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The ethics of abortion : pro-life vs. pro-choice
Baird, Robert M., 1937-
Third edition.
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Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2001.
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354 pages ; 23 cm.
Abortion / Richard Selzer -- The bad old days / Ellen Messer and Kathryn E. May -- The abortion orphans / Anna Quindlen -- Saving babies left to die : states providing safe landing for abandoned infants / Rick Hampson -- Brief lives / Miriam Jordan -- Who will do abortions here? / Jack Hitt -- Roe v. Wade : the 1973 Supreme Court decision on state abortion laws -- Webster v. Reproductive Health Services -- Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Robert P. Casey -- Don Stenberg, Attorney General of Nebraska et al., petitioners v. Leroy Carhart -- Roe v. Wade at twenty-five : still illegitimate / Michael W. McConnell -- On the origins of privacy / Melvin L. Wulf -- Religious liberty and abortion : Casey as catch-22 / Paul D. Simmons -- Abortion and the sexual agenda / Sidney Callahan -- Our bodies, our souls / Naomi Wolf -- We must rescue them / Gary Leber -- A Catholic theologian at an abortion clinic / Daniel C. Maguire -- Personhood, the Bible, and abortion / Paul D. Simmons -- Christians and abortion / Richard Schoenig -- Life in the tragic dimension : a sermon on abortion / Roger A. Paynter -- A defense of abortion / Judith Jarvis Thomson -- Nature as demonic in Thomson's defense of abortio / John T. Wilcox -- On the moral and legal status of abortion / Mary Anne Warren -- An appeal for consistency / Harry J. Gensler -- The fetus and fundamental rights / Joan C. Callahan -- Why abortion is immoral / Don Marquis -- Asymmetric value and abortion, with a reply to Don Marquis / Jeffrey H. Reiman -- Abortion and brain waves / Gregg Easterbrook.
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