Cover image for Bitter legacy : reveals the untold story of the Clinton-Gore years
Bitter legacy : reveals the untold story of the Clinton-Gore years
Ruddy, Christopher.
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West Palm Beach, FL :, [2001]

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xv, 406 pages ; 21 cm
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A 1992 Roper study of the members of the Washington press corps found that 89% voted for Bill Clinton and Al Gore in that year's presidential election. Astonishingly, this biased press corps refers to itself as "the mainstream media."

Author Notes

Christopher Ruddy is Editor of, and correspondent for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. He is a media fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and the author of The Strange Death of Vincent Foster
Carl Limbacher, Jr., writes and edits the Inside Cover section of A former columnist for the Washington Weekly, Limbacher has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xi
Part I Vortex Reports on America at Home
The Clintons' Abuse of Power
Teamsters Scandal May Reveal Morep. 3
FBI Whistleblower Sues White House, FBIp. 5
Shays Has Little Shamep. 9
More Than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed by Arkansas State Trooperp. 10
Analysis: Janet Reno--the Cornerstone of the Clinton Cover-Upsp. 13
Ruddy Analysis: Maybe Saddam Actually Likes Billp. 17
Congressman Graham Talks of Rape, Murder and Mayhemp. 20
House Investigators Express Fearsp. 21
Monica's Mom Afraid for Monica's Lifep. 23
Feared for Her Life?p. 23
Secret Service Officer Gets Some Threatsp. 23
Firing of Jones' Husband Was 'Retaliation'p. 24
Thousands to Die From Arkansas Prison Bloodp. 26
Clinton: More Than Sex
Clinton: It's Not a Lie Unless I Say It Isp. 31
Starr: FBI Believed Story of Clinton Rapep. 33
Juanita Broaddrick Sues White House For Using Files to Smear Her Reputationp. 35
Did the Senate Duck Phone-Sex Blackmail?p. 37
Flowers Stands By Clinton Coke, Sex Charges on National TVp. 38
NOW Chief: Broaddrick a Waste of Timep. 40
Clinton Harassment Continued After 'Rape'p. 41
A White House Juanita?p. 42
Bill's Biting Waysp. 42
White House Spin on Juanitap. 43
Clinton Rape Victim Watchp. 44
Dick Morris: More Rapegate Victims to Comep. 45
Senator Who Says Rapegate 'A Private Matter' Stung by Grassroots Journalismp. 45
'Titans of 'Tude' Meet in TV Rapegate Roundtablep. 47
Poll Rigged Against Juanita?p. 48
Clinton Administration to 'Combat Violence Against Women'p. 49
ABC Memo Details Clinton Rape Chargesp. 51
Phone Sexp. 54
Unzippedp. 55
These Footnotes Are Unbelievablep. 55
No Denial in Clinton Sex Assault Chargep. 55
Clinton and Women: Up to Seven May Have Been Assaultedp. 57
James Woods: Remove Clintonp. 62
Did Bill Clinton Overdose on Cocaine?p. 62
Kenneth Starr--The Clintons' Accomplicep. 63
The Hubbell Deal: Blackmail or Incompetence?p. 68
Kenneth Starr's China Connectionp. 71
If Monica Made Love to Webster Hubbellp. 73
Secret Service Officer Pape Tells Allp. 76
China's Penetration of the United Statesp. 79
Chinagate: The Third-Way Scandalp. 82
Hazel O'Leary Gave Reporter Secret Nuke Plansp. 84
Hazel O'Leary's Rocky Flats Horror Showp. 85
Poll Indicates Most Americans Favor New Impeachment Inquiryp. 87
Chi-Com Clinton: Donor Behind Threat to Nuke L.A.p. 89
Cox Report Media Mythsp. 91
China's Theft of Nuclear Secretsp. 93
Scientist: Clinton Administration Gave China Top Nuclear Secretsp. 100
The Real Bill and Hillary Clinton
First Lady for President? Possible, Poll Saysp. 105
Dick Morris Shocker: Hillary 'Exploded' with Anti-Semitic Slurp. 107
Hillary and the Jewsp. 109
FAA to Controllers: Treat Hillary's Plane Like the President'sp. 110
Police Video Exposes Bigotry in Clinton Clanp. 111
Flowers Says Bill Told Her About Hillaryp. 112
Imelda Rodham Clinton?p. 114
Plastic Surgery for Hillaryp. 115
Chelsea's Graduation Gift: Plastic Surgeryp. 116
Clinton Cracks Jewish Jokesp. 117
The Other FBI Book: Is Clinton a KGB Spy?p. 118
More St. Pat's Day Intimidation by Hillary's Bodyguardsp. 119
Hillary and the 'Brutal' New York Pressp. 120
Strange Deaths
Brown Case Witness May Have Been Slainp. 123
Starr Deputies Doubt Foster Was 'Suicide'p. 125
Gennifer Flowers: 'Clinton Is a Murderer'p. 127
The Clinton Curse: Another Presidential Helicopter Pilot Dies--The Body Count Risesp. 128
The Kennedy Cyclep. 130
He Was No JFK Jr.p. 131
JFK Crash Deja Vu for Ron Brown's Sonp. 132
The Death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brownp. 134
The Body Count--Add One More: William Colby's Death Mysteryp. 137
Jim McDougal, Whistleblowerp. 146
Arkansas' Murderous Waysp. 147
Tripp Testifies on Foster Death Cover-Up, Murder of Jerry Parks and Clinton's Body Countp. 150
Vince Foster's Rolep. 154
Parks' Son Demands Murder Inquiryp. 155
Al Gore
The Colombian Connection: Al Gore and Big Oilp. 157
Al Gore's Skeletons: The Hammer Connectionp. 160
Al Gore Jr.'s Debt to Armand Hammerp. 162
'Stay Away From Clinton,' Gore's Mom Warnedp. 170
Gore Won't Rule Out Pardon for Clintonp. 171
Most-Decorated Veteran Calls Gore 'War Hero Wannabe'p. 172
Gore Got VIP Treatment in 'Nam, Army Buddy Tells NewsMax.comp. 173
Unlike Gore, Roosevelt's Son Didn't Get Battlefield Bodyguardsp. 176
Gore Letter Attacked Military as 'Fascist, Totalitarian'p. 177
Gore Considered Fleeing to Canada to Avoid Vietnamp. 178
Al Gore Had Bodyguards Protecting Him in Vietnamp. 179
Tipper's Faceliftp. 180
Media Bias
Huey Long and Media Manipulationsp. 183
Bryant Gumbel Ridicules Catholics As Ratings Slidep. 185
Mike Wallace Targets Farm Bureau Using Radical Groupp. 186
Harry Hopkins: Soviet Traitor, Not an American Herop. 191
Reporters Pouncing on Bush's Intellect Never Questioned Clinton'sp. 193
U.S. Media Spike July Fourth Clinton Embarrassmentp. 195
Michael Reagan Corrects Liz Smith: Reagan Kids Did Not Abandon Fatherp. 196
Mike Wallace Talks of 'Penis Envy'p. 197
Media Mum on Clinton Cocaine Witness Listp. 198
Can You Trust Bob Woodward?p. 201
Navy Hired Director Who Urged Heston's Shootingp. 203
Reagan Navy Chief Urges Response to Spike Lee's Commentp. 204
Spike Lee's Navy Filming Continued Despite Uproar in Congressp. 205
Navy Brass Backs Spike Leep. 206
Sources Contradict NBC's Rapegate Alibip. 208
'Shecky' Clinton?p. 209
Mike Wallace Used Fake Memop. 209
American Scene
Liberal Fascism and Donato Dalrymplep. 211
Lessons of Fed Takeover of Miami Policep. 213
Bush and GOP Abandon Elianp. 215
The Lesson of Elian: Is America Still Worthy?p. 217
Cuban Doctor Caught Taking Tranquilizers to Elianp. 219
MSNBC Psychologist: Abduction Was 'Brutal And Frightening'p. 230
NBC Cameraman Hospitalized After Elian Raid Beatingp. 220
Analysis: Why Elian Lostp. 223
Feds Now Using 'Peeping Tom' Super X-Ray Machinesp. 228
Nazi Chasers Should Turn to 'One of Our Own'p. 231
McCain's Mother Loved 'Falwell Tape'p. 233
Jerry Falwell Suing White House, Justicep. 234
Is Low U.S. Inflation Rate More Clinton Fiction?p. 235
Clinton Corruption Too Much for Mafia Donp. 237
Carville Confesses to Cigarette Habitp. 238
Rambo and the Bogus War Heroes: Actor Brian Dennehy Fabricated War Recordp. 239
FOBs: Tom Hanks and Tony Bennettp. 245
Is America Becoming a Pagan Nation?p. 246
Gephardt Tied to White-Rights Groupp. 248
Disney's Eisner Set to Defame Christians--Againp. 250
Disney Dumps Dogmap. 251
Dr. Laura Beefs Up Security in Wake of Death Threatsp. 253
Court Rejects Ohio's 'God' Mottop. 253
Survey Says Frequent Sex Helps Keep You Youngp. 254
Rabbi Reflects: My Last Letter From the Cardinalp. 255
Quietly, State Department Turns Over American Islands to Russia, Othersp. 257 Readers Vote Brit Hume 'Most Trusted Journalist in America'p. 261
Military Preparedness
Americans Say: 'Don't Defend Taiwan, Israel, South Korea'p. 263
Military Disillusioned Yet Still Loyal, Proudp. 264
U.S. a Sitting Duck for Bioterrorismp. 266
'Nuke L.A.' General Comes Calling in D.C.p. 267
Americans Reject Pullout of U.S. From Panama Canalp. 268
New Marine Commandant Wants Troops to 'Have Fun'p. 269
1990s: The Socialist Decadep. 270
Administration Proposes Stripping Subs of Ballistic Missilesp. 274
Stigmatized By Navy Secretary, Submarines Targeted for Social Changep. 274
Part II Vortex Abroad: The Growing Risk of War
Soviet Germ Warfare Still Threatens U.S.p. 279
Defector: Large Number of Spiesp. 281
Russia's Mighty Nuclear Arsenal Remains a Menacep. 283
Latest Russian ICBM Launched as Warningp. 284
Moscow: 'Will Nuke in Local War'p. 285
The Russian Military: In Bad Shape?p. 287
FBI Director Admits Russians May Have Secret Weapons in U.S.p. 291
Russia to Speed Development of Arms Systemsp. 292
Russian PM Says Nuclear Weapons Still Importantp. 293
Report: Russia Has Smallpox Biological Weaponp. 293
China, Russia Vow to Thwart U.S. Dominationp. 294
'Russia-China,' the New World Superpowerp. 294
Norwegian Paper: Russia Has Secret Chemical Weapons Storep. 297
Russia Plans Mini-Nuclear Bombsp. 297
Russia Will Sell New, More Accurate Grenade Launcherp. 298
Scientist Claims Russia Has Built Uniquely Fast Submarine Missilep. 298
Russians Finalize Test on New Generation Anti-AWACS Missilep. 298
Russia Develops Precision Air Bombp. 299
Russia Admits Famine Was Phonyp. 299
Russia Mobilizes, America Sleepsp. 300
Defector Warns of Russian War Plansp. 312
Russia Aids Iranian Weapons Programp. 319
War Preparations Continue in Russia: Nuclear Arms Put Under Unified Commandp. 320
Russia and China Prepare for Warp. 329
Russia Helps Syria's Chemical Weapons Programp. 366
U.S. Held POW Infop. 366
Russia: Spying Remains Priorityp. 367
Moscow Still Uses Cuba as Base to Spy on U.S.p. 367