional Energiesp. 136
Exercise: Let the Love of Truth Give You a Fearless Lifep. 139
9 Relationships: The Pathway and the Promise of Real Lifep. 143
Gaining Uncommon Insights from Our Everyday Interactionsp. 151
Dealing with the Darkness We Get from Othersp. 153
The Reality Behind the Need for Realizing New Relationshipsp. 156
Exercise: Using Your Relationships to Realize Real Lifep. 159
10 Helping Others to Help Themselves Go Higherp. 163
Escape the Punishment in Judging Othersp. 169
Giving and Receiving Spiritual Correctionsp. 171
Guidance That Helps Your Loved Ones Growp. 174
The Work of Bringing Light into the Worldp. 176
Exercise: Helping Ourselves and Others Break the Circle of Sufferingp. 179
11 Life's Secret Lessons About Real Successp. 185
Living Free Above Success and Failurep. 190
Right Livelihood Along the Path to Self-Liberationp. 193
Pull Yourself Out of the World's Pull on Youp. 196
Exercise: Three Steps to Success Without Stressp. 200
12 Principles and Practices Along the Path to Self-Awakeningp. 203
Teachers, Teachings, and Tools Along the Spiritual Pathp. 207
Spiritual Practices and the Presence of Godp. 210
The Christian Path to Higher Consciousnessp. 213
New Light on the Lessons in the Biblep. 216
Exercise: Release Yourself by Realizing a New Order Within Yourselfp. 219
13 Encouraging Facts About Finding and Following the True Spiritual Pathp. 223
The Right Wish and Real Work for Awakeningp. 233
Working For the Awakening You Long Forp. 236
Execise: Use the Ground of Discovery to Realize Your Selfp. 238
14 Keys to Completing the Journey to Your Selfp. 243
Finding Freedom from Weariness and Frustrationp. 248
The True Measure of Spiritual Growthp. 251
Learning to Let Gop. 253
Special Insights into Making a Fresh Start in Lifep. 255
Exercise: Find Freedom from False Beliefs and Their False godsp. 257