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CQ researcher on controversies in medicine and science.
Congressional Quarterly, inc.
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Washington, DC : CQ Press, [2001]

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xiii, 247 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
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CQ researcher.
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For decades The CQ Researcher reports have been a first stop for students researching school reports and learning about contemporary issues. The unsurpassed value in these objective and clearly written loose-leaf reports now is available in books built around individual topics. Each volume reprints complete recent reports on these subjects.

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This important collection of The CQ Researcher reports major issues that concern both young and old. Articles explore Alzheimer's disease, obesity, childhood depression, the managed care debate, human genome research, the global aids crisis, and much more.

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Selections of articles from The CQ Researcher. The volume on law covers topics related to civil liberties, criminal justice, public policy, and more. The volume on medicine treats issues such as the asthma epidemic, patients' rights, and human genome research.

Table of Contents

Annotated Table of Contentsp. ix
Introductionp. xiii
Illness, Treatment and Health Policy
1 Alzheimer's Diseasep. 1
Could a surge of new Alzheimer's cases bankrupt the Medicare and Medicaid programs?p. 3
Are researchers close to finding an effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease?p. 5
Should Congress and the White House earmark more money for Alzheimer's research?p. 8
Backgroundp. 9
An Ancient Evilp. 9
Alzheimer's Discoveryp. 9
U.S. Launches Programp. 10
Dueling Statisticsp. 12
Current Situationp. 13
Diagnosing Dementiap. 13
Outlook: Focus on Benefitsp. 16
Notesp. 17
Bibliographyp. 18
2 Obesity and Healthp. 19
Should drugs be used to treat obesity?p. 22
Is obesity influenced by our genes?p. 23
Are the new weight guidelines unreasonable?p. 25
Backgroundp. 27
From Feast to Faminep. 27
Advances in Sciencep. 28
Fast-Food Floodp. 28
Current Situationp. 30
Crackdown on Diet Adsp. 30
Outlook: Childhood Obesityp. 32
Notesp. 36
Bibliographyp. 37
3 Childhood Depressionp. 39
Are antidepressants being overprescribed for children?p. 41
Do we need more school-based child mental health services?p. 43
Backgroundp. 47
Pioneering Researchp. 47
Symptoms and Causesp. 47
Current Situationp. 52
Focus on Schoolsp. 52
Who Pays the Bill?p. 54
Outlook: Fighting Backp. 55
Notesp. 56
Bibliographyp. 57
4 Asthma Epidemicp. 59
Are environmental factors causing the increase in asthma?p. 60
Are health services adequate for people with asthma?p. 61
Backgroundp. 62
Gasping for Breathp. 62
Early Breakthroughsp. 63
Unexplained Epidemicp. 64
Focus on Educationp. 65
Current Situationp. 65
Helping the Poorp. 65
New Treatmentsp. 66
Outlook: Research vs. Preventionp. 66
Notesp. 68
Bibliographyp. 69
5 Vaccine Controversiesp. 71
Are vaccines safe?p. 73
Is the government doing sufficient research on vaccine safety?p. 79
Do vaccine manufacturers have too much influence over government immunization policymakers?p. 81
Should vaccines be mandatory for all?p. 83
Backgroundp. 84
Early Breakthroughsp. 84
Mandatory Vaccinationsp. 84
DPT Under Attackp. 85
Immunizations Lagp. 92
Current Situationp. 92
Compensation Lawp. 92
Outlook: New Vaccinesp. 94
Notesp. 95
Bibliographyp. 96
Policy in a Managed Care Environment
6 Patients' Rightsp. 97
Should managed-care health plans be required to make it easier for patients to see specialists outside the plan's network of physicians?p. 99
Should health plans be subject to medical malpractice liability?p. 101
Are stronger safeguards needed to protect the privacy of patients' medical records and information?p. 102
Backgroundp. 104
Health Insurancep. 104
Government's Rolep. 104
Rise of Managed Carep. 107
Managed-Care Backlashp. 107
Current Situationp. 108
Reform Effortsp. 108
Outlook: Weighing the Costsp. 112
Notesp. 113
Bibliographyp. 115
7 Managing Managed Carep. 117
Should managed care legislation strip away decision-making power from insurers?p. 120
Will tougher regulations lead to a rationing of health care?p. 121
Should physicians and hospitals be subject to performance ratings or guidelines?p. 123
Backgroundp. 124
Cost Concernsp. 124
Search for Solutionsp. 126
Current Situationp. 128
"Managed Competition"p. 128
Drop in Care Denialsp. 130
Outlook: Rx for Medicare?p. 133
Notesp. 134
Bibliographyp. 135
8 Medical Mistakesp. 137
Should hospitals be required to report their medical errors?p. 138
Should reports of medical errors be made public?p. 142
Is the current system of disciplining doctors working?p. 145
Backgroundp. 148
Common Maladyp. 148
Current Situationp. 150
Harsh Criticismp. 150
Outlook: Doctors vs. Consumers?p. 152
Notesp. 154
Bibliographyp. 155
The Future of Health Policy
9 Embryo Researchp. 157
Is the use of stem cells from embryos morally or ethically wrong?p. 160
Should stem cell research be eligible for federal funding?p. 161
Are the potential benefits of stem cell research being oversold?p. 163
Backgroundp. 164
Early Breakthroughsp. 164
Unanswered Questionsp. 166
Oversight Systemp. 167
Current Situationp. 168
Startling Discoveryp. 168
Outlook: Future of Cloningp. 169
Notesp. 172
Bibliographyp. 173
10 Human Genome Researchp. 175
Should the government issue patents on human genetic material?p. 177
Will the sequencing of the human genome open the door to genetic discrimination?p. 181
Backgroundp. 182
Peas and Fruit Fliesp. 182
Mapping the Genomep. 184
Private-Sector Challengep. 185
Current Situationp. 187
New Legislationp. 187
Critics' Concernsp. 188
Nearing Completionp. 190
Outlook: Enormous Potentialp. 191
Notesp. 192
Bibliographyp. 193
11 Global AIDS Crisisp. 195
Are pharmaceutical companies doing enough to make AIDS drugs available in the developing world?p. 196
Should sexual abstinence be the primary focus of efforts to prevent the spread of AIDS in the developing world?p. 199
Is the spread of AIDS in the developing world a security threat to the United States?p. 202
Backgroundp. 204
Out of Africap. 204
The Gathering Stormp. 204
Current Situationp. 207
Recent Initiativesp. 207
Focus on STDsp. 207
Economic Impactp. 208
Employers Desperatep. 208
Outlook: Vaccine Prospectsp. 210
Notesp. 211
Bibliographyp. 212
12 Computers and Medicinep. 213
Is computerized health information compromising patient privacy?p. 215
Is it safe to purchase drugs on-line?p. 217
Is electronic health information reliable?p. 220
Backgroundp. 222
Rise of Computersp. 222
Regulating Telemedicinep. 224
Current Situationp. 225
Privacy Initiativesp. 225
New HHS Rulesp. 226
Outlook: Cutting-Edge Toolsp. 228
Notesp. 229
Bibliographyp. 230
Appendix How to Write a Research Paperp. 231
Indexp. 241