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Teen pregnancy and parenting
Teen pregnancy and parenting
Cothran, Helen.
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San Diego, CA : Greenhaven Press, [2001]

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160 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Teen pregnancy is a serious problem / National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy -- Illegitimacy contributes to poverty / Isabel V. Sawhill -- Some teens benefit from early parenthood / Emory Thomas, Jr. -- The decline of teen marriage is a serious problem / Patrick F. Fagan -- Adult premarital sex is a serious problem / David Whitman, Paul Glastris, and Brendan I. Koerner -- Sexual abuse is a factor in teenage pregnancy / Jacqueline L. Stock, ... [et al.] -- Poor life circumstances are a factor in teenage pregnancy / Richard T. Cooper -- Parents' attitudes are a factor in teenage pregnancy / Brent C. Miller -- Drug and alcohol use is a factor in teenage sex / Susan Foster -- Exploitation by older men is a factor in teenage pregnancy / Joseph P. Shapiro and Andrea R. Wright -- Abstinence-only sex education can prevent pregnancy / Vanessa Warner -- Abstinence-only sex education programs are flawed / Susan Flinn -- Sex education can prevent teenage pregnancy / SIECUS -- Sex education encourages teenage sex / Tony Snow -- Enforcing statutory rape laws can help prevent teenage pregnancy / Michael W. Lynch -- Enforcing statutory rape laws will not prevent teenage pregnancy / Patricia Donovan -- Abortion is a beneficial alternative to teenage parenting / Krista Reuber -- Abortion is harmful to teenagers / Colleen -- Adoption is a beneficial alternative to teenage parenting / K. Mahler -- Most pregnant teenagers do not choose adoption / Kristin Luker -- Criticizing teen mothers is unfair / Mike A. Males -- Unwed teen mothers who excel academically should be admired / Saundra Smokes -- Society should condemn teenage childbearing / David Popenoe -- The lives of teen parents are difficult / William Plummer and Curtis Rist -- Unwed teen mothers are not academic role models / Kay S. Hynowitz.
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