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Epistolae obscvrorvm virorvm
Epistolae obscvrorvm virorvm
Hutten, Ulrich von, 1488-1523.
Uniform Title:
Epistolae obscurorum virorum.
Publication Information:
Lipsiae : B.G. Tevbneri, 1858.
Physical Description:
412 pages : illustrations ; 14 cm
General Note:
Authorship of the Epistolae formerly attributed to Reuchlin, Erasmus, Hutten and others. More recent researches have made it almost certain that Crotus Rubeanus and Ulrich von Hutten were the main contributors. To Crotus are credited the first 41 letters; to Hutten the 7 letters added later to the original series and most of the 62 letters of the second series, with the possible co-operation of a third person, Hermann von dem Busche. The authorship of the rest remains doubtful.
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