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The gun control debate : you decide
The gun control debate : you decide
Nisbet, Lee.
Second edition.
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Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2001.
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580 pages ; 23 cm.
America as a gun culture / Richard Hofstadter -- Social problems and sagecraft : gun control as a case in point / William R. Tonso -- The great American gun war / B. Bruce-Briggs -- Ideology, politics, and propaganda / Gary Kleck -- Get rid of the damned things / Roger Rosenblatt -- Guns in America : what must be done / Newsweek -- The new age of anxiety / Barbara Kantrowitz -- Say yes to serious gun control / Business week -- Media bias : gun control, assault weapons, cop-killer bullets, the Goetz case, and other alarms in the night / Gary Kleck -- Why Americans fear the wrong things / Barry Glassner -- Risky business : vividness, availability, and the media paradox / John Ruscio -- Understanding and preventing violence / Albert J. Reiss and Jeffrey A. Roth -- Lethal violence in America / Franklin E. Zimring and Gordon Hawkins -- The technology of personal violence / Philip J. Cook -- Guns and violence : an interpretive review of the field / Gary Kleck -- Handgun regulations, crime, assaults, and homicide / John Henry Sloan ... [et al.] -- Rates of homicide, suicide, and firearm-related death among children / Morbidity and mortality weekly report -- International comparisons and the Killias research / Gary Kleck -- Guns in the household / J.P. Kassirer -- Gun ownership as a risk factor for homicide in the home / Arthur L. Kellermann ... [et al.] -- Case control research on homicidal behavior / Gary Kleck -- The myth that murderers are ordinary gun owners / Don B. Kates ... [et al.] -- Nonfatal and fatal firearm-related injuries / Journal of the American Medical Association -- The medical/public health literature on guns and violence / Gary Kleck -- Children and guns / David B. Kopel -- Self-defense / Philip J. Cook -- Armed resistance to crime : the prevalence and nature of self-defense with a gun / Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz -- A tribute to a view I have opposed / Marvin E. Wolfgang -- Easing concealed firearm laws : effects on homicide in three states / David McDowall, Colin Loftin, Brian Wiersema -- Gun decontrol : when Florida made it easier to get carry permits / Gary Kleck -- More guns, less crime / John Lott -- To keep and bear arms : the origins of an Anglo-American right / Joyce Lee Malcolm -- "To keep and bear arms" / Garry Wills.
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