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Literature in the Greek and Roman worlds : a new perspective
Literature in the Greek and Roman worlds : a new perspective
Taplin, Oliver.
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Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2000]

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xv, 596 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Introduction / Oliver Taplin. -- The spring of the muses : Homer and related poetry / Oliver Taplin. -- The strangeness of 'song culture' : archaic Greek poetry / Leslie Kurke. -- Powers of horror and laughter : the great age of drama / Peter Wilson. -- Charting the poles of history : Herodotos and Thoukydides / Leslie Kurke. -- Sages, sophists, and philosophers : Greek wisdom literature / Andrea Wilson Nightingale. -- Observers of speeches and hearers of action : the Athenian orators / Chris Carey. -- Sophisticates and solecisms : Greek literature after the classical period / Jane L. Lightfoot. -- Romanized Greeks and Hellenized Romans : later Greek literature / Jane L. Lightfoot. -- Primitivism and power : the beginnings of Latin literature / Matthew Leigh. -- Forging a national identity : prose literature down to the time of Augustus / Christina S. Kraus. -- Escapes from orthodoxy : poetry of the Republic / Llewelyn Morgan. -- Creativity out of chaos : poetry between the death of Caesar and the death of Virgil / Llewelyn Morgan. -- Coming to terms with the Empire : Poetry of the later Augustan and Tiberian period / Philip Hardie. -- The path between truculence and servility : prose literature from Augustus to Hadrian / Christina S. Kraus. -- Oblique politics : epic of the imperial period / Matthew Leigh. -- Imperial space and time : the literature of leisure / Catherine Connors. -- Culture wars : Latin literature from the second century to the end of the classical era / Michael Dewar.
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