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Dreamweaver 4 f/x & design
Ulrich-Fuller, Laurie, 1961-
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Scottsdale, AZ: Coriolis, 2001.
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xxvii, 318 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Dreamweaver 4 f/x and Design improves, enriches, and builds upon the reader's current Dreamweaver skills. Emphasis is made on use of text, graphics, color and special effects including sound, animated gif files, and Flash movies in the book's chapters. Quick tips are given to format and position web page content through HTML. With real-world applications, this book will strengthen Dreamweaver skills and improve web

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xxiii
Chapter 1 Working with the Dreamweaver Environmentp. 1
The Dreamweaver Palettesp. 2
Identifying the Palettesp. 2
Displaying Palettesp. 3
Moving and Resizing Palettesp. 3
Working with Text Propertiesp. 4
Viewing Selected Text Formatsp. 4
Understanding Palette Formatting Optionsp. 5
Controlling Image Propertiesp. 5
Viewing Selected Image Settingsp. 6
Changing Image Size, Position, and Linksp. 6
Using the Objects Palettep. 7
Working with the Launcherp. 8
Working with the Menu and Toolbarp. 10
Achieving Control with the Ruler and Gridp. 11
Chapter 2 Understanding Sites vs. Pagesp. 13
Sites and Pages Definedp. 14
Web Site Creationp. 15
Setting Up Site Foldersp. 15
Creating a Web Sitep. 16
Creating a Site Mapp. 17
Using the Site Mapp. 19
Chapter 3 Working with Textp. 23
Effective Headingsp. 24
Typing Heading Textp. 25
Selecting and Editing Headingsp. 25
Text Formattingp. 26
Applying Fonts and Sizesp. 27
Applying Text Colorp. 28
Applying Bold and Italic Styles to Textp. 28
Text Alignmentp. 29
Choosing Horizontal Text Positionp. 29
Aligning Text Verticallyp. 30
Project: Create Eye-Catching Web-Page Headingsp. 31
Start a New Web Pagep. 31
Type Your Headingsp. 31
Format Your Headingsp. 31
Insert Paragraphs below Each Headingp. 32
Save the Pagep. 33
Indents, Bullets, and Numberingp. 34
Indenting Textp. 36
Creating Ordered Lists with Custom Bulletsp. 36
Numbering and Customizing an Ordered Listp. 37
Creating Outlines with Bullets or Numbersp. 37
Defining Text with Horizontal Rulesp. 38
Inserting a Horizontal Rulep. 40
Customizing a Rulep. 40
HTML Text Handlingp. 41
Editing Text in HTMLp. 42
Using Breaks and Spaces to Control Text Flowp. 42
Project: Build a News and Information Web Pagep. 44
Create the News Headlinesp. 44
Insert the Article Textp. 45
Create Bulleted Listsp. 45
Add Horizontal Rules to Create Visual Sectionsp. 45
Chapter 4 Effective Use of Graphicsp. 49
Appropriate File Formatsp. 50
Understanding Browser Requirementsp. 50
Choosing the Right Formatp. 50
Controlling Graphic Sizep. 52
Interlaced GIFs and Progressive JPEGsp. 53
Understanding Resolution and Sizep. 54
Adjusting Graphic File Sizep. 54
Using Graphic Textp. 55
Inserting Graphic Imagesp. 56
Applying a Background Graphicp. 58
Project: Create an Online Catalogp. 59
Build a Home Page for an Online Catalogp. 60
Preview the Catalog in a Browserp. 61
Save the Catalog Pagesp. 61
Creating a Rollover Effectp. 61
Rollover Options and Requirementsp. 63
Creating a Rollover Imagep. 64
Using Animated Graphicsp. 65
Inserting an Animated GIF Imagep. 67
Viewing Animation Effectsp. 67
Project: Create an Advertising Web Pagep. 67
Insert the Static Logo Graphicp. 68
Type the Heading and Paragraph Textp. 68
Create Rollover Images to Add User-Initiated Movementp. 69
Insert an Animated Graphic for Continuous Activityp. 69
Test Anmimations and Rollovers in a Browserp. 69
Save the Advertising Web Pagep. 69
Chapter 5 Connecting with Hyperlinksp. 71
Link Pages within Your Sitep. 72
Working with Text Linksp. 74
Setting Up Graphic Linksp. 76
Establishing Graphic Hotspotsp. 78
Testing Links within Your Sitep. 81
Link to Other Sitesp. 82
Inserting URL Linksp. 83
Testing URL Linksp. 83
Mailto: Email Linksp. 84
Project: Set Up Site Navigation Linksp. 85
Open a Web Pagep. 85
Select Text to Be Linkedp. 86
Set Up Graphic Linksp. 86
Create Map Hotspotsp. 87
Test Text, Graphic, and Hotspot Linksp. 87
Links to Files for Downloadp. 87
Creating Links to Documents and Application Filesp. 88
Creating Links to Download Programsp. 89
Text Link Display Optionsp. 90
Links in HTMLp. 91
Project: Create Links to Other Sitesp. 92
Open the Web Pagep. 93
Create the Site Linksp. 93
Test the Links Onlinep. 93
Send an Email Message to a Mailto: Linkp. 93
Receive Your Subscription Confirmation via Emailp. 93
Chapter 6 Structuring a Web Page with Tablesp. 95
Build a Tablep. 96
Establishing Table Locationp. 96
Setting Table Dimensionsp. 97
Table View Optionsp. 97
Resize Columns and Rowsp. 98
Resizing Tables with the Properties Inspectorp. 100
Resizing Table Dimensions with Your Mousep. 101
Split and Merge Cellsp. 102
Splitting Cellsp. 102
Merging Cellsp. 103
Using Nested Tablesp. 103
Creating a Nested Tablep. 104
Nested Table Pros and Consp. 104
Drawing Nested Tablesp. 104
Project: Lay Out an Online Newsletterp. 105
Set Up the Newsletter with Tablesp. 105
Insert Picture and Article Placeholdersp. 105
Format Table Cells for Alignment of Contentp. 106
Insert Text Contentp. 106
Preview the Newsletter in a Browserp. 106
Create a Site and Save the Pagep. 106
Position and Format Table Textp. 106
Setting Cell Padding and Spacingp. 106
Aligning Text in a Table Cellp. 107
Position Graphics in a Tablep. 108
Apply Table Colorsp. 109
Applying Cell Colorp. 110
Applying Color to a Tablep. 110
Format Table and Cell Bordersp. 111
Choosing a Border Colorp. 112
Applying Color to an Individual Cell Borderp. 112
Controlling Tables with HTMLp. 113
Creating and Editing Tables in Code Viewp. 114
Nesting Tables in HTMLp. 115
Project: Create an Online Gallery with Tablesp. 116
Set Up the Tablep. 116
Apply a Background Color to the Pagep. 116
Create Image Groups with Nested Tablesp. 116
Group Titlesp. 116
Insert the Graphicsp. 117
Resize the Table Cells for Maximum Visibilityp. 117
Create the Picture Captionsp. 117
Preview the Pagep. 117
Save the Page and Create a New Sitep. 117
Chapter 7 Controlling a Page with Framesp. 119
Understanding Framesp. 120
Building a Framesetp. 121
Viewing and Manipulating Frame Bordersp. 122
Inserting Predesigned Framesp. 122
Positioning Framesp. 123
Removing Framesp. 123
Applying Frame Colorsp. 124
Adding Text and Graphics to Framesp. 125
Inserting Frame Textp. 126
Sizing Frames for Text and Graphic Contentp. 127
Establishing Frame Sizing Controlsp. 127
Setting Frame Scrolling Optionsp. 129
Controlling Frame Links and Effectsp. 130
Naming Framesp. 131
Project: Create Frames for a Company Intranet Directoryp. 132
Build the Framesetp. 132
Size the Framesp. 133
Format the Individual Framesp. 133
Insert Frame Contentp. 134
Save and Name the Framesp. 135
Build the Frame Link and Link Settingsp. 135
Preview and Test the Framesp. 135
Understanding HTML Frame Codesp. 135
Building a Frameset in HTMLp. 136
Chapter 8 Positioning Page Content with Layersp. 139
Working with Layersp. 140
Creating Layersp. 140
Converting Tables to Layersp. 141
Moving and Resizing Layersp. 144
Using the Layers Panelp. 144
Displaying the Layers Panelp. 146
Naming Layersp. 146
Changing the Order of Overlapping Layersp. 146
Turning Layers On and Offp. 147
Using a Tracing Image to Lay Out a Pagep. 148
Choosing an Imagep. 149
Applying a Tracing Imagep. 150
Moving a Tracing Imagep. 151
Hiding or Removing a Tracing Imagep. 153
Project: Create a Web Page from a Tracing-Image Blueprintp. 154
Start a New Blank Web Pagep. 154
Apply the Tracing Image from the CD-ROMp. 154
Insert Layers on the Tracing Imagep. 154
Save the Web-Page Filep. 154
Animating Layersp. 154
Selecting Layers to Be Animatedp. 155
Establishing the Animation Effectp. 155
Testing the Animationp. 159
Customizing the Animation Timelinep. 160
Adjusting Animation Speedp. 160
Removing Framesp. 160
Deleting a Timelinep. 161
Project: Create an Employee Directory with Layersp. 161
Start a New Web Pagep. 161
Insert Layers for Each Departmentp. 161
Name the Layersp. 161
Insert Contentp. 161
Apply Background Colors to the Layersp. 162
Animate the Layersp. 162
Preview Your Animationp. 162
Save the Filep. 162
Chapter 9 Using Color Effectivelyp. 165
Using Web-Safe Colorsp. 166
Color Names and Numbersp. 166
Testing Color Displayp. 167
Understanding Color Modelsp. 168
Matching Pantone and Other Non-Web Colorsp. 169
Selecting Compatible Colorsp. 170
Primary and Secondary Colorsp. 170
Color Compatibilityp. 171
Applying Page Colorsp. 172
Applying a Page Background Colorp. 172
Applying Table Colorsp. 173
Using Color with Frames and Layersp. 176
Applying Text Colorsp. 178
Project: Create a Colorful Web Pagep. 179
Open a New Pagep. 179
Modify Page Propertiesp. 179
Insert a Tablep. 179
Apply Table Colorsp. 179
Insert and Format the Page Headingp. 180
Insert an Animated GIFp. 180
Save the Pagep. 180
Preview the Page in a Browserp. 180
Chapter 10 Creating Formsp. 181
Understanding Formsp. 182
How Forms Workp. 184
When to Use Formsp. 185
Working with Form Fieldsp. 185
Inserting a Formp. 186
Setting Up the Formp. 187
Structuring a Form with Tablesp. 189
Inserting Form Fieldsp. 190
Nice Picture, But What Does It Do?p. 203
Project: Design a Visitor-Feedback Formp. 203
Open a New Documentp. 203
Insert a Form Titlep. 204
Insert a Formp. 204
Insert a Tablep. 204
Add the Form Fieldsp. 205
Customize Fieldsp. 206
Save the Filep. 206
Preview and Test the Formp. 206
Chapter 11 Working with Dreamweaver Assetsp. 207
The Dreamweaver Assets Panelp. 208
Displaying the Assets Panelp. 208
Viewing the Assets Categoriesp. 209
Viewing and Accumulating Site Assetsp. 210
Working with Favorite Assetsp. 212
Using Your Assetsp. 215
Editing Assetsp. 217
Working with the Libraryp. 217
Creating a New Blank Library Itemp. 217
Adding Page Items to Your Libraryp. 219
Adding Library Content to a Web Pagep. 220
Modifying Library Contentp. 220
Detaching Library Itemsp. 220
Project: Build an Image Libraryp. 221
Collect Image Files for the Libraryp. 221
Insert an Image from the Libraryp. 222
Working with Templatesp. 222
Creating Templates from Existing Pagesp. 222
Building a New Templatep. 223
Setting Up Locked and Editable Template Regionsp. 225
Applying Templates to Pagesp. 227
Modifying a Templatep. 228
Detaching from a Templatep. 228
Project: Create a Template for Departmental Web Pagesp. 229
Open a New Documentp. 229
Set Up the Pagep. 229
Insert a Company Logop. 230
Save the Page as a Templatep. 230
Apply the Template to a New Pagep. 230
Chapter 12 Creating and Using Style Sheetsp. 231
Understanding Stylesp. 232
Styles and Style Sheets Definedp. 232
Creating Stylesp. 233
Defining Stylesp. 233
Creating a Style Classp. 235
Redefining HTML Tagsp. 241
Defining Groups of Tags with Selector Stylesp. 241
Applying Stylesp. 242
Editing Styles and Style Sheetsp. 242
Handling Style Conflictsp. 243
Copying Style Sheetsp. 243
Attaching Style Sheetsp. 243
Project: Create a Style Sheet to Format Site Headingsp. 244
Name and Build a Custom Heading Stylep. 244
Name and Build a Page Stylep. 245
Apply the Style to Site Pagesp. 245
Chapter 13 Using Multimedia Objectsp. 247
Multimedia from a Design Point of Viewp. 248
Multimedia Definedp. 248
Adding Motion with Moviesp. 249
Creating Interactivity with Buttons and Textp. 249
Giving Pages a Voice with Soundp. 250
Inserting Multimedia Objectsp. 250
Working with Flash and Shockwave Objectsp. 251
Understanding Flash Object Controlsp. 252
Working with Flash Buttons and Textp. 253
Controlling Shockwave Moviesp. 255
Previewing Your Flash and Shockwave Contentp. 256
Adding User Controls for Playing Moviesp. 256
Using Sound on a Web Pagep. 258
Sound File Formatsp. 259
Inserting a Soundp. 260
Linking to Sound Filesp. 261
Embedding Sound Objectsp. 263
Project: Insert and Run a Flash Moviep. 264
Create the Movie Pagep. 264
Create a Flash Buttonp. 264
Preview and Testp. 265
Appendix A What's New in Dreamweaver 4?p. 267
Appendix B Do I Have to Know HTML to Use Dreamweaver?p. 277
Appendix C The Basics of Macromedia Fireworksp. 287
Appendix D Using Project Files for This Bookp. 299
Indexp. 303