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Christianity and the present moral unrest.
Christianity and the present moral unrest.
Lindsay, A. D. (Alexander Dunlop), 1879-1952.
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New York : Oxford university press, 1927.
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255 pages, 1 unnumbered page ; 19 cm
General Note:
"This book is not an official publication of the Conference on politics, economics and Christianity, but it is a direct outcome of Copec."--p. [7]

Printed in Great Britain.
Preface, by A. D. Lindsay.--Introduction, by J. H. Muirhead.--The Christian ideal and some of its competitors, by J. W. Harvey.--Goodness, beauty and truth, by Helen Wodehouse.--Goodness and happiness, by O. C. Quick.--Goodness and justice, by A. D. Lindsay.--Conflicting standards and moral progress, by G. F. Barbour.--Conflicting obligations: (a) Individual action, by H. J. W. Hetherington.--Conflicting obligations: (b) In group action, by H. J. W. Hetherington.--The family, by Erica Lindsay.--Ethics and economics, by H. G. Wood.--The evolutionist and biological view of life, by J. A. Thomson.--Peace in the will of God, by C. C. J. Webb.--Epilogue, by W. Temple.--Appendix. Modern determinism in economics and psychology, by A. D. Lindsay.
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