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Isaiah 1-39 : a new translation with introduction and commentary
Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927-
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Bible. Isaiah I-XXXIX. English. Blenkinsopp. 2000.
First edition.
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xix, 524 pages ; 24 cm.
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It may seem like one of the most difficult questions of all time. Yet the answer could not be more simple or more beautiful than it is in this elegantly illustrated gift book.

Author Notes

Joseph Blenkinsopp is currently John A. O'Brien Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he has taught since 1970. He served as Rector of the Ecumenical Institute, Tantur, Israel, in 1978, took part in excavations at Tel Dan, and coordinated the excavation at the Greek Orthodox site of Capernaum throughout the 1980s. He was born in Durham, England, educated at the universities of London and Oxford, and holds dual citizenship in the United States and the U. K. He is married with two grown sons

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xi
List of Tablesp. xiii
List of Abbreviationsp. xv
Isaiah 1-39: a Translationp. 1
Introductionp. 71
Introduction to the Book of Isaiahp. 73
Forewordp. 73
1. The Book of Isaiah within Latter Prophets and the Canon of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testamentp. 74
2. The Text of Isaiah and the Ancient Versionsp. 76
3. Literary and Structural Characteristics of the Bookp. 78
4. The Formation of the Bookp. 83
5. Isaiah Interpreted in Judaism and Early Christianityp. 92
6. The Historical Contextp. 98
7. Aspects of Isaian Theologyp. 105
Bibliographyp. 113
The Book of Isaiahp. 115
Texts and Versionsp. 115
Commentariesp. 117
Monographs, Articles, Special Studiesp. 120
Isaiah 1-12p. 125
Isaiah 13-27p. 141
Isaiah 28-35p. 155
Isaiah 36-39p. 164
Translation, Notes and Commentsp. 169
Isaiah 1-12p. 171
Introduction to Isaiah 1-12p. 171
Title (1:1)p. 175
The Great Arraignment (1:2-31)p. 176
A Second Title (2:1)p. 188
The Pilgrimage of the Nations to Zion (2:2-5)p. 189
The Final Judgment (2:6-22)p. 192
Social and Moral Chaos (3:1-15)p. 196
The Fate of the Court Ladies (3:16-4:1)p. 200
After Judgment, Peace and Security (4:2-6)p. 202
The Vineyard Song (5:1-7)p. 205
A Series of Woes (10:1-4; 5:8-24)p. 208
A Poem about the Angry God (9:7-20[8-21] + 5:25)p. 215
Assyria Is Summoned to the Attack (5:26-30)p. 220
The Throne Room Vision (6:1-13)p. 222
Isaiah's First Intervention in Judean Politics (734 B.C.E.; 7:1-17)p. 227
Disasters of War: Four Cameos (7:18-25)p. 234
The Child with the Name of Ill Omen (8:1-4)p. 236
Judah Will Be Submerged (8:5-10)p. 239
Isaiah and His Co-conspirators (8:11-15)p. 241
A Closing Reflection (8:16-22)p. 242
New Ruler, New Age (8:23-9:6[9:1-7])p. 245
Assyria, Rod of My Anger (10:5-14)p. 251
Prophetic Response to Assyrian Hubris (10:15-19)p. 254
Three Editorial Comments (10:20-27a)p. 256
The Enemy Approaches (10:27b-32)p. 259
The Peaceful Kingdom (11:1-9)p. 262
A Reunited People (11:10-16)p. 265
Concluding Hymn of Thanksgiving (12:1-6)p. 268
Isaiah 13-27p. 271
Introduction to Isaiah 13-27p. 271
The Fall of Babylon Presages Universal Judgment (13:1-22)p. 274
An Editorial Comment (14:1-2)p. 281
The King of Babylon in the Underworld (14:3-23)p. 282
The End of Imperial Assyria (14:24-27)p. 288
An Oracular Pronouncement about the Philistines (14:28-32)p. 291
Oracles and Pronouncements about Moab (15:1-16:14)p. 293
Once Again, the Fate of Syria and Israel (17:1-11)p. 301
A Sudden End to Political Oppression (17:12-14)p. 306
Against an Alliance with Egypt (18:1-7)p. 307
The Fate of Egypt (19:1-15)p. 312
"Blessed Be My People Egypt" (19:16-25)p. 316
An Ominous Sign-Act (20:1-6)p. 320
"Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon!" (21:1-10)p. 323
Oracles about Arab Peoples (21:11-17)p. 327
The Valley of Vision (22:1-14)p. 330
Palace Officials Condemned (22:15-25)p. 335
About Phoenicia (23:1-18)p. 340
Preface to Chapters 24-27p. 346
A Curse on the Earth and Its Inhabitants (24:1-13)p. 349
Dies irae, dies illa (24:14-23)p. 352
The Eschatological Banquet (25:6-8)p. 357
Three Thanksgiving Psalms (25:1-5, 9-12; 26:1-6)p. 360
An Eschatological Psalm (26:7-27:1)p. 365
The Vineyard Revisited (27:2-6)p. 373
Once Again, and Finally, the Destiny of the City and of God's People (27:7-13)p. 375
Isaiah 28-35p. 380
Introduction to Isaiah 28-35p. 380
The Fate of Samaria and Its Leaders (28:1-13)p. 385
The Deal with Death Undone (28:14-22)p. 391
The Parable of the Good Farmer (28:23-29)p. 395
Ariel's Reversal of Fortune (29:1-8)p. 398
The Blind and the Obtuse (29:9-14)p. 402
The Limitations of Political Know-How (29:15-24)p. 406
The Folly of an Alliance with Egypt (30:1-5)p. 410
Animals of the Negev: An Oracle (30:6-7)p. 412
Write It for Posterity (30:8-14)p. 414
Ignominious Defeat Awaits You (30:15-17)p. 417
Mercy Will Embrace You on Every Side (30:18-26)p. 418
Assyria: The Final Phase (30:27-33)p. 422
The Alliance with Egypt Is Doomed (31:1-9)p. 425
The Righteous Kingdom (32:1-8)p. 428
Mourning, but Not Forever (32:9-20)p. 431
A Tyrant Condemned (33:1)p. 435
A Psalm of Petition and Praise (33:2-6)p. 436
A Scene of Social and Physical Disaster (33:7-13)p. 438
A Moral Catechism (33:14-16)p. 441
A Future without Fear (33:17-24)p. 443
A Sword over Edom (34:1-17)p. 447
The Final Restoration of Judah (35:1-10)p. 454
Isaiah 36-39p. 458
Introduction to Isaiah 36-39p. 458
Jerusalem Threatened and Rescued (36:1-37:38)p. 462
Hezekiah's Sickness and Recovery (38:1-22)p. 479
A Babylonian Delegation Visits Hezekiah (39:1-8)p. 486
Indexesp. 491
Index of Subjectsp. 491
Index of Biblical and Other Ancient Referencesp. 501
Index of Key Hebrew Termsp. 523