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Gruber's complete preparation for the SAT
Gruber, Gary R.
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Complete preparation for the SAT
Ninth edition.
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New York, NY : HarperResource, [2001]

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xxvii, 941 pages ; 28 cm
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LB2353.57 .G79 2001 Adult Non-Fiction Popular Materials-Tests

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Used in more schools for SAT courses than any other book. Discover for yourself the test-taking strategies that will significantly improve your SAT scores.

Praised on national TV, radio, and in hundreds of newspapers around the country for his revolutionary Critical Thinking Skills method, Dr. Gruber offers students:

The 22 questions that will determine wherther or not you can get into a top school

52 ESSENTIAL General, Verbal, Math strategies for the best scores possible

A complete basic math skills refresher, including the 101 most important basic math questions

Unique 150,000 word vocabulary builder

Diagnostic strategy test to further improve your test-taking skills and approach

Table of Contents

Important Note About This Book and Its Authorp. iii
The Author Has Something Important to Tell You About How to Raise Your SAT Scorep. v
Introductionp. xi
I. Important Facts about the SATp. xi
II. The Inside Track on How SAT Questions Are Developed and How They Vary from Test to Testp. xvii
III. What Are Critical Thinking Skills?p. xix
IV. Are Men Better Than Women on the SAT?p. xxi
V. Multi-Level Approaches to Solution of Problemsp. xxii
VI. A Four-Hour Study Program for the SATp. xxiii
VII. Longer Range Study Program and Helpful Steps for Using This Bookp. xxiv
VIII. Format of the SATp. xxv
IX. Format of the PSATp. xxvii
Part 1 Diagnostic SAT Pre-Testp. 1
Answer Sheet Practice Test 1p. 3
SAT Practice Test 1 [Full-Length Diagnostic Pre-Test]p. 9
How Did You Do on This Test?p. 49
Answer Key for Practice Test 1p. 50
Explanatory Answers for Practice Test 1p. 52
What You Must Do Now to Raise Your SAT Scorep. 85
How to Score the SAT for Tests 1-5p. 87
Raw Score/Scaled Score Conversion Tables for Practice Tests 1-5p. 89
Chart for Self-Appraisal Based on the Practice Tests You Have Just Takenp. 91
Part 2 Strategy Diagnostic Test for the SATp. 93
Purpose and Instructionsp. 94
Strategy Diagnostic Test Answer Sheetp. 96
Section 1-Verbal Abilityp. 97
Section 2-Math Abilityp. 107
Strategy Diagnostic Test Answer and Diagnostic Table (keyed to Strategies in book)p. 116
Part 3 The 22 Questions That Can Determine Top College Elibibilityp. 121
Verbal Portionp. 123
Math Portionp. 125
Scoringp. 128
Answers and Hints (keyed to Strategies in book)p. 129
Part 4 The 101 Most Important Basic Skills Math Questions You Need to Know How to Solvep. 131
101 Questions Answer Sheetp. 133
101 Questions Testp. 135
101 Math Questions: Solutions, Generalizations, Rulesp. 147
101 Math Questions: Answersp. 148
Basic Skill Math Diagnosis (keyed to Math refresher)p. 150
Part 5 Strategy Sectionp. 163
Using Critical Thinking Skills to Score High on the SATp. 164
5 General Strategiesp. 165
47 Easy-to-Learn Strategiesp. 167
How to Learn the Stretegiesp. 167
Important Note on the Allowed Use of Calculators on the SATp. 167
Important Note on Math Questions on the SATp. 168
The Gird-Type Math Questionp. 168
Use of a Calculator in the Grid-Type Questionp. 172
25 Math Strategiesp. 174
Regular Math Strategiesp. 174
Introduction to Quantitative Comparison-Type Questionp. 220
Quantitative Comparison Strategiesp. 220
22 Verbal Strategiesp. 236
6 Analogy Strategiesp. 236
4 Sentence Completion Strategiesp. 245
Critical Reading Strategiesp. 252
What Reading Comprehension Questions Askp. 252
Introductory Passage 1p. 253
Breakdown and Underlining of Passagep. 253
How to Answer Reading Comprehension Questions Most Effectivelyp. 254
Introductory Passage 2p. 255
Introductory Passage 3p. 257
Summaryp. 259
9 Reading Comprehension Strategiesp. 260
3 Vocabulary Strategiesp. 275
Part 6 Mini-Math Refresherp. 281
Part 7 Complete SAT Math Refresherp. 291
Session #1 Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, etc.p. 294
Deviationsp. 297
Fractions, Decimals, Percentagesp. 291
Ratios and Proportionsp. 298
Variationsp. 299
Comparison of Fractionsp. 299
Practice Test 1p. 302
Answer Key for Practice Test 1p. 312
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 1p. 312
Session #2 Rate Problemsp. 317
Word-Problem Setupp. 318
Distance and Timep. 320
Workp. 321
Mixturep. 322
Costp. 322
Practice Test 2p. 324
Answer Key for Practice Test 2p. 334
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 2p. 334
Session #3 Area, Perimeter, and Volume Problemsp. 314
Area, Perimeter, and Volume Problemsp. 315
Practice Test 3p. 353
Answer Key for Practice Test 3p. 362
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 3p. 362
Session #4 Algebra Problemsp. 368
Algebra Propertiesp. 369
Equationsp. 370
Algebra of Graphsp. 372
Inequalitiesp. 378
Exponents and Rootsp. 383
Practice Test 4p. 385
Answer Key for Practice Test 4p. 394
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 4p. 394
Session #5 Geometry Problemsp. 399
Basic Definitionsp. 400
Trianglesp. 402
Properties of Trianglesp. 403
Four-Sided Figuresp. 406
Many-Sided Figuresp. 407
Circlesp. 407
Practice Test 5p. 410
Answer Key for Practice Test 5p. 419
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 5p. 419
Session #6 Miscellaneous Problemsp. 429
Averages, Medians, and Modesp. 430
Seriesp. 431
Properties of Integersp. 132
Aproximationsp. 434
Combinationsp. 136
Probabilityp. 137
The Absolute Value Signp. 437
Functionsp. 437
Practice Test 6p. 438
Answer Key for Practice Test 6p. 446
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 6p. 446
Session #7 Tables, Charts, and Graphsp. 451
Charts and Graphsp. 452
Tables and Chartsp. 452
Graphsp. 453
Bar Graphsp. 454
Circle Graphsp. 455
Line Graphsp. 456
Practice Test 7 and Solutionsp. 457
Part 8 Vocabulary Building That is Guaranteed to Raise Your SAT Scorep. 463
Knowing Word Meanings Is Essential for a Higher SAT Score (8 Steps to Word Power)p. 464
The Prefix Root Suffix List That Gives You the Meanings of Over 150,000 Wordsp. 468
Rootsp. 469
Prefixesp. 471
Suffixesp. 472
A List of SAT Words Appearing More Than Once on Actual SAT Examsp. 473
The 291 Most Important SAT Words and Their Oppositesp. 475
The Gruber SAT 3,400-Word Listp. 479
100 Tests to Strengthen Your Vocabularyp. 531
Answers to Vocabulary Testsp. 595
Part 9 Four More SAT Practice Testsp. 599
Four Important Reasons for Taking These Practice Testsp. 600
10 Tips for Taking the Practice Testsp. 601
SAT Practice Test 2p. 602
Answer Sheetp. 603
Test 2p. 608
How Did You Do on This Test?p. 645
Answer Keyp. 646
Explanatory Answersp. 648
SAT Practice Test 3p. 676
Answer Sheetp. 677
Test 3p. 683
How Did You Do on This Test?p. 723
Answer Keyp. 724
Explanatory Answersp. 726
SAT Practice Test 4p. 758
Answer Sheetp. 759
Test 4p. 765
How Did You Do on This Test?p. 802
Answer Keyp. 803
Explanatory Answersp. 805
SAT Practice Test 5p. 835
Answer Sheetp. 836
Test 5p. 842
How Did You Do on This Test?p. 881
Answer Keyp. 882
Explanatory Answersp. 884
Part 10 The SAT-II Writing Testp. 917