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Beautiful black hair : real solutions to real problems
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New York : Amber Books, [2002]

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xxii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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RL91 .S47 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf

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It is the classic guide that has the answers to all your questions about the care of your hair whether it is natural, relaxed or color-treated. Written by Shamboosie, a twenty-year veteran of the hair care industry BEAUTIFUL BLACK HAIR TEACHES you everything you need to know about: growing your hair long and healthy, stopping your hair from breaking overnight, getting rid of dryness and preventing it forever, applying chemical relaxer properly with no burning ever, choosing the best conditioners for your hair and using a daily maintenance program for maximum effectiveness. Chapters include: Hair: What is It? / It's Growing: Understanding Hair Growth / The Care Package: Real Solutions That Really Work / Stop The Breakage: Putting an End to Dry Brittle Hair / It's A Natural Thing: Natural Hair, Extensions, Weaves and Wigs / Great Looking Hair Anywhere: How to Have Hair That Looks Great All The Time / The Color of Hair / The System #1: The Sodium Hydroxide Conditioning Lye Relaxer / The System #2 - Using Marcel Irons, Pressing, and Curling with a Gentle Touch / Getting it Together: Rethinking the Hair Care Routine

Author Notes

Shamboosie is a 20-year veteran of the Hair Care Industry and one of the country's leading hair designer/educators. He is a former instructor of Advanced Hair Care Techniques, former platform artist, national styling team member. He has been involved in research and testing of new hair care products. As a Color Master Consultant with Clairol Professional, he participates in hair shows and studio events all over the country. Throughout his career, Shamboosie has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence, and is the recipient of a "Quality Education Award" for outstanding leadership, commitment and dedication to the Cosmetology Industry

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xix
Chapter 1. Hair: What is It?p. 1
Hair--What Is It?p. 1
The Three Layers--Cuticle, Cortex, and Medullap. 2
Hair Care Products: The Good, The Bad and The Uglyp. 4
So What Is A Woman To Do?p. 5
It's A Family Affairp. 7
Generic--The Price is Rightp. 8
Always Rememberp. 10
Chapter 2. It's Growing: Understanding Hair Growthp. 13
A Conditioning Basic--the Truth and Nothing but the Truth!p. 13
Let It Rest, Please! Let It Restp. 14
Take Three Pills and Call Me in a Weekp. 14
It's Growingp. 15
Under Lock and Keyp. 17
Points to Rememberp. 19
The 24--Month Hair Growth Timetablep. 19
In All of Your Getting, Get Knowledgep. 20
This is How We Do Itp. 21
Suggested Productsp. 21
The Proper Relaxer for the Retouchp. 22
A Deep Conditioning Treatment Schedulep. 22
The Proof is in the Puddingp. 25
Chapter 3. Beautiful Brown Babies: Children's Hair Care Solutionsp. 27
Kiddies Hair Carep. 29
A Change is Gonna Come, Oh Yes It Willp. 29
I Don't Know What To Do With Her Hair!p. 29
The Cry of a Little Girl, "It Hurts So Bad"p. 30
Pain Free At Last!p. 30
Kiddy Kit Relaxersp. 32
Don't Do That, Do This Instead, and Read The Labelsp. 33
What Is a Mother To Do?p. 33
From Softness to Painless Manageabilityp. 34
Too Close for Comfortp. 34
To Do It Right, Get the Right Tools for the Jobp. 34
When You Choose to Relaxp. 36
Let's Hear It For The Boysp. 37
Selecting the Right Salonp. 37
Keep Quality Products in Mindp. 38
Some Styling Ideas for Childrenp. 38
The Temple of Baldnessp. 38
Chapter 4. The Care Package: Real Solutions that Really Workp. 41
Hair Styling 101--Just the Basicsp. 41
The Relaxer and Oil Basep. 42
The Relaxer--Let's Get One Thing "Straight" Right Nowp. 42
The Bonds of The Hair--Just The Basicsp. 43
Special Effectsp. 43
Every Relaxer Will Do the Same Thingp. 43
Your Own Conditioning Selectionp. 44
Neutralizing Shampoo--The Terminator, My Job Is To Stop You In Your Tracksp. 45
Warning--A "Must Do" Processp. 46
The Strong Arm of the Conditionerp. 46
The Water--H20--The Clear Liquidp. 46
Water Dilutes or Weakens Productp. 47
Holding Agentsp. 47
Moisture Retainersp. 49
To Sum Upp. 49
Chapter 5. Stop The Breakage: Putting An End To Dry Brittle Hairp. 51
A Magic Potion That Really Worksp. 51
A Fact That Very Few People Knowp. 53
Little LaQuida, the Daddy's Girlp. 54
"The Magic Potion" is Humectressp. 55
This Is How We Do Itp. 56
Don't Wash Your Hair, Shampoo Your Hairp. 57
How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?p. 58
Follow the Doctor's Ordersp. 59
Let's Talk About Conditionersp. 60
This Is How We Do Itp. 60
The Problem of Dryness Caused by the Use of No-Lye Relaxersp. 61
Concentrated Protein Conditionersp. 62
Types of Concentrated Conditionersp. 63
A Treatment Scenariop. 63
Moisturizers and Moisturizing Conditionersp. 65
A Hair Rebuilderp. 65
This is How We Do Itp. 66
Leave-In Conditionerp. 66
Creme Rinsep. 67
All In the Familyp. 67
Chapter 6. It's A Natural Thing: Natural Hair, Extensions, Weaves, and Wigsp. 69
Hair is Hairp. 69
Hair Horrors and Wacky Remedies from Cyber Space Double Click on Far-Fetchedp. 70
If It Says "All-Natural"--Is That Good?p. 71
An All-Natural Wacky Remedy--Can You Trust It?p. 72
One Size Fits Allp. 73
Stunt the Hairdresserp. 74
A Final 911 Notep. 74
The Big Secretp. 74
Quality Hair Care Products Are Also Designed For Natural Hairp. 75
Only the Right One is the Exact Onep. 75
Time For an Oil Changep. 76
My Explanationp. 77
When You Add It All Upp. 77
Your Oil Light Is On, Check Your Oilp. 78
Why Oil Should Be Used Sparinglyp. 78
Why Creme Press for Natural Hairstyles?p. 80
Just Weave Itp. 80
A Real Deal or What?p. 81
A Life Saver for Bad Hair Daysp. 81
For a Limited Time Onlyp. 82
Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair vs. Real Hairp. 82
Wash and Wear Hairp. 82
Double Click on Possibilitiesp. 83
Color Me the Colors of the Rainbowp. 83
Natural Hairstyling Possibilitiesp. 84
Leave it to the Professionalsp. 84
Synthetic Hairp. 85
Grooming Natural Hairp. 85
Keeping Natural Hairstyles Clean, Strong, and Moisturizedp. 86
Conditioner Application for Natural Hairp. 87
Be Natural but Relaxp. 87
Wear a Hairstyle That Works Where You Workp. 88
Chapter 7. Great Looking Hair Anywhere: How to Have Hair That Looks Great All the Timep. 91
If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchenp. 91
Hot Spotsp. 91
This is How It Worksp. 92
Getting the Hair in Shape For Your Tripp. 93
Is it Possible to Have Beautiful Hair Anywhere?p. 94
Shine On, Shine On Beautiful Hairp. 94
Let's Get Physicalp. 95
How Fat I Am--A True Storyp. 95
Let's Go Gyming--Hair, Sweat and Youp. 95
Hair Care in Institutional Settingsp. 96
The Truth About Heat and Chemicalsp. 97
Let's Agree to Disagreep. 97
There Are Professionals In Every Category of This Businessp. 98
Chapter 8. The Color of Hairp. 103
The Coloring Book: Understanding Haircolorp. 103
A Closer Look at Hairp. 103
There Are Three Layers--Cuticle, Cortex & Medullap. 104
More Natural Properties of Hairp. 105
A New Permanent Coloring Solution for Chemically Relaxed Hairp. 105
Dispelling the Mythsp. 106
So What's The Big Deal About Haircolor & Chemically Relaxed Hair?p. 106
The Cause of These Problemsp. 107
Colors--But a Passing Fancyp. 108
Memorize the Basic Rulesp. 109
New Technologyp. 111
Back to The Futurep. 112
No Ammonia Means a Lot Less Damagep. 112
Product Knowledgep. 113
Textures & Tonesp. 114
The Greatest Upgrade of the Decadep. 116
Temporary & Semi-Permanent Colorsp. 116
A Whiter Shade of Palep. 117
Gray Hairp. 117
The Quantity of Gray Dictatesp. 118
A Perfect Solutionp. 118
Relax & Permanently Color the Same Day--Yes It Can Be Donep. 119
This is How We Do Itp. 119
The Secret to this Formulap. 120
What About That Big White Spot in Front?p. 120
An Alternative for "Hard-to-Color" Gray Hairp. 121
How Can You Tell if The Hair is Ready?p. 121
Keep the Details Handyp. 122
You'll Wonder Where the Yellow Wentp. 123
The pH Scalep. 124
List of pH valuesp. 124
Imagine The Perfect Conditioning Situationp. 125
Your Hair's Pigmentationp. 126
Colors Galore!p. 126
Q-Cards for Q-Tipsp. 127
Blondes Have More Funp. 129
When Using Two Chemicals Always Consult a Professionalp. 129
The Level Systemp. 130
Developersp. 130
The Way Developers Workp. 131
The Chemical Retouchp. 134
Lifting Haircolor with Haircolorp. 134
Forget About It!p. 135
Removing Unwanted Haircolorp. 135
Essential hair Loss Equationsp. 136
Only The Strong Survivep. 137
The Solutionp. 137
The Basicsp. 138
Retouch Method When Doing the Work at Homep. 138
Hot Rootsp. 139
The Virgin Method--This Is How We Do Itp. 139
Virgin Method with a Darker Colorp. 140
The Color Wheelp. 140
Contributing Pigments (CP)p. 141
A Perfect Fixp. 142
How to Neutralize Unwanted Colorsp. 143
Now What Does All of This Really Mean?p. 143
The Tale of Scary Redp. 144
Explore The Many Colorful Possibilitiesp. 144
Some Possible Formulasp. 145
The Aluminum Foiling Method of Applicationp. 146
Chapter 9. The System #1: The Sodium Hydroxide Conditioning Lye Relaxerp. 149
A Hairy Tale from Madam Erleen and Her Hairless Crystal Baldp. 149
Why the Real Lye is a Better Buyp. 151
A Few of the Many Well-Kept Secretsp. 151
Please Help Me Relaxp. 152
Here is A Scary Factp. 153
But The Tune That Follows!p. 153
The Ultimate Chemical Testp. 153
There Should Never Be Scalp Burnsp. 153
The Solutions Are Easyp. 154
This Is How You Do Itp. 154
The System #1--Truly A Mother's Helper No Scalp Burns Ever--No Guessworkp. 155
Burn Baby Burnp. 157
This Is How We Do Itp. 159
Things to Rememberp. 163
The Corrective Retouch and Virgin Relaxerp. 163
Timing is Everythingp. 164
Relaxing Color-Treated Hairp. 164
The Rinsing Process--Set a Timerp. 165
This is Why We Do Itp. 165
Important Points to Rememberp. 166
Chapter 10. The System #2p. 169
Using Marcel Irons, Pressing, and Curling with a Gentle Touchp. 169
Hot Curlingp. 169
Blow-Drying the Hairp. 170
Getting the Hair in the Nape Area to Lie Downp. 171
Setting for Bedtimep. 171
Styling with Rollersp. 172
Where is the Base of the Hair?p. 172
This Is How We Do Itp. 172
Pressing The Issuep. 175
Hot Combsp. 175
This Is How We Do Itp. 175
How to Take Complete Control Over the Heatp. 177
Cooling the Curling Ironsp. 178
No Smoking Allowedp. 178
Do Not Touch to Testp. 179
Curling at Homep. 179
Be Gentle, Like Holding a Babyp. 180
The Types of Curls are Endlessp. 180
Stand-up Curlsp. 181
Curling On and Off Basep. 182
C-Curlsp. 182
Multiple Circles and the Figure 8p. 183
Long and Short Smooth Curlsp. 184
Shirley Temple Curls aka Spiral Curlsp. 184
This is How We Do Itp. 185
See The Finished Look Just Aheadp. 185
The Keyp. 186
You've Got Me Curling in Circlesp. 186
Making the Curls Hold and Lastp. 187
Pressing the Issue--The Right Way to Hot Press the Hairp. 188
Using Spritzp. 188
Hard Pressing and Soft Pressingp. 188
Pressing the Hair--This is How We Do Itp. 189
Water with Nowhere to Gop. 189
It's Time to Get Serious so Let's Press Onp. 190
Black is Truly Beautifulp. 191
Chapter 11. Getting It Together: Rethinking the Hair Care Routinep. 193
Everything Must Change, Nothing Stays the Samep. 193
My Hair Just Won't Do Right!! Why?p. 193
Product Knowledge and Usagep. 194
The Pink Stuffp. 194
Setting Gelp. 195
Hands Off Please!p. 195
This Is How We Do It: Using Setting Gel to do a Roller Setp. 196
Hairsprayp. 197
This Is How We Do Itp. 197
Spritzp. 197
Oil Sheenp. 198
Oil Glossp. 198
Once You Start, You Must Never Stopp. 199
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrowp. 199
On The Cutting Edgep. 200
Who Will Make the Cut--It's Not Easyp. 201
Can They Cut the Cake?p. 201
Cut a Little, Grow a Little Morep. 201
Haircutting Tipsp. 202
A Myth is a Lie in Disguisep. 203
The Tool Boxp. 204
The Waiting Gamep. 206
Conclusion: Love Your Hairp. 209
Special Acknowledgmentsp. 211
Appendix A. Let's Talk it Over: Questions and Answersp. 213
Appendix B. Author Recommendations for Your Hair Care Maintenancep. 229
Appendix C. Safety Issuesp. 241
About the Authorp. 253
Disclaimerp. 254