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The 1900s
The 1900s
Immell, Myra.
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San Diego, Calif. : Greenhaven Press, [2000]

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270 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
America comes of age / by David R. Contosta and Robert Muccigrosso -- America in 1900 / by Frederick Lewis Allen -- Immigrants in industrial America / by Steven J. Diner -- A prosperous, growing nation / by Fon W. Boardman Jr. -- Racism : a reality of life for African Americans / by Judy Crichton -- Living in small-town and rural America / by John W. Dodds -- Child labor in the southern cotton mill / by Jacquelyn Dowd Hall ... [et al.] -- Portrait of a Jewish immigrant ghetto / by Moses Rischin -- Confronting the elements : the Galveston hurricane of 1900 / by Stephen Fox -- Roosevelt in charge / by A.E. Campbell -- America's workforce : the impoverished in a wealthy society / by John M. Blum ... [et al.] -- The reality of the muckraker / by Richard Hofstadter -- Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive spirit / by George Brown Tindall with David E. Shi -- The Wright Brothers' incredible flying machine / by Walter Lord -- Henry Ford and his motorcar for the masses / by Stewart H. Holbrook -- Peary conquers the North Pole / by Donald B. MacMillan -- The rise of American imperialism / by Warren Zimmermann -- The Philippines and imperialism : an issue of debate / by Barbara W. Tuchman -- The Panamanian affair / by Walter LaFeber -- A placid man in a restless time / by Mark Sullivan -- Seeds of change / by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster.
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