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The information searcher's guide to searching + researching on the Internet + W³
Ackermann, Ernest C.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
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Wilsonville, Or. : ABF Content, [2001]

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x, 438 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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Rev. ed. of: Information specialist's guide to searching and researching on the Internet and World Wide Web. 1999.
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The techniques and strategies in this book will aid computer novices in undertaking quick, efficient, and in- depth online research. All the major databases are covered in detail, and the top search engines and information portals are described and contrasted. Spanning various browsers and platforms, this guide features both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer. For the beginner, this book covers the fundamentals of e- mail, electronic interest books, and file transfers.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. vii
1 Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Webp. 1
About This Bookp. 2
The World Wide Web as an Information Resourcep. 2
Hypertext and Hypermediap. 5
Activity 1.1 First Look at Using a Web Browser to Find Information on the Webp. 6
Key Terms and Conceptsp. 11
Information Sources Available on the Webp. 16
Summaryp. 18
2 Browser Essentialsp. 21
Surveying a Browser's Featuresp. 22
Starting and Stopping the Web Browserp. 23
Exploring the Web Browser's Windowp. 24
Using the Right Mouse Buttonp. 36
Getting Around a Page and the World Wide Webp. 38
Getting Helpp. 42
Activity 2.1 Using a Search Enginep. 43
Using Bookmarks or Favorites to Keep Track of Resourcesp. 51
Activity 2.2 Working with the Netscape Navigator Bookmark Listp. 54
Summaryp. 58
3 Managing and Using Information from the Internet and the Webp. 61
Common Types of Files on the Internet and the Webp. 62
Considering Copyright Guidelines Before Sharing and Copying Informationp. 66
Capturing and Using Text, Images, and Data from the Web and the Internetp. 67
Capturing and Downloading Statistical Tables into a Spreadsheet or Word-processing Documentp. 71
Activity 3.1 Capturing and Downloading Images into a Word-processing Documentp. 74
Procedures and Steps for Managing Internet and Web Informationp. 78
4 Using the World Wide Web for Researchp. 83
Browsing the World Wide Web: Using Directoriesp. 84
Activity 4.1 Using a Directory to Browse for Informationp. 86
Finding Information Gems in Virtual Librariesp. 91
Activity 4.2 Finding Resources in a Virtual Libraryp. 94
Searching the World Wide Web: Using Search Enginesp. 99
Activity 4.3 Using Boolean Search Operatorsp. 102
Activity 4.4 Using Phrase Searching to Find Informationp. 106
Using Several Search Engines Simultaneously: Meta-search Toolsp. 111
Activity 4.5 Using a Meta-search Tool to Find Informationp. 113
Summaryp. 116
5 Directories and Virtual Librariesp. 118
Characteristics of Directoriesp. 119
Browsing and Searching Directoriesp. 122
Two Major Directories and How to Use Themp. 125
Activity 5.1 Yahoo!p. 125
Activity 5.2 The HotBot Directoryp. 132
Virtual Libraries: Directories with a Differencep. 135
Activity 5.3 The Argus Clearinghousep. 136
Activity 5.4 The Librarians' Index to the Internetp. 140
Summaryp. 143
6 Search Strategies for Search Enginesp. 144
Search Engine Databasesp. 145
Search Features Common to Most Search Enginesp. 146
Output Features Common to Most Search Enginesp. 151
A Basic Search Strategy: The 10 Stepsp. 152
Activity 6.1 Search Strategies in Northern Lightp. 153
Activity 6.2 Search Strategies in Infoseekp. 160
Activity 6.3 Search Strategies in MetaCrawlerp. 164
Summaryp. 169
7 Using Search Enginesp. 171
Activity 7.1 Search Strategies in HotBotp. 172
Activity 7.2 Search Strategies in AltaVista's Simple Search Modep. 180
Using Search Engines for Specific Informationp. 185
Activity 7.3 Finding Specific Information in Excitep. 186
Summaryp. 192
8 Specialized Databasesp. 193
Overview of Specialized Databasesp. 194
How to Find Free Specialized Databasesp. 195
Using Specialized Databasesp. 196
Activity 8.1 Searching MEDLINEp. 197
Activity 8.2 Finding Company Informationp. 205
Activity 8.3 Searching for United States Supreme Court Opinionsp. 215
Summaryp. 220
9 Searching Library Catalogsp. 221
Overview of the Development of Online Catalogsp. 222
Characteristics of Online Library Catalogsp. 223
Ways to Find Library Catalogsp. 224
Activity 9.1 Using Libweb to Find a National Catalogp. 225
Activity 9.2 Using LIBCAT to Find Special Collectionsp. 231
Activity 9.3 Using webCATS to Find Special Librariesp. 238
Summaryp. 244
10 FTP: Searching Archives, Downloading Filesp. 245
Understanding the URL Format for FTPp. 246
Downloading a File by Anonymous FTPp. 248
Activity 10.1 Retrieving a File by Anonymous FTPp. 250
Locating FTP Archives and Other Sites for Finding Softwarep. 253
Downloading and Working with Files from Software Archivesp. 254
Activity 10.2 Downloading and Installing Software from a Software Archivep. 259
Using an FTP Client Programp. 266
Summaryp. 269
11 Finding Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Mapsp. 271
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using These Servicesp. 272
Activity 11.1 Finding an Individual's Email Address, Mailing Address, and Phone Numberp. 274
Privacy and Ethics Issuesp. 279
Activity 11.2 Searching for a Business Address, a Phone Number, a Map, and Driving Directionsp. 280
Keeping Current: White Pages and Map Web Servicesp. 285
Summaryp. 286
12 Searching Email Discussion Group Archives and Usenet Newsgroup Archivesp. 288
Email Discussion Groupsp. 289
Activity 12.1 Finding a Discussion Groupp. 295
Usenet Newsgroupsp. 300
Activity 12.2 Searching Usenet News Using Deja.comp. 307
Etiquette in a Discussion Group or a Usenet Newsgroupp. 312
Summaryp. 314
13 Evaluating Information Found on the WWWp. 316
Reasons to Evaluatep. 317
Guidelines for Evaluationp. 318
Activity 13.1 Using a URL and Search Engines to Investigate a Resourcep. 321
Activity 13.2 Applying Guidelines to Evaluate a Resourcep. 331
Information on the World Wide Web About Evaluating Resourcesp. 336
Summaryp. 337
14 Citing Web and Internet Resourcesp. 339
URL Formatsp. 340
Styles for Citing Web Resourcesp. 342
Information on the Web About Citing Electronic Resourcesp. 351
Summaryp. 352
15 Putting It All Together: A Sample Research Projectp. 353
Finding Resources for a Research Paperp. 354
Activity 15-A Search a Directory to Find Resourcesp. 354
Activity 15-B Find and Search a Specialized Databasep. 360
Activity 15-C Formulate and Submit a Search Query to a Search Enginep. 363
Activity 15-D Locate and Search a Library Catalogp. 368
Activity 15-E Search a Usenet Archivep. 372
Activity 15-F Evaluate the Resources Foundp. 374
Activity 15-G Cite the Sources in a Bibliographyp. 377
Appendix A Annotated List of Selected Search Toolsp. 381
Appendix B Selected Directoriesp. 396
Appendix C Virtual Librariesp. 406
Appendix D Ways to Stay Currentp. 411
Appendix E Privacy and Security on the Internet and the Webp. 415
Glossaryp. 426
Indexp. 434

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