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Sams teach yourself JavaServer Pages in 24 hours
Annunziato, Jose.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Sams, [2001]

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xiii, 433 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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CD-ROM includes: Apache Tomcat 3.1; 30-day trial versions of BEA WebLogic Server 5.1.0, JRun Server 3.0 & JRun Studio 3.0, Resin 1.2 Servlet & JSP Engine; & Homesite & Note Tab Light Web authoring software.

Includes index.

Perferated pull out at the beginning of book.

"Starter kit"--Cover.
Introduction to Web applications -- Building your first JSP -- Introduction to servlets -- Configuring application servers -- Understanding the JSP application models -- Understanding the layout of a JSP -- Declaring variables and methods in a JSP -- Inserting Java expressions in a JSP -- Controlling JSPs with Java scriptlets -- Processing requests from the user -- Generating a dynamic response for the user -- Keeping track of the user session -- Configuring and initializing JSPs -- Creating error pages -- Inserting applets into your JSPs -- Using JavaBeans in a JSP -- Accessing a database from a JSP -- Substituting text in a JSP --Extending JSP functionality with tag libraries -- Using multiple JSPs to handle the request -- Designing an enterprise application -- Creating a presentation layer -- Programming the business logic -- Packaging and deploying an enterprise application.
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"SAMS Teach Yourself JSP in 24 Hours" is the first-level book on JSP. It guarantees to teach in 24 one-hour sessions JSP and its ties to other J2EE technologies, including Servlets, EJBs, JDBC, XML and the like. It also covers the comprehensive development of JSP using such tools as BEA's Weblogic Server and Apache Tomcat.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Part I Overviewp. 3
Hour 1 Introduction to Web Applicationsp. 5
What Are JavaServer Pages (JSPs)?p. 6
Evolution of the Webp. 8
What Is the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Platform?p. 16
What Are Application Servers?p. 19
Hour 2 Building Your First JSPp. 23
A Review of HTMLp. 23
Comparing JSPs and CGI Programsp. 24
Comparing JSPs and ASPsp. 25
Creating Your First JSPp. 27
Hour 3 Introduction to Servletsp. 35
What Is a Servlet?p. 35
How JSPs Become Servletsp. 36
The Basic Structure of an HttpServletp. 38
Translating a Simple JSP into a Servletp. 41
Hour 4 Configuring Application Serversp. 47
How to Configure BEA WebLogic Serverp. 47
Deploying a JSP on WLSp. 53
Part II Building Simple JSPsp. 57
Hour 5 Understanding the JSP Application Modelsp. 59
What Are Application Models?p. 59
The Simple Modelp. 60
The N-Tier Modelp. 62
The Loosely Coupled Modelp. 63
The Including Requests Modelp. 64
The Forwarding Requests Modelp. 66
Hour 6 Understanding the Layout of a JSPp. 71
Using Tags and Attribute Valuesp. 71
Adding Comments to the Codep. 73
Dissecting a JSPp. 74
Using the JSP Built-in Objectsp. 79
Understanding JSPs and JavaBeansp. 80
Hour 7 Declaring Variables and Methods in a JSPp. 85
Using the Declaration Tagsp. 86
Declaring Variables in a JSPp. 86
Declaring Methods in a JSPp. 93
Hour 8 Inserting Java Expressions in a JSPp. 101
The JSP Expression Tagsp. 102
Referencing a Variable from an Expressionp. 102
Calling Methods from an Expressionp. 106
Hour 9 Controlling JSPs with Java Scriptletsp. 111
Scriptletsp. 112
Selection Control Structuresp. 112
Iteration Control Structuresp. 118
Using do/while Loopsp. 124
Hour 10 Processing Requests from the Userp. 129
Understanding User Requestsp. 130
Creating User Requestsp. 131
Extracting Path and URL Informationp. 133
Extracting Host and Port Informationp. 134
Parsing Parameters in the Query Stringp. 136
Using HTML Formsp. 137
An HTML Form and JSP That Process Credit Card Informationp. 140
Hour 11 Generating a Dynamic Response for the Userp. 145
Generating Dynamic Contentp. 145
A Configurable Home Pagep. 152
Part III Adding Functionality to Your JSPsp. 159
Hour 12 Keeping Track of the User Sessionp. 161
HTTP Is a Stateless Protocolp. 162
Storing and Retrieving Cookiesp. 163
User Sessionsp. 166
Encoding URLsp. 172
Hour 13 Configuring and Initializing JSPsp. 177
Understanding the Registration and Initialization of JSPsp. 177
A Simple JSP that Prints All Initialization Parametersp. 178
Compiling JSPs Into Servletsp. 179
Registering and Initializing JSPs with the Application Serverp. 181
Using the config Objectp. 182
A Simple Example: A Configured Login Pagep. 183
The ServletContext Objectp. 184
Hour 14 Creating Error Pagesp. 187
Understanding Errorsp. 187
Processing Exceptionsp. 191
Implementing Error Pagesp. 198
Hour 15 Inserting Applets into Your JSPsp. 205
The General Syntax of a JSP Action Tagp. 206
Using the plugin Action to Insert an Appletp. 206
Defining Initial Parameters for the Applet with the param Tagsp. 211
Utilizing All Parts of the plugin Actionp. 214
Hour 16 Using JavaBeans in a JSPp. 221
Understanding JavaBeansp. 222
Employee JavaBean: A Simple Examplep. 223
Understanding JavaBean Scopep. 226
Setting and Getting JavaBean Propertiesp. 232
Using Forms with JavaBeansp. 234
Hour 17 Accessing a Database from a JSPp. 239
Creating a Databasep. 240
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)p. 244
A JSP that Interacts with a Databasep. 249
Hour 18 Substituting Text in a JSPp. 255
Understanding the include Directivep. 256
Examples of the include Directivep. 257
Hour 19 Extending JSP Functionality with Tag Librariesp. 267
Understanding a Tag Libraryp. 268
Examples of Using Tag Librariesp. 270
Hour 20 Using Multiple JSPs to Handle the Requestp. 283
Reviewing the Including Requests Application Modelp. 284
A Review of JSP Actionsp. 284
Implementing the include Actionp. 285
Reviewing the Forwarding Requests Application Modelp. 293
Implementing the forward Actionp. 293
Part IV Creating an Enterprise Applicationp. 305
Hour 21 Designing an Enterprise Applicationp. 307
Gathering Design Requirementsp. 308
Designing the Applicationp. 312
Hour 22 Creating a Presentation Layerp. 317
Building the Applicationp. 317
Hour 23 Programming the Business Logicp. 339
Overviewp. 340
Adding New Employees Through the Husky World Human Resources Web Sitep. 340
Writing Capabilities to Change Employee's Informationp. 350
Hour 24 Packaging and Deploying an Enterprise Applicationp. 359
What Is a Web Archive File?p. 360
Setting Up the Directory Structure for the Web Archivep. 361
Creating the Deployment Descriptorp. 376
Generating the .war Filep. 379
Making Requests to Your Applicationp. 380
Appendix A Answersp. 383
Indexp. 397