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Sams teach yourself Microsoft Frontpage 2002 in 24 hours
Cadenhead, Rogers.
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Indianapolis, IN : Sams, 2001.
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xi, 401 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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Microsoft FrontPage is one of the most popular tools for creating Web pages and sites. It is particularly appealing to beginning and intermediate-level users who don't necessarily want to have to be experts in HTML or JavaScript in order to create a professional-looking Web site. Most users want to quickly learn only the most common, most important tasks involved in creating simple, well-designed Web sites. Written by the popular author, Rogers Cadenhead, Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage in 24 Hours is designed precisely for this beginning-level user - somebody who doesn't want to become a FrontPage expert but just wants to get a Web site up as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The book covers the FrontPage features and techniques that are likely to be used on a beginner's Web page, and it is organized in a logical step-by-step order that reflects the natural progression a new Web page author will follow in developing a Web site with FrontPage.

Author Notes

Rogers Cadenhead is a writer and Web developer who has written 11 books on Internet-related topics, including Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours and Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage 2000 in 24 Hours, but not Teach Yourself Microsoft Bob in a Holiday Weekend. He maintains this book's official Web site at

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Part I Starting Strong with FrontPage 2002p. 5
Hour 1 Create a FrontPage Webp. 7
Acquaint Yourself with FrontPage 2002p. 8
Discover FrontPage 2002's New Featuresp. 9
Run the Software for the First Timep. 10
Take Different Views of a Webp. 12
Workshop: Explore the FrontPage 2002 User Interfacep. 17
Solutionp. 19
Summaryp. 19
QandAp. 20
Exercisesp. 20
Hour 2 Use Templates to Quickly Create a Webp. 21
Discover FrontPage 2002 Templatesp. 22
Select a Web Templatep. 23
Customize a Templatep. 26
Workshop: Create Your Own Personal Webp. 29
Solutionp. 30
Summaryp. 32
QandAp. 32
Exercisesp. 33
Hour 3 Apply a Theme to an Entire Webp. 35
Sample the FrontPage 2002 Themesp. 36
Select a Web Themep. 36
Assign a Theme to a Webp. 39
Modify a Themep. 40
Selecting a Color Schemep. 40
Selecting Text and Graphicsp. 42
Workshop: Customize a Themep. 44
Solutionp. 44
Summaryp. 45
QandAp. 46
Exercisesp. 46
Hour 4 Let Wizards Do the Hard Workp. 47
Employ a Web Wizardp. 48
Import an Existing Webp. 49
Create a Corporate Webp. 52
Workshop: Create a Corporate Webp. 55
Solution: Using the Corporate Presence Wizardp. 56
Summaryp. 57
QandAp. 58
Exercisesp. 58
Part II Designing Web Pages with FrontPage 2002p. 59
Hour 5 Manage a FrontPage Webp. 61
Create and Explore a Webp. 61
Import Files to a Webp. 65
Delete a Webp. 67
Using Imported Content in a Webp. 68
Workshop: Create a Web from Scratchp. 70
Solutionp. 70
Summaryp. 70
QandAp. 71
Exercisesp. 71
Hour 6 Create a Web Pagep. 73
Create and Title a Pagep. 74
Add Shared Borders to a Pagep. 75
Title a Pagep. 77
Add Text to a Pagep. 78
Turn Text into a Hyperlinkp. 81
Turn Text into a Headingp. 82
Change the Font and Color of Your Textp. 83
Workshop: Write Your Autobiographyp. 85
Solutionp. 86
Summaryp. 87
QandAp. 87
Exercisesp. 88
Hour 7 Organize a Page with Lists and Tablesp. 89
Create Numbered and Unnumbered Listsp. 90
Create a Table for Tabular Datap. 92
Add a Table to a Pagep. 93
Add Data to a Tablep. 94
Resize a Tablep. 96
Use a Table to Lay Out a Pagep. 98
Workshop: Create a Monthly Calendarp. 99
Solutionp. 99
Summaryp. 100
QandAp. 100
Exercisesp. 101
Hour 8 Communicate on Your Web with Formsp. 103
Create a Form with the Form Page Wizardp. 104
Call on the Wizardp. 104
Ask a Simple Questionp. 106
Choose from a List of Optionsp. 107
Ask Multiple Questions at Oncep. 109
Determine How the Form Will Be Presentedp. 110
Save the Information Collected on a Formp. 111
Workshop: Survey Visitors to Your Webp. 113
Solutionp. 114
Summaryp. 115
QandAp. 116
Exercisesp. 116
Part III Using Graphics in FrontPage 2002p. 117
Hour 9 Display Graphics on a Pagep. 119
Add a Graphic to a Pagep. 119
Align a Picture on a Pagep. 122
Add Hyperlinks and Descriptions to a Picturep. 125
Add Alternative Textp. 126
Choose Between GIF, JPEG, and PNG Graphicsp. 128
Add Clip Art to a Pagep. 130
Workshop: Use Clip Art in a Business Reportp. 133
Solutionp. 133
Summaryp. 134
QandAp. 134
Exercisesp. 135
Hour 10 Create and Edit Graphics for Your Webp. 137
Work with Graphicsp. 138
Crop a Picturep. 138
Add Text to a Picturep. 139
Make Part of a Graphic Transparentp. 140
Select a Background for Your Pagep. 142
Workshop: Create Graphical Menu Buttonsp. 144
Solutionp. 144
Summaryp. 145
QandAp. 145
Exercisesp. 146
Hour 11 Add Links to a Graphic with Imagemapsp. 147
Create an Imagemapp. 147
Workshop: Use Imagemaps to Describe a Picturep. 150
Solutionp. 151
Summaryp. 152
QandAp. 152
Exercisesp. 153
Hour 12 Animate a Web Pagep. 155
Add Animation and Other Special Effects to a Pagep. 156
Create a Transition Effect Between Pagesp. 156
Animate Page Elements with Dynamic HTMLp. 158
Create a Mouseover Picturep. 160
Paint a Format Around a Pagep. 161
Workshop: Create an Animated E-Bookp. 162
Solutionp. 163
Summaryp. 163
QandAp. 164
Exercisesp. 164
Part IV Publishing and Maintaining Your FrontPage 2002 Web Pagep. 165
Hour 13 Make Your Web Compatible with Multiple Browsersp. 167
Handle Differences Between Web Browsersp. 168
Select an Audience for Your Webp. 169
Use Technology on a Webp. 170
Restrict Specific Technology on a Webp. 173
Deal with Server Compatibility Issuesp. 173
Use Browser-Specific Featuresp. 174
Workshop: Install Additional Browsersp. 174
Solutionp. 175
Summaryp. 176
QandAp. 176
Exercisesp. 177
Hour 14 Publish Your Webp. 179
Choose a Server to Host Your Webp. 179
Publish Your Web to a Serverp. 182
Publishing to a Web Hostp. 182
Publish Your Webp. 183
Publishing Specific Parts of a Webp. 186
Workshop: Take Your Web Onlinep. 187
Solutionp. 188
Summaryp. 189
QandAp. 189
Exercisesp. 190
Hour 15 Keep Your Web Up-to-Datep. 191
Keep Hyperlinks Currentp. 192
Rate Your Web's Content with RSACp. 194
Establish a To-Do List of Tasksp. 197
Workshop: Verify Your Favorite Linksp. 199
Solutionp. 199
Summaryp. 200
QandAp. 200
Exercisesp. 201
Hour 16 Track Visitors to Your FrontPage Webp. 203
Learn More About a Web's Audiencep. 204
Logging Information on a Web Serverp. 206
Viewing Web Usage Reportsp. 212
Workshop: Create a Link-Swapping Pagep. 214
Solutionp. 215
Summaryp. 216
QandAp. 216
Exercisesp. 217
Part V Enhancing a FrontPage 2002 Webp. 219
Hour 17 Add a Personal Search Engine to Your Webp. 221
Make Your Web Searchablep. 222
Make Your Web Easier for Visitors to Findp. 226
Workshop: Make a Web Search-Friendlyp. 228
Solutionp. 229
Summaryp. 229
QandAp. 230
Exercisesp. 230
Hour 18 Enable Discussions on Your Webp. 231
Create a Discussion Webp. 231
Choose the Discussion Featuresp. 232
Name the Discussion Webp. 233
Choose How Postings Are Madep. 234
List Contents and Search Resultsp. 235
Complete the Discussion Webp. 236
Maintaining Your Discussion Webp. 238
Workshop: Create a Discussion Webp. 239
Solutionp. 240
Summaryp. 241
QandAp. 241
Exercisesp. 241
Hour 19 Add a Database to Your Webp. 243
Work Directly with Database Filesp. 244
Create a New Access Databasep. 244
Display Database Records on a Webp. 246
Workshop: Create an Access-Driven Webp. 251
Solutionp. 252
Summaryp. 253
QandAp. 253
Exercisesp. 254
Hour 20 Use FrontPage Componentsp. 255
Adding Components to a Webp. 256
Headlines and Weather from MSNBCp. 257
Link Barsp. 259
Page Bannersp. 264
Workshop: Create a FrontPage Family Treep. 264
Solutionp. 265
Summaryp. 266
QandAp. 267
Exercisesp. 267
Part VI Rounding Out Your FrontPage Expertisep. 269
Hour 21 Create a Form by Handp. 271
Create a Form by Handp. 272
Add Textboxes and Text Areasp. 274
Add Labelsp. 275
Add Option Buttons and Check Boxesp. 276
Add Drop-down Boxesp. 277
Add Push Buttons and Picturesp. 279
Receive Information form a Formp. 279
Workshop: Create a Feedback Formp. 281
Solutionp. 282
Summaryp. 283
QandAp. 284
Exercisesp. 284
Hour 22 Divide a Page into Separate Framesp. 285
Create a Framep. 285
Add Framed Pages to a Webp. 286
Create a New Frame from a Templatep. 290
Modify a Framep. 291
Create an Alternative to Framesp. 293
Open Linked Pages into Framesp. 294
Add an Inline Framep. 296
Workshop: Create a Frame-Based Webp. 298
Solutionp. 299
Summaryp. 300
QandAp. 301
Exercisesp. 301
Hour 23 Create and Edit Web Pages Using HTMLp. 303
Tag a Page with HTML Commandsp. 304
Work with HTML in Page Viewp. 305
Edit a Web Document in HTML Modep. 308
Modify How FrontPage Uses HTMLp. 311
Workshop: Add a Hit Counter Using HTMLp. 314
Solution: Try Out Your Hit Counterp. 314
Summaryp. 317
QandAp. 317
Exercisesp. 318
Hour 24 Format Your Web Through Cascading Style Sheetsp. 319
Define Styles on the Webp. 320
Use Styles Instead of FrontPage 2002 Themesp. 321
Create a Style Sheetp. 322
Edit a Stylep. 323
Apply a Modified Style to a Pagep. 327
Match Tags with FrontPage 2002 Featuresp. 328
Create a New Stylep. 329
Workshop: Create and Use New Stylesp. 331
Solutionp. 331
Summaryp. 333
QandAp. 333
Exercisesp. 334
Part VII Appendixesp. 335
Appendix A HTML 4.01 Quick Referencep. 337
Working with HTMLp. 338
Common Attributesp. 339
Tagsp. 341
Appendix B Installing FrontPage 2002p. 373
Getting Started with FrontPage 2002p. 374
Server Extensionsp. 374
Self-Repairing Applicationp. 375
Conflicts with Previous Editionsp. 375
Appendix C FrontPage Internet Resourcesp. 379
Web Sites, Discussion Groups, and Mailing Listsp. 380
Web Sitesp. 380
Mailing Lists and Discussion Forumsp. 385
Indexp. 387