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Geology of the Arabian Peninsula.
Geology of the Arabian Peninsula.
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volumes <A-I > illustrations (some color), maps. 29 cm.
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Part of illustrative matter in pockets.
A. Shield area of western Saudi Arabia / by Glen F. Brown, Dwight L. Schmidt, and A. Curtis Huffman, Jr.--B. Yemen, by F. Geukens.--C. Aden Protectorate, by J. E. G. W. Greenwood and D. Bleackley.--D. Sedimentary geology of Saudi Arabia, by R. W. Powers and others.--E. Bahrain, by R. P. Willis.--F. Kuwait, by D. I. Milton.--G. Southwestern Iraq, by K. M. Al Naqib.--H. Eastern Aden Protectorate and part of Dhufar, by Z. R. Beydoun.--I. Jordan, by F. Bender.
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