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The unauthorized guide to Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
McFedries, Paul.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [2000]

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xxii, 586 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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The Unauthorized Guide to Windows Millennium provides savvy consumers foolproof instruction in the techniques that work and those that don't. Information is delivered with unbiased recommendations that are not influenced by any company, product or organization. It provides comprehensive coverage of Windows Millennium while evaluating the pros and cons of vital features. The Unauthorized Guide to Windows Millennium enables users to maximize productivity and utilize Windows Millennium more efficiently with inside facts and secrets about the product. Topics covered include dual booting with another operating system, adding and removing Windows components, insider's guide to the Windows Registry, maximizing memory, crucial system maintenance, getting the most out of the Internet & Internet security, Web integration, and crucial hardware concepts.

Author Notes

Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited. He has worked with computer since 1975, yet still manages to keep his sanity relatively intact. Paul is the author of more than 30 computer books that have sold nearly two million copies worldwide. Some of his titles include The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 98, The Complete Idiot's Guide to MORE Windows 98, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 2000 Professional.

Table of Contents

I Windows Millennium: Beyond the Basicsp. 1
1 Ten Things You Should Know About the Windows Millennium Setupp. 9
Going Beyond the Minimum Windows Millennium Hardware Requirementsp. 10
Upgrading from DOS or an Existing Version of Windowsp. 12
Dual Booting Windows Millennium with Another Operating Systemp. 14
Performing a Clean Installationp. 18
Preparing Your Systemp. 22
Running the Windows Millennium Setupp. 25
Adding and Removing Windows Millennium Componentsp. 32
Extracting a File from the Windows Millennium Setup Filesp. 33
Editing Your Username and Company Namep. 34
Uninstalling Windows Millenniump. 35
2 Understanding and Controlling the Windows Millennium Startupp. 39
How the Startup Process Worksp. 39
Say Goodbye to Real Mode in Windows Millenniump. 42
Working with the Windows Millennium Startup Menup. 43
Controlling Startup Using the System Configuration Utilityp. 45
Controlling Startup Using the System Configuration Utilityp. 46
Controlling Startup Using Msdos.sysp. 50
Shutting Down Windows Millenniump. 55
Creating Custom Startup and Shutdown Screensp. 57
3 An Insider's Guide to Four Crucial Configuration Toolsp. 61
An Insider's Guide to the Registryp. 62
An Insider's Guide to System Policiesp. 78
Installing and Running Tweak UIp. 82
An Insider's Guide to the Control Panelp. 82
II Inside Windows Millennium Communication and Internet Featuresp. 93
4 Getting on the Internetp. 95
How to Get on the Internet Using a Phone Linep. 95
Notes on Broadband (Cable or DSL) Connectionsp. 119
How to Get on the Internet Using a Local Area Networkp. 121
Some Internet Utilities You Should Knowp. 124
5 Expert Internet Explorer Techniquesp. 127
Basic Browsing Techniquesp. 127
Address Bar Tricksp. 133
Using the Favorites Folder to Save Sitesp. 135
Reading Pages Offlinep. 138
Controlling the Web Page Cachep. 145
Internet Explorer's Advanced Optionsp. 146
6 Outlook Express and Internet Emailp. 155
A Quick Look at Some Outlook Express Email Basicsp. 156
Working with Outlook Express Foldersp. 165
Filtering Incoming Messagesp. 166
Finding a Messagep. 169
Finding a Personp. 172
Working with Identitiesp. 173
Customizing Outlook Expressp. 177
7 Implementing Windows Millennium Internet Security Featuresp. 181
Internet Security and the TCP/IP Protocolp. 182
Internet Explorer's Security Featuresp. 184
Using a Digital ID for Secure Emailp. 193
III Controlling Your Files and Foldersp. 201
8 Expert Windows Explorer Techniquesp. 203
My Computer or Windows Explorer?p. 203
Basic File and Folder Chores: The Techniques Used by the Prosp. 204
Powerful Search Techniques for Finding Filesp. 219
Customizing Windows Explorerp. 222
9 Powerful Techniques for File Typesp. 231
Understanding File Typesp. 232
Opening a Document with an Unassociated Applicationp. 235
Working with Existing File Typesp. 238
Creating a New File Typep. 243
Associating Two or More Extensions with a Single File Typep. 245
Customizing the New Menup. 246
Figuring Out Browser File Types: Internet Explorer Versus Netscapep. 248
10 Taking Advantage of Shortcutsp. 251
Understanding Shortcutsp. 251
Creating a Shortcutp. 253
Modifying Shortcut Propertiesp. 254
Finding a Moved or Renamed Targetp. 256
Some Unauthorized Shortcut Tricksp. 257
Getting the Most out of Shortcutsp. 260
IV Windows Millennium Performance Tuning and Troubleshootingp. 263
11 Getting the Most out of Your Applicationsp. 265
Installing Applications Safelyp. 265
Applications and the Registryp. 270
Launching Applicationsp. 273
Launching Applications Automatically at Startupp. 276
Switching Between Running Applicationsp. 278
Uninstalling Applicationsp. 279
12 Maximizing Your System's Memoryp. 285
Memory: The Lifeblood of Your Computerp. 285
Determining How Much Memory Is Installedp. 288
Restricting Memory Usagep. 289
How Much Memory Is Enough?p. 290
Managing the Windows Millennium Swap Filep. 292
Tracking and Optimizing System Resourcesp. 294
More Memory Management Techniquesp. 298
13 Optimizing Your Hard Diskp. 301
Examining Hard Disk Propertiesp. 302
Using Disk Cleanup to Remove Unnecessary Filesp. 303
Detecting and Repairing Hard Disk Errors with ScanDiskp. 306
Optimizing Disk Access Times with Disk Defragmenterp. 310
Making the Move to FAT32p. 314
14 Crucial System Maintenance Skillsp. 327
Getting the Big Picture: Windows Millennium Information Utilitiesp. 327
Automatic System Maintenance with the Scheduled Tasks Folderp. 333
Understanding Windows Millennium's PC Health Featuresp. 337
15 Preparing for Troublep. 347
Putting Together an Emergency Boot Diskp. 347
Backing Up Your Filesp. 354
Gathering Troubleshooting Informationp. 362
V Advanced Windows Millennium Customizingp. 365
16 An In-Depth Look at Web Integrationp. 367
The Integration Interface I Opening and Selecting Objectsp. 368
The Integration Interface II Viewing Folders As Web Pagesp. 370
The Integration Interface III Web Content on the Desktopp. 381
17 Customizing the Windows Millennium Interfacep. 387
Changing an Iconp. 387
More Than Just Wallpaper: Customizing the Desktopp. 389
Renovating the Start Menup. 397
Redoing the Taskbarp. 403
VI Windows Millennium Networking Skillsp. 409
18 Understanding Networkingp. 411
Network Types: Client/Server Versus Peer to Peerp. 412
Network Hardware: NICs, Cables, and Morep. 413
Network Topology: Star Versus Busp. 419
Network Protocols: NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and TCP/IPp. 420
19 Setting Up Your Own Local Area Networkp. 423
Some Preparatory Choresp. 424
A Seven-Step Guide to Setting Up a Network Clientp. 425
Sharing a Dial-Up Connection Between Network Clientsp. 433
Running the New Home Networking Wizardp. 434
20 Windows Millennium Networking Featuresp. 439
Accessing the Networkp. 439
Sharing Your Resources on the Networkp. 447
Mapping a Shared Resource As a Local Disk Drivep. 451
VII High-Powered Hardware Techniquesp. 461
21 Taking the Mystery out of Hardwarep. 463
Crucial Hardware Conceptsp. 464
Installing Device Driversp. 470
Getting Device Informationp. 478
Dealing with Device Managerp. 479
22 Maximizing Multimedia Hardwarep. 485
Installing and Configuring a Graphics Adapterp. 485
Working with Windows Millennium's Monitor Featuresp. 492
Working with Scanners and Digital Camerasp. 498
Wiring Windows for Soundp. 500
23 The Ins and Outs of Windows Millennium Notebook Featuresp. 507
Power Management for Notebook Usersp. 507
Windows Millennium PC Card Supportp. 515
Transferring Files Between Computers Using Direct Cable Connectionp. 516
Using a Briefcase to Synchronize File Sharingp. 519
VIII Appendixesp. 523
A A Glossary of Windows Termsp. 525
B Online Resources for Windows Millenniump. 545
The World Wide Webp. 545
Usenet Newsgroupsp. 549
C Windows Millennium Keyboard Shortcutsp. 553
Indexp. 563