Cover image for The friendly guide to mythology : a mortal's companion to the fantastical realm of gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes
The friendly guide to mythology : a mortal's companion to the fantastical realm of gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes
Hathaway, Nancy, 1946-
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New York : Viking, [2001]

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xxii, 424 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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"A Winokur/Boates book."
Out of chaos, vast and dark -- Abecedarium of Goddesses -- Greeks -- Heroes -- Glossary: a compendium of gods, goddesses, monsters, and mortals.
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"From Athena to Zorya, a clever compendium of myths from ancient Greece and around the world." "From classic literature and Jungian psychology to pop lyrics and Nike sneakers, mythology informs every aspect of our culture and thought. These timeless myths tell surprisingly modern-sounding tales of love and devotion - and of carnage, adultery, and incest. Whether they come from a Native American, Asian, African, or Greek and Roman tradition, they offer endless revelations and insights into the human psyche."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Author Notes

Nancy Hathaway's books include "The Friendly Guide to the Universe" & "The Unicorn." She lives in New York City.

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Library Journal Review

Intended as a popular compendium of world myths, this broad survey is a limited, quickly referenced assembly of tales that includes gods, goddesses, origins, and beliefs. The anthology samples all eras and regions, attempting to refine the meaning of myth as it mutated into legend, saga, fairytale, and folklore while moving through such diverse cultures as Greek, Roman, Chinese, Native American, Yoruba, Mexican, Welsh, Inuit, and more. Unfortunately, the skillful prose and extensive coverage is compromised by a confusing format that arranges the material into five disjointed sections. The book's glossary and bibliography are, however, excellent. Recommended for comprehensive myth collections. Robert K. Burns, MSLS, Hatboro, PA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xv
Part I. Out of Chaos, Vast and Darkp. 1
Tales of Creation and Destructionp. 1
Tales of Dismembermentp. 3
Marduk Slays the Serpentp. 3
Marduk: A Chronologyp. 6
P'an Ku Creates the Worldp. 7
The Frost Giants and the Creation of the Worldp. 8
The Sacrificep. 10
Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca Attack the Goddessp. 11
Ta'aroa Gets Angryp. 12
Sky Woman Falls to Earthp. 13
Izanami and Izanagip. 15
If not Green Cheese, What?p. 17
The Mating of the Godsp. 17
An Egyptian Story: Variations on a Themep. 18
The Greek Creationp. 20
Nightp. 22
The Origin of Humanityp. 23
Earthlingsp. 23
Skin, Bone and Morep. 24
Sexp. 25
The Ages of Humanityp. 26
A Tale from Borneop. 27
The Greek Versionp. 27
A Hindu Scenariop. 28
The Fifth Sun and the Creation of Humanityp. 30
The Chronicle of the Plumed Serpentp. 32
Two Mayan Mythsp. 32
Tales of the Floodp. 35
Enlil Can't Stand the Noisep. 35
Zeus Gets Angryp. 37
Venus Saves Wainkaurap. 39
Nu Gua, the Gourd Girlp. 40
Why the World is Such a Mess: Tricksters and Troublemakersp. 42
Inktomip. 43
Coyotep. 43
Mauip. 44
Eshup. 44
Lokip. 45
Death, Destruction and Apocalypsep. 47
Why We Diep. 47
A Story about Stonesp. 50
Hell and the Afterlifep. 50
Ragnarok: The Final Battlep. 55
The Doom of the Godsp. 56
From the Annals of Mythologyp. 58
The Life of Hesiodp. 58
Snorri Sturlusonp. 62
Part II. An Abecedarium of Goddessesp. 65
Amaterasup. 69
Bastetp. 70
Bentenp. 71
Brigitp. 72
Cerridwenp. 74
Coatlicue and Coyolxuahquip. 75
Cybelep. 76
Durgap. 78
Eponap. 79
Freyjap. 80
Friggp. 81
Gnoweep. 83
Heng-op. 83
Huitacap. 84
Inannap. 86
Isisp. 91
Jarip. 98
Kalip. 98
Kuan Yinp. 100
Lilithp. 102
Maryp. 104
Niamh (and Oto-Hime)p. 108
Oshun and Oyap. 110
Parvatip. 111
Pelep. 113
Quiesp. 115
Rhiannonp. 116
Sednap. 118
Tatsuta-Himep. 120
Taueretp. 120
Tien-Mup. 121
Uke Mochip. 121
The Valkyriesp. 121
White Buffalo Womanp. 123
Xochiquetzalp. 124
Yambe-Akkap. 125
The Zoryap. 125
From the Annals of Mythologyp. 126
Max Muller and the Disease of Languagep. 126
Sir James George Frazer and The Golden Boughp. 128
Jane E. Harrisonp. 132
Part III. The Greeksp. 135
Zeus, Lord of the Dark Storm Cloudp. 139
His Childhoodp. 140
The Clash of the Titansp. 141
A Threat Overcomep. 142
His Authorityp. 143
Zeus Loses His Sonp. 144
The Amorous History of Zeusp. 145
Love's Masqueradep. 146
Hera, Goddess of Marriagep. 150
Hera's Childrenp. 152
Tiresiasp. 153
Poseidon, God of the Sea-Blue Manep. 154
Poseidon Hippios, Lord of Horses (and Other Animals)p. 156
Scylla and Charybdisp. 157
From the Annals of Mythology: Homer, Lawrence of Arabia, and the Homeric Questionp. 158
Demeter and Persephonep. 161
The Eleusinian Mysteriesp. 166
Demeter's Son Ploutusp. 167
Hades: Lord of the Dead, Land of the Deadp. 168
Residents of Hadesp. 170
Another Greek Afterlife: Plato and the Myth of Erp. 173
Hestia and the Vestal Virginsp. 175
Golden Aphroditep. 178
Anchisesp. 180
Adonisp. 182
The Judgment of Parisp. 184
The Punishments of Aphroditep. 185
Aphrodite's Childrenp. 187
Apollo, God of Lightp. 189
The Birth of Apollop. 189
The Delphic Oraclep. 191
The Mouse God and His Sonp. 193
Two Musical Competitionsp. 194
The Loves of Apollop. 196
The Sibyl of Cumaep. 199
Apollo and Helios, Gods of the Sunp. 201
Artemis: Wild Thingp. 203
Niobe's Childrenp. 204
The Death of Actaeonp. 205
The Death of Orionp. 206
The Bears of Artemisp. 206
Lunar Goddessesp. 208
Moon Godsp. 208
Atalanta and the Calydonian Boar Huntp. 209
Atalanta Gets Marriedp. 210
Gray-Eyed Athena: A Motherless Childp. 211
Athena's Birthp. 212
Athena and Her Cityp. 213
Pallas Athenep. 214
Arachnep. 215
Erichthoniusp. 216
What Athena Worep. 217
Athena: Now and Thenp. 219
Ares and Mars, Gods of Warp. 220
Romulus and Remusp. 222
Hephaestus, the Crippled Smithp. 223
The Tale of a Cuckoldp. 225
The Masterpieces of Hephaestusp. 226
Prometheus, Champion of Humankindp. 229
The Sacrificep. 229
Zeus Strikes Backp. 231
Prometheus Is Punishedp. 232
Hermes, Lord of Rascals, Prince of Thievesp. 233
The First Lyrep. 233
Hermes Becomes an Olympian Godp. 233
Hermes, Io, and the Hermsp. 236
Hermes Trismegistusp. 237
The Great God Panp. 240
Echo and Narcissusp. 242
Wind-footed Iris, Goddess of the Rainbowp. 243
Death and the Rainbowp. 244
Dionysus, God of Joyp. 246
The Invention and Spread of Winep. 248
The Rites of Dionysusp. 251
More Tales of Dismembermentp. 252
King Midasp. 254
Dionysus and Orpheusp. 256
Orpheus and Eurydicep. 258
From the Annals of Mythology: Ovidp. 260
Part IV. Heroesp. 265
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Herop. 265
The Valet's Herop. 266
Hero Worship in Antiquityp. 267
Heroines in Antiquityp. 268
Emerson's Herop. 268
Carlyle's Herop. 269
E. B. Tylor's Herop. 270
Von Hahn's Herop. 270
Raglan's Herop. 272
Otto Rank's Herop. 272
Sigmund Freud's Herop. 273
The Jungian Herop. 274
Wallace Stevens's Herop. 275
Joseph Campbell's Herop. 276
Gilgameshp. 279
Gilgamesh and Enkidup. 280
The Search for Immortalityp. 281
The Woman of the Vine and the Ferrymanp. 282
Utnapishtim's Testp. 283
The Old Men Are Young Againp. 283
Perseus and the Medusa: The Hero's Taskp. 284
On the Medusap. 286
Heraclesp. 287
The Labors of Heraclesp. 289
Heracles Helps Out: Another Round Trip to the Underworldp. 296
Jason and the Golden Fleecep. 297
Jason and Medeap. 303
A Flawed Herop. 303
Parents Who Killp. 304
Tales of the Cauldronp. 305
The Dagda's Cauldronp. 305
Bran's Cauldronp. 306
Theseusp. 307
Theseus in Athensp. 308
Theseus and the Minotaurp. 309
Daedalus, Icarus, and Minosp. 310
On Labyrinthsp. 311
Theseus in the Underworldp. 313
Theseus and Phaedrap. 313
Krishnap. 315
Krishna's Exploitsp. 317
The Last Incarnation of Vishnu, and the Nextp. 318
Bluep. 319
Mwindo: Little-one-just-born-he-walkedp. 321
Mwindo Meets His Auntp. 322
Into the Underworldp. 322
Mwindo and the Dragonp. 324
Mwindo Is Purifiedp. 324
Nyamitondo: A Sister's Storyp. 325
Cu Chulainnp. 326
The Birth of Cu Chulainnp. 326
Cu Chulainn Earns His Namep. 327
Cu Chulainn the Warriorp. 328
Macha's Cursep. 329
Cu Chulainn in Lovep. 330
The Cattle Raid of Cooleyp. 331
The Death of Cu Chulainnp. 332
The Heroic Loverp. 334
The Salmon of Knowledgep. 334
Finn's Pursuit of Lovep. 335
Psychep. 337
Venus Reactsp. 339
The Labors of Psychep. 340
Part V. Glossary: A Compendium of Gods, Goddesses, Monsters, and Mortalsp. 343
Bibliographyp. 393
Indexp. 405