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Multicultural cookbook of life-cycle celebrations
Webb, Lois Sinaiko.
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Phoenix, AZ : Oryx Press, [2000]

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lvi, 473 pages ; 26 cm
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Using concrete examples, this optimistic book illustrates the ways in which structual social work theory is bieng successfully implemented in social work practice. By providing examples of what does work in structural social work practice, it offers hope to others that this work is not only possible, but that it is happening, it is effective, and the rest of us can do it too.

Author Notes

LOIS SINAIKO WEBB is a restaurant consultant and caterer in Seabrook, Texas. She owned and operated a seafood restaurant for 15 years which she closed in 1986 in order to travel and write for many food service publications. In 1988, while in the People's Republic of China, Ms. Webb taught American cooking to 54 chefs in the Jilin Province.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xix
Getting Startedp. xxi
Glossaryp. xxiv
Introductionp. xxxix
Religious Life-Cycle Rituals and Customsp. xl
Africap. 1
Tanzaniap. 3
Mkate wa Ufutep. 3
Yeast Pancake Bread
Ndizi na Nyamap. 4
Stewed Tomatoes with Bananas
Bata Iliyokaushwap. 4
Zanzibar Duck
Kenyap. 5
Iriop. 6
Corn and Bean Mash
Mtorip. 7
Plantain and Beef Soup
Somaliap. 7
Huris Hilibp. 8
Veal with Tomatoes
Skudahkharisp. 9
Lamb and Rice
Fatirp. 9
Barley Bread
Ethiopia and Eritreap. 10
Yegomen Kitfop. 12
Collards with Spiced Cottage Cheese
Tsebhi Derehop. 13
Chicken in Red Pepper Paste
Berberep. 13
Ethiopian Red Pepper Paste
H'Mbashap. 14
Spiced Bread
Ugandap. 14
Matokep. 15
Mashed Green Plantains
Chickennatp. 16
Chicken in Peanut Sauce
Mozambiquep. 17
Camarao de Cocop. 17
Coconut Shrimp
Sopa de Peixep. 18
Fish and Vegetable Soup
Steamed Milletp. 18
Madagascarp. 19
Varengap. 20
Shredded Beef
Bredesp. 20
Boiled greens
Banane Flambeep. 20
Flaming Bananas
Swazilandp. 21
Homemade Curry Powderp. 22
Kurmap. 23
Curried Chicken
South Africap. 23
Imbotyi Eluhlaza Brediep. 25
Green Bean and Lamb Stew
Denningvleisp. 26
Dried Fruit and Meat Curry
Borrie Rysp. 27
Turmeric Rice (also Funeral Rice)
Melk Tertp. 27
Milk Pie
Caramongscrapsp. 27
Cardamom and Coconut Cookies
Lesothop. 28
Putup. 29
Stiff Cornmeal Porridge
Dithotsep. 29
Roasted Melon Seeds
Zimbabwep. 29
Sadza ne Muriwop. 30
Vegetable Sauce with Cornmeal
Sadza ne Nyamap. 31
Cornmeal Porridge with Meat Stew
Dovip. 31
Beef Stew in Peanut Butter Sauce
Botswanap. 32
Mogodup. 32
Tripe in Tomato Sauce
Samosas Nama ya kgomop. 34
Ground Meat Fritters
Namibiap. 34
Oshingalip. 35
Black-eyed Peas
Um'Bidop. 35
Greens and Peanuts
Kuli-Kuli (also Kulikuli)p. 36
Peanut Patties
Angolap. 36
Bacalhau Gomes Sap. 37
Salt Cod with Boiled Potatoes
Caldeirada de Cabritop. 38
Lamb and Potato Casserole
Broap. 39
Portuguee Corn Bread
Cocada Amarelap. 39
Yellow Coconut Pudding
Democratic Republic of the Congop. 40
Mbisi ye Kalou na Losop. 40
Fish and Kale
Zambiap. 41
Nshimap. 42
Cornmeal Porridge with Sauce of Greens
Samp ye Dinawap. 42
Corn and Bean Mash
Zanibta or Malavap. 43
Lemon Grass Tea
Rwanda and Burundip. 43
Ibiharagep. 44
Fried Beans
Muhogo Tamup. 44
Beef and Cassava Stew
Kosarip. 45
Bean Balls with Meat
Central African Republicp. 46
Gombo Epinardp. 46
Spinach Stew
Egusi Potage (also Eggussi Potage)p. 47
Thick Meat Soup
Cameroonp. 48
Egussi (also Eggussi)p. 49
Steamed Fish Dumplings
Doh Dohp. 50
Boiled Plantains
Gabonp. 50
Gateaup. 51
French Bread
Poulet au Gnembouep. 52
Chicken Gabon-style
Sudanp. 52
Bani-Bamiap. 53
Lamb and Okra Stew
Shorbat Robep. 53
Yogurt and Cucumber Salad
Ful Sudanip. 54
Sudan-style Beans
Chadp. 54
Courgette avec Groundnutsp. 55
Zucchini with Peanuts
Maize avec Epinardsp. 55
Corn with Spinach
Broashehtp. 56
Brochettes (Grilled Meat on Skewer)
Nigerp. 56
Dundu Oniyerip. 57
Fried Yam Slices
Bondo Gombop. 58
Lamb Gumbo with Whole Wheat Dumplings
Whole Wheat Dumplingsp. 58
Nigeriap. 59
Ewa and Dodop. 59
Black-eyed Peas with Fried Bananas
Chinchinp. 60
Fried Pastries
Grubombop. 61
Stewed Okra and Tomatoes
Gnamacoudjip. 61
Pineapple Ginger Drink
Ghanap. 62
Aprapransap. 62
Palm Nut Stew
Fante Mbire Floweep. 63
Beef and Mushroom Stew
Hkatenkwanp. 64
Ginger Chicken and Okra
Tuo Zaafip. 64
Millet Porridge
Cote d'lvoirep. 65
Kedjenou a la N'Gatietrop. 66
Attiekep. 66
Cassava Meal
Jamma Jammap. 66
Spiced Greens
Sauce Arachidep. 67
Peanut Sauce
Sierra Leonep. 67
Ogede Sisep. 68
Boiled Bananas
Kanyap. 68
Peanut Candy
Liberiap. 69
Pepper Soupp. 70
Abalap. 70
Savory Steamed Rice
Kyekyire Paanop. 71
Toasted Cornmeal Cookies
Frejonp. 71
Beans with Cocoa
Guinea and Guinea-Bissaup. 72
Kansiyep. 73
Guinean Goulash (Stew)
Poisson de Guineep. 73
Guinean Fish
Senegal and Gambiap. 74
Mechouip. 75
Lamb Roast
Thiebou Nop Niebep. 75
Black-eyed Peas and Rice
Dem Saint-Louisp. 76
Stuffed Mullet, Saint-Louis Style
Boulettes de Poissonp. 77
Fish Balls in Sauce
Thiakry (also Chakrey)p. 77
Sweetened Couscous with Yogurt
Burkina Fasop. 78
Sauce aux Feuilles de Patates Doucesp. 79
Fish with Sweet Potato Greens
Yassap. 80
Chicken and Rice
Malip. 80
Le Top. 81
Two-Sauce Stew
Mauritaniap. 82
Lakh-lalop. 82
Fish Stew
Tamiyap. 83
Bean Balls
Meshwip. 83
Meat Kebabs
North Africap. 84
Moroccop. 85
Kab el Ghzalp. 85
Gazelle Horns (cookies)
Ksrap. 87
Moroccan Anise Bread
Fresh Orangesp. 88
Moroccan Dessert
Algeriap. 88
Chorba 'dessp. 88
Lentil Soup
Sferiap. 89
Chicken and Chickpeas with Cheese Croquettes
Cheese Croquettesp. 89
Chese Patties
Chlada Felfelp. 90
Tomato and Green Pepper Salad
El Maagounp. 90
Almond Honey Balls (cookies)
Khchafp. 91
Fruit Drink
Tunisiap. 91
Harissa (also Hrisa)p. 92
Fiery Red Pepper Seasoning
Tajine Chakchoukap. 92
Tunisian Baked Lamb Casserole
Tmar Mihchip. 93
Pistachio-Filled Candied Dates
The a la Menthe (also Etzia)p. 94
Mint Tea
Libyap. 94
Gibneh Beydahp. 95
Cheese Dip
Beid Mahship. 95
Stuffed Eggs
Sayadiap. 96
Fish with Lemon
Gdrap. 96
Chicken with Chickpeas
Hunkar Begendip. 97
Sultan's Pleasure
Fakha Tazap. 97
Fresh Fruit
Middle Eastp. 99
Egyptp. 100
Kahk El-eed Bel Agwap. 101
Feast Cookies with Date Filling
Date Fillingp. 102
Samnah Baladip. 102
Rendered Butter
Khoshafp. 103
Spiced Fruit Compote
Auberginen auf Agyptische Artp. 103
Egyptian-Style Eggplant Salad
Israelp. 104
Challahp. 105
Jewish Sabbath Bread
Hindel Zup (also Gilderne) mit Kreplachp. 106
Chicken Soup with Filled Dumplings
Kreplach (also Kissonim)p. 107
Jewish Dumplings
Kikar Skadim (also Mandelbrot)p. 107
Twice Baked Biscuits
Pashtidap. 109
Vegetarian Casserole
Sweet Couscousoup. 109
Sweet Noodle Pellets
Fleischig Tzimmesp. 110
Roast Brisket with Vegetable Medley
Lechig Cakep. 110
Honey Cake
Lebanonp. 111
Syriap. 111
Mujadarah (also Moudardara)p. 112
Rice and Lentils
Shouraba Il Kuthrap. 112
Vegetable Soup
Talameep. 113
Syrian Loaf Bread
Jaj Mishweep. 113
Syrian Roast Chicken
Jordanp. 114
Bamieh Bi Zaytp. 115
Okra in Olive Oil
Khobaz Arabeep. 115
Arab Bread
Deser-e Toot Farangip. 116
Strawberry Delight
Saudi Arabiap. 117
Munkaczinap. 118
Zesty Orange Salad
Fouja Djedadp. 119
Chicken-stuffed Apples
Cheloup. 119
Buttered Rice
Iraqp. 120
Abgushte Adasp. 121
Lentil Soup
Qu'mehp. 121
Minced Meat
Tamriahp. 122
Date Cakes
Iranp. 122
Sebzi Panierp. 123
Cheese and Herb Appetizer
Bessarap. 124
Fava Bean Puree
Javaher Polow (also Shereen Polow)p. 124
Sweet Rice (also Jeweled Rice)
Paludehp. 125
Persian Fruit Medley
Cyprusp. 125
Tiropeta Tou Spetioup. 126
Family-Style Spinach Pie
Afeliap. 127
Pork with Coriander
Bureksp. 128
Turkish Pasties
Seed Cakep. 128
Turkeyp. 129
Dugun Corbasip. 131
Wedding Soup
Baharatli Kuzup. 131
Spiced Leg of Lamb
Ic Pilavp. 132
Rice with Chicken Livers
Farareerp. 133
Bird Nests
Arabian Peninsulap. 133
Kuwaitp. 134
Omanp. 134
Qatarp. 135
United Arab Emiratesp. 135
Yemenp. 136
Yab-Rap. 136
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Mozat Bellabanp. 137
Braised Lamb Shanks in Yogurt Sauce
Maghrebiap. 138
Meat Stew with Couscous
Fattoushp. 138
Mixed Salad
Kharoffp. 139
Stuffed Crown Roast of Lamb
Kahvep. 139
Middle East Coffee
Bahrainp. 140
Kabab Barrehp. 141
Roasted Whole Baby Lamb
Borani Esf Anajp. 141
Spinach Salad
Muhallabiehp. 142
Rice Pudding
Europep. 143
Greecep. 144
Pastelip. 144
Seasame Seed and Honey Sweets
Koufetap. 145
Jordan Almonds Pouches
Kourabiedesp. 146
Wedding Cookies (White Shortbread Cookies)
Moustalevriap. 147
Grape Must Dessert
Psari Savorop. 147
Fried Fish with Rosemary Sauce
Saltsa Savorop. 148
Rosemary Sauce
Kollivap. 148
Memorial Wheat
Albaniap. 150
Liptaop. 150
Cheese Salad
Quofte Me Mentep. 151
Minted Meat Balls
Fasule Pllaqip. 151
Baked Lima Beans
E Maturp. 152
Almond Pastry
Bulgariap. 152
Renghap. 153
Smoked Herring Fillets (also Kipper Herring)
Shopska Salatap. 154
Cucumber Salad
Agneski Drebulijkip. 154
Shish Kebab
Romaniap. 155
Csorogep. 156
Cookie Pastry for Covering Branches
Ghivecip. 157
Medley of Vegetables Casserole
Mititeip. 157
Grilled Beef
Ayvarp. 158
Eggplant Salad
Tocana Cartofip. 158
Creamed Potatoes
Bors de Puip. 159
Poached Chicken
Former Yugoslavia--Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedoniap. 159
Kisela Corbap. 160
National Soup of Serbia
Bosanski Lonacp. 161
Bosnian Meat Pot
Podvarakp. 161
Baked Sauerkraut
Peceno Prasep. 162
Roast Suckling Pig
Prebanacp. 162
Baked Lima Beans
Triglav Strudelp. 163
Apple Filled Pastry
Hungaryp. 164
Korozott Juhturo (also Liptauer Garniert)p. 164
Cheese Spread
Toltott Kaposztap. 165
Stuffed Cabbage
Ostor Kalacsp. 166
Braided Coffeecake
Mandulas Szalamip. 166
Chocolate Marizpan Candy
Czech Republic and Republic of Slovakiap. 167
Sauerkrautp. 167
Fermented Cabbage
Knedliki s Veprova a Zelip. 168
Dumplings, Sauerkraut, and Roast Pork
Houskap. 168
Two Tier Braided Raisin Bread
Ovocne Knedlikyp. 169
Fruit Dumplings
Austriap. 170
Gerostete Brotsuppep. 171
Bread Soup
Wiener Schnitzelp. 172
Viennese Veal Cutlets
Spatzlep. 172
Tiny Dumplings
Wiener Eiskaffeep. 173
Viennese Iced Coffee
Switzerlandp. 173
Tomates au Fromagep. 174
Stuffed Tomatoes with Cheese
Aargauer Ruebli Tortep. 175
Carrot Cake
Confectioners' Sugar Icingp. 175
Totenbeinlip. 176
Almond Cookies
Schokoladen Tortep. 176
Chocolate Cake
Italyp. 177
Zuppa di Nozzep. 178
Wedding Soup
Torta di Biscottip. 179
Celebration Cookie Cake
Biscotti di Nozzep. 179
Wedding Cookies
Amarettip. 180
Famous Italian Cookies
Fave dei Mortep. 181
Dead Men's Beans
Portugalp. 181
Caldo Verdep. 181
Green Soup
Alcatrap. 182
Portuguese Pot Roast
Massa Sovadap. 183
Sweet Bread Buns
Barrigas de Freirasp. 184
Nuns' Bellies
Spainp. 184
Banderillasp. 185
Miniature Kebabs
Cocido Madrilenop. 185
Madrid Stew
Coliflor con Ali-olip. 186
Cauliflower in Garlic Mayonnaise
Ali-olip. 186
Garlic Mayonnaise
Pan Misturap. 187
Spanish Cornbread
Turronp. 187
Candy Nougats
Francep. 188
Chausson aux Champignonsp. 189
Mushroom Pastries
Patisserie Fromage avec Muscadep. 189
Nutmeg Cheese Pastry
Pain De Mariagep. 190
Wedding Bread
Croquembouchep. 191
Wedding Cake of Cream Puffs
Choux a la Cremep. 191
Cream Puffs
French Cream Fillingp. 193
Beignets Soufflesp. 193
Deep Fried Puff Pastry (also Fritters)
Poulet Marengop. 194
Chicken Marengo-style
Belgiump. 195
Whitloof Farci au Fromagep. 195
Belgian Endive with Ham in Cheese Sauce
Poussins aux Chicons en Cocottep. 196
Chicken and Belgian Endive Stew
Asperges de Malinesp. 196
Asparagus with Egg Sauce
Couque de Vise (also French Brioche)p. 197
Belgian Egg Bread
Rock Candy Crystalsp. 198
United Kingdomp. 199
Englandp. 199
Brandy Butter Stuffed Mushrooms on Toastp. 200
Spiced Prawnsp. 200
Spiced Shrimp
English Teap. 201
Ginger Cat Cookiesp. 202
English Fruitcake (English Wedding Cake)p. 202
Marzipan Topping for Fruitcakep. 203
Whipped Icingp. 204
English Rout Biscuitsp. 205
English Marzipan
Scotlandp. 205
Petticoat Tailsp. 206
Scottish Shortbread
Parkin (also Yorkshire Parkin)p. 206
Oatmeal Gingerbread
Poached Salmonp. 207
Howtowdiep. 208
Roast Chicken
Skirliep. 208
Oat Dressing
Dundee Cakep. 209
Light Fruitcake
Walesp. 210
Bara Brithp. 210
Speckled Bread
Brythyll a Chig Mochp. 210
Trout with Bacon
Caws Pobip. 211
Welsh Rarebit (also Welsh Rabbit)
Tatws Rhostp. 211
Oven-Fried Potatoes
Ffroisp. 212
Welsh Crepes
Irelandp. 212
January Puddingp. 213
Raspberry Jam Saucep. 213
Pea and Ham Soupp. 214
Soda Breadp. 215
Dublin Coddlep. 215
Dublin Stew or Sausage and Potato Stew
Kerry Cakep. 216
Apple Cake
Netherlandsp. 216
Candeelp. 217
Warm Beverage
Roomborstplaatp. 218
Brown Sugar Candy
Koggetjesp. 218
Caramelized Sugar Drop Cookies
Caramelized Sugarp. 219
Gedroogde Abrikozenp. 219
Apricot Compote
Gehaktnestjesp. 219
Meatball Nests
Germanyp. 220
Sauerbratenp. 221
Marinated Pot Roast
Homemade Horseradishp. 222
Erbspureep. 222
Stewed Yellow Peas
Kugelhopf (also Bundt Kuchen)p. 222
Sweet Bread
Polandp. 223
Salatka z Piklowanymi Jajkamip. 224
Polish Salad with Pickled Eggs
Pickled Eggsp. 224
Piroshkip. 225
Filled Pastries
Beef Filling for Piroshkip. 226
Pierogip. 226
Boiled Filled Pockets
Cheese filling for Pierogip. 227
Kielbasa z Kapustoyp. 227
Sausage with Cabbage
Mazurki Bakaliowep. 228
Fruitcake Tart
Scandinaviap. 228
Kransekage (also Kransekake or Kranskaka)p. 230
Wreath Cake (Scandinavian Wedding Cake)
Denmarkp. 231
Fyldt Svinemorbradp. 232
Danish Pork Tenderloins
Frikadeller mer Citonsovsp. 233
Danish Meat Balls with Lemon Sauce
Citronsovsp. 233
Danish Lemon Sauce
Syltede Rodbederp. 234
Danish Pickled Beets
Norwayp. 234
Spinatsuppep. 235
Spinach Soup
Rommegrotp. 236
Norwegian Sour Cream Porridge
Norwegian Sour Creamp. 236
Dyrestegp. 236
Roasted Venison
Swedenp. 237
Arter med Flaskp. 239
Pea Soup with Pork
Swedish Mustard Saucep. 239
Varsorgasarp. 240
Finger Sandwiches
Lokdolmarp. 240
Stuffed Onions
White Saucep. 241
Familjens Raddningp. 241
"Save the Family" Herring Platter
Finlandp. 242
Pullap. 243
Cardamom Bread
Hieno Nimipaivarinkilap. 244
Fancy Name Day Sweet Bread
Ruiskakutp. 244
Rye Cookies
Mansikkakakkup. 245
Strawberry Cream Cake
Kermakakkup. 246
Cream Pound Cake
Icelandp. 246
Fiskbudingurp. 247
Fish Souffle
Golden Glazed Lamb Spareribsp. 248
Agurkesalatp. 249
Pickled Cucumber Salad
Sykur Kakap. 249
Little Sugar Cakes
Baltic Nationsp. 250
Lithuaniap. 250
Kugelisp. 251
Potato Pudding
Bulvinis Ragaisisp. 251
Potato Bread
Latviap. 252
Undens Klingerp. 252
Pretzel Rolls
Saldskabmaizep. 253
Sweet-Sour Bread
Estoniap. 254
Rossol'yep. 254
Potato Salad
Pannkoogidp. 255
Dessert Pancakes with Fruit Marmalade
The Independent States of the Former Soviet Unionp. 256
The Russian Federationp. 257
Karavaip. 258
Wedding Loaf
Zakouska Tablep. 259
Appetizer Table
Stolichnyi Salatp. 259
Russian Salad
Blinip. 260
Russian Pancakes
Baklazhannaya Ikrap. 261
Eggplant Caviar
Kartofel'naya Zapekankap. 261
Casserole of Mashed Potatoes
Kvas (also Kvass)p. 262
Mint-Flavored Bread Drink
Belarusp. 263
Smetanap. 263
Homemade Sour Cream
Kolbasa z Kapustovp. 263
Sausage and Cabbage
Kotlety Pojarskip. 264
Meat Cutlets (also Meat Patties)
Chaip. 265
Russian Tea
Ukrainep. 265
Krendelp. 267
Sweet Bread
Koulibiac (also Coulibiac)p. 267
Salmon in Puff Pastry
Zulynez Gribnoyp. 269
Baked Mushrooms in Sour Cream
Paliushkyp. 269
Walnut Finger Cookies
Moldova Republicp. 270
Kartophelnye Varenikyp. 271
Stuffed Potato Dumplings
Armeniap. 271
Churekp. 272
Armenian Flat Bread with Sesame Seeds
Hadigp. 272
Wheat Berries with Pomegranate and Raisins
Georgiap. 273
Satsivip. 273
Chicken with Spicy Walnut Sauce
Korkotip. 274
Wheat Berries with Honey and Nuts
Churchkhelap. 274
Grape and Walnut Candies
Pelamuship. 275
Grape-Flavored Cornmeal Squares
Azerbaijanp. 276
Pitip. 276
Lamb Stew with Apricots and Prunes
Central Asian Republicsp. 277
Kazakhstanp. 277
Alma-Ata Plovp. 278
Pilaf with Meat and Fruit
Kartophelnye Piroshki z Baraninoyp. 278
Lamb and Potato Cakes
Uzbekistanp. 279
Tort iz Sushyonykh Fruktov I Orekhovp. 279
Dried Fruit and Nut Tart
Tart Pastryp. 280
Tajikistanp. 280
Bulgur Plovp. 280
Bulgur Pilaf
Kyrgyzstanp. 281
Salatp. 281
Tomato, Cucumber, and Yogurt Salad
Chai iz Revenyap. 281
Rhubarb Tea
Turkmenistanp. 282
Sladkoye Pyechenye Iz Gryetskikh Orekhovp. 282
Walnut Brittle
Asiap. 283
Indian Subcontinentp. 285
Gheep. 285
Clarified Butter
Chapatisp. 285
Indian Bread
Parathasp. 286
Pan Fried Breads
Purisp. 286
Deep Fried Breads
Phulkasp. 287
Small Flatbreads
Afghanistanp. 287
Naanp. 288
Afghan Teardrop-shaped Bread
Chakap. 289
Afghan Yogurt Sauce
Maushauwap. 289
Meatball Soup
Sesame Halvahp. 290
Sesame Candy
Pakistanp. 290
Kimochdunp. 292
Almond and Apricot Bread
Murgh Biryanip. 293
Chicken Pilaf
Sai Goshtp. 294
Spinach with Meat
Masalap. 294
Hot Spice Paste
Peela Chaavalp. 295
Yellow Rice with Garnishes
Badam Paprhp. 295
Almond Sweetmeat
Indiap. 296
Simia Belatip. 297
Stuffed Tomatoes
Meeta Pilaup. 298
Sweet Saffron Rice
Badam Pistaz Barfip. 299
Almond and Pistachio Candy
Korma Durbarip. 299
Roast Lamb for a Banquet
Sri Lankap. 300
Kadhip. 302
Yogurt Sauce
Samosap. 302
Vegetarian Pastries
Vadasp. 303
Fried Lentil Puffs
Bangladeshp. 304
Brindabonip. 305
Snowpeas and Sweet Potatoes
Kichri (also Khitcherie)p. 305
Indian Rice with Vegetables
Kedgereep. 306
Yellow Rice with Smoked Haddock or Fresh Fish
Boiled Finnan Haddiep. 306
Boiled Smoked Haddock
Nepalp. 306
Poppadumsp. 307
Bean or Lentil Flatbread (Wafers)
Daal bhaat Tarkaarip. 308
Lentils and Rice with Curried Vegetables
Rasgullap. 309
Cheese Balls in Syrup
Paneer cheena (soft) and Paneer tikki (firm)p. 309
Indian Cheeses
Bhutanp. 310
Masalap. 311
Spice Blend
Paneer dhuai Karip. 311
Fried Cheese with Yogurt Curry Sauce
People's Republic of China and Taiwanp. 311
Pei-ching-k'ao-yap. 312
Peking Duck
Po-pingp. 314
Mandarin Pancakes
Shib-chin-kuo-pinp. 315
Watermelon Shell filled with Fruit
Myanmar (Burma)p. 315
Ohnhtaminp. 317
Coconut Rice
Weta Hinp. 317
Curried Pork
Thorebut Htaminp. 317
Buttered Rice with Raisins and Roasted Cashews
Thailandp. 318
Kao Hom Moop. 319
Thai Pork and Fragrant Rice
Nam Tuap. 320
Peanut Sauce
Ma Hop. 320
Pork and Pineapple
Gai Pad Khing Hed Hoo Noop. 321
Stir-Fry Chicken with Wood Mushrooms
Laos/Cambodiap. 321
Sweet and Sour Soupp. 322
Phoat Khsatp. 323
Royal Rice
Njump. 323
Bamboo Shoot Salad
Vietnamp. 324
Thit Ga Xao Dam Gung Sap. 325
Chicken with Lemon Grass
Cha-giop. 325
Pork Rolls
Nuoc Champ. 326
Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
Koreap. 326
Kook Soop. 328
Noodle Soup with Meatballs
Daikon Kimchip. 329
Pickled Radishes
Kongnamulp. 329
Cooked Bean Sprouts
Japanp. 330
Onigari-yakip. 330
Broiled Shrimp in Soy Sauce
Hikicha Manju (also Kohaku Manju)p. 330
Red Bean Paste Buns
Tai No Tsumire Wanp. 332
Clear Broth with Fish Dumplings
Daship. 333
Basic Broth
Nori-maki Suship. 333
Vinegar Rice and Fish in Seaweed
Maki-Zushi (also Sushi Rice)p. 334
Japanese Vinegar-flavored Rice
Shredded Omeletp. 335
Sekibanp. 335
Red Festive Rice
Philippinesp. 336
Rellenong Manokp. 337
Roasted Stuffed Chicken
Bigon (also Bihon)p. 338
Filipino Longevity Noodles
Habas con Chorizosp. 339
Sausage and Chickpea Salad
Malaysia and Singaporep. 339
Nasi Kuning Lengkapp. 340
Yellow Rice in Cone-shape
Rempahp. 341
Coconut-Beef Patties
Begedilp. 342
Potato Cutlets
Indonesiap. 342
Nasi Uduk/Gurihp. 343
Rice in Coconut Milk
Rendangp. 343
Spiced Coconut Beef
Sambal Goreng Udangp. 344
Shrimp in Spicy Sauce
Fijip. 344
Shrimp Palusamip. 345
Shrimp in Coconut Cream
Fresh Coconut for Gratingp. 346
Lolop. 346
Coconut Milk
Coconut Creamp. 346
Papua New Guineap. 347
Vuaka Vavi Ena Lovop. 348
Roast Suckling Pig
Poep. 349
Baked Fruit Pudding
Australiap. 349
Yabby Cocktailp. 351
Crayfish Cocktail
Puftaloonsp. 352
Steak and Mushroom Pie
Lamingtonsp. 353
Small Coconut Cakes
Macadamia Bickiesp. 354
Macadamia Nut Cookies
New Zealandp. 355
Maori Potato Breadp. 356
Sweet Potato and Apple Casserolep. 357
Grapefruit, Kiwi, and Watercress Saladp. 357
Caribbeanp. 359
Black Wedding Cakep. 360
Caribbean Fruit Cake
Butter Cream Icingp. 361
Trinidad and Tobagop. 362
Pudding and Sousep. 362
Blood Sausage with Lime-Marinated Pork
Floatsp. 363
Fried Yeast Bread
Papaya, Coconut, and Sweet Yam Puddingp. 364
Grenadap. 365
Cold Cream of Breadfruit Soupp. 365
Guava Piep. 366
Whipped Evaporated Milkp. 366
Puerto Ricop. 367
Mofongop. 368
Plantain Spread
Asopao de Pollop. 368
Chicken Casserole
Pepinos en Salsa de Naranjap. 369
Stewed Cucumbers in Orange Sauce
Dominican Republicp. 370
Bacalaitosp. 370
Fried Cod Fritters
Frituras de Namep. 371
Fried Yam Cakes
Pan Dulce de Harina de Maizp. 372
Sweet Corn Bread
Haitip. 373
Riz Creolep. 373
Creole Rice
Extra-Rich Hominy Gritsp. 374
Pain Haitienp. 374
Haitian Bread
Griots De Porcp. 375
Marinated Spicy Pork
Jamaicap. 376
Stuffed Cho-chop. 376
Stuffed Chayote
Roast Pork Calypsop. 377
Planter's Cakep. 378
Layer Cake with Mocha Icing
Mocha Cream Icingp. 378
Matrimonyp. 379
Fresh Fruit Medley
Bahamasp. 379
Groom's Gold Wedding Cakep. 380
Sand Torte
Calaloup. 381
Crab Stew with Okra and Greens
Fungip. 381
Cornmeal Dumplings
Gungap. 382
Pigeon Peas and Rice
Cubap. 382
Lechoncito Asadop. 383
Cuban Suckling Pig
Mojo Criollop. 384
Cuban Pork Sauce
Piononosp. 384
Stuffed Plantains
Pastel de Maizp. 385
Chicken Pie with Corn Topping
Latin Americap. 387
Chilep. 388
Congrio en Fuente de Barrop. 388
Fish with Tomatoes and Onions
Aquacates Rellenosp. 389
Stuffed Avocados
Argentinap. 389
Empanadas de Hornop. 390
Baked Meat-filled Turnovers
Turnover Pastry Doughp. 390
Alfajores Santafecinosp. 391
Frosted Caramel-filled Cookies
Dulce de Lechep. 392
Carmel-flavored Milk Pudding
Uruguayp. 392
Albondigasp. 393
Meatballs Uruguay-style
Lomo de Cerdo a la Caucanap. 393
Pork Loin Baked in Milk
Boliviap. 394
Guiso de Repollop. 394
Cabbage in Sauce
Pastel de Chocio con Relleno de Pollop. 395
Chicken pie Bolivian-Style
Brazilp. 396
Paezinhos de Batata Docep. 396
Brazilian Sweet Potato Rolls
Xinxim de Galinhap. 397
Chicken with Shrimp and Peanut Sauce
Farofa de Azeite de Dendep. 398
Cassava Meal with Palm Oil
Paraguayp. 398
So'O-Yosopyp. 399
Beef Soup
Caldo de Zapallo Tiernop. 400
Zucchini Soup
Sopa Paraguayap. 400
Paraguayan Corn Bread
Perup. 401
Ocopa a l'Arequipenap. 401
Potatoes and Shrimp with Peanut Sauce
Alfajor de Huaurap. 402
Peruvian Pineapple Layer Cake
Ecuadorp. 403
Puerco Horneadop. 404
Ecuador Pork Roast
Pollo en Salsa de Huevosp. 405
Chicken in Egg Sauce
Ensalada Mixtap. 405
Mixed Salad
Vinaigrettep. 405
Oil and Vinegar Dressing
Colombiap. 406
Sobrebarriga Bogotanap. 406
Flank Steak, Bogota-style
Papas Chorreadasp. 407
Potatoes with Cheese and Onion Sauce
Pico de Gallop. 408
Jicama Salad
Venezuelap. 408
Caviar Criollop. 409
Creole Caviar
Cachapas de Jojotop. 409
Corn Pancakes
Arepasp. 410
Venezuelan Corn Bread
Guyanap. 410
Rotisp. 411
Flatbread with Coconut
Prawn Bhajip. 411
Curried Shrimp
Panamap. 412
Pebellon Caraquenop. 413
Steak with Rice, Black Beans, and Plantains
Fried Plantains or Bananasp. 413
Costa Ricap. 413
Arroz con Pollop. 414
Chicken and Rice
Tamal de Elotep. 414
Corn Pudding
Cejeta de Lechep. 415
Milk Fudge
Nicaraguap. 415
Sopa de Chayotep. 416
Chayote Soup
Nacatamalesp. 416
Nicaraguan Tamales
Masa for Nacatamalesp. 417
Pastel de Tres Lechesp. 418
Three Milks Cake
Meringue Frostingp. 418
Hondurasp. 419
Pan de Bananop. 420
Banana Bread
Dulce de Quesop. 420
Sweet Cheese
El Salvadorp. 420
Los Camotesp. 421
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Pupusas de Chicharronp. 421
Salvadoran Pies
Guatemalap. 422
Mole Poblano de Guajolotep. 422
Turkey Roasted in Chocolate Chili Sauce
Arroz Guatemalteop. 423
Guatemala-style Rice
North Americap. 425
Mexicop. 426
Torta del Cielop. 426
Heavenly Cake
Tejas de Bodap. 427
Wedding Cakes
Yemitasp. 427
Egg Yolk Candies
Taquitosp. 428
Little Tacos
Canadap. 429
Soupe a la Moruep. 430
Cod Soup
Ragout de Boulettesp. 430
Small Meatballs
Tourtiere de la Gaspesiep. 431
Three Meats Pie
Sucre a la Cremep. 432
Sugar-Cream Confection
Petits Foursp. 433
Small Individual Cakes
Chocolate Fillingp. 434
Sweet Icingp. 435
Batons de Noisettesp. 435
Nut Stick Cookies
United Statesp. 436
African Americanp. 437
Chitlins (also Chitterlings)p. 437
Skillet-Fried Hog Intestines
Mock Lemon Piep. 438
Vinegar Pie
Strawberry Iced Tea Punchp. 438
The Amishp. 439
Schwingfelderp. 440
Saffron Wedding Cake Bread
Scrapple (also Ponhaws)p. 441
Fried Pork Cakes
Shoo-Fly Pie (also Shoofly or Wet-bottom Pie)p. 442
Molasses Pie
Acadian (Cajun)p. 442
Boudin Blancp. 443
White Meat Sausage
Des Ecrevisses Bouilliesp. 444
Boiled Crawfish
Sauce Remouladep. 444
Famous Cajun Sauce
Ecrevisse Etouffeep. 445
Crawfish Stew
Gateau a la Montagne Blanchep. 446
White Mountain Cake
Basic Pie Crustp. 446
Bibliographyp. 447
Indexp. 449