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Martial arts of the world : an encyclopedia
Green, Thomas A., 1944-
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Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, [2001]

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2 volumes (xix, 894 pages) : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm
v. 1. A-Q -- v. 2. R-Z.
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Carefully crafted entries on the history, philosophy, and evolution of the martial arts worldwide, including contemporary practice.

* Nearly 100 A-Z signed entries, each followed by a bibliography

* Contributions from experts who are both scholars and practitioners of the martial arts

* Entries on fighting systems from around the world--their history, training methods, weapons, and much more

* A rich suite of illustrations including archival and contemporary photographs, drawings, and prints

* A detailed timeline of the development of the martial arts worldwide from 30,000 B.C. to the end of the 20th century

Author Notes

Thomas A. Green is an associate professor of anthropology at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas

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Library Journal Review

Editor Green (anthropology, Texas A&M Univ.) and 41 contributors have put together an introduction to nearly 100 martial arts from all over the world. The result is not a comprehensive overview, but it does give the reader a glimpse into martial arts beyond the familiar karate and kung fu. Some articles present a nation's or region's martial arts (Philippines and Africa, for example); others focus on specific martial arts, ranging from the well-known (karate, judo, fencing) to the not-so-known (silat, capoeira, kali, naginata-do) to the historical (dueling, medieval swordsmanship) to philosophical topics (religion and spiritual development, social uses of martial arts). The articles are an uneven mix of scholarly research and popular topics, and many are dryly academic. Martial arts experts will notice some errors and evidence of bias in several articles, but overall this is a useful introduction for martial arts practitioners and general readers. Libraries with a martial arts collection and larger public libraries should acquire this. Katharine L. Kan, Allen Cty. P.L., Fort Wayne, IN (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Choice Review

Green's encyclopedia contains nearly 100 detailed articles about various types of martial arts, interpreted to include gladiators, knights, and even gunslingers, in addition to the Asian fighting styles. Many entries are several pages long and frequently overlap in their subject coverage. A number of cross-reference entries have been included, although somewhat inconsistently; e.g., although there is an entry for "kendo" (Japanese swordsmanship), not even a cross-reference is given to kyudo (Japanese archery). Each article is followed by see also references to other entries and a list of readings. Only v.2 lists the contents of the set and includes the index, which is essential for locating names, places, styles, etc., since most articles have such broad titles as "Karate, Japanese," "China," "Religion and spiritual development." Even the index, extensive though it is, lacks listings for words one would expect to find there or in the main section, such as "uniform," or gi, references to martial arts tournaments, and development of Asian martial arts in the West. V.2 also contains a 50-page chronological history of martial arts and a select bibliography. General and undergraduate readers; professionals. L. Siegelbaum Harvard University

Table of Contents

A Note on Romanizationp. ix
Volume 1 A-Q
Africa and African Americap. 1
Aikidop. 12
Animal and Imitative Systems in Chinese Martial Artsp. 16
Archery, Japanesep. 18
Baguazhang (Pa Kua Ch'uan)p. 23
Boxing, Chinesep. 26
Boxing, Chinese Shaolin Stylesp. 32
Boxing, Europeanp. 44
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsup. 52
Budo, Bujutsu, and Bugeip. 56
Capoeirap. 61
Chinap. 65
Chivalryp. 72
Combatives: Military and Police Martial Art Trainingp. 83
Duelingp. 97
Europep. 109
External vs. Internal Chinese Martial Artsp. 119
Folklore in the Martial Artsp. 123
Form/Xing/Kata/Pattern Practicep. 135
Gladiatorsp. 141
Gunfightersp. 149
Hapkidop. 157
Heraldsp. 162
Iaidop. 169
Indiap. 173
Japanp. 179
Japanese Martial Arts, Chinese Influences onp. 199
Jeet Kune Dop. 202
Judop. 210
Kajukenbop. 219
Kalarippayattup. 225
Karate, Japanesep. 232
Karate, Okinawanp. 240
Kendop. 249
Kenpop. 255
Ki/Qip. 260
Knightsp. 263
Kobudo, Okinawanp. 286
Koreap. 291
Korean Martial Arts, Chinese Influences onp. 299
Koryu Bugei, Japanesep. 301
Krav Magap. 306
Kung Fu/Gung Fu/Gongfup. 313
Masters of Defencep. 317
Medicine, Traditional Chinesep. 327
Meditationp. 335
Middle Eastp. 338
Mongoliap. 344
Muay Thaip. 350
Ninjutsup. 355
Okinawap. 363
Orders of Knighthood, Religiousp. 368
Orders of Knighthood, Secularp. 384
Pacific Islandsp. 403
Pankrationp. 410
Performing Artsp. 417
Philippinesp. 422
Political Conflict and the Martial Artsp. 435
Volume 2 R-Z
Rankp. 445
Religion and Spiritual Development: Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Westp. 447
Religion and Spiritual Development: Chinap. 455
Religion and Spiritual Development: Indiap. 462
Religion and Spiritual Development: Japanp. 472
Sambop. 507
Samuraip. 514
Savatep. 519
Silatp. 524
Social Uses of the Martial Artsp. 532
Southeast Asiap. 538
Stage Combatp. 551
Stickfighting, Non-Asianp. 556
Sword, Japanesep. 564
Swordsmanship, European Medievalp. 570
Swordsmanship, European Renaissancep. 579
Swordsmanship, Japanesep. 588
Swordsmanship, Korean/Hankuk Haedong Kumdop. 597
T'aek'kyonp. 603
Taekwondop. 608
Taijiquan (Tai Chi Ch'uan)p. 617
Thaingp. 629
Thang-Tap. 637
Training Areap. 643
Varma Atip. 647
Vovinam/Viet Vo Daop. 651
Warrior Monks, Japanese/Soheip. 659
Women in the Martial Artsp. 664
Women in the Martial Arts: Britain and North Americap. 684
Women in the Martial Arts: Chinap. 689
Women in the Martial Arts: Japanp. 692
Wrestling and Grappling: Chinap. 705
Wrestling and Grappling: Europep. 710
Wrestling and Grappling: Indiap. 719
Wrestling and Grappling: Japanp. 727
Wrestling, Professionalp. 735
Written Texts: Chinap. 745
Written Texts: Indiap. 749
Written Texts: Japanp. 758
Xingyiquan (Hsing I Ch'uan)p. 775
Yongchun/Wing Chunp. 781
Chronological History of the Martial Artsp. 787
Indexp. 839
About the Authorp. 895