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Windows XP for dummies
Rathbone, Andy.
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New York : Hungry Minds, [2001]

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xviii, 388 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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Windows XP is the most powerful of Microsoft's Windows software - software that's been updated many times since starting to breathe in January 1985. XP is short for Experience, but Microsoft calls it Windows XP to give it a more modern-day, "at-this-happening-moment" sound. Someday, sometime, something in Windows XP will eventually leave you scratching your head. No other program brings so many buttons, bars, and babble to the screen.

Windows XP For Dummies is for everyone who has a clue about what they want to do with their computers. Bypassing the technical hoopla, this friendly reference comes to the rescue when Windows XP stumps you or when you're feeling spunky and want to dig into deeper details of the ever-popular operating system. In either case, you can expect to pick up information on

Finding the file you saved or downloaded yesterday Moving those little windows around on the screen with the mouse Making Windows XP run like your older versions of Windows Starting and closing programs by clicking the mouse button Making Windows XP work again when it's misbehaving

Beginning with the basics, this book explains all the Windows XP stuff that everybody thinks they already know - until the program starts tossing them stumbling blocks. Windows XP For Dummies clears the way to

Navigating the new Start menu and taskbar with ease Setting up a secure Internet connection Having a good time with digital photos, music, and videos Personalizing XP for each member of your family Fixing common problems using System Restore and online resources

Most people meet up with Windows XP by something other than choice. Their new computer probably came with a version already installed; maybe the workplace introduced a Windows XP update; or perhaps the latest version of their favorite program required Windows XP. Any in case, Windows XP For Dummies helps you adjust easily to the new Windows kid in town - and even enjoy his company!

Author Notes

Andy Rathbone is the author of the bestselling "Windows For Dummies" books, as well as other titles in the "For Dummies" series. He was born in San Diego, California and attended San Diego State University. He majored in Comparative Literature, and graduated in 1986. He began freelancing for computer magazines shortly thereafter, and wrote the first edition of "Windows for Dummies" in 1992.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
How to Use This Bookp. 2
And What about You?p. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 6
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I Windows XP Stuff Everybody Thinks You Already Knowp. 7
Chapter 1 What Is Windows XP?p. 9
What Is Windows and Why Are You Using It?p. 9
Windows XP's Luggage: Service Packsp. 11
Chapter 2 The Desktop, Start Menu, and Other Windows XP Mysteriesp. 15
Being Welcomed to the World of Windows XPp. 16
The Desktopp. 20
The Start Button's Reason to Livep. 25
Bellying Up to the Taskbarp. 31
Logging Off from Windowsp. 38
Chapter 3 Basic Windows Mechanicsp. 41
Dissecting a Typical Windowp. 41
Filling Out Bothersome Dialog Boxesp. 50
Maneuvering Windows around the Desktopp. 56
Chapter 4 Flipping Through Files, Folders, Floppies, and CDsp. 61
Browsing My Computer's File Cabinetsp. 62
Getting the Lowdown on Foldersp. 63
Peering into Your Drives and Foldersp. 65
Creating a New Folderp. 67
Renaming a File or Folderp. 69
Selecting Bunches of Files or Foldersp. 70
Getting Rid of a File or Folderp. 70
Copying or Moving Files and Foldersp. 72
Seeing More Information about Files and Foldersp. 73
What's That Windows Explorer Thing?p. 76
Writing to CDs and DVDsp. 77
Floppy Disks and Memory Cardsp. 82
Part II Working with Programs and Filesp. 83
Chapter 5 Playing with Programs and Documentsp. 85
Starting a Programp. 85
Opening a Documentp. 87
Saving a Documentp. 88
Choosing Which Program Opens a Filep. 90
Taking the Lazy Way with a Shortcutp. 94
The Absolutely Essential Guide to Cutting, Copying, and Pastingp. 95
Windows XP's Free Programs!p. 100
Chapter 6 I Can't Find It!p. 107
Finding Lost Windows on the Desktopp. 107
Finding Lost Files, Folders, Music, Photos, Videos, People, or Computersp. 109
Chapter 7 Printing, Faxing, and Scanningp. 115
Printing Your Masterworkp. 115
Sending and Receiving Faxes in Windows XPp. 126
Scanning a Photo, Letter, Receipt, or Clothing Stainp. 132
Part III Getting Things Done on the Internetp. 139
Chapter 8 Cruising the Webp. 141
What Is the Internet?p. 142
What's an ISP and Why Do I Need One?p. 143
Setting Up Internet Explorer the First Timep. 144
How Do I Navigate the Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer?p. 148
The Web Page Says It Needs a Weird Plug-In Thing!p. 154
Saving Information from the Internetp. 155
It Doesn't Work!p. 160
The Pages Won't All Fit on My Screen!p. 161
Chapter 9 Sending Mail and Instant Messagesp. 163
Using Outlook Expressp. 163
Bugging Friends with Windows Messengerp. 177
Chapter 10 Safe Computingp. 185
Assessing Your Safety in XP's Security Centerp. 185
Staying Safe on the Internetp. 191
Maintaining Your Privacy in Windows XPp. 198
Part IV Customizing and Upgrading Windows XPp. 203
Chapter 11 Customizing Windows XP with the Control Panelp. 205
Finding the Right Switch in the Control Panelp. 206
Changing Windows' Appearance and Themesp. 207
Changing Network and Internet Connectionsp. 213
Adding or Removing Programsp. 214
Adjusting Windows XP's Soundsp. 218
Performance and Maintenancep. 220
Adding Printers and Other Hardwarep. 221
Fiddling with User Accountsp. 226
Setting the Date, Time, Language, and Regional Optionsp. 226
Accessibility Optionsp. 227
Security Centerp. 228
Icons to Avoidp. 228
Chapter 12 Keeping Windows from Breakingp. 229
Creating a Restore Pointp. 230
Tuning Up Windows XP with Built-In Maintenance Toolsp. 231
Fiddling with Driversp. 240
Cleaning Your Computerp. 241
Chapter 13 Sharing One Computer with Several Peoplep. 243
Understanding User Accountsp. 244
Setting Up or Changing User Accountsp. 246
Switching Quickly between Usersp. 248
Changing a User Account's Picturep. 250
Setting Up Passwords and Securityp. 251
Chapter 14 Connecting Two or More Computers with a Networkp. 255
Understanding a Network's Partsp. 256
Setting Up a Small Networkp. 258
Setting Up a Wireless Connectionp. 265
Troubleshooting a Networkp. 267
Sharing and Accessing Your Computer's Files and Foldersp. 268
Sharing a Printer on the Networkp. 270
Part V Music, Movies, Memories (And Photos, Too)p. 273
Chapter 15 Playing and Copying Music in Media Playerp. 275
Stocking Media Player's Libraryp. 276
Understanding Media Player's Controlsp. 278
Playing CDsp. 279
Playing DVDsp. 281
Playing Videos and TV Showsp. 283
Playing Music Files (MP3s and WMAs)p. 284
Playing Internet Radio Stationsp. 285
Creating, Saving, and Editing Playlistsp. 285
Copying CDs to Your Hard Diskp. 287
Duplicating Music CDsp. 289
Copying Songs to Your Portable Playerp. 290
Buying Music and Movies from Online Storesp. 291
Chapter 16 Fiddling with Photos and Moviesp. 295
Using Your Computer as a Digital Shoeboxp. 296
Creating, Editing, and Viewing Digital Moviesp. 310
Part VI Help!p. 321
Chapter 17 The Case of the Broken Windowp. 323
My New Computer Keeps Getting Shut Down!p. 323
Restoring Calm with System Restorep. 324
My Mouse Doesn't Work Rightp. 326
My Double-Clicks Are Now Single Clicks!p. 327
Making and Using a Password Reset Diskp. 327
Making Older Programs Run under Windows XPp. 329
It Says I Need to Be an Administrator!p. 330
I'm Stuck in Menu Landp. 330
All My Desktop Icons Vanishedp. 331
My Computer Is Frozen Up Solidp. 331
The Printer Isn't Working Rightp. 332
Chapter 18 Strange Messages: What You Did Does Not Computep. 333
Access Is Deniedp. 333
Allow This Page to Install ActiveX Controlsp. 334
AutoCompletep. 335
Click Here to Activate Nowp. 335
Did You Notice the Information Bar?p. 336
Do You Want to Run This File?p. 336
Error Renaming File or Folderp. 337
Found New Hardwarep. 337
Language Pack Installationp. 338
Hiding Your Inactive Notification Iconsp. 338
If You Remove This File, You Will No Longer Be Able to Run This Programp. 339
New Fax Receivedp. 339
New Programs Installedp. 340
New Updates Are Ready to Installp. 340
The Publisher Could Not Be Verifiedp. 341
There Are Unused Icons on Your Desktopp. 342
To Help Protect Your Computer, Windows Firewall Has Blocked This Programp. 342
When You Send Information to the Internetp. 343
Windows Cannot Open This Filep. 344
You Have Files Waiting to Be Written to the CDp. 344
Chapter 19 Moving from an Old Computer to a New Onep. 347
Using the File and Settings Transfer Wizardp. 348
My New Computer Won't Open My Old Computer's Files!p. 356
Disposing of the Old Computerp. 357
Chapter 20 Help on the Windows XP Help Systemp. 359
Get Me Some Help, and Fast!p. 359
Consulting a Program's Built-In Computer Gurup. 363
Using the Windows Help and Support Centerp. 365
Part VII The Part of Tensp. 367
Chapter 21 Ten Aggravating Things about Windows XP (And How to Fix Them)p. 369
Windows Makes Me Log On All the Time!p. 369
Turning Down (Or Up) the Volumep. 370
The Taskbar Keeps Disappearing!p. 371
My Bar Full of Buttons Just Fell Off!p. 371
Keeping Track of Open Windowsp. 372
Lining Up Two Windows on the Screenp. 372
It Won't Let Me Do Something Unless I'm an Administrator!p. 373
My Folders List the Wrong Task Panes!p. 373
What Version of Windows Do I Have?p. 374
My Print Screen Key Doesn't Workp. 374
Chapter 22 Ten Things to Remember about Windows XPp. 375
When in Doubt, Right-Clickp. 375
Create Restore Pointsp. 376
Make Windows Update Automaticp. 376
Show the Quick Launch Toolbarp. 376
Add Your Favorite Goodies to the Quick Launch Toolbarp. 376
Use the Show Desktop Iconp. 377
Use BCC When Forwarding E-Mailsp. 377
Add Your Own User Account Picturep. 377
Share Files with Other User Accountsp. 378
Make Windows Open to the Size You Wantp. 378
Lock Your PC before Leavingp. 378
Chapter 23 Ten Things to Look Forward to in the Next Version of Windowsp. 379
It Won't Run Well on Older Computersp. 379
Longhorn Looks Much Prettierp. 379
New Improved Digital Photo Viewerp. 380
Improved Securityp. 380
Improved Filing Systemp. 380
Longhorn Supports DVD Burningp. 380
Appendix A Upgrading to Windows XPp. 381
Indexp. 387