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The complete idiot's guide to homeopathy
Sollars, David.
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Indianapolis, IN : Alpha Books, [2001]

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xviii, 317 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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This text offers a guide to the treatment, remedies and forms of homeopathy. It helps users to understand how homeopathic treatments work, how to find a qualified practitioner and how to get the most out a visit.

Author Notes

David Sollars is a diplomat for the North American Homeopathic Master's Clinician Course and the International Federation of Homeopathy. He has had the privilege to study and be influenced by many remarkable homeopaths including Lou Klein, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Roger Morrison, Richard Moscowitz, Phil Bonnett, and Ted Chapman. He holds a Master's degree in Oriental Medicine and is certified in both Shiatsu and Tui-Na Oriental massage. He graduated from The New England School of Acupuncture (NESA). He is a frequent lecturer and consultant for hospitals, insurance companies, patient support groups, and hosts a local television show on alternative medicine. He has been a practicing health-care provider for over 16 years in the Boston, Massachusetts, area, offering a wide range of healing options for his patients' continuing health care.David was a Board Member of The Massachusetts Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from 1991 to 1995. He is currently a member of The National Center of Homeopathy; The New England Homeopathic Academy; The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists; Fibromyalgia Network Provider; a member of The New England Pain Association; Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts; The National/New England Speaker's Association; and continues in his commitment to international and community service as President of the Andover, Massachusetts, Chapter of Rotary International.

He is the author of the newly released The Complete Idiot's Guide to Acupuncture and Acupressure . He has been a contributing editor for such books as Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets for Health, Longevity & Enlightenment, and Eight Pieces of Brocade-Improving and Maintaining Health.

David believes that by inspiring others to lead their own health team, the best combination of health care and self-care will be achieved. He has recently opened a new multidisciplinary health center offering homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal, chiropractic rehabilitation, and nutritional counseling. He continues to produce educational programs to excite, inform, and inspire others toward interactive health care. Please visit his new clinic at FirstHealth of Andover, One Dundee Park, Suites 1&2, Andover, MA 01810, call 978-474-9994, or visit his Web site at

Table of Contents

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Part 1 Homeopathy ... When Less Is Bestp. 1
1 What Is Homeopathy and How Does It Work?p. 3
Homeopathy: The Hair of the Dog?p. 4
The Rise of Medical Optionsp. 5
Chronic Illness: The Unwelcome Guestp. 6
The Homeopathic Option: Purpose of the Pelletsp. 7
Engineering Your Migrainep. 7
The Science Behind Homeopathyp. 9
The Cluster Theory: Would You Like Ice in Your Water?p. 9
Homeopathic Human Studies: The Proof Is in the Peoplep. 11
2 The Evolution of Homeopathyp. 13
Homeopathy Is Born Among Amulets and Leechesp. 14
Thinking Outside the Boxp. 15
Homeopathy Emerges in Mainstream Medicinep. 16
The Criticism and Controversyp. 18
The Pioneers: Take Less Young Man, Take Less!p. 19
Samuel Hahnemann Put the Homeo in Homeopathyp. 19
Constantine Hering--The Father of American Homeopathyp. 20
James Tyler Kent--The Organizerp. 21
American Homeopathy Today: The Comeback Kidp. 22
3 Homeopathy Around the Worldp. 25
Homeopathic Organizations: Getting It Togetherp. 25
The Club Close-Ups: Stand and Be Countedp. 26
Homeopathic Education Overseasp. 26
The Education Stationp. 27
Homeopathic Hospitals: A Dose of Caringp. 28
Homeopathy--Who Pays?p. 29
Integration Realizationp. 29
4 Provings--The Proof Is in the Personp. 31
What's Proved in a Proving?p. 32
The Proving of Chocolate--How Sweet It Isn't!p. 33
A Homeopathic Case for Chocolatep. 35
The Homeopathic Proving of Carbon Dioxide (CO[subscript 2])p. 35
The Proving Processp. 36
The Stages of a Provingp. 36
The Final Report: Circle the Wagonsp. 37
What Do We Gain from Provings?p. 37
5 How to Make a Homeopathic Remedyp. 39
The Making of a Remedy ... Succussion Discussionp. 40
The Process to Potentize and Packagep. 41
Preparation of Soluble and Insoluble Substancesp. 42
Potentizing: Succuss or Bustp. 42
The Final Process: Drip-Drying Awayp. 43
Manufacturing Standards: The Secret to Safetyp. 44
How to Read a Labelp. 45
6 Where Do Homeopathic Remedies Come From?p. 47
Minerals: Ironing Out the Edgesp. 48
Menopause: Halting the Hormonal Heatp. 49
Plants: Nature's Tender Touchp. 50
Asthma: Breathing Is Such Sweet Sorrowp. 50
Animals: Survival Is the Name of the Gamep. 51
Crocodile Tears ... It's Showtime!p. 53
Milk Remedies: Got Milk?p. 54
Anger and Disappointmentp. 54
Part 2 Symptoms and Simillimumsp. 57
7 The Principles of Homeopathyp. 59
Vital Force: May the Force Be with Youp. 59
The Law of Similarsp. 61
Minimum Dose: One Station at a Timep. 62
A Tickling Coughp. 63
Hering's Direction of Cure: A Road Map for Remediesp. 64
8 Your First Visit to a Homeopathp. 67
Listening and Learningp. 68
Modalities: For Better or for Worse?p. 68
Chronic Tonsillitis: Tormented Tonsilsp. 70
Surveying Your Symptomsp. 71
Physical Symptoms: Oh My Achin' Back!p. 71
The Strain of Emotional Painp. 75
Strange, Rare, and Peculiar Symptomsp. 76
Tools of the Tradep. 77
Repertory: The First Filterp. 78
Materia Medica: Perusing the Provingsp. 80
Homeopathy vs. Homeotherapiesp. 81
9 Mental and Emotional Conditionsp. 85
Generalized Anxiety Disorderp. 86
Anxiety: Perception Deceptionp. 87
Panic Attacks: Danger, Danger!p. 89
Panic Attacksp. 89
Night Terrorsp. 92
Manic Depression: A Season of Emotionsp. 93
Manic Depressionp. 95
Has Grief Got You Down?p. 97
Grief Reliefp. 98
10 Getting Stuck in Our Emotionsp. 101
Stress: Guessin' Who's Stressin'p. 102
Stress and Tendinitisp. 103
Worry: The Brain Drainp. 104
Infertility "Worryability"p. 105
Rage: Mad at the Worldp. 107
Rage: A Loose Cannonp. 107
Overexcitement and Stimulationp. 109
Headaches: Percolating Passionsp. 110
11 Childhood Challengesp. 113
Colic: Pass the Gas, Please!p. 114
Colicp. 115
Ear Infections: Hear Another Way to Save the Dayp. 116
Chronic Ear Infectionsp. 117
Asthma: Begin to Breathe Easyp. 118
Allergic Asthmap. 120
Stomachachesp. 121
Anxious Stomachachep. 121
12 Kid Concernsp. 123
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Derailing the Ritualsp. 124
OCD Reliefp. 125
Diet Dilemmas: Fussy with Foodsp. 126
Food Sensitivitiesp. 127
Bed-Wettingp. 129
Bed-Wetting Casep. 130
ADD and ADD with Hyperactivity: The Attention Dimensionp. 131
Diagnosing ADD/ADHDp. 131
Treatment of ADD/ADHD: The Ritalin Rocketp. 133
ADD with Hyperactivity: Sweet or Sour!p. 134
Part 3 Putting Out Firesp. 137
13 Emergency Homeopathic Carep. 139
Homeopathic Treatment of Acute vs. Chronic Conditionsp. 139
Arnica: Choosin' for a Bruisin'p. 140
Stings and Bites: The Puncture Juncturep. 142
Jellyfish Stings--A Fishy Storyp. 142
Food Poisoning: Forget the Seconds, Pleasep. 143
Food Poisoningp. 145
Fractures: My Achy, Breaky Bonesp. 146
Nonhealing Fracturep. 147
Influenza: The Scare in the Airp. 147
Flup. 148
Burns: The Degrees of Discomfortp. 150
Acute First-Degree Burnsp. 150
Wound Care: A Cutting Remarkp. 151
Acute Injuryp. 151
14 Motherly Advicep. 155
Infertility: Intimacy by the Clock and the Calendarp. 156
Infertilityp. 157
Morning Sickness: Slowing the Throwingp. 158
Pregnancy-Induced Nausea and Vomitingp. 159
Labor Pains: No Pain, All Gainp. 159
Labor and Deliveryp. 160
Breast Infections: A Mastitis Momentp. 161
Acute Mastitisp. 161
Postpartum Depression (PPD): Despair Out of Nowherep. 162
Postpartum Depressionp. 162
15 Bummin' at the Plumbin'p. 167
Premenstrual Syndromep. 168
PMSp. 168
Painful Periods: Dealing with Dysmenorrheap. 170
Painful Periodsp. 170
Menopause: The Range of "The Change"p. 171
Primenopausep. 172
Bladder Infectionsp. 174
Chronic Urinary Tract Infectionsp. 174
Candida: The Beast of the Yeastp. 176
Chronic Candidap. 177
16 The Respiration Stationp. 181
Sore Throat: Pain in the Pipelinep. 181
Pediatric Sore Throatp. 182
Cough: The Hack Is Backp. 183
Chronic Pediatric Coughp. 184
Sinusitis: Pain in the Pocketsp. 186
Sinusitis Symptomsp. 186
Chronic Sinusitisp. 187
Asthma: A Hesitation of Respirationp. 189
Chronic Asthmap. 189
Allergies: The Unpleasing Sneezingp. 191
Perennial Allergies: The King of Catsp. 192
17 Service for the Epidermisp. 195
Acne: A Barricade of Blemishesp. 195
Acne: Healing Skin from Withinp. 196
Eczema: The Bake and Flake Skinp. 198
Chronic Eczemap. 198
Psoriasis: Developing Thick Skinp. 199
Psoriasis: The Amazing Scratching Manp. 200
Warts: I've Got You Under My Skinp. 202
Plantar Wartsp. 202
Poison Ivy: Scratching My Way Back to You, Babep. 204
Pediatric Poison Ivyp. 205
Part 4 Healing with Homeopathyp. 209
18 Gastrointestinal Upsetsp. 211
Heartburn: Reflux Deluxep. 212
The Do's and Don'ts of Acid Refluxp. 212
Heartburnp. 213
Constipation: A Plugged Pipelinep. 214
Pediatric Constipationp. 215
Diarrhea: Panic for the Pottyp. 216
Traveler's Diarrhea: More Than a Souvenirp. 217
Chronic Diarrheap. 217
Irritable Bowel Syndromep. 219
IBS: Tormented Talentp. 220
19 Purging Your Painp. 223
Headaches: Trouble in the Towerp. 223
Chronic Headachesp. 224
Bursitis: Pain on the Pointp. 226
Chronic Bursitis: The Bearcat Bursap. 226
Arthritis: Snap, Crackle, and Popp. 227
Types of Arthritisp. 228
Rheumatoid Arthritisp. 229
Sciatica: The Nagging Nervep. 230
Pregnancy-Induced Sciaticap. 231
20 Mysterious Maladiesp. 233
Lyme Disease: Getting Ticked Offp. 234
Late-Stage Lyme Diseasep. 234
Fibromyalgia: A Tussle with Your Musclep. 235
The Painful Points of Fibromyalgiap. 236
Fibromyalgia: The Work Horse Hurtsp. 237
Meniere's Disease: Inner Fear of Your Earp. 238
Meniere's Diseasep. 239
Mononucleosisp. 240
Symptoms of Mono: Emphatic Lymphaticsp. 241
Infectious Mononucleosisp. 241
21 Healing from Withinp. 245
Diabetes: The Sugar Shutdownp. 246
Diabetesp. 247
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)p. 248
MTBIp. 249
Cancer: The Balancing Actp. 250
Defining Your Cancerp. 251
Postcancer Supportp. 252
The Facts on Fatiguep. 253
CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome)p. 254
22 Veterinary Homeopathyp. 257
Working with a Homeopathic Vetp. 258
Lady the Boxer Dogp. 258
Diet: Your Nutrition Missionp. 260
Casey the Australian Shepherd Puppyp. 261
Vaccination: Hesitation?p. 262
Homeopathic Vets Across the Pondp. 262
Sugar the Female Beagle Dogp. 263
Part 5 Integration and Participationp. 265
23 Your Return Visitp. 267
Your Follow-Up Visit: Reporting and Sortingp. 268
The Truth Shall Set You Freep. 268
Can a Remedy Make You Worse?p. 268
Stopping Your Remedy from Working: Myth and Methodsp. 269
Is It Working? The Need for Speedp. 269
Signs the Remedy Is Working Wellp. 270
Signs the Remedy Is Not the Right Onep. 270
Can I Treat Myself with Homeopathy?p. 271
The Second Prescription: Red, Yellow, or Green Light?p. 272
The Toughest Pill to Swallowp. 272
Putting the Remedy to the Testp. 272
New Remedy: Next!p. 273
24 Who's Driving Your Health Bus?p. 275
Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine: A Dissimilar Duop. 276
The Limits of Homeopathyp. 277
Genetic Influences: The Family Treep. 277
Adding Homeopathy to Your Teamp. 278
How to Talk with Your Doctor About Homeopathyp. 279
25 Hunting for a Homeopathp. 281
Finding a Qualified Homeopathp. 282
Education and Certificationp. 282
Women in Homeopathyp. 283
Sticking with Homeopathyp. 284
26 The Final Touchesp. 287
The Evolution of Healingp. 287
Lifestyle Mattersp. 288
Balancep. 289
Freedom!p. 290
A Glossaryp. 293
B Further Readingp. 295
C Homeopathic Pharmacy Terminologyp. 299
D A Brief History of Homeopathyp. 301
E Homeopathic Schoolsp. 305
Indexp. 309