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The complete book of small business legal forms
Sitarz, Dan, 1948-
Personal Author:
Third edition.
Publication Information:
Carbondale, Ill. : Nova Pub. Co., [2001]

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255 pages : forms ; 28 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.).
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Includes index.
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KF1659.A65 S43 2001 Book and Software Set Popular Materials-Small Business
KF1659.A65 S43 2001 Book and Software Set Popular Materials-Small Business

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The revised and updated 3rd edition of this best-selling legal guide contains all of the forms and instructions that a start-up entrepreneur will need to ensure business success.

Author Notes

Daniel Sitarz is an experienced business attorney, author of consumer legal guides, and an ardent advocate of public access to the law. He is licensed to practice law before the Supreme Court of Florida, the Supreme Court of Missouri, and the United States Tax Court

Table of Contents

List of Forms-on-CDp. 10
Prefacep. 15
Instructions for Using Forms-on-CDp. 16
Forms-on-CD Software Licensing Agreementp. 16
Chapter 1 Using Legal Forms in Your Businessp. 17
How to Use This Bookp. 19
Chapter 2 Business Operation Agreementsp. 21
The Sole Proprietorshipp. 22
The Partnershipp. 24
The Limited Partnershipp. 26
The Corporationp. 28
The "S" Corporationp. 30
Limited Liability Companyp. 31
Instructionsp. 31
Agreement for Sale of Businessp. 37
Agreement for Sale of Business Assetsp. 42
Agreement Not to Competep. 45
Affidavit of Use of Fictitious Business Namep. 47
Notice of Intention to Use Fictitious Namep. 48
Partnership Agreementp. 49
Chapter 3 Contractsp. 52
Instructionsp. 53
Contractp. 56
Extension of Contractp. 57
Modification of Contractp. 58
Termination of Contractp. 59
Assignment of Contractp. 60
Consent to Assignment of Contractp. 61
Notice of Assignment of Contractp. 62
Notice of Breach of Contractp. 63
Chapter 4 Signatures and Notary Acknowledgmentsp. 64
Instructionsp. 65
Corporate Acknowledgmentp. 68
Corporate Signature Linep. 68
Standard Partnership Acknowledgmentp. 69
Standard Partnership Signature Linep. 69
Limited Liability Company Acknowledgmentp. 70
Limited Liability Company Signature Linep. 70
Sole Proprietorship Acknowledgmentp. 71
Sole Proprietorship Signature Linep. 71
Power of Attorney Acknowledgmentp. 72
Power of Attorney Signature Linep. 72
Individual Acknowledgmentp. 73
Individual Signature Linep. 73
Wife and Husband Acknowledgmentp. 74
Wife and Husband Signature Linep. 74
Chapter 5 Powers of Attorneyp. 75
Instructionsp. 76
Unlimited Power of Attorneyp. 78
Limited Power of Attorneyp. 79
Durable Unlimited Power of Attorneyp. 80
Durable Limited Power of Attorneyp. 81
Revocation of Power of Attorneyp. 82
Chapter 6 Releasesp. 83
Instructionsp. 83
General Releasep. 85
Mutual Releasep. 86
Specific Releasep. 87
Release of Mechanic's Liensp. 88
Chapter 7 Receiptsp. 91
Instructionsp. 91
Receipt in Fullp. 92
Receipt on Accountp. 92
Receipt for Goodsp. 93
Chapter 8 Leases of Real Estatep. 94
Instructionsp. 95
Residential Leasep. 101
Commercial Leasep. 103
Assignment of Leasep. 107
Consent to Assignment of Leasep. 109
Notice of Assignment of Leasep. 110
Amendment of Leasep. 111
Extension of Leasep. 112
Subleasep. 113
Consent to Subleasep. 115
Notice of Breach of Leasep. 116
Notice of Rent Defaultp. 117
Notice to Vacate Propertyp. 118
Landlord's Notice to Terminate Leasep. 119
Tenant's Notice to Terminate Leasep. 120
Mutual Termination of Leasep. 121
Receipt for Lease Security Depositp. 122
Rent Receiptp. 122
Notice of Leasep. 123
Chapter 9 Rental of Personal Propertyp. 124
Instructionsp. 124
Personal Property Rental Agreement (Simple)p. 126
Personal Property Rental Agreement (Complex)p. 127
Renter's Notice to Terminate Rental Agreementp. 130
Owner's Notice to Terminate Rental Agreementp. 131
Chapter 10 Sale of Personal Propertyp. 132
Instructionsp. 132
Contract for Sale of Personal Propertyp. 134
Bill of Sale, with Warrantiesp. 135
Bill of Sale, without Warrantiesp. 136
Bill of Sale, Subject to Debtp. 137
Chapter 11 Sale of Real Estatep. 138
Instructionsp. 138
Contract for Sale of Real Estatep. 142
Option to Buy Real Estate Agreementp. 145
Quitclaim Deedp. 147
Warranty Deedp. 148
Affidavit of Titlep. 149
Deed of Trustp. 151
Mortgagep. 153
Chapter 12 Employment Documentsp. 155
Instructionsp. 155
General Employment Contractp. 158
Employee Confidentiality Agreementp. 160
Employee Patents and Invention Agreementp. 161
Consent to Release Employment Informationp. 162
Independent Contractor Agreementp. 163
Contractor/Subcontractor Agreementp. 165
Chapter 13 Business Credit Documentsp. 167
Instructionsp. 167
Business Credit Applicationp. 169
Notice of Approval of Business Credit Applicationp. 171
Request for Bank Credit Referencep. 172
Request for Trade Credit Referencep. 173
Request for Credit Informationp. 174
Chapter 14 Business Financing Documentsp. 175
Instructionsp. 176
Security Agreementp. 178
Receipt for Collateralp. 180
General Guarantyp. 181
Financing Statement (U.C.C.)p. 182
Release of Security Interestp. 183
Release of U.C.C. Financing Statementp. 184
Chapter 15 Promissory Notesp. 186
Instructionsp. 186
Promissory Note (Installment Repayment)p. 190
Promissory Note (Lump Sum Repayment)p. 191
Promissory Note (on Demand)p. 192
Promissory Note (Secured)p. 193
Promissory Note (with Guarantor)p. 194
Release of Promissory Notep. 195
Chapter 16 Purchase of Goods Documentsp. 196
Instructionsp. 196
Request for Price Quotep. 198
Notice of Acceptance of Orderp. 199
Notice of Conditional Acceptance of Non-Conforming Goodsp. 200
Notice of Rejection of Non-Conforming Goodsp. 201
Notice of Conditional Acceptance of Defective Goodsp. 202
Notice of Rejection of Defective Goodsp. 203
Notice of Rejection of Orderp. 204
Notice of Refusal to Accept Deliveryp. 205
Notice of Demand for Delivery of Goodsp. 206
Notice of Cancellation of Purchase Orderp. 207
Notice of Return of Goods Sold on Approvalp. 208
Chapter 17 Sale of Goods Documentsp. 209
Instructionsp. 209
Demand for Explanation of Rejected Goodsp. 212
Notice of Replacement of Rejected Goodsp. 213
Notice of Goods Sold on Approvalp. 214
Contract for Sale of Goodsp. 215
Contract for Sale of Goods on Consignmentp. 217
Bulk Transfer Affidavitp. 219
Bulk Transfer Noticep. 220
Chapter 18 Collection Documentsp. 221
Instructionsp. 221
Request for Paymentp. 225
Second Request for Paymentp. 226
Final Demand for Paymentp. 227
Assignment of Account for Collectionp. 228
Notice of Assignment of Account for Collectionp. 229
Appointment of Collection Agentp. 230
Notice of Appointment of Collection Agentp. 231
Notice of Disputed Accountp. 232
Offer to Settle Disputed Accountp. 233
Agreement to Settle Disputed Accountp. 234
Notice of Dishonored Checkp. 235
Notice of Default on Installment Promissory Notep. 236
Demand for Full Payment on Installment Promissory Notep. 237
Demand for Payment on Demand Promissory Notep. 238
Demand for Payment on Promissory Note Guarantorp. 239
Stop Payment on Check Orderp. 240
Chapter 19 Miscellaneous Business Documentsp. 241
Instructionsp. 241
Affidavitp. 244
Indemnity Agreementp. 245
Waiver and Assumption of Riskp. 246
Contract Exhibitp. 247
Assignment and Transfer of Copyrightp. 248
Request for Reprint Permissionp. 249
Reprint Permissionp. 250
Model's Photographic Releasep. 251
Indexp. 253
List of Forms-on-CD
Chapter 2 Business Operation Agreements
Form1.Txt Agreement for Sale of Business
Form2.Txt Agreement for Sale of Business Assets
Form3.Txt Agreement Not to Compete
Form4.Txt Affidavit of Use of Fictitious Business Name
Form5.Txt Notice of Intention to Use Fictitious Name
Form6.Txt Partnership Agreement
Chapter 3 Contracts
Form7.Txt Contract
Form8.Txt Extension of Contract
Form9.Txt Modification of Contract
Form10.Txt Termination of Contract
Form11.Txt Assignment of Contract
Form12.Txt Consent to Assignment of Contract
Form13.Txt Notice of Assignment of Contract
Form14.Txt Notice of Breach of Contract