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Master visually Photoshop 6
Milburn, Ken, 1935-
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New York : Hungry Minds, 2001.
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608 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.

"Visual from maranGraphics."
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Covering all of the nuances of release of Photoshop, this text is designed for the visual learner with each task storyboarded across the bottom of every spread in clear, oversized, and screenshots.

Table of Contents

1 Getting Started
1) Photoshop Basics
The Photoshop 6 Interface for Windowsp. 4
The Photoshop 6 Interface for Macsp. 5
What Is New in Photoshop 6p. 6
Set Up Windows to Complement Photoshopp. 12
Set Up Your Mac to Complement Photoshopp. 14
Set General Preferencesp. 15
Set Preferences for Saving Filesp. 16
Set Preferences for Display and Cursorsp. 17
Set Preferences for Transparency and Gamutp. 18
Set Preferences for Units and Rulersp. 19
Set Preferences for Guides and Gridp. 20
Set Preferences for Plug-ins and Scratch Disksp. 21
Set Preferences for Memory and Image Cachep. 22
Recover from Mistakes: Undop. 23
Recover from Mistakes: Revertp. 24
Recover from Mistakes: Duplicate a Layerp. 25
Recover from Mistakes: Use the History Listp. 26
Recover from Mistakes: Snapshotsp. 27
Manage Presets with the Preset Libraryp. 28
2) Photoshop File Management
Make Contact Sheetsp. 30
Open a New Filep. 31
Open Existing Filesp. 32
Save the Current Filep. 34
Save a Copy of the Current Filep. 36
Add and Retrieve Information about a Filep. 38
Create Contact Proof Sheets Automaticallyp. 40
Make a Picture Package or Job Printp. 42
Make a Scrapbook Pagep. 44
Import Images from a Twain Devicep. 46
Import Images from a Digital Camerap. 48
Import Images from a Flatbed Scannerp. 50
Import Images from a Slide Scannerp. 52
2 Making Image Adjustments
3) Changing the Size of an Image
Change the Image Sizep. 56
Change the Canvas Sizep. 58
Crop the Imagep. 60
Crop an Image to a Specific Proportionp. 62
Crop an Image to a Specific Sizep. 63
Crop an Image to a Fixed Size and Resolutionp. 64
Crop an Image to a Specific Proportion or Dimensionp. 65
4) Adjusting Image Quality
Adjust a Specific Areap. 66
Adjust a Specific Layerp. 67
Correct Overall Color Balancep. 68
Using Color Correction Aidsp. 70
Adjust Brightness and Contrastp. 71
Alter Color with Hue/Saturationp. 72
Lose All Color with Desaturatep. 74
Create a Tonal Effect with Invertp. 75
Swap One Color for Anotherp. 76
Mix Color Channelsp. 78
Make an Adjustment with Variationsp. 80
Create a Tonal Effect with Equalizep. 82
Switch Color Palettesp. 84
Correct Tonal Values with the Levels Commandp. 86
Correct Tonal Values with the Curves Commandp. 88
Correct Color Values with the Curves Commandp. 90
Create Special Effects Color Changes with Curvesp. 92
5) Retouching Images
Using the Eyedropper to Pick Up Colorp. 94
Using Offset Cloningp. 95
Using Aligned Cloningp. 96
Automatic Spotting with the Dust and Scratches Filterp. 97
Automatic Spotting with the Gaussian Blur Filterp. 98
Correct Blending Defectsp. 99
Hand-Spotting with the Brushesp. 100
3 Isolating Parts of the Image
6) Making Selections
Make Polygon Selectionsp. 104
Automate Selection with the Magic Wandp. 105
Automate Selection with the Magnetic Lassop. 106
Define a Patternp. 108
Using the Color Range Commandp. 109
Using Quick Mask Modep. 110
Make Compound Selectionsp. 112
Edit Selectionsp. 114
Modify Selectionsp. 116
Modify Selections with Grow and Similarp. 118
Make Wholesale Selection Changesp. 120
Soften Edges with Anti-Aliasing and Featheringp. 122
Erase with the Magic Eraserp. 124
Erase Backgroundsp. 126
7) Working with Vector Paths
Draw a Pathp. 128
Draw Complex Pathsp. 130
Draw Freehand Pathsp. 132
Convert Selections to a Pathp. 133
Automate Path Tracing with the Magnetic Penp. 134
Edit and Reshape a Pathp. 136
Make and Use a Clipping Pathp. 138
Export and Save Pathsp. 139
Paint a Pathp. 140
Draw Automatic Geometric Shapesp. 142
Edit and Reshape a Shapep. 144
Make Raster Shapes with Path Toolsp. 146
Draw with Custom Shapesp. 147
8) Working with Masks
Introducing Masksp. 148
Save and Load Masksp. 149
Edit Masks: Edit Edgesp. 150
Edit Masks: Paint with Brushesp. 152
Edit Masks: Using Fillsp. 154
Edit Masks with Quick Mask Modep. 156
Make Texture Masksp. 158
Using Texture Masksp. 160
Make a Mask from a Color Channelp. 162
Make a Threshold Maskp. 164
Make a Layer Maskp. 166
9) Working with Layers
Create a New Layerp. 168
Stack and Reorder Layersp. 170
Show and Hide Layersp. 171
Merge Layersp. 172
Use Transparency with Layersp. 174
Stamp Layersp. 175
Change the Size of Layersp. 176
Using Layer Blend Modesp. 178
Create Shape Layers for 3D Buttonsp. 179
Stretch Layers, Selections, and Pathsp. 180
Make Multiple Freehand Transformationsp. 182
Make Numerically Precise Transformationsp. 184
Link Layersp. 186
Make and Use a Clipping Groupp. 187
Make and Use Adjustment Layersp. 188
Make a Layer Maskp. 190
Make and Use Layer Stylesp. 192
Organize Layersp. 200
Manage Layersp. 202
10) Channel Operations
Split Out the Channelsp. 204
Make a Separate Channel for Spot Colorsp. 205
Merge Channels to Create Special Effectsp. 206
Merge Channels from Different Filesp. 208
Using the Apply Image Commandp. 210
Using the Calculations Commandp. 212
11) Text and Text Effects
Using the Type Toolsp. 214
Enter Paragraph Textp. 216
Distort Textp. 217
Edit a Type Layerp. 218
Using the Type Selection Toolp. 220
Using Transparency and Blend for Type Effectsp. 222
Enter Vertical Typep. 224
4 Photoshop for Art's Sake
12) Using Photoshop's Brushes
Manage Presets with the Preset Libraryp. 228
Choose the Right Brushp. 230
Set Airbrush Optionsp. 232
Set Paintbrush Optionsp. 233
Compare Pencil Optionsp. 234
Compare Eraser Optionsp. 235
Save and Load Brush Palettesp. 236
Create Custom Brush Shapesp. 238
Create a Brush from Typep. 240
Create a Brush from a Postscript Imagep. 241
Define a Brush from a Raster Imagep. 242
Paint from a Snapshotp. 244
Get Even More Painterly with the Art History Brushp. 246
13) Applying Darkroom Effects
Burn and Dodge Small Areasp. 248
Burn and Dodge Using a Selectionp. 250
Suck Up Color with the Sponge Toolp. 252
Match Color with the Paintbrush Toolp. 253
Convert an Image to Monochromep. 254
Make Duotonesp. 256
Hand-Color a Monotone Imagep. 258
Change Depth of Fieldp. 260
Create Motion Blurp. 262
Create a Radial Blurp. 264
Add a Smart Blurp. 266
Control Focus: Blurring and Sharpeningp. 268
Eliminate Artifacts from Compressed Imagesp. 272
Control Focusp. 276
Add Psychedelic Coloring with a Gradient Mapp. 277
Using the Liquify Commandp. 278
Reflect and Shift with the Liquify Commandp. 280
Using Liquified Warping and Twistingp. 281
Make Adjustments by Stroking Small Areasp. 282
Extract an Image from Its Backgroundp. 284
Clean Up Edges in the Extract Commandp. 286
Clean Extracted Edges in Photoshopp. 287
14) Working with Textures
Apply Texture Filtersp. 288
Apply Craquelure Texturep. 289
Apply Grain Texturep. 290
Create Mosaic Tilesp. 291
Create a Patchworkp. 292
Create Stained Glassp. 293
Apply Texturizer Texturesp. 294
Create New Textures from Photosp. 296
Create Seamless Pattern and Texture Tilesp. 298
15) Using the Artistic Filters
Create a Painting by Filtering Specific Areasp. 300
Texturize an Image with a Sketch Filterp. 302
Apply the Colored Pencil Filterp. 304
Apply the Cutout Filterp. 305
Apply the Dry Brush Filterp. 306
Apply the Film Grain Filterp. 307
Apply the Fresco Filterp. 308
Apply the Neon Glow Filterp. 309
Apply the Paint Daubs Filterp. 310
Apply the Palette Knife Filterp. 311
Apply the Plastic Wrap Filterp. 312
Apply the Poster Edges Filterp. 313
Apply the Rough Pastels Filterp. 314
Apply the Smudge Stick Filterp. 315
Apply the Sponge Filterp. 316
Apply the Underpainting Filterp. 317
Apply the Watercolor Filterp. 318
Apply the Accented Edges Filterp. 319
Apply the Angled Strokes Filterp. 320
Apply the Crosshatch Filterp. 321
Apply the Dark Strokes Filterp. 322
Apply the Ink Outlines Filterp. 323
Apply the Spatter Filterp. 324
Apply the Sumi-e Filterp. 325
Apply the Bas Relief Filterp. 326
Apply the Chalk and Charcoal Filterp. 327
Apply the Charcoal Filterp. 328
Apply the Chrome Filterp. 329
Apply the Conte Crayon Filterp. 330
Apply the Graphic Pen Filterp. 331
Apply the Halftone Pattern Filterp. 332
Apply the Note Paper Filterp. 333
Apply the Photocopy Filterp. 334
Apply the Plaster Filterp. 335
Apply the Reticulation Filterp. 336
Apply the Stamp Filterp. 337
Apply the Torn Edges Filterp. 338
Apply the Water Paper Filterp. 339
16) Using the Distort Filters
Distort with the Diffuse Glow Filterp. 340
Distort with the Displace Filterp. 341
Distort with the Glass Filterp. 342
Distort with the Ocean Ripple Filterp. 343
Distort with the Pinch Filterp. 344
Distort with the Polar Coordinates Filterp. 345
Distort with the Ripple Filterp. 346
Distort with the Shear Filterp. 347
Distort with the Spherize Filterp. 348
Distort with the Twirl Filterp. 349
Distort with the Wave Filterp. 350
Distort with the ZigZag Filterp. 351
17) Using the Noise, Pixelate, and Stylize Filters
Apply the Add Noise Filterp. 352
Apply the Despeckle Filterp. 353
Apply the Dust and Scratches Filterp. 354
Apply the Color Halftone Filterp. 355
Apply the Crystallize Filterp. 356
Apply the Facet Filterp. 357
Apply the Fragment Filterp. 358
Apply the Mezzotint Filterp. 359
Create a Texture with the Mezzotint Filterp. 360
Apply the Pointillize Filterp. 362
Apply the Diffuse Filterp. 363
Apply the Emboss Filterp. 364
Apply the Extrude Filterp. 365
Apply the Find Edges Filterp. 366
Apply the Glowing Edges Filterp. 367
Apply the Solarize Filterp. 368
Apply the Tiles Filterp. 369
Apply the Trace Contour Filterp. 370
Apply the Wind Filterp. 371
Create, Save, and Load Custom Filtersp. 372
Sharpen with the Custom Filterp. 374
Create Directional Blurs with the Custom Filterp. 375
Emboss with the Custom Filterp. 376
Apply the Median Filterp. 377
5 Advanced Techniques
18) Using Layers to Combine Effects
Combine Filter Effects Using Layersp. 380
Define and Save Patternsp. 382
Paint with Fillsp. 384
Make Nonlinear Gradient Fillsp. 386
Make and Edit Gradient Stylesp. 388
Choose Colorsp. 390
Make Custom Swatch Palettesp. 392
19) Automating Photoshop with Actions
Create a New Actionp. 394
Save and Load a Set of Actionsp. 396
Edit an Actionp. 398
Play Actionsp. 400
Play Actions in Batchesp. 402
Insert Unrecordable Actionsp. 404
Place a Conditional Mode Change into an Actionp. 406
20) Preparing Images for a Composite
Collect and Prep Imagesp. 408
Integrate Images in a Montagep. 410
Clean Up the Edgesp. 412
Rearrange Items on a Layerp. 414
Cast Shadowsp. 416
6 Preparing Images for the Web
21) Preparing and Previewing Web Pages
Optimize GIF Filesp. 420
Optimize PNG-8p. 422
Optimize PNG-24p. 423
Optimize JPEG Filesp. 424
22) Designing Interactive Graphics
Slice an Imagep. 426
Modify Slicesp. 428
Specify Slice Options and Optimize Slicesp. 432
Assign Rollovers to Slicesp. 434
Animate a Rollover Statep. 436
23) Making Animations from Photographs
Create Motion Tweensp. 438
Tween a Cross-Fadep. 440
Animate a Series of Photosp. 442
Create a Slide Showp. 444
7 Appendixes
Appendix A
Image Size Basicsp. 448
Control Overall Image Qualityp. 449
Correcting Mistakesp. 458
Making Selectionsp. 464
Pathsp. 466
Masksp. 470
Layersp. 476
Channel Operationsp. 484
Textp. 488
Texturesp. 490
Painterly Filtersp. 494
Warping and Morphingp. 510
Noise Filtersp. 516
Expressive Effectsp. 522
Actionsp. 524
Contact Sheetsp. 526
ImageReadyp. 528
Image Slicingp. 532
Appendix B
The Photoshop and ImageReady Toolboxesp. 536
The Tool Options Barsp. 546
Command Options Barsp. 563
Appendix C
Keyboard Modifiers and Shortcutsp. 564
Appendix D
What's on the CD-ROMp. 572