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Learn HTML on the Mac in a weekend
Callihan, Steven E.
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Rocklin, CA : Prima Tech, [2000]

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xxvi, 386 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.

"Covers HTML 4.0.1"--Cover.

CD-ROM includes: trial version of Macromedia Fireworks 3, Dreamweaver 3, Flash 4, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Premiere 5, GIFmation and Mapedit.
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A Seattle freelance technical writer offers tutorials for functional literacy in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) used in creating Web pages. Appendices include a quick reference, compatibility guide (between XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01), and glossary. The CD-ROM contains example files, templates, and software tools. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xix
Friday Evening Getting Orientedp. 1
What Is HTML?p. 3
What Is Hypertext?p. 4
What Is a Markup Language?p. 5
Why Learn HTML?p. 6
HTML: The Evolution of a Standardp. 8
The Initial Versions of HTMLp. 8
HTML 2.0p. 9
Ad Hoc HTML: Netscape and Microsoft Extensionsp. 9
A Failed Initiative: HTML 3.0p. 10
Take a Breakp. 11
HTML 3.2p. 11
HTML 4.0p. 12
HTML 4.01p. 13
What Are XML and XHTML?p. 14
XML 1.0p. 14
XHTML 1.0p. 15
Impact on Web Publishersp. 15
Other HTML Developmentsp. 16
Wrapping Upp. 17
Saturday Morning Learning the Basicsp. 19
What You Needp. 21
Using a Text Editor to Create HTML Filesp. 21
Using a Web Browser to Preview Your Workp. 22
Copying the Example Files from the CD-ROMp. 22
Anatomy of an HTML Tagp. 23
Tag Attributesp. 24
Don't Overlap HTML Tagsp. 25
Saving Your HTML Filep. 25
Starting Your HTML Filep. 27
The HTML Tagp. 28
The HEAD Tagp. 28
The TITLE Tagp. 29
The BODY Tagp. 29
Using a Starting Templatep. 30
Working with Headings, Paragraphs, and Line Breaksp. 31
Using Headings to Structure Your Pagep. 31
Working with Paragraphsp. 34
Horizontally Aligning Headings and Paragraphsp. 37
Inserting Line Breaksp. 38
Spacing, Tabs, and Returns: For Your Eyes Onlyp. 40
Highlighting Your Textp. 40
Using Italic and Bold Highlightingp. 40
Embedding Monospaced Textp. 41
Adding Superscripts and Subscriptsp. 42
Other Highlighting Tagsp. 43
Inserting Non-Keyboard Charactersp. 44
Using Reserved Charactersp. 46
Adding Commentsp. 48
Using Block Quotesp. 48
Using Preformatted Textp. 50
Take a Breakp. 51
Creating Listsp. 52
Creating Bulleted Listsp. 52
Nesting Bulleted Listsp. 53
Creating Numbered Listsp. 54
Mixing Listsp. 55
Creating Definition Listsp. 56
Creating Hypertext Linksp. 57
Anatomy of the A (Anchor) Tagp. 58
Linking to a File or Data Objectp. 59
Linking to a Place in Another HTML Filep. 64
Creating Link Listsp. 65
Creating a Simple Link Listp. 65
Adding Descriptions to Your Link Listp. 66
Using Inline Imagesp. 67
Providing Alternative Textp. 68
Specifying the Width and Height of Imagesp. 70
Vertically Aligning Inline Imagesp. 70
Using Horizontal Rulesp. 71
Changing the Size and Width of a Horizontal Rulep. 71
Turning the Shading Offp. 72
Signing Your Workp. 73
Centering Your Address Blockp. 75
Other Things Your Can Include in Your Address Blockp. 76
Saving Your Workp. 77
Wrapping Upp. 77
Saturday Afternoon Dressing Up Your Pagesp. 79
What Your Needp. 82
Using the Starting Templatep. 83
Saving Your HTML Filep. 84
Using a Banner Imagep. 84
Horizontally Aligning Imagesp. 87
Using Graphic Rulesp. 88
Resizing a Graphic Rulep. 89
Flowing Text around Imagesp. 90
Flowing Text between Imagesp. 92
Adding Horizontal Spacingp. 92
Flowing an Image between Two Other Imagesp. 93
Creating a Drop-Cap Effectp. 94
Working with Image Linksp. 95
Using an Image Link by Itselfp. 95
Controlling the Image Link Borderp. 97
Creating Navigational Iconsp. 97
Creating Thumbnail Image Linksp. 98
Creating Custom Listsp. 99
Creating Custom Bulleted Listsp. 101
Creating a Multi-Level Outlinep. 102
Inserting Paragraphsp. 104
Take a Breakp. 105
Creating Icon Link Listsp. 105
Creating Indented Icon Link Listsp. 106
Changing Font Sizesp. 108
Setting Absolute Font Sizesp. 109
Setting Relative Font Sizesp. 110
Setting the Base Font Sizep. 111
Using the BIG and SMALL Tagsp. 112
Changing Font Colorsp. 113
Setting Font Colors Using the 16 Color Namesp. 113
Setting Font Colors Using RGB Hex Codesp. 114
Changing Font Facesp. 117
Using Background Colors and Imagesp. 119
Using a Background Colorp. 119
Using a Background Imagep. 122
Adding the Final Touchesp. 124
Changing the Font Color and Font Face of Your Level-One Headingp. 124
Changing the Font Face of Your Whole Pagep. 124
Using a Transparent Banner Imagep. 126
More Things Your Can Dop. 127
Saving Your Workp. 128
Wrapping Upp. 128
Saturday Evening (Bonus Session) Working with Tablesp. 129
What You Needp. 131
Using the Starting Templatep. 132
Saving Your HTML Filep. 132
Starting Your Tablep. 133
Defining Columns and Rowsp. 133
Adding and Controlling Bordersp. 134
Setting Spacing and Paddingp. 135
Adding Column Headingsp. 136
Adding a Captionp. 136
Centering a Tablep. 137
Setting the Table Widthp. 138
Doing More with Your Tablep. 138
Adding Row Headingsp. 139
Horizontally Aligning Cell Contentsp. 140
Setting Column Widthp. 141
Inserting an Imagep. 142
Vertically Aligning Cell Contentsp. 142
Spanning Columnsp. 143
Spanning Rowsp. 144
Setting Row Heightsp. 145
Take a Breakp. 146
Controlling Fonts, Colors, and Backgroundsp. 146
Changing Font Sizes and Colorsp. 147
Assigning Background Colorsp. 148
Removing Borders and Cell Spacingp. 150
Using Background Imagesp. 151
Controlling Border Colorsp. 154
Creating Icon Link Lists Using Tablesp. 154
Flowing Text and Other Elements around Tablesp. 156
Flowing Text around a Tablep. 156
Displaying Side-by-Side Tablesp. 157
Adjusting the Horizontally Position of Side-by-Side Tablesp. 158
Saving Your Workp. 159
Take a Breakp. 159
Creating Two-Column Layouts Using Tablesp. 160
Using a Two-Column Background Imagep. 160
Setting the Column Width with a Spacer Imagep. 160
Including a Banner Imagep. 162
Adding Vertical Spacingp. 162
Creating a Vertical Button Menup. 163
Adding the Content to the Right Columnp. 164
Saving Your Workp. 166
Wrapping Upp. 166
Sunday Morning Working with Framesp. 167
Pros and Cons of Using Framesp. 169
What You Needp. 171
Creating Two-Column and Two-Row Frame Pagesp. 171
Creating a Two-Column Frame Pagep. 172
Using Proportional Valuesp. 177
Creating a Two-Row Frame Pagep. 180
Take a Breakp. 184
Creating a Combo Row/Column Frame Pagep. 185
Creating Your Frameset Pagep. 185
Creating the Navigation Bar Pagep. 186
Creating the Other Pagesp. 186
Checking Out Your Frame Page in Your Browserp. 186
Creating a Nested Row/Column Frame Pagep. 188
Keeping Things Straightp. 189
Creating Your Top-Level Frameset Pagep. 190
Creating Your Top Bart Menu Pagep. 191
Creating the Initial Nested Frameset Pagep. 192
Creating the Content of the Initial Nested Framesetp. 192
Pages I've Created for Youp. 193
Checking Out Your Nested Frame Page in Your Browserp. 193
Using Background Images to Dress Up Your Frames Pagep. 196
Wrapping Upp. 197
Sunday Afternoon: orking with Formsp. 199
What You Needp. 201
Creating Mailto and CGI Formsp. 202
Starting Your Form Pagep. 203
Setting Up the FORM Elementp. 204
Creating Input Controlsp. 204
Creating Text Boxesp. 204
Creating Radio Buttonsp. 208
Creating Check Boxesp. 210
Other Input Controlsp. 211
Creating List Menusp. 212
Allowing Multiple Selectionsp. 213
Creating Text Area Boxesp. 214
Creating Submit and Reset Buttonsp. 216
Using an Image as a Submit Buttonp. 216
Using the BUTTON Tagp. 217
Take Breakp. 217
Testing Your Formp. 218
Handling Form Responsesp. 218
Setting the Content Typep. 219
Using Mailto Form-Processing Utilitiesp. 220
Creating CGI Formsp. 220
Using Your WEB Host's Form-Processing CGI Scriptp. 220
Using a Remotely Hosted Form-Processing CGI Scriptp. 221
Creating Your Own CGI Scriptsp. 221
Where a Find Form-Processing CGI Scriptsp. 222
Creating Secure Formsp. 223
Using JavaScript with Formsp. 223
Wrapping Upp. 225
Sunday Evening (Bonus Session) Completing Your Wish Listp. 227
Adding Background Soundp. 229
Some Caveatsp. 229
Using the BGSOUND Tagp. 231
Using the EMBED Tagp. 232
Getting a Ply-In Playerp. 235
Adding a Hit Counterp. 237
Adding a Guestbookp. 238
Adding a Message Boardp. 239
Adding a Search Formp. 240
Take a Breakp. 240
Adding GIF Animationsp. 241
Finding GIF Animationsp. 241
Creating Your Own GIF Animationsp. 242
Adding Image Mapsp. 242
Adding JavaScript Scriptsp. 243
Adding JavaScript Roll-Over Buttonsp. 244
Adding Java Appletsp. 246
Finding Java Appletsp. 246
Cutting and Pasting the Java Applet Codesp. 247
Some Caveatsp. 248
Take a Breakp. 249
Adding Dynamic HTML Effectsp. 250
Adding Streaming or Other Mediap. 250
Creating Your Own Streaming Mediap. 251
Adding Interactive Animationsp. 253
Wrapping Upp. 253
Appendix A HTML Quick Referencep. 255
Attribute Legendp. 256
Document and Head Elementsp. 256
Block Elementsp. 263
Inline and Other Non-Block Elementsp. 273
The FRAMESET Element (4.0)p. 287
General Attributesp. 290
Appendix B XHTML/XML Compatibility Guidep. 293
Maln Differences between XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01p. 294
Guidelines for Making Your HTML Documents XHTML-Friendlyp. 295
Appendix C Non-Keyboard Charactersp. 297
Reserved Charactersp. 298
Unused Charactersp. 299
Displayable Charactersp. 300
Unicode Charactersp. 303
Appendix D Using Relative URLsp. 307
What Is a Relative URL?p. 308
Benefits of Using Relative URLsp. 308
Examples of Using Relative URLsp. 309
Linking to a File in the Same Folderp. 310
Appendix E Using Cascading Style Shhetsp. 315
The STYLE Elementp. 316
Typing Style Declarationsp. 317
Creating a Simple Style Sheetp. 317
Adding to Your Style Sheetp. 322
Finding Out More about Stylesp. 329
Appendix F Working with Graphicsp. 331
An Overview of Available Image Editorsp. 332
Creating Web Graphic Special Effects Using Adobe Photoshop LEp. 334
Some Graphics Utilities You Might Find Handyp. 344
Appendix G Transferring Your Pages to the Webp. 347
Finding a Web Hostp. 348
Transferring Your Web Pages to a Serverp. 352
Using Transmit to Transfer Your Pagesp. 354
Appendix H What's on the CD-ROMp. 363
Running the CD-ROM Interfacep. 364
The Prima Tech Licensep. 364
The Main Pagep. 364
The Example Filesp. 364
The HTML Templatesp. 365
The Software Programsp. 366
Glossaryp. 369
Indexp. 374