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Automotive technician certification test preparation manual
Knowles, Don.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
Publication Information:
Albany : Delmar Thomson Learning, [2001]

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xx, 651 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
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The second edition of Certified ASE Master Technician Don Knowles' popular ASE test preparation book adds coverage of the L1 Advanced Engine Performance test to its coverage of automotive tests A1 through A8. All nine tests covered in this book reflect year 2000 task lists, including the updated composite vehicle in the L1 test. This revised edition contains at least one practice question for every ASE task in the tests. Also included is the updated and expanded coverage of electronic automatic transmissions, electronically controlled automatic transmissions, electronically controlled 4 wheel drive and steering, ABS systems, wiring diagrams and repairing electronic components.

Table of Contents

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence Certificationp. vii
Pretestp. vii
Introductionp. ix
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)p. ix
ASE Test Preparationp. xiii
Glossaryp. xvi
Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
Introductionp. xix
1 Engine Repair
Pretestp. 1
General Engine Diagnosisp. 3
Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis and Repairp. 8
Engine Block Diagnosis and Repairp. 21
Lubrication and Cooling System Diagnosis and Repairp. 34
Fuel, Electrical, Ignition, and Exhaust Systems Inspection and Servicep. 39
Answers and Analysisp. 43
Glossaryp. 49
2 Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles
Pretestp. 65
General Transmission/Transaxle Diagnosis, Mechanical/Hydraulic Systemsp. 67
Electronic Systemsp. 73
Transmission/Transaxle Maintenance and Adjustmentp. 78
In-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Repairp. 80
Off-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Repair, Removal, Disassembly, and Assemblyp. 89
Gear Train, Shafts, Bushings, Oil Pump, and Casep. 92
Friction and Reaction Unitsp. 98
Answers and Analysisp. 103
Glossaryp. 109
3 Manual Drive Train and Axles
Pretestp. 123
Clutch Diagnosis and Repairp. 125
Transmission Diagnosis and Repairp. 133
Transaxle Diagnosis and Repairp. 144
Drive (Half) Shaft and Universal Joint/Constant Velocity (CV) Joint Diagnosis and Repair (Front- and Rear-Wheel Drive)p. 159
Rear-Wheel-Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair (Ring and Pinion Gears)p. 162
Differential Case Assemblyp. 170
Limited Slip Differentialp. 172
Axle Shaftsp. 174
Four-Wheel-Drive Component Diagnosis and Repairp. 175
Answers and Analysisp. 188
Glossaryp. 197
4 Suspension and Steering
Pretestp. 219
Steering Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Steering Columns and Manual Steering Gearsp. 221
Power-Assisted Steering Unitsp. 227
Steering Linkagep. 238
Suspension Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Front Suspensionsp. 240
Rear Suspensionsp. 245
Miscellaneous Servicep. 249
Wheel Alignment Diagnosis, Adjustment, and Repairp. 251
Wheel and Tire Diagnosis and Repairp. 257
Answers and Analysisp. 260
Glossaryp. 267
5 Brakes
Pretestp. 277
Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Repair, Master Cylinders (Non-ABS)p. 279
Fluids, Lines, and Hosesp. 282
Valves and Switches (Non-ABS)p. 285
Bleeding, Flushing, and Leak Testing (Non-ABS Systems)p. 288
Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repairp. 290
Disc Brake Diagnosis and Servicep. 296
Power Assist Units Diagnosis and Repairp. 304
Miscellaneous (Wheel Bearings, Parking Brakes, Electrical, etc.) Diagnosis and Repairp. 306
Antilock Brake System (ABS) Diagnosis and Repairp. 310
Answers and Analysisp. 318
Glossaryp. 325
6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
Pretestp. 335
General Electrical/Electronic System Diagnosisp. 340
Battery Diagnosis and Servicep. 346
Starting System Diagnosis and Servicep. 349
Charging System Diagnosis and Repairp. 352
Lighting Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Headlights, Parking Lights, Taillights, Dash Lights, and Courtesy Lightsp. 358
Stoplights, Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, and Backup Lightsp. 368
Gauges, Warning Devices, and Driver Information Systems Diagnosis and Repairp. 373
Horn and Wiper/Washer Diagnosis and Repairp. 379
Accessories Diagnosis and Repair, Bodyp. 383
Miscellaneousp. 395
Answers and Analysisp. 406
Glossaryp. 415
7 Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems
Pretestp. 425
A/C System Diagnosis and Repairp. 427
Refrigeration System Component Diagnosis and Repair, Compressor and Clutchp. 437
Refrigerant System Component Diagnosis and Repair, Evaporator, Condenser, and Related Componentsp. 443
Heating and Engine Cooling Systems Diagnosis and Repairp. 453
Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis and Repair, Electricalp. 458
Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis and Repair, Vacuum/Mechanicalp. 466
Automatic and Semiautomatic Heating, Ventilating, and A/C Systemsp. 471
Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Handlingp. 481
Answers and Analysisp. 484
Glossaryp. 491
8 Engine Performance
Pretestp. 501
General Engine Diagnosisp. 503
Ignition System Diagnosis and Repairp. 510
Fuel, Air Induction, and Exhaust System Diagnosis and Repairp. 516
Emission Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Positive Crankcase Ventilationp. 525
Emissions Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Exhaust Gas Recirculationp. 527
Emissions Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Exhaust Gas Treatmentp. 530
Emissions Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Evaporative Emissions Controlsp. 533
Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis and Repairp. 536
Engines Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Batteryp. 543
Engine Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Service, Starting Systemp. 544
Engine Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Charging Systemp. 546
Answers and Analysisp. 547
Glossaryp. 557
9 Advanced Engine Performance
Pretestp. 565
Composite Vehiclep. 569
General Powertrain Diagnosisp. 578
Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis--Including OBD IIp. 587
Ignition System Diagnosisp. 599
Fuel Systems and Air Induction Systems Diagnosisp. 607
Emission Control Systems Diagnosisp. 613
I/M Failure Diagnosisp. 622
Answers and Analysisp. 633