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Perspectives in business ethics
Hartman, Laura Pincus.
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Second edition.
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Boston : McGraw-Hill, [2002]

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xvii, 811 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Perspectives in Business Ethics offers a foundation in ethical thought, followed by a variety of perspectives on difficult ethical dilemmas in both the personal and professional context. This anthology encourages the reader to "critically evaluate each perspective using his or her own personal ethical theory base." Instructors who favor an interactive, discussion-oriented approach to the ethics course will appreciate the different perspectives offered by the Hartman text. The contemporary topics and contexts will energize your classroom: international worker's rights, PETA's controversial anti-milk campaign, Stonyfield Farms' emphasis on good corporate citizenship and many more.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Ethical Theories and Approaches
Chapter 1 Traditional Theories
1 LeviathanThomas Hobbes
2 Of the state of NatureJohn Locke
3 Grounding for the Metaphysics of MoralsImmanuel Kant
4 The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20: 1-17, The Bible
5 "When Justice Replaces Affection: The Need for Rights,"Jeremy Waldron
6 UtilitarianismJohn Stuart Mill
7 "Some Problems of Utilitarianism,"Richard A. Posner
8 The Ones Who Walk Away from OmelasUrsula K. Le Guin
9 "Aristotelian Ethics,”Camille Atkinson and Candice Fredrick
10 "Distributive Justice,"John Rawls
11 "The Entitlement Theory,"Robert Nozick
12 "Closing Argument in Leopold and Loeb case”Clarence Darrow
13 "Whenever I need to do some serious thinking. . . ," Calvin & Hobbes cartoonWatterson
Chapter 2 Application of Traditional Theories to Modern Business Decision Making
1 "It seems right in theory but does it work in practice?"Norm Bowie
2 "The Art of War,"Sun Tzu
3 "Some Thoughts on the Meaning of Business Ethics,"Barbara Ley Toffler
4 "America''s Persecuted Minority: Big Business,"Ayn Rand
5 "The One-Minute Moralist,"Robert Solomon
6 "Is Business Bluffing Ethical?"Albert Z. Carr
7 "Profit: Some Moral Reflections,"Paul Camenisch
8 The Ideas of Ayn RandRonald Merrill
9 "The Divine Right of Capital: Is Maximizing Returns to Shareholders a Legitimate Mandate?"Marjorie Kelly
10 "Psychoethics"Terri Kaye Needle and Martin J. Lecker
11 Pondering PrometheusKiren Dosanjh
12 Lynn Sharp Paine, "Venturing Beyond Compliance”
13 "The Constitution and ServiceMaster''s First Company Objective," by The ServiceMaster Company
Chapter 3 Individual Decision Making
1 "Careful Decision Making,"Calvin and Hobbes cartoon and Watterson
2 "Quiz Yourself on Business Ethics,"Dawn-Marie Driscoll and W. Michael Hoffman and Edward Petry
3 "Morality: The Basic Rules,"Robert Solomon
4 The "Real-Life" of a Student - Term Papers for Sale,
5 The Good Samaritan, Luke 10: 30-37, The Bible
6 "Should Ethics Be Taught in College?"David Thies
7 Obedience to AuthorityStanley Milgram
8 "The Day Has Come . . . to Take an Accounting of My Life"
Chapter 4 Critical Ethical Analysis Based on An Understanding of Perceptual Differences: A Decision-Making Model
1 "A Stakeholder Theory of The Modern Corporation"R. Edward Freeman
2 "The Parable of the Sadhu"Bowen H. McCoy
3 "The Rashomon Effect,"Patricia Werhane
4 "A Jury of Her Peers,"Susan Glaspell
5 "Where and Why Did Business Ethicists Go Wrong? The Case of Dow Corning Corporation,"Daryl Koehn
6 "Just because it''s legal, Is it ethical?"Jeffrey Seglin
Chapter 5 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: One and the Same?
1 "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits"Milton Friedman
2 "Arguments for and Against Corporate Social Responsibility,"N. Craig Smith
3 "The Wealth of Nations”Adam Smith
4 "Maximizing Ethics and Profits,"Patrick Primeaux, S.M
5 "Smith and Friedman on the Pursuit of Self-Interest and Profit,”Harvey James and Farhad Rassekh
6 Dodge v. Ford Motor Co.Hon. J. Ostrander
7 "How Business Can Be Good,"(and Why Being Good is Good for Business)Jeffrey Seglin
8 "A Hanging,"George Orwell
9 "Reputation Quotient: Surveys Find Many Consumers Hold Companies Responsible for Their Actions."
10 "Transformation at Shell: Commerce and Citizenship,”Philip Mirvis
Chapter 6 Corporate Strategy and Decision Making: Accountability
1 "Profitable Ethical Programs"Jason Lunday
2 "Moral Leadership and Business Ethics,"Al Gini
3 Topic Study: Federal Sentencing Guidelines - a. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, United States Sentencing Commission Data b. Charts c. "Hoffman-LaRoche Case: A Sentencing Guidelines Milestone,"Jeffrey M. Kaplan
4 The PrinceNicolo Machiavelli
5 "Ethical Dilemmas Regarding Competitive Intelligence,"Thomas Furtado
6 "Airline Travel: Safety at What Price?"Kenneth Boyer
7 Topic Study: Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
a "Space Shuttle Challenger, Mission 51-L Lauch Decision,"Kurt HooverWallace T. Fowler
b "Roger Boisjoly on the Space Shuttle Disaster,"Roger Boisjoly
c Report of the Presidential Commission on the SpaceShuttle Challenger Accident
d "Department of Disputation: Blowup,”Malcolm Gladwell
Chapter 7 Corporate Strategy and Decision-Making: Corporate Culture and Reputation Management
1 "Managing Ethics and Legal Compliance: What Works and What Hurts,"Linda Klebe Trevino and Gary R. Weaver and David G. Gibson and Barbara Ley Toffler
2 "Corporate Codes and Ethics Programs,"Michael Deck
3 "Motorola as Ovid: Using Myth to Inspire Ethical Behavior in Business,”Kiren Dosanjh
4 Stonyfield Farm''s Mission Statement
5 "Do Codes of Conduct Deliver the Goods?”Maureen Quigley
6 The PrinceNicolo Machiavelli
Part 2 Ethics in The Business Disciplines
Chapter 8 Ethics and HRM: Values of the Employment Relationship
1 "The Ethics of Employment Law: Whose Power is it Anyway?"Roger Johns
2 Topic Study: Downsizing
a "Metaphor of The Surviving Children," from Healing the WoundsDavid Noer
b "The Workers in the Vineyard," Matthew 20: 1-16, The Bible
c "The Ethics of Downsizing,"Frank Navran
d "General Motors and the Art of Truth-Telling,"Jason Drucker
e "Pinnacle Brands: A Strike Puts Employees Up to Bat,"Gillian Flynn
f "When Fear of Firing Deters Hiring,"Jeffrey Seglin
3 Topic Study: The Balance of Power
a "Masculine vs. Feminine Styles,”Camille Atkinson and Candice Fredrick
b Harris v.Forklift Systems, Inc.
c Faragher v. City of Boca Raton
d "The Faragher Affirmative Defense: A Checklist,”Kiren Dosanjh
e "Questions and Answers for Small Employers on Employer Liability for Harassment by Supervisors," by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
4 Topic Study: Drug Testing
a "Issues in Drug Testing for The Private Sector,"George Gray and Darrel Brown
b "Is Employee Drug Testing The Answer?"Thomas Gollot and Mark Cohen and Eric Fillman
c "ACS Herbal Tea Company Materials”
5 Topic Study: Compensation - Comparable Worth
a "The Question of Wages,"Ruth Rosenbaum, TC
b American Nurses Association v. State of Illinois
c "Is Pay Equity Equitable?"Laura B. Pincus and Nick Mathys
d "A Free Market Approach to Comparable Worth,"Laura B. Pincus
6 Topic Study: Employee Loyalty - Whistleblowing
a "Whistleblowing and Trust: Some Lessons from the ADM Scandal,"Daryl Koehn
b "The Case of George and the Military Aircraft"M.C. McFarland
7 Topic Study: Discrimination and Affirmative Action - Legislated Ethics?
a "I''m not supposed to laugh at the way people look."Pete Mueller
b "Some Issues in Employment Discrimination on Grounds of Race, Sex, and Age,"Richard Posner
c In Defense of Non-DiversityT.J. Rodgers
d "Diversity Management: A New Organizational Paradigm,”Jaqueline Gilbert and Bette Ann Stead and Jon M. Ivancevich
e "Business Sues 'Discrimination Testers' Posing as Job Applicants,”Tammy Webber
f "Affirming Affirmative Action,"Jesse L. Jackson
Chapter 9 Ethics and Marketing 1