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Limburg, James, 1935-
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First edition.
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Louisville, Ky. : Westminister John Knox Press, [2000]

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xviii, 509 pages ; 23 cm.
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In this insightful, informative, and easy-to-read volume, James Limburg takes us into the world of the Psalms and brings their world to us. Limburg studies each Psalm and shows how the Psalms confront the issues of our contemporary culture, transcending time, and transforming our faith and experience.

Books in the Westminster Bible Companion series assist laity in their study of the Bible as a guide to Christian faith and practice. Each volume explains the biblical book in its original historical context and explores its significance for faithful living today. These books are ideal for individual study and for Bible study classes and groups.

Author Notes

James Limburg is Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Table of Contents

Series Forewordp. xi
Introduction: The People's Bookp. xiii
1. Book Ip. 1
Psalms 1-41
The Way to Go (Psalm 1)p. 1
The Plotting Politicians (Psalm 2)p. 4
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Psalm 3)p. 7
The Peace of the Lord (Psalm 4)p. 10
Morning Prayer (Psalm 5)p. 13
A Text of Terror (Psalm 6)p. 16
The Hiding Place (Psalm 7)p. 19
How Does It All Fit Together? (Psalm 8)p. 23
Hope for the Down-and-Out (Psalms 9-10)p. 26
In God I Trust (Psalm 11)p. 32
Sticks and Stones (Psalm 12)p. 34
Asking the Hard Questions (Psalm 13)p. 37
Where Is God? (Psalm 14)p. 40
How Do I Get In? (Psalm 15)p. 43
Show Me the Way to Go (Psalm 16)p. 46
The Apple of Your Eye (Psalm 17)p. 49
With My God I Can Leap Over a Wall (Psalm 18)p. 52
A Tale of Two Books (Psalm 19)p. 58
V Is for Victory (Psalm 20)p. 61
Bless You! (Psalm 21)p. 63
"And Not So Hot On Why!" (Psalm 22)p. 66
The Power of a Preposition (Psalm 23)p. 72
Who's There? (Psalm 24)p. 75
Learning and Living (Psalm 25)p. 78
My Conscience Is Clear (Psalm 26)p. 82
Why Pray When You Can Worry? (Psalm 27)p. 85
Lord, Give Them a Lift (Psalm 28)p. 89
The Rolling Thunder (Psalm 29)p. 92
Shall We Dance? (Psalm 30)p. 94
My Times Are in Your Hand (Psalm 31)p. 98
Happiness Is... (Psalm 32)p. 102
The Eye of the Lord (Psalm 33)p. 105
Why Not Try It Out? (Psalm 34)p. 108
To Live Quietly in the Land (Psalm 35)p. 112
Humans and Animals Alike (Psalm 36)p. 116
What I've Learned along the Way (Psalm 37)p. 119
All My Longing (Psalm 38)p. 124
A Psalm for Sojourners (Psalm 39)p. 128
Good News Bulletin (Psalm 40)p. 132
The Way to Happiness (Psalm 41)p. 136
2. Book IIp. 140
Psalm 42-72
Why Must I Be So Sad? (Psalms 42-43)p. 140
Why Us, Lord? (Psalm 44)p. 145
Here Comes the Bride (Psalm 45)p. 149
A Mighty Fortress (Psalm 46)p. 152
God Is the Ruler Yet (Psalm 47)p. 155
This Is the City (Psalm 48)p. 158
Putting Things in Perspective (Psalm 49)p. 162
The Trouble with Religion (Psalm 50)p. 166
What Can You Do with a Broken Heart? (Psalm 51)p. 169
A Green Olive Tree (Psalm 52)p. 174
Where Is God? (Psalm 53)p. 177
In the Name of God (Psalm 54)p. 178
When Friends Fail (Psalm 55)p. 181
God Cares When You Cry (Psalm 56)p. 185
Lie Down with the Lions and Still Get Some Sleep! (Psalm 57)p. 188
Probably Not for Opening Devotions (Psalm 58)p. 192
Prowlers in the Night (Psalm 59)p. 194
God, Fix the Cracks! (Psalm 60)p. 198
Rock Music (Psalm 61)p. 201
Built on a Rock (Psalm 62)p. 204
Within a Weary Land (Psalm 63)p. 207
Ready, Aim, Fire! (Psalm 64)p. 210
The Blue Planet (Psalm 65)p. 213
The Mighty Acts of God (Psalm 66)p. 216
Multipurpose Thanksgiving (Psalm 67)p. 220
The Lord Who Daily Bears Us Up (Psalm 68)p. 223
Do Not Hide Your Face, Lord (Psalm 69)p. 228
Make It Quick, Lord! (Psalm 70)p. 232
"God Saves the Hardest Part 'til Last" (Psalm 71)p. 235
Portrait of a King (Psalm 72)p. 239
3. Book IIIp. 244
Psalms 73-89
When Good Things Happen to Bad People (Psalm 73)p. 244
The Night of Broken Glass (Psalm 74)p. 248
People Are Talking (Psalm 75)p. 252
Glorious Things of You Are Spoken (Psalm 76)p. 255
The Unseen Footprints (Psalm 77)p. 258
Do Look Back (Psalm 78)p. 262
We, Your People (Psalm 79)p. 269
Lord, Let Your Face Shine! (Psalm 80)p. 271
Honey from the Rock (Psalm 81)p. 275
The Shaking of the Foundations (Psalm 82)p. 278
When God Is Silent (Psalm 83)p. 281
Even the Sparrow (Psalm 84)p. 284
Your Land, Our Land (Psalm 85)p. 287
Teach Me to Walk! (Psalm 86)p. 290
Your Hometown (Psalm 87)p. 293
A Cry from the Darkness (Psalm 88)p. 296
Lord, Where Is Your Love? (Psalm 89)p. 300
4. Book IVp. 306
Psalms 90-106
It's About Time (Psalm 90)p. 306
All Those Angels (Psalm 91)p. 310
Always Green and Full of Sap (Psalm 92)p. 313
Will the Center Hold? (Psalm 93)p. 316
Solid as a Rock (Psalm 94)p. 318
The Whole World in His Hand (Psalm 95)p. 322
The Singing Trees (Psalm 96)p. 325
Joy to the World (Psalm 97)p. 327
Fit for a King (Psalm 98)p. 330
Holy, Holy, Holy (Psalm 99)p. 333
Doxology (Psalm 100)p. 336
The Way to Walk (Psalm 101)p. 339
God Knows How Much I Want to Stay (Psalm 102)p. 342
Amazing Grace (Psalm 103)p. 346
"The World Is So Full of a Number of Things" (Psalm 104)p. 350
Time to Remember (Psalm 105)p. 356
Old Stories for a New Time (Psalm 106)p. 360
5. Book Vp. 367
Psalms 107-150
Consider the Steadfast Love of the Lord! (Psalm 107)p. 367
Psalms Recycled (Psalm 108)p. 372
Like a Shadow at Evening (Psalm 109)p. 374
Seated at the Right Hand of the Father (Psalm 110)p. 378
The ABC's of Theology (Psalm 111)p. 381
The ABC's of Anthropology (Psalm 112)p. 384
The Prince and the Peasant Maiden (Psalm 113)p. 387
The Day the Sea Ran Away (Psalm 114)p. 390
Ours Is the Earth (Psalm 115)p. 392
The Power of a Prayer (Psalm 116)p. 396
Praise from this Planet (Psalm 117)p. 399
I Live to Tell the Stories (Psalm 118)p. 400
A Psalm for Sojourners (Psalm 119)p. 405
A Sojourner's Story (Psalm 120)p. 420
On the Road Again (Psalm 121)p. 422
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122)p. 426
We've Had It, Lord! (Psalm 123)p. 429
If God Is for Us... (Psalm 124)p. 431
Like a City Set in the Hills (Psalm 125)p. 433
Between Memory and Hope (Psalm 126)p. 435
A Word for Worriers and Workaholics (Psalm 127)p. 437
The Joys of Work and Family (Psalm 128)p. 441
Life Review (Psalm 129)p. 443
Out of the Depths I Cry (Psalm 130)p. 446
On Letting Your Weight Down (Psalm 131)p. 449
King David, Mount Zion (Psalm 132)p. 451
How Sweet It Is! (Psalm 133)p. 454
Praises in the Night (Psalm 134)p. 456
This Is Your God (Psalm 135)p. 457
Amazing Grace (Psalm 136)p. 461
Can We Take Our Religion Along? (Psalm 137)p. 464
The Lord and the Lowly (Psalm 138)p. 468
"Thank You for Me" (Psalm 139)p. 470
Deliver Me from Evil! (Psalm 140)p. 474
Evening Prayer (Psalm 141)p. 476
Nobody Cares about Me! (Psalm 142)p. 479
Teach Me the Way I Should Go (Psalm 143)p. 482
Set Me Free, Bless Us All (Psalm 144)p. 485
The ABC's of Praise (Psalm 145)p. 489
I Pledge Allegiance (Psalm 146)p. 492
Consider the Ravens (Psalm 147)p. 495
"It's Clapping!" (Psalm 148)p. 499
Let the Faithful Dance! (Psalm 149)p. 502
From King David to Duke Ellington (Psalm 150)p. 504