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The history of Israel.
The history of Israel.
Martineau, R. (Russell), 1831-1898.
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8 volumes ; 23 cm
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Vols. 1-2 edited by R. Martineau; v. 3-4 edited by J. E. Carpenter; v. 5 translated by J. E. Carpenter; v. 6-8 translated by J. F. Smith.

Vols. 1-2, fourth edition, 1883; v. 3-4, second edition, 1878; v. 5, second edition, 1880; v. 6, 1883; v. 7, 1885; v. 8, 1886.
v. 1. Introduction and preliminary history. -v. 2. History of Moses and theocracy. v. 3. The rise and splendour of the Hebrew monarchy. v. 4. From the disruption of the monarchy to its fall. v. 5. THe history of Ezra and of the hagiocracy in Israel to the time of Christ. v. 6. The life and times of Christ. v. 7. The apostolic age. v. 8. The post-apostolic age.
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