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FreeHand 9 for Windows and Macintosh
Cohen, Sandee, 1948-
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Berkeley, Calif. : Peachpit Press, [2000]

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xvi, 302 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
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Helps you learn the popular illustration program using step-by-step instructions, along with hundreds of screenshots and dozens of illustrations created by seasoned Free Hand artists and designers. This book teaches you how to work with third-party Xtras, print your projects, create Web graphics, and customize FreeHand. Platform: MAC WIN.

Author Notes

Sandee Cohen, a former advertising creative supervisor, has been teaching and training on the Macintosh for the past seven years. She teaches at the New School for Social Research Computer Instruction Center in New York City. She is also a contributing writer for several desktop publishing magazines. Her artwork has been used for book jacket covers, interior illustrations, maps, and technical illustrations.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Chapter 1 File Preparationp. 5
Launch FreeHandp. 5
Create a new documentp. 6
Change the units of measurementp. 6
Display the Document Inspectorp. 7
Change the printer resolutionp. 7
Select a new work page sizep. 7
Create a custom-size work pagep. 7
Change the orientation of a pagep. 8
Create additional work pagesp. 8
Move pages with the Page toolp. 9
Move pages with the page thumbnailsp. 9
Change the page icon magnificationsp. 10
Set a bleed sizep. 10
Save a documentp. 11
Close a documentp. 11
Revert to last saved versionp. 11
Quit FreeHandp. 12
Use the Wizard (Win)p. 12
Chapter 2 Views and Precisionp. 13
View artwork in the Preview modep. 13
View artwork in the Fast Preview modep. 14
View artwork in the Keyline modesp. 14
View artwork in Flash anti-alias modep. 14
See the page rulersp. 15
Create guides by draggingp. 15
Move a guide by draggingp. 16
Delete a guide by draggingp. 16
Reposition guides using the Guides dialog boxp. 17
Delete guides using the Guides dialog boxp. 17
Lock guidesp. 17
Turn on Snap To Guidesp. 18
View the document gridp. 18
Change the document grid intervalsp. 18
Turn on Snap To Gridp. 19
Work with a relative gridp. 19
Turn on Snap To Pointp. 19
Zoom using the View menup. 20
Zoom using the Magnifying toolp. 20
Use the Magnification pop-up menup. 21
Enter magnification amountsp. 21
Create and choose Custom viewsp. 21
Edit a Custom viewp. 21
Hide onscreen elementsp. 22
Use the Zip feature (Mac)p. 22
Use the Zip feature (Win)p. 23
Join tabbed panelsp. 23
Separate tabbed panelsp. 23
Work with docked panelsp. 24
Chapter 3 Layers and Layeringp. 25
Move objects to front or back of a layerp. 25
Move objects within a layerp. 26
Move objects using Paste In Front or Behindp. 26
View the Layers panelp. 27
Rename a layerp. 27
Duplicate a layerp. 27
Remove a layerp. 27
Reorder layersp. 28
Move objects between layersp. 28
Create a nonprinting layerp. 29
Create a printing layerp. 29
Change the display of a layerp. 30
Lock a layerp. 31
Lock an object on a layerp. 31
Unlock an object on a layerp. 31
Change the display color of a layerp. 32
Chapter 4 Creation Toolsp. 33
Draw a rectanglep. 33
Draw a squarep. 34
Set the corner radius for a rectanglep. 34
Draw an ellipse or circlep. 35
Draw a straight linep. 35
Draw a polygonp. 36
Create a starp. 37
Set the Freehand tool modep. 38
Draw with the Freehand toolp. 39
Set the Variable stroke modep. 40
Draw with the Variable stroke toolp. 40
Set the Calligraphic pen modep. 41
Draw with the Calligraphic pen toolp. 41
Set the Spiral tool modep. 42
Choose the settings for the Arc toolp. 44
Draw with the Arc toolp. 44
Import artwork for tracingp. 45
Trace an imagep. 46
Chapter 5 Points and Pathsp. 47
Select points by clickingp. 47
Select points with a marqueep. 48
Basics of pointsp. 48
Corner pointsp. 49
Curve pointsp. 49
Connector pointsp. 49
One-third rulep. 50
Delete a point from a pathp. 50
Add a point to a pathp. 50
Connect pointsp. 51
Split a pointp. 51
Retract handles manuallyp. 51
Extend a single handle manuallyp. 51
Extend two handles manuallyp. 52
Manipulate points using the Object Inspectorp. 52
Retract point handles using the Object Inspectorp. 53
Extend handles using the Object Inspectorp. 53
Close a previously drawn pathp. 54
Determine if path is open or closedp. 54
Open or close a path using the Object Inspectorp. 54
Move a point or grouped object numericallyp. 55
Group pathsp. 56
Work with grouped objectsp. 56
Select individual points in a groupp. 56
Nest objectsp. 57
Work with nested groupsp. 57
Ungroup an objectp. 58
Select and move an objectp. 58
Delete an objectp. 58
Change the size of a grouped object numericallyp. 59
Modify a path using Bend-O-Maticp. 59
Select behind objectsp. 60
Chapter 6 Pen and Bezigonp. 61
Difference between Pen and Bezigon toolsp. 61
Draw an object with straight sidesp. 62
Draw a smooth curved path with the Bezigonp. 62
Draw a smooth curved path with the Penp. 63
Draw a bumpy curved path with the Bezigonp. 63
Draw a bumpy curved path with the Penp. 64
Draw a straight-to-bumpy path with the Bezigonp. 64
Draw a straight-to-bumpy path with the Penp. 65
Create connector points using the Bezigonp. 65
Create connector points using the Penp. 65
Add points to end of pathp. 66
Chapter 7 Move and Transformp. 67
Read the Info Toolbarp. 67
Info Toolbar readingsp. 68
Cut, copy, or paste objectsp. 69
Move and copy an objectp. 69
Rotate an object by eyep. 70
Scale an object by eyep. 71
Reflect an object by eyep. 72
Skew an object by eyep. 73
Copy and transform an objectp. 74
Power Duplicatingp. 74
View the Transform panelp. 75
Move using the Transform panelp. 75
Rotate using the Transform panelp. 75
Scale using the Transform panelp. 76
Skew using the Transform panelp. 76
Reflect using the Transform panelp. 77
Change the Constrain axisp. 77
Use the Transformation handlesp. 78
Use the Push/Pull Freeform toolp. 79
Use the Reshape Area Freeform toolp. 80
Chapter 8 Working in Colorp. 81
Color Mixer in CMYK modep. 81
Color Mixer in RGB modep. 81
Color Mixer in HLS modep. 81
Color Mixer in Windows modep. 82
Color Mixer in Apple modep. 82
Which color system to usep. 83
Define a CMYK colorp. 83
Define an RGB colorp. 83
Define an HLS colorp. 83
Add a color to the Color Listp. 84
Rename a colorp. 84
Convert process to spot colorp. 85
Convert spot to process colorp. 85
Change the order of colorsp. 85
Duplicate colorsp. 85
Remove colorsp. 86
Replace colorsp. 86
Drag colors from a drawing to the color listp. 86
Hide the color namesp. 87
Change the color modep. 87
Make a tint of a colorp. 88
Add colors from copied objectsp. 88
Add colors from imported EPS filesp. 89
Color-matching system librariesp. 89
Add colors from color-matching system librariesp. 89
Export a custom color libraryp. 90
Chapter 9 Fillsp. 91
Display the Fill Inspectorp. 91
Apply a Basic fill using the Fill Inspectorp. 91
Change a fill color using the Color Listp. 92
Change a fill color using the Fill Inspectorp. 92
Change a fill color by draggingp. 93
Change a fill color to Nonep. 93
Create a linear gradient fillp. 94
Create a 3D effect using linear gradientsp. 94
Apply a linear gradient by dragging a colorp. 95
Create a radial gradientp. 95
Create a 3D effect using radial gradientsp. 96
Apply a radial gradient by dragging a colorp. 96
Add colors to gradient fillsp. 96
Create a Transparent lens fillp. 97
Create a Magnify lens fillp. 98
Use the Centerpoint controlp. 98
Use the Invert lens fillp. 99
Use the Lighten lens fillp. 99
Use the Darken lens fillp. 99
Use the Monochrome lens fillp. 99
Working with spot colorsp. 99
Create and apply a Tiled fillp. 100
Adjust a Tiled fillp. 101
Apply a Custom or Textured fillp. 102
Apply a Pattern fillp. 103
Apply a PostScript fillp. 104
Use the Overprint featurep. 104
Chapter 10 Strokesp. 105
Apply a Basic strokep. 105
Change the color of a strokep. 106
Change the width of a strokep. 107
Apply a cap to a strokep. 107
Change the join of a strokep. 108
Change the Miter limitp. 108
Apply a dash patternp. 109
Edit a dash patternp. 109
Create a multicolored dashp. 110
Apply arrowheadsp. 110
Create new arrowheadsp. 110
Edit arrowheadsp. 111
Apply a Custom stroke patternp. 111
Apply a Pattern strokep. 112
PostScript strokesp. 112
Chapter 11 Blendsp. 113
Create a simple blendp. 114
Create a custom blendp. 115
Ungroup a blendp. 116
Change the number of steps in a blendp. 116
Change the number of steps in a documentp. 116
Modify a blend shapep. 117
Modify a blend colorp. 117
Align a blend to a pathp. 118
Release a blend from a pathp. 118
Select objects blended along a pathp. 119
View blendsp. 119
Rules of blendsp. 119
Avoid banding in blends when printingp. 120
Chapter 12 Basic Textp. 121
Create a standard text blockp. 122
Create an auto-expanding text blockp. 122
Change the auto-expansion settingsp. 122
Change the size of a dragged text blockp. 123
Recognize the status of the Link boxp. 123
Automatically shrink a text blockp. 124
Apply a border to a text blockp. 124
Inset textp. 124
Position a text block numericallyp. 125
Import textp. 125
Change character attributes using the Inspectorp. 126
Change character attributesp. 127
Change horizontal scalingp. 128
Use the Convert Case commandsp. 129
Change paragraph attributesp. 129
Change margin indents using the text rulerp. 130
Create hanging punctuationp. 130
Use automatic hyphenationp. 131
Control the hyphenationp. 131
Align text by using tabsp. 132
Set the tabs by draggingp. 133
Set the tabs numericallyp. 133
Delete existing tabsp. 133
Move a tabp. 133
Create columns and rowsp. 134
Add rules to columns and rowsp. 135
Link text between objectsp. 136
Copyfit textp. 137
Keep words and lines togetherp. 138
Chapter 13 Text Effectsp. 139
Attach text to a pathp. 139
Change the direction in which the text flowsp. 140
Move the text along a pathp. 140
Change the text alignmentp. 140
Change the orientation and rotationp. 141
Move text numericallyp. 141
Display and print the pathp. 141
Apply any of the special text effectsp. 142
Edit Highlight, Underline, and Strikethrough effectsp. 142
Edit Inline effectp. 143
Use Shadow effectp. 144
Edit Zoom effectp. 144
Create paragraph rulesp. 145
Wrap text around a graphic elementp. 146
Change a text wrapp. 146
Undo a text wrapp. 146
Create an inline graphicp. 147
Convert text into pathsp. 148
Chapter 14 Editing Textp. 149
Open the Text Editorp. 149
Use the special charactersp. 150
End of columnp. 150
End of linep. 150
Non-Breaking spacep. 150
Em spacep. 150
En spacep. 150
Thin spacep. 150
Em dashp. 150
En dashp. 150
Discretionary hyphenp. 151
Typing with the special charactersp. 151
See the invisible charactersp. 152
Use the spelling checkerp. 152
Use the Change buttonp. 153
Use the Change All buttonp. 153
Use the Ignore buttonp. 153
Use the Ignore All buttonp. 153
Use the Add buttonp. 153
Use the Suggest buttonp. 153
Use the Find Text dialog boxp. 154
Chapter 15 Automating FreeHandp. 155
Working with stylesp. 156
View the default stylesp. 156
Define a style by examplep. 157
Rename a stylep. 157
Apply a stylep. 157
Define a style by attributesp. 158
Redefine a stylep. 158
Change the Styles displayp. 159
Use the Edit Style dialog boxp. 159
Create Parent and Child stylesp. 160
Work with Parent and Child stylesp. 160
Duplicate stylesp. 161
Remove a stylep. 161
Find objects by attributesp. 162
Find and change the attributesp. 163
Use the Set Note commandp. 164
Use Copy and Paste Attributesp. 164
Use a symbol to create an instancep. 165
Create a symbol by draggingp. 165
Create a symbol using menu commandsp. 166
Export symbolsp. 166
Import symbolsp. 167
Modify a symbolp. 167
Delete a symbolp. 168
Chapter 16 Path Operationsp. 169
Use the Operations palettep. 170
Create joined pathsp. 170
Split joined objectsp. 171
Use Paste Insidep. 171
Move objects pasted insidep. 171
Close an open pathp. 172
Close an open path using the mousep. 172
Open a closed pathp. 172
Use the Reverse Direction command with blendsp. 172
Use the Knife toolp. 173
Use the Remove Overlap commandp. 174
Use the Simplify commandp. 174
Use the Add Points commandp. 174
Use the Intersect commandp. 175
Use the Punch commandp. 175
Use the Union commandp. 176
Use the Divide commandp. 176
Use the Transparency commandp. 176
Use the Crop commandp. 177
Use the Expand Stroke commandp. 177
Use the Inset Path commandp. 178
Use the Fractalize commandp. 178
Use the Emboss commandp. 179
Use the Repeat Xtra commandp. 179
Apply preset envelope to a graphicp. 180
Remove an envelope from a graphicp. 180
Use a path as an envelopep. 181
Save a custom envelopep. 181
Delete an envelope presetp. 181
Paste an envelope as a pathp. 182
Attach an object to the Perspective gridp. 183
Move an object on the Perspective gridp. 183
Set up a custom Perspective gridp. 184
Release an object from the Perspective gridp. 184
Remove objects from the Perspective gridp. 184
Chapter 17 Xtrasp. 185
Use the Xtra Tools panelp. 186
Set the 3D Rotation controlsp. 186
Use the 3D Rotation toolp. 187
Use the Fisheye Lens toolp. 187
Use the Smudge toolp. 188
Change the Smudge colorsp. 188
Use the Shadow toolp. 189
Use the Roughen toolp. 190
Use the Eyedropper toolp. 190
Set the Mirror tool controlsp. 191
Use the Mirror toolp. 191
Store objects in the Graphic Hose palettep. 192
Use the Graphic Hose toolp. 193
Use the Bend toolp. 194
Use the Color Control dialog boxp. 194
Darken or lighten colorsp. 195
Saturate or desaturate colorsp. 195
Convert colors to grayscalep. 195
Name all colorsp. 196
Sort the Color List by namep. 196
Delete Unused Named Colorsp. 196
Use the Randomize Named Colors Xtrap. 196
Delete empty text boxesp. 196
Use the Trap Xtrap. 197
Using third-party Xtrasp. 198
Use the Xtras Managerp. 198
Use the Repeat Xtra commandp. 198
Chapter 18 Charts and Graphsp. 199
To open the worksheetp. 199
To enter datap. 199
Style a graph or chartp. 200
When to use a grouped column graphp. 200
When to use a stacked column graphp. 200
When to use a line graphp. 200
When to use a pie chartp. 200
When to use an area graphp. 200
When to use a scatter graphp. 200
Change the column widthp. 201
Change the cluster widthp. 201
See the data valuesp. 201
Add a drop shadowp. 201
Move the legendp. 201
Create gridlinesp. 202
Modify the axis valuesp. 202
Modify an existing chartp. 203
Change the pie chart legendp. 203
Change the wedge separationp. 203
Insert a pictograph in a chartp. 204
Using pictographsp. 204
Chapter 19 Other Applicationsp. 205
Import artworkp. 206
Import artwork by dragging and droppingp. 207
Import artwork by copying and pastingp. 207
Scan artwork directly into FreeHandp. 207
Resize imported images by draggingp. 208
Resize imported images numericallyp. 208
Transform an imported imagep. 208
Colorize an imported imagep. 209
Make an image transparentp. 209
Change the shade of an imported imagep. 210
Install Photoshop filters within FreeHandp. 210
Apply a Photoshop filter to a TIFF imagep. 211
Extract an embedded imagep. 211
Edit an image with an external applicationp. 212
Export filesp. 213
Set bitmap optionsp. 213
Set the additional bitmap optionsp. 214
Use the Export Again commandp. 214
Rasterize an imagep. 215
Copy and paste text into a FreeHand documentp. 216
Drag and drop text into a FreeHand documentp. 216
Export text from a FreeHand documentp. 217
Drag text from a FreeHand documentp. 217
Cut and paste text from a FreeHand documentp. 217
Export an Acrobat PDFp. 218
Add Portfolio informationp. 218
Add a URL to the URL Editorp. 219
URL link choicesp. 220
Assign URL linksp. 220
Set the HTML Output preferencesp. 221
Create an HTML settingp. 221
Check the HTML Output warningsp. 222
Create HTML Outputp. 222
Chapter 20 Web Art and Animationsp. 223
Import the Web-safe colorsp. 224
Maintain the Web-safe colorsp. 224
Add addresses to the URLs panelp. 225
Apply a URL to an objectp. 225
Features supported in Flash animationsp. 226
Export a single-frame Flash filep. 226
Create a page animationp. 227
Create an animation from a blendp. 228
Export as a multiframe Flash animationp. 228
Play a Flash animationp. 230
Save a file as a bitmapp. 231
Set the GIF optionsp. 232
Dithered colorsp. 233
Nondithered colorsp. 233
Set the JPEG optionsp. 234
Set the PNG optionsp. 234
Chapter 21 Printingp. 235
Basic Printingp. 236
Set the print range and output optionsp. 236
Set the scale optionsp. 237
Print selected objectsp. 237
Set the basic separations optionsp. 237
Set the tile optionsp. 238
Tile an oversized illustrationp. 238
Select the PPDp. 238
Advanced Printingp. 239
Change the print setupp. 239
Control the Print Setup previewp. 239
Add labels and marksp. 240
Choose the imaging optionsp. 240
Set the Output optionsp. 241
Set the Maximum Color Stepsp. 241
Set the Flatnessp. 241
Choose the Separations optionsp. 242
Set the halftone screenp. 243
Set the halftone screen for individual objectsp. 243
Set the Transfer functionp. 244
Choose the spread sizep. 244
Save and apply print settingsp. 244
Create a document reportp. 245
Information in each report categoryp. 245
Use the Collect For Output commandp. 246
Chapter 22 Customizing FreeHandp. 247
Change the preferencesp. 247
General preferencesp. 248
Object preferencesp. 248
Text preferencesp. 249
Document preferencesp. 250
Import preferencesp. 251
Export preferencesp. 251
Spelling preferencesp. 252
Colors preferencesp. 252
Panels preferencesp. 253
Redraw preferencesp. 253
Sound preferencesp. 254
Add icons to the toolbarsp. 254
Delete icons from the toolbarsp. 254
Customize keyboard shortcutsp. 255
Apply the preset shortcutsp. 255
Set the FreeHand Defaults filep. 256
Appendix A Onscreen Elementsp. 257
FreeHand document windowp. 258
Sample dialog boxp. 259
Toolboxp. 260
Toolbarsp. 261
Inspector panelsp. 262
Tabbed panelsp. 263
Transform panelsp. 264
Xtra Operations and Xtra Tools toolbarsp. 265
Align panelp. 266
Find and Replace Graphics panelp. 266
Find Text panelp. 266
Appendix B Keyboard Shortcutsp. 267
Macintosh keyboard commandsp. 268
Windows keyboard commandsp. 270
Appendix C Fills and Strokesp. 273
Custom fillsp. 274
Textured fillsp. 275
Pattern fills and strokesp. 276
Custom strokesp. 277
Indexp. 279