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Repatriation reader : who owns American Indian remains?
Devon Abbott Mihesuah (Devon Abbott), 1957-
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Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [2000]

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viii, 335 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Introduction / Devon A. Mihesuah -- The representations of Indian bodies in nineteenth-century American anthropology / Robert E. Bieder -- Digging for identity: reflections on the cultural background of collecting / Curtis M. Hinsley, Jr. -- An unraveling rope: the looting of America's past / Robert J. Mallouf -- Why anthropologists study human remains / Patricia M. Landau & D. Gentry Steele - American Indians, anthropologists, pothunters, and repatriation: ethical, religious, and political differences / Devon A. Mihesuah - Repatriation: a Pawnee's perspective / James Riding In - The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act: background and legislative history / Jack F. Trope and Walter R. Echo-Hawk - Secularism, civil religion, and the religious freedom of American Indians / Vine Deloria, Jr. - Ethics and the reburial controversy / Lynne Goldstein and Keith Kintigh - Some scholars' views on reburial / Clement W. Meighan - A perspective on ethics and the reburial controversy / Anthony L. Klesert and Shirley Powell - (Re)Constructing bodies: semiotic sovereignty and the debate over Kennewick Man / Suzanne J. Crawford - Repatriation at the Pueblo of Zuni: diverse solutions to complex problems / T.J. Ferguson, Roger Anyon, and Edmund J. Ladd - Repatriation as social drama: the Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia, 1922-1980 / Ira Jacknis - NAGPRA: a new beginning, not the end for osteological analysis-a Hopi perspective / Kurt E. Dongoske - A new and different archaeology? With a postscript on the impact of the Kennewick dispute / Larry J. Zimmerman - Appendix: Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
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